We'll meet again,
Don't know where, don't know when,
But I know we'll meet again,
Some sunny day.
  • Born on January 30, 1925 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Passed away on October 16, 2018 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

A Funeral Service for Fenelon will be celebrated in the Chapel at Kelly Funeral Home on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 12:30 PM, interment to St. George Cemetery at 3:00 PM.

Friends may pay respects at:

Kelly Funeral Home – Kanata Chapel
580 Eagleson Rd.

St. George Cemetery
3924 Russel Rd.


Fenny passed away peacefully with family by his side on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, at the age of 93. Loving husband of Adelaide “Dela” for 62 years. Devoted father of Gina, Stanley and Kamla (Luke). Cherished grandfather of Wendel (Erica), Ruth and late Eric, and great-grandfather of Felix and Leo. Beloved brother of Yolanda and Alves and predeceased by Gangi and Bossuet. Fenny’s memory will always be cherished by his nieces, nephews, extended family and friends.

Posted by Jim Riordan on October 18, 2019
Hi Adelaide,
I still walk the Mall and think of Fenny often; I believe his spirit still visits there as well because I have a warm feeling when I pass by the area he used to sit and greet his friends. I still miss him.

Best wishes,
Posted by Merwyn Fernandes on April 2, 2019
hope all of you ie, adelaide, jean, stanley, kamala and family ,are fine and slowly picking up your way without fenny.
Posted by Manjula Kapadia on January 30, 2019
Dear Fenny,
We miss you today and always, specially today on your birthday Jan.30th.
We used to wish you each of your this special day.
We know now you are at Better Place, enjoying all the comforts, there is no pain, no worries, no cold or hot, Just is peace and only peace.
Dear Adelaide and all the family members, please cherish Fenny’s sweet memories that he has left behind.
May God bless you all.
Manjula and Madhusudan
Posted by Yolanda Vaz on January 30, 2019
Yolanda's family were very grateful for Fenelon's family being present at their time of loss. May you celebrate your Dad's birthday with joy and peace.
Posted by Manjula Kapadia on January 16, 2019
Our Very Dear Adelaide, Luke, Kamla,
Gina and Stanley
May God give peace to our dear friend Fenny’s soul. Also we pray that may God give lots of strength to bear this irreparable loss to you all.
Adelaide, you were caring, loving and devoted wife of your beloved husband. You took good care to maintain his health.
We take solace that you have a loving and caring family with you.
We missed terribly Fenny and you when you moved to Ottawa from Toronto. Our daughter Jasmine also is grieving and missing him.
He was athletic, caring, loving, respective and attentive to our conversations. We were sharing many subjects together. Quite often solving Jumbles in Toronto Star.
We always cherish his sweet memories.
May God bless you all.
Manjula and Madhusudan Kapadia
Posted by Yolanda Vaz on December 4, 2018
To my dear brother, we shared so much in our early days of school life when we were far away from our parent's. I always looked up to you during my formative years and I thank you for sharing your love of field hockey with me.
We continued to have a special bond, as the only sister among 4 brothers, despite the distance that separated us. You are always in my heart, Thank you for being my big brother Yolanda.
Posted by AARON FERNANDES on November 11, 2018
Dear Mrs. Almeida and Family,
I never met you late husband and we have never met but my late father Alban Fernandes had a great deal of respect for him and over the years dad shared many stories of Fenny especially their glory days in Dar in hockey and cricket that I feel I knew him. I remember his late brother Gangy coming to the house in pugu road . Please accept our deepest symphaties over the loss of Fenny and find comfort with the memories that you shared. Regards Aaron Fernandes.
Posted by Malcolm Vaz on October 30, 2018
Our sincere condolences to the Almeida family.
We were Fenny's neighbours in Dar for almost 12 years. My Dad ( Hilary ) and Fenny knew each other prior to being married at St Stanislaus boarding school ,Bandra. Fenny was very fond of my Dad and talked to my my Mum many times after my Dad passed away. My Dad often told me Fenny was an excellent soccer player who idolizing Stanley Matthews thus the naming of his son.
We had not seen Fenny and his family ever since they moved to Ottawa but  we were very fortunate to visit the family this August when we visited Ottawa for a wedding. Fenny was so happy to see us and reminisced the good old days. He sang swahili and konkani songs for us. He will be truly missed as he was an inspiration to many a budding field hockey player. He will always stand out to be an impeccable fair referee on the playing field.  Our prayer s are for him and his family. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Germaine Berrotte on October 29, 2018
Dear Adelaide and Family may the thoughts of sympathy help to ease your pain at this difficult time. A life well lived leaves its gentle pattern on the hearts of all. Just remember one person touches it with warmth,goodness and love, cherish the wonderful memories and love you both shared. Your friend always Germaine B.
