Our incredibly handsome Filip!
Filip Michael Simon
  • 39 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 12, 1975
  • Date of passing: Apr 14, 2015
Let the memory of Filip and his smile be with us forever.

Dear Family and Friends,

it is with heavy hearts and extreme sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Filip on the morning of Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

Filip was a devoted father, loving son, brother, nephew, loyal friend, and a fun-loving uncle to his nieces and nephews.  He lost his life tragically in a motorcycle accident early Tuesday morning.

Please take a moment to leave a photo, video, or a memory. His sons will treasure these memories in years to come.

We have planned 3 gatherings to allow all those who cared for and loved Filip to be able to join us in remembering and honoring him.

- A memorial service on Saturday, April 18th in NJ. We wholeheartedly thank all those who joined us to share their grief, memories and laughter in Filip's honor.

- An informal, "in the spirit of Filip" memorial gathering in Nazareth, PA on Saturday, May 30th. We had a beautiful, heartwarming and healing get together with forty-six people who we deeply thank for coming to honor and remember Filip.

- A final gathering was held where Filip was born, in the Czech Republic, on June 12th in Orlik n. Vltavou. June 12th would have been Filip's 40th birthday. We celebrated his life with friends and family and kindly thank all those who joined us.

Please remember Filip in any way that would make him smile. Let's continue to celebrate him.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to Luke and Simon's education fund through YouCaring.com 


The Simon Family


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Phelps Lambert on 12th June 2017

"Happy Birthday Filip!!!

Relaxing at home with Veru and Simone thinking of you, as we often do.  Thank you for our perfect weather yesterday during our tubing down the Delaware in your honor.  You are with us in spirit, as always.

Love you buddy,

This tribute was added by Min Piede on 21st April 2017

"It has been two years since you were gone.  Your student, my child, is now in middle school.  She remembers you and we remember you.  How many times I called you from work after school classed and asked you to take my frightened child from the empty classroom in the front of the school building, walk her through the dim hallways to the Aftercare room in the back of the school building? You were always the first one arrive in the morning and last one to leave in the evening.  You were alway sitting behind your desk in the room with kids.  Oh, what a fun place!  Kids loved your Before & Aftercare.  They loved you!  You were their favorite teacher and will always be."

This tribute was added by Daniela Simon on 14th April 2017

"Roommii, Vltava was cold today, but I was in Nakle with you today. The small white flowers starting to bloom as 42 years ago we were there together, you in my belly. I pick up some for your resting place in Orlik."

This tribute was added by Veronika Lambert on 14th April 2017

"Hey Filip,
Had a few rounds of Island Joe's coffee with you this morning, hope you enjoyed the cigar we left you!  We went dolphin watching and snorkeling this morning and thought of you with us, witty anecdotes and all ;-).  Thinking of you with us as always.
With Love,

This tribute was added by Veronika Lambert on 14th April 2017

"Woke up early this morning and made a BIG cup of coffee in your honor.  Usually we drive to NJ at 4am on this day, to light a candle for your soul by the tree that took you away. It's been 2 years since that day. Today we are elsewhere and have something else planned. Hope you join us on our Atlantic adventure in spirit and in mind today. Although time passes, our hearts are still sad. Thinking of you always.

This tribute was added by Jakub Simon on 14th April 2017

"Cau Filipe.  I can’t believe it has been two years since you left us!  Last night I had a cigar and a whiskey the way we used to.  The cigar was Cuban, of course, and brought back memories.  Like the time we were skiing at Mammoth and on the way back you asked to borrow the truck to swing by to visit some friends in Vegas.  Two days later your flight was leaving LAX and you were nowhere to be found.  We expected you at home, then at the airport, and nothing.  The next day you came waltzing in as if nothing happened thinking that was the day the flight departed.  Lo and behold that was the day the airline you were flying with went out of business!?  You were so mad and didn’t want to spend the money for another flight so you decided to head back on a bus.  I drove you to the bus station and it turned out to be the wrong one, so we had to catch up with the bus heading back East, skis and all.  We caught him just outside of LA and off you were on a three day bus ride… I wish you were still here for more brotherly adventures like that.  You’re not, so we’re doing the best we can without you.  This year we did mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, outdoor rock climbing, bowling, and three ski trips. We visited Sandy Hook, Ocean City, and Brigantine.  In Brigantine we raided the apartment in search of expired food and had to explain to about 15 New Jersey cops that we’re just target shooting at cans with a BB gun (talking to these guys would be right up your alley ;-).  They boys are doing very well.  You would be so proud of them!  They are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent – and they’re not even in scouts.  Tina is doing a great job with them and it is a pleasure to talk to them weekly and see them monthly.  We all love you…miss you…kiss you ;-)  Jakub"

This tribute was added by Veronika Lambert on 17th March 2017

"This is what one of your good friends wrote to me yesterday, "He was a really good friend and about as kind as they come. If only the world had more Filips." It is so, so true! We miss you!!!"

This tribute was added by Daniela Simon on 14th March 2017

"My dear son Filip!
We just celebrated Birthdays of Luke this weekend and Simon few weeks earlier. They both wanted to celebrate while skying, one of your favorite activity. They are doing great and I am sure, they will be as great skiers as you were. I saw you, few times going down the hill! Jakub is doing great job for your boys, teaching them the right boy stuff. You boys are doing great, do not worry. You are with me evey day.
Your mamiroomi."

This tribute was added by Ondrej Simon on 14th March 2017

"Bob, thank you. On Sunday we stopped with Jakub at the tree. I'll post a picture. It is sad how Dutchman's Hill ended. Thinking of those years often."

This tribute was added by Bob Price on 13th March 2017

"Pulled up your site again today and instantly broke down. It's a sad place without you Filipe. My boys speak about you often. They are sad as well."

This tribute was added by jenny colon on 13th June 2016

"Happy Birthday Filip I hope your celebrating with the Angels!!! ❤️ We miss you dearly at Forest Avenue AfterCare."

