This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Fighur
Samedi  Kania, 48, born on September 12, 1964 and passed away on August 3, 2013. We will remember him forever.  We miss you dearly  

Live Funeral Service Streaming: 

As we celebrate the first birthday in your absence, we will be be thinking of all the good memories that we shared together and the fun things that we did on your birthday. We love you and  miss you dearly May the good Lord continue to give us peace and hope as we continue to journey on.  We love you Dada!! Neema, Baraka and Jeanette
* I miss my best friend alot !!   09/12/2013

Funeral Video;

Password - KANIA 

A year gone without you! we have missed you dearly and the good Lord has been good to us. We continually pick up the peices and keep moving one until the day we will meet again 
We  love you dada....Neema, Baraka, Jeanette

Posted by zwingle kania on September 10, 2015
Posted by Martha Nyagudi on August 20, 2015
For the time God enable our paths to meet you were very supportive to Robert and I, your kindness shall never be forgotten. May God keep your family safe it has been 2 years now! time flies! RIP Samedi
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on August 16, 2015
Dada! Today the kids got baptized and teacher Lester did keep his promise! We are all proud of their spiritual achievement and
I know you are smiling from above because this is what you wanted te to do. We miss you my dear so very much. It saddens my heart to know that you are not here to see the children grow!
We had lots of our friends that came to witnes this special day in our family. And we all talked about you!
Love you always dear!
Posted by Arnold Ndiema on August 5, 2015
Its been two years since departed from our midst , I still vividly remember 3 yrs ago when he had a lively discussions at David Ndiema's home in Eldoret. what aches me is that that was the last time i had to see and talk to you. i know wherever you are you are still the same friendly and full of advice. till me meet again, rest in peace Fighur.
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on August 4, 2015
Its another year gone by, two years has gone by so fast and sometime I cannot phathom how all this happened. In the one year there has been a lot that has happened. The kids have grown, Neema is taller than me now and Baraka is catching up very fast. they both still play soccer the sport that you taught them well. Baraka changed teams this year and will play for MTA Neema is still waiting figure out where she plays. there are couple decisions that I have had to make myself and it has bee very difficult I always myself what you would have wanted us to do......but as life would make it... we have to make the best guess and journey on.
We spent the afternoon with you and laid some beautiful flowers, this is the closest we come to spending time with you. No more goofing around............
I miss you my dear all the time ....we are lonely and alone most of the time and that hurts so much
please continue to watch over us until we meet again
love you always
Posted by baraka kania on August 3, 2015
Happy 2 year anniversary dad and hope to see you in heaven very soon i miss you dad - Baraka
Posted by MARBUE WATKINS on August 3, 2015
REMEMBERING my late dear friend and brother in Christ, FIGHUR SAMEDI KANIA. A dear friend and brother who and I share a profound philosophy of men without borders, men who are lost in every culture of the world for the sake of the Gospel of Christ. This I am and will forever be for greater is the reward when Christ comes. RIP my friend! Look forward to a great reunion. There's a lot we don't seem to understand but before our faces it shall be laid out someday. Blessings upon your family and may God put His protective shield around them that they may acquire all the blessings from above you hoped for. REST IN CHRIST BRO!
Posted by Robert Nyagudi on August 3, 2015
I miss this man. My big bro and a father figure. He was a good man. May his legacy live strong even through through his family
Posted by Esly Kania on August 3, 2015
Samedi- Today is the day you bid farewell to planet-earth and it will always linger in my/our memory for an indefinite future. We will always miss you big is a mysterious journey and ultimately we will join you in discovering your current residence. <>Esly/Carol,Elvis&Wesly.
Posted by neema kania on August 3, 2015
It's been 2 years and it's as if yesterday when we used to mess around and play soccer together, you are truly missed and loved by everyone especially me and god willing we will soon see each other again. We miss and love you so much dad.
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on February 14, 2015
Today I will not be getting the beautiful dozen roses that brightened my valentines day. But knowing that you are watching over us everyday brings me comfort. I miss you my valentine....always in my heart and will always love you....❤️
Posted by Robert Nyagudi on January 2, 2015
Jeannette, I want to wish you God's blessings in 2015. May the good Lord grant you peace and strength to raise the kids in the way he wants them to grow. May you stay true to HIS word and continue to show the kindness you so much shared with my friend and brother Samedi. We love all...regards to Neema and Baraka
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on January 1, 2015
2015 is here another year starts
Without you my beloved... We have had our ups and downs as we journey along. We continually ask God for the strength to keep us going. We miss the laughter And The cheers with you as we ushered in every new Year. The kids are growing fast .....saddens my heart that you are Not a part of their lives as they become teenagers. I miss you my best friend and my love always......
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on December 25, 2014
Another Christmas without you is a difficult one. We miss you am love you dada. We know that you are watching over us! Baraka finally got his iPhone for his 12th bday. We miss you greatly love you always....