Posted by Pierre Laporte on October 28, 2018
We feel blessed to have shared several years of friendship with Fenelon
and Adelaide. We will never forget those precious moments at the
Hazeldean Mall as part of the Mallrats group. We will always fondly
remember Fenelon who has left us to go to Heaven before the rest of us.
With Love,
Doris and Pierre
Posted by Family Of Bossuet Almeida... on October 26, 2018
We had heard wonderful things about Uncle Fenny from my dad ,Bossuet Almeida , we met him personally only a couple of years ago and realised that all that dad said about Uncle Fenny was absolutely true. This wonderful , noble human being was so lively ,welcoming , caring and genuinely interested in the well being of others , his keen interest in advising and guiding others will be missed by all. When we met him for the first time after moving to Canada he told us how his brother Bossuet always wished him a day later for his birthday, his birthday was the 30th of Jan but my day some how thought that it was on 31st,
All the greeting cards that my father sent him for so many years in a row was for 31st Jan , uncle Fenny never corrected my dad, because he did not want to hurt his feelings that he has got his birth date wrong for all these years. Such nobleness and true caring for someone’s feeling is very rare for which he will always be remembered by us. My dad and Uncle Fenny were very close and respected each other a lot, they had very high regards for each other and very close although oceans apart from each other . I do not know if it is the strong brotherly bond or just a coincidence , my dad left for his heavenly abode two days after Fenny uncles birthday on Feb 01,2013 and Uncle Fenny followed for his heavenly journey two  days after my dad’s birthday October 16,2018.
Uncle Fenny you will always be remembered and will surely be missed.
Family of Bossuet Almeida
Posted by Jasmine Kapadia on October 27, 2018
Dear Uncle Fanny
I know now after reading about your wonderful fulfilling life and the moving tributes that your name is spelt Fenny, but I have always thought of you as my Fanny Uncle.
You have been a part of my life and a part of our family life for as long as I can remember, I think going back to the 70s or early 80s in Toronto.  You socialised with my Dad, racing and cards, but you became a father figure and friend by always taking an interest, honestly speaking your mind and always so very easy to talk to. I felt I could always be open with you.
I know my parents will miss you so much, as they valued your’s and Adelaide’s friendship, and spent hours talking to you. 
Ironically I didn’t know so much about your life, and all that you have achieved, and this is a testament to the type of person you were, that you would ask questions and take an interest in others and not talk about yourself.
You loved cards, and games, as I do, and you introduced me to Rummikub which I play regularly and share with my friends.  I still have kept safe your delicious recipe called ‘Fanny’s Mince’ that you cooked for us.
You would reminisce about your cat Ginger, that you had to painfully give away. I last spoke to you after your Birthday this year and you had the same strong voice , and I find it such a shock that you are not there, and I won’t talk to you and hear your voice again for real. I can hear you say, in your particular intonation ‘Jasmine, how’s that cat of yours?’  I will hear your voice forever in my heart. 
My thoughts are very much with you, your family and dear Adelaide, who you loved, and who loved and looked after you. 
You will truly be missed.
Love Jasmine
Posted by Norman Da Costa on October 26, 2018
Farewell my dear friend. Always looked forward to receiving your calls and discussing two sports dear to your heart - cricket and soccer. You were so knowledgeable in these sports that I took a great delight in talking to you about tactics the soccer teams used or which players should really be representing India. Unfortunately, you played well before my time but I remember your dear brother Gangy playing in goal for Tanzania. Your comments on my cricket and soccer columns in the Toronto Star until I retired in 2010 and later in the Sun chain of newspapers were much appreciated. Fennie, I will miss you. May your soul rest in peace, buddy. our condolences to the family.
Posted by Norman Da Costa on October 26, 2018
Farewell my dear friend. Always looked forward to receiving your calls and discussing two sports dear to your heart - cricket and soccer. You were so knowledgeable in these sports that I took a great delight in talking to you about tactics the soccer teams employed or which players deserved to represent India in cricket. Unfortunately, you played well before my time but I remember your dear brother Gangy playing in goal for Tanzania. Your comments on my cricket and soccer columns in the Toronto Star until I retired in 2010 and later in the Sun chain of newspapers were much appreciated. Fennie, I will miss you. May your soul rest in peace, buddy. My condolences to the family.
Posted by Thelma D’souza on October 26, 2018
Dear Della, Stanley, Jean and Kamla,