This tribute was added by Phelps Lambert on 12th June 2016

"Hey Filip,
We had a great day out on the river and then for a cookout with Simone, Veru and Jakub in your honor.  You were with us in spirit, I'm sure, and were probably responsible for the perfect day- thank you!  I very much imagined you with us today, sitting back and enjoying your pipe or playing with Simone.
Miss you,

This tribute was added by Jakub Simon on 12th June 2016

"Cau Filipe:

There were three expeditions in your honor today - one to Turkey Swamp, one on the Huron River, and one on the Delaware River.  We took out the kayaks, rafts, and tubes and remembered you doing what you loved to do - hanging out with family, friends, and loved ones in the great outdoors.  We remembered adventures with you such as canoeing down the Lehigh, jet-skiing in the Florida Keys, and jet-skiing with the Wileys (not many knew about that one ;-).  We miss you!!!


This tribute was added by Min Piede on 12th June 2016

"Mr. Simon, you have lived and will live through all life that you touched, such as our child and her parents, with your endless love.  We remember and will always remeber you, many many things you did for your students and their parents.  You are among the stars in the nightly sky, forever in our life and brighten our way."

This tribute was added by donna star on 12th June 2016

"May you rest in sweet slumbers and may your family be eternally blessed to help heal.  Your flame burned out much too soon; you were called for a cause greater than our hearts will ever will know..."

This tribute was added by Phelps Lambert on 14th April 2016

"Hi Filip,
It was great spending time with you again this morning with candlelight and family curled up in warm blankets, Dunkin' coffee, cigars and all. I miss coming home to randomly see you stopping over for a little much needed R and R.  Miss you buddy!!!

This tribute was added by Jakub Simon on 14th April 2016

"Filipe.  I can’t believe it has been a year since you left us!  Veru, Sophia, Simi, Phelps, and I were at the tree at 4:30 this morning, thinking of you.  We miss you terribly.  On a positive note, the boys are doing very well.  They are growing like wildfire…and are such boys!  For Christmas they wanted “big strong ropes” and when they visited, Luke brought a briefcase containing a toy gun, a real knife, and the long strong rope (which they promptly fixed to the highest point in the house to practice fixed rope ascents ;-).  They talk about you a lot e.g. Luke said that you were the one who introduced him to fencing and Simon said that he is aiming to be an engineer rather than a baseball player based on your advice.  They are doing well at school, with manners, and with sports.  They did a great job skiing and boarding this season and, like you, love it.  Quite simply, Tina is doing a great job with them and they are a pleasure to be with.  You should be proud.  Love you.  Miss you.  Kiss you ;-) Jakub"

This tribute was added by Veronika Lambert on 14th October 2015

"Filipe, time is going by quickly and it's hard to believe that today marks 6 months since you've gone away. There really isn't a day that you don't visit me in my thoughts. We've been camping this week, enjoying a campfire each night, something I know you would love!! We miss you very much!"

This tribute was added by Jakub Simon on 23rd July 2015

"Thanks, Bob.  We also think about Filip all the time.  Just yesterday I stopped in Vevey, a beautiful little Swiss town on lake Geneva where Filip, Tina, and the boys lived for a year.  We never got a chance to visit them when they lived there, so I had a coffee and hung out with him for a bit now.  He was a good guy and will remain in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Bob Price on 19th July 2015

"Dear Daniela, Ondrei, Veronika and Jakub,  I still can't believe he's gone. He was one of the finest human beings I've ever known. I look at this site every few days or so and tear up each and every time. I am so very sorry for your loss. The world is a much sadder place without Filip."

This tribute was added by Ondrej Simon on 16th July 2015

"Thank you, Veru, for writing previous tribute to Filip. I added a picture."

This tribute was added by Veronika Lambert on 14th July 2015

"Today will be 3 months since you've gone and we think of you, as we do each day. We're in Prague, where we will lay some of your ashes with babicka & deda Simon, on their grave in Olsansky hrbitov with some flowers and candles. They loved you so very much and you them and I hope you are together somewhere. We miss you very much and still cannot grasp the reality of your departure. Peace and love to you always!"

This tribute was added by Phelps Lambert on 12th June 2015

"Happy Birthday Filip! We miss you buddy."

This tribute was added by Jakub Simon on 12th June 2015

"Filipe, Happy 40th!  This isn’t how we planned to celebrate it.  We were planning a surprise party at Veru’s last weekend.  The boys are doing well.  Tina and her family are taking great care of them.  Last weekend I got the chance to see Luke fence and Simon play baseball.  You would be very proud of them.  We love you, miss you, and are thinking about you (the boys say kiss you but at 40 you’re too old for that ;-).  Liba Jakub"

This tribute was added by Veronika Lambert on 12th June 2015

"We miss you deeply, Filipe, especially on this day when we celebrated your birthday every year. Your friends and family will gather today in your honor, in Orlik, our family's home of over 150years, a place where you spent your childhood. We will celebrate you, your life's accomplishments of which we are so proud and your smile and laugh that brought joy to so many. Your humor and comical approach to life is something I miss the most. It's a rare quality that lets us forget about the burdens of life and challenges we face. It is this quality that I will try to incorporate into my own life on your behalf. You left us unexpectedly and much too early. I love you, miss you and think of you each day. Your memory will remain with me, as will your presence within my heart."

This tribute was added by Tim Hetzel on 23rd May 2015

"Filip, so soon you have left us behind.  I was away at your passing and I am so saddened by your tragic departure from this life.  You were such a great neighbor and friend.  The memorials I have read only reinforce my own memories of your laughs, smiles and wonderful nature.  Watching you with your boys always brought a smile to my face.  Lord knows you adored Luke and Simon.  They have lost a wonderful father and fantastic life force.  Look down on those boys and guide them from afar as they grow.  I am happy that we finally shared that "drink" on my porch, it certainly took a while to make it happen, but it was a great time to really get to know you better.  Seeing your car sitting idly in your driveway is a hard reminder that you are no longer with us. You will be sorely missed my friend.  Peace be with you and those you have left behind.  We are all better individuals for having known you.  May God hold you in the palm of his hand."

This tribute was added by Veronika Lambert on 14th May 2015

"Today marks a month since you've left us and there hasn't been a day since that I haven't thought of you over a dozen times. I miss you, your charm, your spontaneous visits, your silliness, your corky ways, your messages, thoughtfulness, smile and your laugh. It's not the same without you and I miss my little brother. I've been lighting a candle for you everyday, to help you find your way on this new journey and hope that you have settled somewhere, in a place that offers peace. Today we will visit the tree that stole you away. The last place where you had lay. Come meet us, if you can and remember to watch over us and keep us strong and please make sure your boys remain a part of our lives, as you would have wanted."

