This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Fighur
Samedi  Kania, 48, born on September 12, 1964 and passed away on August 3, 2013. We will remember him forever.  We miss you dearly  

Live Funeral Service Streaming: 

As we celebrate the first birthday in your absence, we will be be thinking of all the good memories that we shared together and the fun things that we did on your birthday. We love you and  miss you dearly May the good Lord continue to give us peace and hope as we continue to journey on.  We love you Dada!! Neema, Baraka and Jeanette
* I miss my best friend alot !!   09/12/2013

Funeral Video;

Password - KANIA 

A year gone without you! we have missed you dearly and the good Lord has been good to us. We continually pick up the peices and keep moving one until the day we will meet again 
We  love you dada....Neema, Baraka, Jeanette

Posted by Joash Omandhi on August 8, 2013
Rest in Peace Samedi. You were truelly a success man if I can paraphrase Robert Stevenson's poem;
You lived well, laughed often and loved much; you gained respect of intelligent men and the love of children; you filled your niche and accomplished your task; you have left a world better than you found it with your smile and you never lacked appreciation of the earth's beauty.
Posted by Moses Namanga on August 8, 2013
My condolences!take heart everyone..May the Lord give you strength during this difficult moment..may the verses in I Thessalonians 4:16-18 forever comfort you.Amen
Posted by Peter Chesirkwony on August 8, 2013
RIP samedi. may the lord give the family strength during this difficult moments.
Posted by simon mokoit on August 8, 2013
Rest in eternal peace Mr. Fighur . So shocking having gotten the sad news.Over and over, i gain the more understanding that within the earth nowhere and nothing is fair at all.The little pieces and bundles of happiness and joy we have got at present are sadly surpassed with bitterness in time.May the ever living God be the source of comfort and inspiration to Mr. Kania's family.Blessings
Posted by Joktan Tanui on August 8, 2013
its two years since we had our first and last meeting and it was a blessing because of the good things about life you told me and the advice you gave me, thank you. May the Lord Rest your soul in Eternal Peace .
Posted by Richard Lamon on August 8, 2013
RIP Samedi, you were a great person with kindness and charity for all. You will be greatly missed by not only your family but all who knew you. God be with your family and put his arms around him. 2 Timothy 4:7and 8.
Posted by Paul Miningwa on August 8, 2013
Rest in eternal peace Samedi. To the family of Samedi may the almighty Lord comfort you during this trying moment. RIP.
Posted by Sammy Metto on August 8, 2013
"RIP Samedi.You were a great and inspiring friend to my family.
For Jeanette, Kids and the entire family and friends, I pray that God will give you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days a head and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts. Pole Sana Kania's.
Posted by MOSES OMAORE on August 8, 2013
RIP Samedi.
let your name be called upon our kids and grand kids en so forth
Posted by jael singoei on August 8, 2013
Rest in peace our dear friend Samedi.You have left a legacy never to be forgotten you were a good and a loving friend to everyone God knows why he chose you to be with him in heaven.We shall miss u .We pray for God to give us strength for the family Jeanette.your wife and your loving children Neema and Baraka and the rest of the family.May the good lord rest your soul in peace .GOD BLESS U
Posted by Sammy Scott on August 8, 2013
Pole sana family of Kania, You were such inspiration to many, you will be missed.
Posted by Philo Sile on August 8, 2013
Jeanette dear, I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Samedi... May God wrap you and the kids in his loving arms and may our friend rest in eternal peace. You and the kids are in my thoughts and prayers. Mutyo missing!!!
Posted by David Mugun on August 8, 2013
Jeanette and entire Kania and Boit families, it is with heavy heart I learn of the death of my friend Samedi. Know we are together in prayer. Only God can give you strength at this time. May these words comfort you, "The righteous perishes, and no man takes it to heart; merciful men are taken away, while no one considers that the righteous is taken away from evil. Isaiah 57:1
Posted by Lily Jumah on August 8, 2013
RIP Samedi. I pray for God's comfort for your wife and your wonderful children. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh..Till we meet again Fare Thee Well.
Posted by Billy Kibitok on August 8, 2013
Will miss you Samedi. Rest in peace bro. Jeannette, baraka and Neema may lord be with at the time of sorrow. love, kibitoks.
Posted by David Kones on August 8, 2013
"R.I.P my friend Samedi. Will be greatly missed by family and friends. We all loved you but God loved you more. May the good Lord rest your soul in Eternal Peace. Amen."
Posted by Linnus Cheruiyot on August 7, 2013
RIP my Brother. Although the Almighty allowed you only 48 years in this world, the mark you have left behind is larger than life itself. You were the best of the best and we shall indeed miss your wise counsel and leadership. We pray for God's comfort for your Wife Jeannette and your wonderful Children Neema and Baraka and the entire Kania and Boit Families for their loss. God Bless.
Posted by Hellen Cheruiyot on August 7, 2013
RIP Samedi Kania. You were a dear friend to my family and we shall miss your graciousness, generosity, and wisdom. You were always ready to offer help, and counsel. Your wisdom was legendary and will be sorely missed. May God almighty grant you eternal peace and provide comfort to your family at this time of loss.
Posted by Robert Borter on August 7, 2013
Rest in Peace!
Posted by Diphus Kiprop on August 7, 2013
"RIP bro Samedi. You have showed the world that all is possible, though you have left us so soon, it is evident that you have achieved Gods will on Earth by empowering a new generation and a significant cadre of leaders through your wide networks. God has blessed you too with your 3 children. Be sure your mantle will be extended to generations to come. Rest in peace bro with God's blessing
