Shared by Beniah Adeleke on July 13, 2021
When I was young, I detested long road trips. I would drive my parents insane, asking them “are we there yet” every 2 miles during a 400 mile trip in total. I would inquire so frequently that I would talk myself to sleep.

On one trip, I awoke to Grand Uncle Festus carrying me out of the back seat, and into his home in Tennessee. I remember thinking to myself “it’s huge! this must be what they call a mansion!”. 

Uncle set me down next to my cousins. As we played, I remember feeling so comfortable despite being so far away from home. 

We would go swimming, fishing, and hiking as well as many other activities on his land. The warm summer breezes I felt that summer will be forever etched in my mind and heart. 

To this day, as I hike or bike, swim or fish, I come across a similar breeze that brings me back to those fond memories in Tennessee with my grand uncle. 

Uncle, you may have moved on to the next realm, physically. But everyday, you’re still right here with me. 

Love and miss you,

Beniah II

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