This tribute was added by donna star on 26th April 2015

"I am so sorry for such a tragic loss and my tears are oceans, as I stopped by for my own love.  The loss of a child is the deepest loss, I pray for all of the loved ones who are in so much pain.  May you be eternally blessed to heal and celebrate the short time he had to give you.  donna Star"

This tribute was added by Charles Schermer on 26th April 2015

"Filipe was a diamond in the crown of the Simon family. With his smile and the twinkle in his eye he made us laugh. He was selfless and would sacrifice his own needs for the needs of family and friends. He helped me immensely when I needed strength and wisdom. I will honor his memory for the rest of my days and I look forward to the possibility of meeting up with him again if that is how it ultimately works out. I love you Filipe."

This tribute was added by Eva Kral on 23rd April 2015

"Mila Danielo and Ondreji,uprimnou soustrast Vam a  cele rodine. Neuveritelna strata,my thoughts and prayers coming your way.
Remembering cute little boy Filipek which became fine young man.
Prayers for his family."

This tribute was added by Dana Okrinova on 23rd April 2015

"Thinking of your dear son Filip, you, Daniela and Ondrej and your whole loving family. Wishing you to find peace and comfort."

This tribute was added by Mike Hanna on 23rd April 2015

"As many may, I find it hard to express such a deepened sadness and unbelievable loss of such an amazing person. As I read all the stories everyone has shared and reflect on my own, it’s hard to understand why God has chosen this path for someone that has touched so many people. I’ll always remember Filip’s coy humor, glowing smile, and alluring personality. My love and prayers goes to all that have had the pleasure to know Filip, especially to the Simon family. He will be forever missed and loved by all."

This tribute was added by Brook Stites on 22nd April 2015

"Filip welcomed our 3 year-old into the before and after care program when I decided to return to work----I was a little nervous but he put my mind at ease knowing that our son would be well-cared for.  On one of my days off, we went to the Turtleback Zoo and I remember seeing Filip coming over a hill and smiling with a group of children happily running beside him--one of the many fun vacation play days the program offered. And each day signing out in AfterCare I would peek around the corner to see if Filip was at his desk to talk or to wave good-bye with gratitude.  I still find myself looking around the corner as I pick up my now 10 year-old...thank you Filip-- we will miss you!"

This tribute was added by cheryl d on 20th April 2015

"My condolences to the family and friends of Filip Michael Simon. The bible says: "There is going to be a resurrection." (Acts 24:15) So our dead loved ones will be restored to life, and be given the opportunity to live forever in paradise on earth.-John 5:28,29. By this means God will completely reverse the awful condition of suffering, sickness, and death. What good news this is!"

This tribute was added by Radka Pínová on 19th April 2015

""Dano a Ondřeji, přijměte projev mé hluboké soustrasti nad odchodem Vašeho drahého syna.
Filipa jsem osobně neznala a jsem štastná že jsem se mohla prostřednictvím fotodokumentace a hudby přiblížit jeho jedinečné osonosti. Jsem hluboce s Vámi."

This tribute was added by John Cook on 19th April 2015

"My condolences to the Simon family. Great guy, huge loss."

This tribute was added by Daniela Simon on 19th April 2015

"Thank you all to be in a life of my dear Son Filip and thank you to keep him there. I believe that we all have to be strong and giving at this time of unbelievable loss. We all wish for Filip to be back, but I believe that he is happy where he is and he wants us to be happy where we are. We had him here among us on Mother Earth for 40 years and we will keep him in our life for ever because of that. Me, mother, I am grateful to have him as a son. Filip was giving happiness to many. We have to try to be happy for him, that he is from now on in peace. He does not want me and all of us to cry, please let us all smile for him and from now on in his memory express love and our feelings for each other more. Filipku I am still here for you and your boys."

This tribute was added by Bob Price on 18th April 2015

"Dear Simon Family,
I just heard from my son Rob that Fillip has passed. I can't write anything appropriate just now as my eyes are too puffed and my vision is blurry."

This tribute was added by Vicki Cox on 18th April 2015

"Filip, This is so hard...you touched many lives with your words and kindness selfless acts of kindness in the work place and you will be so missed. Your adorable  children will know, what a great man you were not just to them but to the people around them. May you rest in peace and may God have mercy,as only He knew your heartI am so glad we were friends  Vicki cox"

This tribute was added by Alice Klima on 18th April 2015

"Dear Filip, we did not know each other that well, yet we had these parallel lives, part CZ part USA.  I always knew about your major life events.  Your passing is a big shock and I am sad for your entire family.  I remember one afternoon in Denmark, I was 7 and you 4, maybe.  I insisted on teaching you how to write your name in cursive.  I can still see the curly letter F written on a sheet of paper. You were a patient student.  I also remember your love of dogs, German short haired pointers especially.  We have one now, every time I look at her I think of you.  Cau Alice"

This tribute was added by lisa erickson on 18th April 2015

"Dear Family, There are people who touch are lives, larger than life and unforgettable. I had the honor of knowing Filip. He had me at his smile...I first met Filip at Monika's wedding in the Czech Republic. After the wedding we were at the Odalique homestead celebrating. When the realization set in we were out of libations..Filip saved the night by whipping out his guitar and manifesting a nice big bottle of Becherovka. Cheers/Ahoy to Magical Filip!- Lisa Erickson"

This tribute was added by Monika Schermer on 18th April 2015

"Dear Filip,  what can I say?  I don't think we will ever truly recover from this loss and tragedy, it is too great.  I love you like a brother.  I am so thankful as adults we remained close and that our children have been able to grow up in the same close extended family we did.  I feel so lucky that my children had in you the BEST uncle I could ever hope for!  We love your sons as our own and will keep them close with us always.  We will keep our traditions and family adventures alive - skiing, hiking, camping, cabin weekends, all of it!  I am so thankful that we just spent Easter weekend together and have beautiful memories of our families together hiking the Appalachian Trail and having our last dinner together in Jim Thorpe.  You will forever be missed and loved."