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on December 12, 2014
On our 15th wedding anniversary I think of you my beloved and I have all the questions that I may never get answers. We miss you dearly and as I continue to take care of our beloved children that we brought to this world, I know you are watching over us. I will always love you...,,,
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on September 12, 2014
Today would have been your 50th Birthday. we miss you our beloved and we will continue to remember you and celebrate in the way that we always did. love you always dada- Tamnai, Baraka and Mama
Posted by Gelgelu Felema on September 3, 2014
Sam, we miss you a lot! I wish we had known each other better!
Posted by zwingle kania on August 14, 2014
till now i cant believe that you left us... i miss you big bro and i will always miss you. your memories will keep on existing amongst us. MISS YOU BIG SAM!
Posted by Allan Kemboi on August 7, 2014
On Sunday August 3rd we remembered you in a way I believe you would have approved...People had smiles playing the sports you promoted with your deeds...We miss you brother and we are praying every day that the lord our God keep blessing your family....on a lighter note, thank you for the rains in June that made us postpone the sports day to the 3rd of August.
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on August 3, 2014
I miss you and will always love you my friend .....
Posted by Robert Nyagudi on August 3, 2014
Today I miss my friend Samedi.... I pray God to continue providing for and putting his hedge around Samedi's family. Jeannette and the Kids we send you our love and prayers.
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on June 15, 2014
Today as we celebrate the first fathers day without you, we will be thinking about all the fun things we did on this day. We miss you greatly dada. .....
Posted by Sarah Koskei Sile on February 16, 2014
Hi Jeanette,
I was just thinking of you and your family and praying that God will continue to uphold you and stand by you. I hope that you and the children are fairing on as well as you can and I hope that you've been able to laugh and smile again despite your loss. I only met and knew Samedi for a short instant but he was one of those guys that leave a lasting impression, and I was very shocked and saddened by his demise. Take comfort in knowing that he is in a much better place away from all affliction. God bless you and your family.
Posted by gelgelu felema on February 16, 2014
Sam's untimely loss has been hard and one can not comprehend the sadness his wife, his young kids, other loving family members and friends are going through. I cared for Sam as a nurse once during one of his hospital visit and I got to know him as a fellow African with shared dreams of bettering our communities back home and be there for our kids. Let us keep his dream alive!
Posted by Ada Ogot-Siage on February 1, 2014
Dear Jeanette, Neema and Baraka, May our gracious God continue to hug you close as you deal with this tremendous loss of your beloved Samedi. May He constantly whisper words of hope to carry you through the low moments. May we all look forward in hope for that glorious day when death shall be no more! No more night, no more pain, no more tears, never crying again. Lots of Love and Deepest Sympathy, Ada, Dan, Adan and Dylan Siage
Posted by Esly Kania on January 2, 2014
Samedi I miss you so much big Bro....We always celebrated most new years together. Those were fun filled days stretching back to our village in chesiro-Kenya where we grew up. We all miss you!!
Esly/Carol, Elvis & Wesly.
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on January 1, 2014
Here comes 2014- as we start the New year without you we know that you are watching over us. We will journey on and you will always be in out hearts. We miss you lots dada! Love Neema, Baraka and mama
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on December 25, 2013
This Christmas we missed you. It will never be the same again. We said a little prayer for us and remembered all the beautiful and fun things we used to do. An ornament especially for you hangs on the Christmas tree. You will always be remembered. We love you and miss you dearly dad - Neema, Baraka and mama.
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on December 12, 2013
On this day, 14 years ago we said our vows infront of friends and family, we promised to love each other until death do us part. Little did we know that it will come so soon...! I miss you my love.. always thinking about you and praying that someday soon we will meet again.
Posted by Martha Wamalika on November 21, 2013
As I now come into terms with my cousin brother's death, I still have the pain of losing Samedi. He was more than a cousin to me and it is quite difficult for me to accept than Samedi is not with us anymore. I recall our primary days at Kapso when we could go to their home for lunch and even spend some days at their home. I even remember how our teacher used to make fun of us in class cause we were classmates. Oh my, what a tragedy! I have alot to say about Samedi but let me stop cause now it won't change what has happened. But I will miss him dearly. God bless and care for the family always.
Posted by Emmy Mit on November 18, 2013
RIP Samedi ...So sorry you had to endure the pain of a cruel disease and the sorrow of departing sooner than we had all hoped ...your family and friends are safe in Gods hands...Rest with the angels are loved and never forgoten
Posted by Esly Kania on September 18, 2013
I will always miss you so much my dear brother. I will cherish your legacy forever and the positive impact you instilled in my life since childhood. Witnessing your three year courageous daily fight with cancer will forever linger in my mind. Hopefully we will meet again soon when Jesus comes back as promised. May God's blessings be upon your family (Baraka, Neema and wife Jeanette).
Posted by MARBUE WATKINS on September 13, 2013
Remembering it was yesterday (your natal day) and what blissful day of joy it would have been. Missed you my friend and brother!
