Let the memory of Findlay be with us forever
  • 37 years old
  • Born on May 31, 1951 .
  • Passed away on July 6, 1988 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Findlay Leggat 37 years old , born on May 31, 1951 and passed away on July 6, 1988. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 6th July 2018
Another year without you Findlay the day I lost you you took a big piece of me with you I don't like the person I am I never go out anywhere only to walk the dog I get up in the morning iron clothes have a shower and then just don't want to go anywhere as when I see a couple I am so jealous because it could have been you and me but it wasn't to be WHY were you taken from us you were a good person a good father and husband one of the things that keeps me going is knowing I will be with you hopefully sooner rather than later until then forever yours I love you til my last breath and after
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 7th July 2017
Love you Findlay always & forever until we meet again forever yours SHEILA
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 7th July 2017
Hi Findlay another year has passed since you were taken from us far too early our lives have never been the same the kids have their own families some of them have their own place and Jordan has a daughter of his own now you would love them all as I do very much ! I know you have baby Hope with you love her Findlay and love her from us all too she was a little fighter but things got too much for her she's with the best person ever ! Our family have drifted apart which hurts me very much because all I ever asked for was for them to be close so when I go they would have each other to share their grief ! But I can only hope this comes about its in gods hands ! I miss you Findlay so much it hurts I long to be with you but I have our grandson staying with me until he finishes school and uni then he will be ready to start the next phase in his life he's so clever Findlay ! You would have had a ball with them Findlay Reiss is a lot like you in nature as is Jordan they get on with everyone and enjoy themselves when they go out and can they drink ha ha !your granddaughters and great g/ daughter are all beautiful your grandsons are all very handsome too must take after you then right ! I LOVE YOU FINDLAY MORE AND MORE EACH DAY UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN ALWAYS & FOREVER YOURS SHEILA
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 3rd June 2017
Love you always and forever Findlay
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 3rd June 2017
Hi Findlad happy heavenly birthday I bet you had a lovely time which your heavenly family round about you and baby Hope I bet she's a papas girl love her as we all would love her her mummy really misses her as we all do ! Well your great granddaughter turned 3 on the 2nd of May she's a little beauty and a little madam but so funny they have all grown up so fast that's Jordan 26 Ashleigh is 24 Reiss is nearly 22 Darren is 21 Ethan is 15 Findlay is 7 Holly is 6 going on 26 ha ha and Amelia is 7months she was christened last Sunday and we missed it as we all got lost as I never took my invitation to get the name of the church and we went round every church in wishaw we ended up getting there but it was too late I was so sad we never got to see it ! I have your 3 grandsons staying with me
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 9th July 2016
28 years has passed Findlay I can't believe it's been so long I remember it like it was only yesterday and I miss you more than ever ! Lots have happened in the past years some not so good our family has fallen apart and I don't know how to fix it ! It's eating away at me I sometimes think I would be better off with you I sit in the house looking at 4 walls and my mind goes into fast forward video of all the things that have happened if you were here and other things that we were meant to share together but never got the chance I always remember telling I wanted to go first as I could not handle being left on my own not knowing it was really going to happen that way just as well you don't know what is in front of you and live day by day I love you now as I have always loved you always and forever until we meet again Findlay
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 31st May 2016
Happy heavenly 65th birthday Findlay hope your surrounded with family and freinds on this special birthday I will raise my glass to you tonight even if it's only juice to toast my husband freind and soulmate and my only true love ever you took a big part of my heart with you when you were tragically taken from us I love and miss you so much ! Your grandchildren are all growing up so fast and your great granddaughter is 2 now they are all so handsome and beautiful you have another grandchild on the way too in October You would love them so much as I do ! I can't believe you have been gone for nearly 28 years this year I remember that and will until I die so tragic for us all I will love you for the rest of my life and beyond until we meet again you have my eternal love ❤️❤️ Sheila
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 29th October 2015
Hi Findlay your granddaughter Ashleigh is having a party for her engagement to Martin wish you were here I don't go to anything because I'm myself and everyone else are in couples ! The longer it is since you were taken from us the worse it feels for me ! I don't really want to be here anymore I want to be with you because I miss you so much it hurts ! Love you always and forever ❤️
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 12th October 2015
Hi Findlay you have a 17 month old great granddaughter called Orla she's so beautiful and full of energy she keeps us on our toes ! She's so like her daddy , we are all well and miss you so much ! I miss you more and more each year that passes ! I❤️ You always & forever until we meet again
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 12th October 2015
Hi Allison ! Thank you for leaving the message about your partner knowing Findlay , I would like joe to get in touch ! I've only met about 6 men with going back and forward to Aberdeen to the inquirery in 89 I'm on Facebook if he would like to get in touch with me on that ! Look forward to hearing from Joe !
Posted by Alison Campbell on 11th October 2015
Sheila, my partners name is joe mc call, he travelled with findlay, during 1985 through to 1988, joe would like to get in touch , to share some stories, joe was in his 20's then, and has fond memories of your husband x
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 6th July 2015
27 years ago tonight you were taken away from us far to soon Findlay you took part of me with you as I feel so insecure without you because you were all I knew my soulmate friend and husband who I will never replace EVER ! I will love you always & forever until we meet again know that your in my heart always ! Sheila ❤️
Posted by Sheila Leggat on 12th May 2015
Love and miss you so much Findlay ❤️Always & forever

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