This tribute was added by Sylvia Milu on 17th April 2015

"I am not ready to say much. I can't bear to think I will no longer have you in my life. I can't go minutes with out tears streaming and  missing you.I grew up with you as kid. You were always there for me like my own brother. I have nothing but love, admiration,respect , and honor for you. As a woman still searching for eternal love you reflect the epitome of a loving life partner I wish to attract in my life. Devoted loving family man,kind,generous, easy going,adventurous, and selfless. You were my fun loving sweet cousin . I imagine you with me everywhere. I imagine you keeping me company and talking to me. You say " oh c'mon Sylvi cheer up. Everything will be okay. I am  here for you anytime. In fact I am more available now because I am everywhere at once. Be still and listen ; you feel me touch you with love?."  I see you happy , peaceful , yet a bit sad you left on short notice. You are with our grandparents. I trust you got a big smack on the bottom for owning a motorcycle. I have nothing against motorcycles and I appreciate you enjoyed the thrill of them. I hate how dangerous they are. Yet it's beautiful to follow your passion and do what you love ; I will never hold it against you. Your boys Filip ; you have the most two beautiful boys I have seen. So gentle, polite, and loving. They could only come from a father like you. Be still and know I am here with you is what I hear you say. Never allow me to forget because the pain of missing you is heartbreaking. I can't wait to join you in the heavens with the rest of our beloved. Forever missed and  forever loved more!! xoxo"

This tribute was added by Ron and Helen Kozikowski on 17th April 2015

"Filip......fun loving, engaging, playful, jokster, I will miss the future times we would have had together. Since I am not be the best writer, I might not be able to express the laughter the following event provided that day.   I do remember the BB gun and related conversations that we had in Jakub's big house. I believe that Filip had flown in but Denise thinks that he drove to MI. In any case, Filip wanted to teach the boys how to shoot. Yes, but how to get the gun back home. Can it be taken across state lines? Could it be flown in a plane? Should Ron take it in his car so as to minimize the exposure to Filip and the boys? Should Jakub bring it back? How about the Post Office. Laughter highlighted this whole process of getting the BB gun back to New Jersey. We all love you Filip.

This tribute was added by Eileen ippolito on 17th April 2015

     You are missed so much. Your warm smile, contagious laughter & strong bear hugs leave a hole in my heart. You were always asking about my son and genuinely interested. I already miss your jokes and your happiness. Heaven has gained a new angel. Rest easy, dear friend. I am picturing you with a drink in your hand & a smile on your face. You made a difference in this world. Thank you for that."

This tribute was added by Ivo Reznicek on 17th April 2015

"I have known Filip through his parents since he was a child, and over the decades, I was able to see him grow, mature, and gradually follow in the steps of the preceding generation. It was natural and good. The best of my memories of him come from canoeing trips in Pennsylvania and from family events in Southern Bohemia. I see his broad smile, hear his dry humor, sense his good-natured presence, expecting that they will last... and I wish that the sunny side of his nature keeps forever giving inspiration to his children, brother and sister, parents, in-laws and the rest of us who have been familiar with him."

This tribute was added by bradley rettew on 17th April 2015

"This letter is mainly for Lukie and Simon,

You may have feelings of being alone. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In your father’s passing we all lost someone so special to us that it is as if a part of our own lives are gone. But without being negative, I want to highlight how phenomenal your father really was. He was one of the strongest individuals I’ve ever met. I think of myself as a pretty strong person but your dad was always the hulk when it came to lifting things or opening things when we were working together. I was always in awe of his strength. To add on to this idea of strength, he had more confidence and pure passion for life than most individuals. He made me believe that I could do anything. I watched him take on challenges in life with a smile and a laugh. Challenges that a normal person wouldn’t be able to handle. When I was about to “call it in” and give up, he would always support me and convince me that issues could be resolved. Whether it be a broken pipe, a busted axle or a patio that had to be installed, he was always there. Filip would drop whatever he was doing just to help his friends. He enjoyed loving others and he showed this compassion for people through his physical efforts and time that he would spend with you. And honestly without your dad I wouldn’t have attempted half of the projects that I undertook. He’s inspired me to always try, never give up and persevere no matter what. What’s the worst that could happen…you can fail. And that is one thing that my man Filip never feared…failure. Through failure you learn and reach a successful result. This is how your father wants you to live your life. Don’t give up, never let another person make you feel like you can’t achieve a challenge and most of all love the world and everyone in it. I remember when I first met your father, he was so loving and kind to everyone he ran into. We would walk down the street and he would smile at everyone who passed and say hello. When we first met I told him my name was Brad, he said Brad or Bradley… I said Bradley. He then said well that’s your name “Bradley” not just Brad. From that day on I introduced myself as Bradley. He awakened me to many things in our world. If I were to make a list this would be to long of a letter. So, I want to end this letter not our relationship. My children love you and want to spend time with you. Therefore, it is my wish and your father’s wish that we will spend quality time together. One more thing that I learned about your dad was that he loved to spend time with you. He would always tell me “I love just hanging out playing with my boys”. He loved you so much. And one day when it is our time to pass on to our Maker…I am positive that he will be waiting. And this makes me happy. I love you and I am here for the both of you.

Love Dude"

This tribute was added by Blanka Flugerová on 17th April 2015

"Milý Filipe,
prožili jsme spolu s Tvými sourozenci krásné dětství na Orlîku a i když jsme se poslední roky viděli jen zřídka,Tvůj smích stále slyším...Velmi nás zasáhla zpráva o Tvém odchodu. Modlíme se za všechny, kdo Tě milovali, aby přes  bolest a slzy přece dokázali uvěřit, že to rozloučení není navždy!
Upřímnou soustrast celé rodině - Blanka, Ivo a děti Flugerovi."

This tribute was added by Kristopher Zaragoza on 17th April 2015

"Filip, You were by far one of the most genuine, caring, and loving people I have ever met. I will be forever grateful and honored to have met a man like you. I will always remember our coffee breaks, jokes,  and our trips to the town pub. You were a great role model and an even better mentor. I will never forget the advice you gave me before my "big interview", "Don't be nervous, just be yourself man, and if you do that, you will be unstoppable."
I'll miss you buddy.