Please accept our deepest sympathies on the passing away of our dear friend Fenelon. Thelma remembers him as a great troque player but to me he was a very gentle soul and a great sportsman.
I can recollect him umpiring many of our field hockey games in Dar es Salaam and also in Canada. After every game he never failed to give us, young guys, like Denzil, Conrad, Oscar, and myself some coaching tips. He used to say to me, "Hey Stephen, don't be afraid to hit that damn ball harder".
It was a pleasure, a privilege and an honour to have known him.
He will be missed by us all. May his soul Rest in Peace, Amen.
God Bless him,
Stephen and Thelma D'Souza
Posted by Zito Ferrao on October 26, 2018
I have known uncle Fenny a long time now. I vividly remember the first time we met at his place in Toronto. A passionate man who did not hesitate to tell you what was on his mind. A kind and gracious host, he entertained us with stories of Tanzania and Goa. He extolled the virtues of Canadian wheat and made chapattis for us. After all these years, even today at the grocery store whenever I buy flour I look for and ensure I get the Canadian wheat as I remember the day he made breakfast for us.
I enjoyed watching the movies he made on the little projector that we managed to get working. I understood how hard it must be for a man who enjoyed sports all his life to have his mobility impaired, but talking to him over the phone you would never have an inkling of this.
Uncle Fenny had a successful life and he enjoyed it to the fullest. He always exhorted me to do the same. I shall always remember him for that.
Extending my sympathies to the family and all who will surely miss him.
Zito & Sharon Ferrao
Posted by Thelma D’souza on October 25, 2018
Dearest Della, Stanley, Gina and Kamla,
Our heartfelt condolences on the loss of our dear friend Fenelon.
We have very fond memories of all your visits to Tanganyika Packers and the lovely weekends we spent together playing Trook. You always made it very interesting by smacking us on our thighs and shouting “Trook”. What about the last few months that you stayed with me at the Kinondoni house before you came to Canada. At least we were reunited in Toronto where we further got to enjoy your company. We have nothing but fond memories of you. We love you and will miss you dearly!
Rest In Peace my dear friend until we meet again. Love you always, Steve and Thelma D’souza
Posted by Les Correia on October 25, 2018
Celebrating the life of a good family man and mourning his passing with you. We have many fond memories of Fenny in Dar - we shared good times at family gatherings, Konkani sing-a·longs, hockey games, and picnics. We all grew up together sharing experiences. I know this must be a very difficult and demanding time for all those he left behind (family and friends). We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
Theresa Correia and family (Loretta/Scott, Llewellyn/Trudy/Lauren, Les)
Posted by Lucy Goveas on October 25, 2018
My heartfelt condolences to Adelaide and the entire family. We only got to know Fenny and Adelaide for the short time they lived in Ottawa. Fenny was very fond of my late husband Tony and admired him very much. After my husband's death, he would call and remind me of how to take care of chores in general especially the new car we had just purchased. I will miss his friendship. May his soul rest in peace. With loving thoughts and prayers. Lucy Goveas
Posted by Jean Almeida on October 25, 2018
My dad was my best friend in the last 10 years. We shared a love of all sports. I was able to talk with him for hours about hockey, tennis and baseball amongst other things. He was always ready to help me if I needed anything. In the last few years he was my only close friend. I will miss him so much. I feel like my life will never be happy again without him. He loved my dogs, and always asked me how they were doing, and offer advise as to their care.
Dear dad, there will always be a great big void in my life without you.
Posted by Jim Riordan on October 24, 2018
Dear Adelaide & Family,
My heart felt condolences to you and your family for your great loss which will leave an ache in your hearts and a void in your lives.
It was indeed a privilege to know Fenelon and I am greatly saddened by his passing. I will cherish our many chats with him at the Hazeldean Mall over the past number of years where he was so inviting and engaging. I will miss his zeal for life, sense of humour and story telling. He was so genuinely interested in people and left you with a warm feeling.
May God bless his soul & draw him to His eternal abode. I wish you great courage to face the days ahead in your journey of grief.
Posted by Mohamed Manji on October 24, 2018
Heartfelt condolences to family. May God grant him a place with his chosen ones.
Posted by Joaquim Mendes on October 24, 2018
We mourn with great sadness the profound loss of our dear friend, Fenny.We were very priviledged to know Fenny for many years. He was a great man. Loved his sports and music. We will truly miss his phone calls.We know that you will miss him dearly and so will all of us his friends, but the memories and example he has set will live on. We pray that God will grant him peace and eternal rest in Heaven.