Posted by Kemunto Ochako on August 7, 2013
The storms which we are going through today will fade into insignificance when the final storm comes.The final storm will erupt when the trumpet sounds.It will blow upon the whole world and the believers will go to rest from the world of many storms.RIP.Let proverbs 24:10 be your strength.
Posted by Peter Rono on August 7, 2013
RIP Samedi Kania, You were a husband,father,brother and friend to many. Jeanette and kids, Our hearts are saddened by your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are praying for your family. Poleni sana.
Posted by Peter Rono on August 7, 2013
Rip Samedi Kania, you were a husband,father,brother and a friend to many. Jeanette,kids and family, Our hearts are saddened by your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Poleni sana
Posted by Wilfred Sugut on August 7, 2013
R.I.P my friend Samedi. Will be greatly missed by family and friends. We all loved you but God loved you more. May the good Lord rest your soul in Eternal Peace. Amen.
Posted by robert metto on August 7, 2013
RIP samedi. u will be greatly missed by those who knew you and whose lives you touched. May God give your family strength during this time poleni sana . Fare thee well my brother. till we meet again
Posted by Solomon Musani on August 7, 2013
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jeanette and the children, and the entire Kania family at this difficult time. I remember last summer, although our families were meeting for the first time, one couldn't help but notice Fighur's natural warmth and grace with which he received us. May God strengthen and comfort y'all.
Posted by Zeph chepkwony on August 7, 2013
I am saddened by this news! Life is really short :-( They say, "we live long only to realize how short life is." We will greatly miss you brother. God has a reason as why this had to happened. We hope to meet you in that blessed morning when all sorrows of this world shall be gone.
Posted by HILDA KIBERASS on August 7, 2013
Rest in peace. May God strengthen your family during this sorrowful time
Posted by Allan Kemboi on August 7, 2013
RIP my good friend.For the period I knew you I learnt alot and you touched me with your inspirations and advice.May God almighty grant you eternal peace and provide comfort to your family.
Posted by Loice Sigei on August 7, 2013
RIP Samedi. Jeannette and family,my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.May the Lord comfort you,we know that we will meet with our brother one day.
Posted by Ndorobo Ng'ania on August 7, 2013
We can never question God's decisions.....In his own wisdom,he chose you Samedi. The work of your hands will forever be the testimony. May Your Family find peace in he who understands the real pain of the Loss. May God Rest your Soul in Eternal Peace....Fare thee well brother.....
Posted by Gef Korir on August 7, 2013
The loss of a loved one turns our life upside down. Our world as we knew it has changed and those changes require that we in turn adjust to a new "normal." RIP Samedi.
Posted by Daniel Towett on August 7, 2013
We played football together, talked politics, shared jokes among many other things. You were and always will be my friend and brother. Thanks for all you did for me. The timely snippets of advise that only you could dispense. And that smile. I will miss you Sam. Pole to Jeanette, Baraka and Tamunai. RIP
Posted by Moses Makori on August 7, 2013
To the Samedi family and friends, the news of the parting friend are saddening. I pray that the courage and clarity of mind. The amazing thoughtfulness and thorough grasp of life as whole he demonstrated when I visited him few days ago, abide with you all. Moses & Grace
Posted by Kakenya Tarus on August 7, 2013
The sting of death was been removed by christ, and only the shadow of it remains. The shadow of a dog can't bite; the shadow of a sword can't kill. Death has no power only its shadow we are seeing at this moment. RIP Brother Samedi, will see you in the resurrection morning by the city of glass. Jeanette, Kids, the Kanias, the Boit's..God's peace, courage and clarity of mind be in you.
Posted by Songok Wachiye on August 7, 2013
My thoughts and prayers are with Jeannette , the kids and the entire Kania's family at this difficulty and painful time of the loss of my teacher, Fighur . May God grant you enough strength to withstand the pain of loosing our loved one.   RIP Samedi,
Posted by LELEITTO SANG on August 7, 2013
This man was more than a brother to me.When I first came to America it was a harsh winter.I had no car. Nothing. Samedi like a true brother took upon himself to help my family until we were on our feet. RIP my friend.RIP my brother.I am left deeply saddened.May the Almighty God provide peace to my brother's family.
Posted by Jeff Ngeny on August 7, 2013
Pole sana
I didn't know Samedi but went to school with Jeanette .
Our sincere condolences.
God bless you and give you strength
Mutwo missing.
Posted by Janet Tarus on August 7, 2013
Death comes to the ungodly man as a penal infliction, but to the righteous as a summons to his Father's palace. Death to the saint is the end of terrors, the commencement of glory. RIP Samedi,  we will see you in that resurrection morning by the city of glass. Jeanette and Kids, God give you courage and peace. Death has no sting, but a shadow is what we are seeing now.1Corith 15:55
Posted by Phil Koech on August 7, 2013
Samedi, in the 48 years you lived in this world you touched so many people in a positive way and the memories of our interactions with you will last forever. In my mind, a gentle giant has rested. May the Almighty God grant Jeanette and the entire Kania family comfort and solace during this difficult time. Mwenyezi Mungu na aiweke roho yako mahali pema peponi.
Posted by Robert Nyagudi on August 6, 2013
RIP my friend Samedi. You were a good friend, honest and kind. Jeanette and Kids, I pray the Lord will give you strength and courage to go through this tough time. May the words of Psalms 89:1-2 ring in your heart forever
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