This tribute was added by Šárka Brožíková on 17th April 2015

"Drahý Filipe, milovaná Danielko, Ondřeji, Vernuko, Jakube, Šimonku, Luky, není hodiny, kdy by se mé myšlenky neobrátily k vám. Vždy jste pro mě byli a jste rodinou, kterou miluji, obdivuji, ke které vzhlížím a které si neskutečně vážím. Láska, něha, cit, pochopení, které chováte jeden k druhému, jsou nesmírně vzácné. Jsem si jistá, že Filip bude i nadále nedílnou součástí vašich životů. Jeho nádherný úsměv a neskutečná láska k vám všem z vašich vzpomínek a srdcí nikdy nevyprchá. Jsem s vámi celým svým srdcem!"

This tribute was added by Marek Simon on 17th April 2015

"Ahoj Filpe,
Budes nam moc chybet.Tesili jsme se na Tebe a Tvuj smich tady na Mezne.jezdi tam nahore opatrne,Jestere!Marek,Zdena a Madla"

This tribute was added by Peter Zabransky on 17th April 2015

"Dear Filip, words cannot express the grief that I am feeling at your passing. You were a brother to me. As a kid I always looked up to you. Growing up you were always there for me. You took me under your wing and taught me about many of life’s important lessons. In adulthood, you showed me that kindness is the ultimate virtue. You were always caring and loving towards everybody. You always had a smile on your face. You had the rare gift of making those around you feel good. I cannot thank you enough for the love you have given me. You will truly be missed and will forever be with me in my heart. I love you."

This tribute was added by Ron and Helen Kozikowski on 17th April 2015

"I remember Filip came to my grandmother's house in Philly when I was in high school. I think he had just come back from Tibet; I was so impressed that he could travel like that by himself. And he had a wildly curly head of hair that I thought was super cool. What can I say - it was the 90s. Love, Christine
We're so sad."

This tribute was added by Ron and Helen Kozikowski on 17th April 2015

"To Family of Filip and everyone,     Filip is not ready to "rest in peace." He has children, a mother and father, a brother and sister and tons of other family members and friends to keep watch over. Filip is very much still with us.  Just in another place.  We can still talk to him and he WILL hear.  Be aware of the very slight shift in the wind and you will feel his presence. When in a room be aware of the change in the air.  Very subtle but there.  The Lord does not take our love ones and put them to sleep.  He keeps them with us, we just must make ourselves aware of our presence.  My brother has been gone 20 years and I can still feel and know he is with me.  The same with my parents.  There are instances I can share with you but the space is not large enough.  But I will tell you to take a moment in your day to close your eyes and say his name and believe you will feel him and he will come.  In a crowded room or on top of a mountain will make no difference to him. Do the things he loved to do with him in mind and remember a happening.  Eat the food he loved and think of him.  Just a quick thought is all that is needed.  When my brother died it was tragic also.
I did not think I would make it.  But he has helped me go on and survive.  Filip will help you also if you let him.  God Bless you all , my prayers are with all of you and even though I am crying I know he is in a better place then all of us."

This tribute was added by Ron and Helen Kozikowski on 17th April 2015

"My fondest memory of Filip is playing canasta with the family and his grandmother, who loved the game.  Not really understanding the game I was getting slaughtered while "everyone was helping me learn".  Filip saw y frustration and said,"here little gram let me help you", and he did.  That has always been a special memory to me because it opened the understanding of what a kind, caring person he was.  Just a month ago I told my granddaughter this story.  I said I wished  I would see Filip soon so I could really learn that game fully.  Filip and his kindness to me often came to mind and I will continue to remember this and many other times,  Love you babe. Watch over all of us."

This tribute was added by Keith Jetter on 17th April 2015

"Fil, our adventures began in the third grade as we started to learn the lessons of life together. Climbing the tree out front of the Albermarle house, building forts behind the garage at the Kirks lane house, or starting our love for dirt bikes, we did most things the hard way but still learning. You opened my eyes to many new things in life. Adventures to the house on dutchman mountain, giving me skiing lessons, and your dad teaching us to drive stick up at the high school were some great times. One of the best in my life was when we went to Czech for the summer and spent time with your grandparents in the countryside homes. Upon finishing high school we took separate roads through college and shortly after, until we found the next chapters in our life. We both found wives and started families. This is when the best came out of you. Simon and Luke were always put first in thought and when plans were being made they were never left out. The past few years with our children and ourselves spending time together felt like the cycle of life had started to become full circle. You and I watching our kids starting to learn the same life lessons you and I started many years ago was a great joy. Although the circle will never be completed, I am grateful that I got to have you and your family in my life. I will cherish our time together. Work your magic to save me a seat so when  I meet with you in the future, I can be by your side again. Love you."

This tribute was added by Daniela Simon on 17th April 2015

"Drahý můj Filípku. Diky za 40 let co jsi s námi pobyl na matičce Zemi.
Trochu krátká doba pro ty co Tě milují.Tvůj první i poslední úsměv rozdával radost, Tvůj smutek byl mým smutkem. Do nenávratna jsi odešel příliš brzy, ale v mém srdci tě pevně držím a nepustím. Šimonka a Lukiho budu ochraňovat i za Tebe co bude v mých silách.
Čau Roomi..........
Tvoje milující Máma - Roomi"

This tribute was added by Bill Henderson on 17th April 2015

"Filipe, in a rare moment for me, I am at a loss for words.  Why does one so special and caring get called from us so early?  I cannot think of a time we had together that was not rife with friendly and jocular bantering.  You will be remembered in three ways to me:  the young scout I knew back in Drexel Hill, the adult that cared for his family so, so much and a good friend that always remembered to say "please give my love to the Henderson Girls."   Hodně štěstí můj přítel."

This tribute was added by JESSICA GUERRA on 17th April 2015

"My dear friend Filip...!
I`m sitting here trying to write this message and thinking" no this isn`t happening"...
What can I say....such an extraordinary person and an incredible human being...with such a beautiful heart and smile...
Always caring for everybody and helping people make their lives a little easier ...! I can see you coming to my house with a good bottle of wine to share with me and my husband, sitting in the kitchen talking, laughing, having such a great time together....
I`m going to miss you....
I never met someone that made people feel so special...No matter who it was you always found the best in each person to make them feel that way....!
If I star writing all the good that you are..... I`ll never finish..!
I thank God for Blessing me with your friendship my friend...!
I`ll always be grateful for everything you`ve done for me and my family,all your help and support....
We shared so many great moments that you`ll forever be in my heart...!"