Posted by clyde cassimy on September 12, 2013
Words fail me as I reflect on the life of my friend and brother right now! My prayer is for healing from the pain of loss that we all feel. I am especially thinking of all the immediate family members! May God continue to sustain you through the coming years!!
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on September 12, 2013
Happy Birthday my best friend!! you are loved and missed very much
Posted by MARBUE WATKINS on September 4, 2013
You're truly missed bro! Can't come to terms with your passing. Painful as it can be. We prayed but God's plan took precedence for His will to be done. In our brotherly conversation, we believe God always has a plan. Yes He did and that was that you take your flight and rest for a while beneath till that great getting up morning. Love U always!!! May God bless and keep your family....Amen!
Posted by Roselidah nyaberi on August 27, 2013
Sorry for the big loss of a beloved husband, father,son, brother and friend. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. My sincere prayer for the entire family and community. God wil fill the gap that Samedi left.
Posted by Roselidah nyaberi on August 27, 2013
Rip bro. May God watch over ur family.
Posted by yvonne kiberass on August 22, 2013
RIP brother,you fought a good fight,you kept the faith, u have finished the race, to God be the glory forever and ever amen. Jeanette n' kids, seek solace in Gods arms and His grace will sustain r in our prayers,GOD BLESS
Posted by Esther Tanui on August 20, 2013
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeanette, Neema, Baraka and all the Kania's Family. Samedi, was a brother to us. He loved, cared,provided and inspired many. We will always cherish the time spend and lessons learned."
As for the family, be strong we are still here together to uplift his good works. We will always miss Samedi. Poleni.
Posted by Amos Kituyi on August 20, 2013
we will forever remember you jirani, your warm and charming friendship with all, mostly I will never forget the soccer tricks and goals you used to score for Chesiro Football club. May God's counsel be your portion the entire Kania family.You left too soon. We loved you but God loved you more, Rest in peace.
Posted by Jayne Boit on August 18, 2013
RIP Samedi Kania. We shall miss you greatly,your wisdom, concern for all . You were always ready to offer help, and counsel. May God almighty grant you eternal peace and provide comfort to your family at this moment of sorrow following your demise.
Posted by Beryl Boit on August 18, 2013
RIP Uncle! You were truly an amazing, kind-hearted and selfless man. We will greatly miss you but I know you are feeling better up there in heaven! Auntie Jeannette, Tamnai and Baraka take heart and be strong.
Posted by Bryan Kiptoo on August 18, 2013
Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near, forever loved, forever missed
RIP uncle Samedi
Posted by becky boit on August 18, 2013
although we loved him dearly.we could not make him stay.A golden heart stopped beating,hard working hands to rest.God broke our hearts to prove to us HE only takes the BEST. WE LOVED YOU UNCLE
Posted by Grace J Boit on August 18, 2013
RIP my son.We cherished and forever treasure you love,noble values,wisdom,kindness for all.In God's hand you rest in our hearts you remain forever.May almighty God comfort my daughter Jeanette,my grandchildren Baraka and Neema and the entire family
Posted by Michael Wanyama on August 18, 2013
Rest now good man. I believe we shall meet again. May the almighty be with everyone you left behind.
Posted by Douglas Pengo on August 18, 2013
Dear samedi,am writting to tell you that wherever you are in heaven,you left a legacy that everybody is proud of.As for me,i've lost a dear friend,a mentor and above all,a person with a sense of humor,honest,kindhearted and the spirit of encouraging others.i'll forever remember you brother.As for your family,God will ever be the engine of your house.he will always be their for your family.
Posted by Egla Maiyo on August 17, 2013
Rest in Peace Brother Samedi, You touched so many while on this earth and you've always showed us the love of Christ. Our hearts are saddened by you leaving but God has the final plan. May God comfort your family at this difficult time.
Posted by Gloria Langat on August 17, 2013
Samedi, you are now in a peaceful place and free from the busy and hectic life on earth. I pray for your family, Jeanette and your two kids, as they come to terms with your passing, my God grant them comfort at this difficult time.
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Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on December 31, 2020
My dear friend and partner, last year was full of challenges, but we do appreciate that God has brought us this far. Ther were some very exciting moments that I need to update you .... Baraka turned 18 and was finally able to get his legal drivers license ❤️.
Baraka turned 18 years and is legally and adult. We managed to squeeze in a getaway with his friend to celebrate this special moment. And we missed you in all these...
Cannot even try to imagine how it could have been with you here .... we miss you aTon❤️
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on December 31, 2020
Happy New year sweet heart !! You are missed and loved always ❤️❤️
Posted by Jeanette Boit-Kania on December 12, 2020
Twenty one years and counting ..... I miss my best friend, my partner and my forever love of my life. Our lovely kids have grown and dearly miss you. “Happy Anniversary darlin”
This was the day that the Lord made for us !!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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His dedication to ministry especially for youth and children at the Edge Church family was hearty. May his memory be honored and inspire us all going forward. Looking forward to resurrection morning soon. Blessings to family.

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we spend the afternoon with dad and it felt good to be around him