Joaquim and Philomena Mendes.
Posted by K Fisher on October 24, 2018
Fenelon J. Almeida,
I'm Luke Fisher and I knew Fenelon for 34 years and I am very happy I did. He is the father of my wife Kamla. He's a man whose life involved three continents and so many things. There are some pics on this site, that show his athletic talents in the late 1940s - a true headline grabber. He spent his dynamic youth in both Africa and India - which made him a particularly distinct man. When young, sports was a great passion. I am so thankful that the family came to Canada in 1973. While Fenny stopped playing field hockey and soccer decades ago, he always kept a close eye on sports - and passed that on to his daughters. That's how I met my wife - in sport (field hockey). Fenny was a key to that.
His love for wife Adelaide - whom he called Dela - was evident all of the time. She was as devoted a wife as we will ever see. A sweet woman.
Posted by Leslie Demello on October 24, 2018
We are deeply sorry to hear about the death of Fenny. His contribution to the sporting world will always be remembered as he put Goans to the forefront in our lifetime. On a more personnel note, we will always remember the fun we had in the family playing the card game Trook with him and his outspoken views on politics which we enjoyed discussing. Our deepest condolences to his wife Della, his children and their families. May his soul rest in peace.
Leslie and Teresa
Posted by Tochi Sandhu on October 24, 2018
Dear Adelaide: Pole sana, Harjinder (Guddi) and I convey our condolences and pray Almighty RIP the departed soul.
Fenny will always be remembered as a great leader who served Tanganyika/Tanzania for over twenty years, first as a hockey player, then as an official on THA, TOC, NSC and also umpiring many national and international matches. Of course, along hockey, he excelled in football, I recall him, Pinto and goalkeeper Oscar forming an outstanding defence for Goan Institute soccer team. John DeSouza and Mathew Andrade used to be the offensive force playing at Ilala stadium which I watched as a youngster! Fenny’s smile, respect for all, humble and positive approach was key to his acceptance at any event. I personally enjoyed great support from Fenny in organizing many international events as we also served on Tanzania Olympic Committee and our team work worked well with the sports authorities building strong relationships. This led to Tanzania’s participation in 1980 Mosco Olympics and 1978 Jamaica tournament, not to forget that we almost made it to Tokyo Olympics 1964 (cancelled two days before departure!).
We are very proud of Fenelon’s wonderful life and appreciate his contributions to sports and the youth.
Attached two photos - Fenny’s prime days!
RIP Fenelon Almeida!
Tochi & Guddi
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Posted by Charles De Souza on October 24, 2018
To all the family my Heartfelt Sympathies. 
I got to know Fenny at the time of the Nairobi Gold cup tournament in Nairobi, Kenya when Dar Institute won the tournament. It is was nice to see all the pictures of his past sporting career which I understand was of a high standard. Sad to say that all the players from that Gold Cup have passed on and Mathew Andrades is the only survivor. All of them will meet in a happier place in Heaven. 
I met Fenny in Toronto and got to know him better and like me, organised the GOA Gold cup tournament. 
He was fine gentleman and never boasted of his achievements. The pictures speak for themselves. 
May he rest in peace!
Charlie & Birdie(Deceased)
Posted by Merwyn Fernandes on October 24, 2018
Fenelon was the most jovial persons I knew. Even though he was way past 80 yrs when I had the opportunity to speak to him by telephone he spoke with such marvelous clarity that I felt he had not aged at all and time stood still with him. however he had at that time undergone a triple bypass cardiac surgery. I last spoke to him about a year ago when his friend Mathew was coming to Goa. I meant to talk to him after that but I kept postponing it and I never talked to him .I will always be saddened because of it, but I will always have the fondest memories of him. I always liked this uncle of mine and I pray that his soul will rest in peace, and he will smile on us all from above.
Posted by Mark Fisher on October 23, 2018
Fenny was quite a man. He clearly enjoyed a very full, rich life. The photo gallery on this website is amazing - a revelation of the vigour and cheer with which he approached everything - in Africa as well as in Goa and Bombay, and here in Canada. He was a forthright man in his opinions and a true Pater Familias. One of his last joys was the birth of his two great-grandsons, Felix and Leo. Through them and his children and grandchildren, as well as the abiding love and devotion of 'Della', his wife and partner for nearly 63 years, he lives on. And in our memories - we who were privileged to know him.
Posted by Donald Martin on October 23, 2018
We did not know 'opa' long but we will miss him. It comforts us to know that we have a little piece of him in Felix and Leo to cherish everyday.
Don & Elaine

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