This tribute was added by Peter Hartman on 17th April 2015

"Filipe ,be good up there  and one day we'll meet again, you  ''CRAZY VOE'' ."

This tribute was added by Min Piede on 16th April 2015

"Mr. Simon, as my child calls him, came into our life through the School Before/After Childcare Program. Mr. Simon was always in the room behind his desk, with a warm and sweet smile. Children feel safe and happy with him because "he was so funny and always made you laugh".  We will miss many good things he did for our children, Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, Christmas party, feasts and celebrations, fun and creative activities... He showered us with kindness, compassion and love.  I rember one time, my kid was left after school was closed because we couldn't find an emergency care giver.  When we contacted Mr. Simon, he quickly locateed our frightened child in the empty building, holded her little hands, and walked her to the safety of the Aftercare room.  To this day, my child still rember the warm and secure grip of Mr. Simon's hands, his bright and smiling face, and how he walked with her in the dim empty buliding.  The sad and sweet memories of his kind smiles and gentle voices will be with our child and us forever.  Rest in peace, our dearest Filip, and children's Mr. Simon."

This tribute was added by Chris Savio on 16th April 2015

"Filip, I've been a teacher for twenty years and have come across many talented teachers who love kids and make a difference every day.  You were one of the best I ever met. You're smile, compassion, friendliness, and genuine concern for the kids were unbelievable.  Thank you so much for helping and watching over my kids for the last seven years. I will also remember all the times you took genuine interest in what was going on in my kids and my family's life and of course all the conversations we had over the years. Words can't state the loss the GR community suffered with your passing."

This tribute was added by Auria Natal on 16th April 2015

"The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much,you start to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.

Filip was a once in a lifetime kind of person, and I am so grateful to have the honor of calling him a friend. My heart is breaking and my tears are gushing but my heart is forever greater for having known him.

God bless you all and give you strength."

This tribute was added by Joy Widding on 16th April 2015

"Filip was always a kind friend to me throughout high school, especially senior year.  He was always willing to help out w student govt activities and didn't seem to sweat the small stuff.   I remember laughing with him one night at a party and being sad when he left.  But that smile is still burned in my memory. Filip's smile lit up the whole room and oh that hair! The envy of many, to be sure.  Rest in peace, Filip. My most sincere condolences to your loving family and friends."

This tribute was added by scott terpin on 16th April 2015

"Filip, I will definitely miss our humorous conversations in the morning .  Your smile was infectious, your laugh was contagious , and your presence will be greatly missed.
  I had a student who came to before care today just to stand by your desk.  It is odd that it was quiet just because of our usual boisterous talks and the fact that you were not there. I could see the sadness in his eyes and the impression that you have made on him.  We sat there quietly just remembering you.   Your impact on the children will last a lifetime and they were lucky to have known you.  You are truly a guy's guy and were taken too early from us.  
    Thank you for the many bottles of wine, hard belly laughs, and great stories. Cheers to you my good friend . May God bring your family solace in this tragic time."

This tribute was added by scott terpin on 16th April 2015

"Filip, I will definitely miss our humorous conversations in the morning .  Your smile was infectious, your laugh was contagious , and your presence will be greatly missed.
  I had a student who came to before care today just to stand by your desk.  It is odd that it was quiet just because of our usual boisterous talks and the fact that you were not there. I could see the sadness in his eyes and the impression that you have made on him.  We sat there quietly just remembering you.   Your impact on the children will last a lifetime and they were lucky to have known you.  You are truly a guy's guy and were taken too early from us.  
    Thank you for the many bottles of wine, hard belly laughs, and great stories. Cheers to you my good friend . May God bring your family solace in this tragic time."

This tribute was added by Kristen Cartwright on 16th April 2015

"It has been a privilege to have childhood memories of the Simon family.  Your love for each other was so evident.  My heart is heavy for your suffering and loss.  I will always remember Filip's beautiful and friendly smile.  I am thankful that I had the opportunity to see all of you in the Adirondacks that one winter.  It was a blessing to see how your love for each other was as I remembered.  May God comfort you as only He can."

This tribute was added by Martin Mecner on 16th April 2015

"Je těžké přijmout a pochopit některé zprávy.Je velmi těžké v takové chvíli cokoliv říkat protože slova nevystihnou bolest Filipových kluků, rodičů Danky s Ondřejem, sourozenců Jakuba a Verunky, všech blízkých a kamarádů. Mám na Filipa tolik krásných vzpomínek.Hned ta první se váže k jeho jménu kdy Ondřej s Dankou prý v žertu váhali nad jménem FIlip protože se tak jmenoval náš pes. Snad ta poslední vystihuje jak jsem měl rád Filipovu společnost. Bylo poslední finále MS ve fotbale a kdo mě zná ví, že nerad sleduji sportovní utkání v televizi za přítomnosti jiných osob. Bylo,ale nepředstavitelné. že bych se mohl na tento přenos dívat bez Filipa s kterým jsem se na sledování domluvil. Vím Filipe co jsi udělal pro Jitrku, vím jak se v Tvé přítomnosti dobře  cítila Kristýna loni v létě. Moc na Tebe Filipe myslím, stejně jako na Tvoje nejbližší. Nikdy na Tebe Filipe nezapomenu. Martin"

This tribute was added by David Klusacek on 16th April 2015

"Dano, Ondreji, Veroniko a Jakube -- uprimnou soustrast.

Nemuzu tomu uverit, Filip byl vzdy tak plny zivota a tak neohrozeny.

Vzpominam jak ve Sloupu kazdy den plaval motylka doprostred rybnika a zpet a jak na prochazce v lese delal starosti svemu dedeckovi kdyz si nenechal vymluvit napad lezt na nebezpecne vypadajici piskovcove skaly, protoze prece `kdyz uz cestoval pres ocean tak tech 10 metru vyleze aby mohl vyryt sve jmeno na tom nejmene pristupnem miste'.  

