Childhood memories

Shared by rosita perez on March 28, 2014


I remember it all. Good times, bad times, sad times and happy times. I remember you and tony playing monopoly smoking cigarettes and the music playing so loud. I remember Bellmawr lake no hamburgers or hotdogs, Tony Caballo always going above and beyond with the steaks, baked potato, corn on the cob, and arroz con gandules. I remember how at bellmawr lake you were wearing a speedo and got into trouble and you told the life guard, "look at that women & what she's wearing" i look better then her, go tell her to cover up. I remember your love of water, at lakes or at the shore, staying in way too long coming out of the water all wrinkled. I remember bunky and how much he loved you, buying you just about anything you wanted. I am so glad you he took you on vacation to Martha's Vineyard, because you were able to see a new place. I remember how you always tried getting me to watch scary movies, I hated them. Too scary for me. You loved your chocolate bars, especially with the almonds. I remember our trips to the Bronx, Titi Irma's place with our family. Food, drinks, music, coffee. I remember when you lived with me, you helped me so much with the boys, always lending a helping hand so that I could destress. As time goes on I am now older and wiser and I realize that every family has their ups and downs, but regardless of our situtations, our decisions, we all share a great quality and that is LOVE. Who cares if we don't get along at some point, who cares if we make mistakes, who cares if we have failed. What matters is that we forgive, and learn from it, and move on. I am so grateful that I was able to share your final days with you. I cherish that I was able to laugh, hug you, kiss you, give you massages, hold your hand, cry with you, push you around in that wheelchair, read the bible together, tell you over and over how much I loved you. Honestly, you took me by surprise never thought you would want me in the bathroom with you, so funny us conversating in there, you on the toilet me sitting on the ledge of the tub. Most people don't get that chance. I will remember you for the good that you did. I will remember you for the good times. I will remember you for your loving heart. The bad times they made us stronger. I will never forget you. I promise to take care of mom the best that I can. I promise to be by her sad thru whatever comes our way. Regardless of how much it hurts me, I can't abandon her. I promise to love her unconditionally. I know you are sleeping peacefully. I miss all of you above, I am sad that we have lost so many along the way, but you are all gone but never forgotten.

Till later Bro
Love Rose 

Shared by linda colon on March 28, 2014
I was 9 when I met you in puerto rico then at two years old you came to live in New Jersey up the street from me I will be there every day playing with you saving you battery in your b*** you were the cutest baby as you grew i help you do your homework I was there for you I love you so much. those years are very important to me he would use me where the closest I watched you grow into a handsome man I was always very proud of you. Javi I will miss you very much but you're in such a better place with the Lord Jesus has you by the hand to guide you then I know you'll be happy there. Say hi to my brother and your brother for I love all of you.

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