Opustil nas prilis brzy.


This tribute was added by Jaime Ann on 16th April 2015

"Mr. Simon,
You were such a wonderful, loving and caring human being.  My son was so scared when he first started the Before-Care/After-Care program at GR. However, you made his transition so smooth and seemless.  You truly were taken from us way too early.  May you rest easy.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you as well as your family.  I know your boys will continue on and make you proud!  Until we meet again..."

This tribute was added by jenny colon on 16th April 2015

"Filip we love you!! You will forever be missed!! We are blessed to have shared many good memories with you. You have been a great mentor to all of us. We are sadden for your loss and the after program will never be the same. We will miss your jokes and your sense of humor.  May you rest in peace. Your smile will always be in our hearts!!! ❤️"

This tribute was added by Zuzana de Jong on 16th April 2015

"Filipku, poprve posloucham muziku kterou jsi mel rad. Az mne z toho boli u srdce a citim proc to byla tvoje muzika: extremy jako smutek a veselost, romantika a zahada, zivelnost a nevyplneni, laska a zklamani. Ziti se nekdy zda hrozne komplikovane. Co bych za to dala te zase videt jak se ryjes spoceny na zahrade na Prilepove! Nebo poslouchat jak poucujes kluky na Vanocni vecer pod cernym nebem s hvezdami (jako tehdy kdyz jste prijeli ze Svycar) jak se dela ohynek na ohnisti ve snehu na Prilepove. Fuck!!!"

This tribute was added by monika gasnarkova on 16th April 2015

"Mily Filipe,
Jsem moc rada ze jsem Te minuly rok poznala.  Byl jsi sympatak od prvniho pohledu a moc se mi libilo jak jsi hledal zdroj kavy za jakychkoliv podminek jako to delam i ja.  Vzdy jsem si rikala ze jsou tvoji kluci, Luke a Simon, dobre vychovani, tak si Te budu taky pamatovat jako skveleho tatu.  Monika"

This tribute was added by Hana Palcova on 16th April 2015

"Dear Filip, I see you in my memories walking down a staircase in a golden brown baby sleepsiut, hand in hand with your daddy in Orlik, and later following your older siblings in Philly, and then as a grown man already with your beautiful boys. What a loss for your kids, your parents, your siblings, friends, and for everyone who has known you. Find your peace in the grand universe!"

This tribute was added by Zuzana de Jong on 16th April 2015

"To hear about the death of Filip was and is a great shock for us. We did not know him that well, being the friends and neighbours of Daniela and Ondrej in the Czech republic. But in the summer of 2013 we were  together with him, Luke and Simon for a longer time and we had such a good time with him. He was warm personality and open about his problems, he was fun to be with because of his stories and jokes. He was very helpful and worked with tremendous energy in our garden. We saw him as a good father for Simon and Luke, caring, telling them stories and strict when necessary. We hoped to be there together this year, but alas...We will miss him a lot. We share the grief of this tremendous loss with all his loved ones.
Joost and Zuzana de Jong"

This tribute was added by Nancy McMahon on 16th April 2015

"It is with such a heavy heart that I share some thoughts about my friend Filip.  We worked together for many years at the Glen Ridge Board of Education.  I could write about the intelligent, highly committed, diligent and extraordinarily capable Filip, in his role as the Director of the Before and Aftercare Program.  But it’s the compassionate, kind spirited, graceful man with that infectious laugh and sweet disposition that all of his colleagues, students and their parents in Glen Ridge will forever miss.  Filip was a friend to all the McMahons and we loved being a part of your family too.  
Dan and I will miss you very much. Rest in peace my dear friend."

This tribute was added by shara howard on 16th April 2015

"Filipe was one of the coolest, most down to earth guys I've ever known. He knew a little bit about everything. When we spoke it was always after a long hug and a beer accompanied by stories about riding our motorcycles. He was brave, funny and humble despite his gorgeous smile & big brain. He always made me laugh and feel like part of the family. He had a deep love for mechanical things, doodads, Spacely Sprockets. He could tinker with & fix anything. His talent for motorbike mechanics was self taught & pretty right on. He was quietly brilliant and outwardly amazing. He will always be loved & equally missed. Thanks for sharing Filipe with us."

This tribute was added by Jiří Klusáček on 16th April 2015

"Danielo  a Ondřeji,
smutná zpráva, že Filip odešel tam, odkud není návratu nás nepříjemně překvapila. Je nám to moc líto. Přijměte naši upřímnou soustrast. Hluboce s Vámi i Vaší celou rodinou soucítíme. Alena a Jiří Klusáčkovi."

This tribute was added by Kamil Vojnar on 16th April 2015

""... I am so sorry to hear this. Wish I knew what to say. Be strong ...
... with Love, Kamil""

This tribute was added by Dan Miller on 16th April 2015

"Filip convinced me to join the swim team during our senior year of high school because it would be "fun". Two weeks into the season a slot opened on the dive team. He filled it and left to me to suffer in the pool alone. He would always wave and smile during my flip-turns as he stood relaxing by the diving board. I can hear his laugh in my mind but I don't think anyone will ever be able to replicate it."

This tribute was added by anna zabransky on 16th April 2015

"Drazí přátelé,
nemohli jsme uvěřit zprávě o úmrtí Filipa. Vím že prožíváte těžké chvíle, které s vámi opravdu sdílíme.

This tribute was added by "Dana dani on 16th April 2015

"Ondřeji a Danielo, přijměte mou upřímnou soustrast a přeji hodně sil na zvládnutí tohoto nejhoršího období."

This tribute was added by Louise Cox on 16th April 2015

"Filip, you were always friendly and a pleasure to work with. We will miss you in Glen Ridge. Our prayers are with you and your family."

This tribute was added by Marleen Livingstone on 16th April 2015

"I didn't know Filip well -- but remember him from high school at Upper Darby when I don't remember so many others.  Mainly because he always seemed to have a smile on his face, something nice to say and a spring in his step.  Sorry for the loss that those close to him now feel."

This tribute was added by Brian Konowal on 16th April 2015

"Filip was one of the greatest Adventurers I have ever known! I had the pleasure of sharing many a great adventure with him from the time we were in Middle School through our College years! I hope the statue of Limitations has past but it was Fil and I that "liberated" the Upper Darby National School of Excellence Award Banner from the Great Auditorium. We Proudly displayed the Banner representing our High-school at a Mighty Pool Party at Fil's house. I think the folks were out of town and we conscripted Jakub to help us buy beer. The Banner was displayed in all its Glory across the bottom of the Pool. It was a great day that will stay with me forever. We also traveled many times to the Simon Cabin in the Mountains! So many great memories! The Simon family even put me up on my adventure to Czech Republic with Fil's uncle while i back packed across Europe. My sincerest condolences to the Simon's and all of the family. Filip will be missed. Love you Fil.  Konowal"

This tribute was added by Michael Volpe on 16th April 2015

"Filip, I'm forever grateful to have known you and will always remember everything you taught me. You were such a warm, selfless, kind person, always willing to help or just lend an ear and offer advice. I will always hear your voice telling me to trust my instincts, one of the most invaluable things you ever said to me. I'll miss you and our meetups "for beers!".

Thank you for being a great friend and mentor. I will never forget you.

Your friend,

This tribute was added by Anastasia Norman on 16th April 2015

"Dave and I knew Filip so briefly at the Simonova gatherings, but he always found a way to make us smile! He had such a wonderful sense of humor and was such a gifted story teller. He will be missed very much."

This tribute was added by William Dean on 16th April 2015

"I didn't know Filip well as an adult, but I remember so well what a cute little boy he was.  I first saw him in Prague and later we played together in Pennsylvania as he was growing up.  Christine and I are heartbroken for Ondrej and Daniela as well as for his brother and sister and for his wife and children and other family members.  May the happiest memories of his life continue to warm your hearts.  Our love to all during this time reflection."

This tribute was added by Cindy Short on 16th April 2015

"I will miss your warm smile and funny stories, it has been a pleasure working with you all these years!! You are in my heart"

This tribute was added by Paulette Will on 16th April 2015

"Ondrej and Dana, I was so sorry to learn about the loss of your son, Filipe. I know you will hug everyone in your family a little more tightly.  Please know that I'm thinking of you and your family at this time.  Stay strong."

This tribute was added by Muriel Lambert on 16th April 2015

"Filipe - The photos on this site capture so much of the way you could light up those around you - your tremendous laugh and smile and your devotion and loving care of Simon and Luke. We remember you coming by sometimes and knocking on our front door just to say Hi. It seems not long ago that you were playing croquet in our backyard with Simon and Luke. You had such a great rapport with them and showed so much patience in teaching the boys how to play and in trying to explain to Simone not to walk away with the croquet balls. You will be sorely missed; we were very lucky to have shared these times with you.  Muriel and Clark"

This tribute was added by Klimovi Ivana on 16th April 2015

"Filipe, I have known you even before you were born spending two months at Orlik with you mother, your siblings  and our daughter while you were getting ready to enter this world.  What a pity you left it so early!  All members of your family are part of my heart and I will always miss you."

This tribute was added by Keisha Harris on 16th April 2015

"Filip, I miss you terribly and I thank God for the years of friendship which we shared, you made it such a joy every " morning meeting."  You were filled with so much light and grace that even know it inhabits the spaces and people you touched.  You are loved and cared for greatly and you embodied what a gentleman was:  gentle, unselfish and kind.  Filip, there is so much I could write and say but I am satisfied in the quietude of our sacred space knowing that you know my heart.  ("Wonder-Woman")"

This tribute was added by Shawn Rombach on 16th April 2015

""Dear Filip, the first time I met you was at my sister's wedding.  I was in the basement of my parent's house, slightly stressed, arranging the flowers for the wedding.  In you came, with your big grin and 'Squirrel Nut Zippers'.  You not only carried many buckets of water up and down the stairs for me, but you made that day one of my favorite memories with your infectious laughter and fun-loving spirit. Your smile and laughter will be remembered always! May The Lord hold you gently in His Love and Peace."  Love, Natalie"

This tribute was added by Ivan Volný on 16th April 2015

"Drazí přátelé,
jsem s vámi v hlubokém smutku. Filipa jsem slýchal při jeho hovorech s otcem, když jsem byl v Přílepově. Obdivoval jsem jeho dva ušlechtilé syny na Ondřejově facebooku. Snad se s nimi někdy setkám a zalumpačíme si. Ivan"

This tribute was added by Bevan McShea on 16th April 2015

"A touching and warm smile that will be remembered and continued though the lives of his sons. God bless, Bevan"

This tribute was added by Janaya Moscony on 16th April 2015

"Always a big smile and kind laugh..yet sweetly, mischievous.  I just don't want this to be real. I sit here w/ out words for the pain your family and friends are feeling. I wish we could turn back time. All my love to you. And... to your family during this heartbreaking time. xoxo I guess I had to edit this to include how I was wondering from time to time when I would wake up at your house and my jeep would still be there : )...I think you may have taken it for a joyride or two xoxo."

This tribute was added by Gisele Bathish on 16th April 2015

"Filipe! I will always remember your beautiful smile when you greeted me " bonjour Madame " ! I m remembering how much fun we had at Veronika & Phelps wedding ! Your sunny disposition was contagious !
You made the people around you happy . I shall miss you & your beautiful smile ! Much love , Madame ( Gisele)"

This tribute was added by anna zabransky on 16th April 2015

"My dear Filip, Fildo, as I used to call you. I can't stop crying and will be crying for a long time. I will never forget you. Will always love you and will treasure the last picture of you in my head, when saying good bye, when hugging each other, kissing and wishing each other wonderful summer. That was just twelve days ago. Love you, Anna"

This tribute was added by Jakub Simon on 16th April 2015

"We love you, Filipe!  You left us too early.  Words cannot describe the pain of losing you. Your smile, your laugh, your mischievous pension for adventure.  We will take care of Simon and Luke in your stead and never forget you.  Love,  Jakub"

This tribute was added by Veronika Lambert on 16th April 2015

"Miss you so much, Filipe!!! I'll never be able to drink another cup of coffee without thinking of you and I'll always toast to your life and your beautiful ways of making me smile. Here I sit in tears this morning, drinking my coffee, tears I will have for you for many more days and years to come. May you be happy and in peace. Love you! Veru"

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