In memory of Atlas Air Pilot First Officer Conrad Aska

Posted by Indira Castro on 22nd March 2019
It's hard to believe you are no longer here, this void & emptiness is still so unbelievable, Words cannot describe this great pain I have in my heart. Conrad you were such a special person in my life, you were my friend, the father of my daughter, my ex husband and most importantly FAMILY! I was truly blessed to have you in my life , we met when I was 18 years old and you were such a wonderful friend to me, supporting me with everything for over 20 years with your gentle and caring nature. One of your beliefs in life was the importance of being authentic with people, saying what needs to be said because it’s good for the relationship and for the soul . You always offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss. We had that special bond together that is unbreakable and that is what I will always cherish. You had a humble, loving, kind, caring and natural soul. your magnetic smile will be missed by all who ever knew you! you were such an exceptional and devoted father and that can never be replaced, your beautiful spirit will live on through our daughter Kayla and she knows how much you loved her. Forever you will live on my heart & soul and I will always love and miss you! May you rest in peace Conrad, until we meet again.
Posted by TyNelle Bot on 21st March 2019
I'm crying as I write this because its so unbelievable that a beautiful soul like yours was taken from us so soon. We met our first year in college -I was a lonely soul with no friends and no family -in a strange country. I was in the library pretending to study and you walked right up to me so confident and made conversation - That encounter spanned 24 yrs of a bond whether near or far. Conrad - your jokes, your unbelievable stories, your smile, your cooking, your outgoing personality, your brute honesty, and when you ended our conversations with a "love u"- I took all those simple things for granted.. Now looking back at texts, it hurts to know that these are the last love you's Im gonna get. The last joke, the last good advise, the last everything. To his Dad, Kayla, Elliot, Alicia, Corretta, Indy and other relatives and friends, my heart goes out to you. Be strong.
Posted by Denise Borrelli on 8th March 2019
My deepest condolences to the Aska family. It was an honor to have met you and see the love you had for Conrad. The pictures posted of Conrad show the most amazing and welcoming smile. From that smile I can imagine the special person he was. Conrad was a wonderful member of the Atlas family and you all are in my thoughts.
Posted by Vic S on 7th March 2019
My deepest condolences .Thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Alvin Tay on 7th March 2019
To the Aska family, On behalf of Atlas Air Asia Pacific office, I would like to express our deepest condolences. We grieve together with you and our prayers and deepest sympathies are always with you. Sincerely, Alvin Tay
Posted by Mary Paul on 6th March 2019
You will be 4ever and ever missed Conrad. We both share and have always shared our Caribbean vibe and roots 2gether. For the Flight Attendants that have had the opportunity of flying with you, they spoke nothing but nice things always about you :). I am still in complete disbelief and trying to come to terms with all of this. The tears keeps coming and going :(. My deepest, deepest condolences to your Family and your beautiful Daughter indeed. I will tremendously miss that ever broad smile and laughter of yours :). On the good note here: "I will keep the Faith however, that when the Lord returns, which we know and for those who knows of his soon coming, I will see you again"! I will tremendously miss you my friend :(, but only for a little while, just a little while longer. "Love Always & 4Ever"! Mary :(!
Posted by Coretta James on 6th March 2019
Conrad you were a father, son, brother, uncle, ex-husband, step-father, best friend and confidant to your loved ones. Your kindness, one of your greatest attributes, was displayed on multiple occasions. Your generosity spared no expense. Your big bright smile would light up any room. Your personality spoke without words. Your love for your family was unspeakable. Your palate was undeniable; you were indeed a great cook. Your love for music was food to your soul; it was a joy to watch you dance. Your passion for flying was your childhood dream that you turned into a career that you so loved. While losing you has left a huge void in the hearts of so many, your legacy will live on forever. You will be truly missed beyond words or comprehension. May your soul rest in eternal peace! We love you forever! Coretta, Alexander and Brandon ❤️
Posted by Pauline Denise on 5th March 2019
Jules, sleep in Peace. Will definitely be missed, especially by The Cedar Grove Community.
Posted by Joerg Andriof on 4th March 2019
To the Aska family, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time. I want to express my deepest sympathies and condolences. Sincerely, Joerg Andriof
Posted by Tresa B on 4th March 2019
I am very sorry for your loss, I can not imagine the pain you are feeling now. May god bless your family and help you heal.
Posted by Giovanna Kanu on 4th March 2019
My heart is heavy and broken. Conrad was a life partner that I dreamed and asked the Universe to deliver. He was caring of others and demonstrated this on a regular basis. His kindness was felt by many people we would meet when we were hanging out. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have had him in my life. We shared a lot of great times. I was able to meet some his coworkers at Atlas and I remarked how wonderful they were (breakfast buddies at Ontario, CA). I pray for strength for all of us to move forward with the blessing Conrad was to each of us and every time we think of him, smile big. Love always and forever.
Posted by Scott Anderson on 4th March 2019
I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Conrad's friends and family. I enjoyed meeting him when he interviewed and having him around the training center as he completed his initial training. What I remember most was his cheerfulness and smile. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Miami ATC (Tower) representatives came over to the Training Center last Thursday and delivered flowers and the Sympathy Cards uploaded to the photos. Included in the signatures are the controllers from Saturday, February 23rd when 3591 took off for Houston. We are a very tight-knit industry, and when one experience’s a tragic event, the support is overwhelming. The originals and a beautiful flower arrangement and cards are in the Miami Training Center Lobby.
Posted by Em McNair on 3rd March 2019
May the fond memories that you have of Conrad be a source of comfort to you now and in the years to come. Wishing you peace, Em McNair
Posted by Sim Ona on 4th March 2019
I am still in shock! My heartfelt condolences to the Aska family. My heart goes out to you all, in your time of grief. easy in the loving arms of Our Lord.
Posted by Yolanda Hernandez on 3rd March 2019
To the Aska family my thoughts and condolences. To Kayla his daughter all my love ❤️ and prayers . Your Daddy will be watching upon you.
Posted by Ola Dapo on 3rd March 2019
My deepest condolences to Aska family at this difficult time. I wish you healing, strength and peace. I met Conrad briefly in the crew room at CVG. I still remembered his kind words and laughter. May his soul Rest In Peace .....sun re o omo Aska ( Native tongue)
Posted by Stacye Tabor on 2nd March 2019
I worked with Conrad often. One of my favorite pilots to work with ever. It was never a dull moment working with him. Always had jokes, always had a smile and always looked out for his flight attendants. He had a great spirit and will forever be remembered. We love you Conrad
Posted by Aida Arroyo on 2nd March 2019
Thoughts and prayers to the Aska family during this time. We will remember you! Rest in peace....
Posted by Terri Patton on 2nd March 2019
As a flight attendant at Mesa Airlines, I flew with Conrad on several occasions. I remember him being laid back with a few jokes to tell. A winning smile. He is missed. My prayers are with his family. May God grant you with peace. Be blessed.
Posted by Joshua Roberts on 2nd March 2019
I had the privilege to fly with Conrad. The one thing which sticks out the most was his laughter, personality and love for life. The world lost a good man. Godspeed, brother till we meet again.
Posted by Spencer Schwartz on 2nd March 2019
To the Aska family, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time. We want to express our deepest sympathies and condolences as our family mourns with you.
Posted by Michael Steen on 2nd March 2019
To the Aska Family - Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. Please accept my deepest sympathies and condolences. Sincerely, Michael Steen
Posted by Kevin Sarubbe on 2nd March 2019
On behalf of everyone here at the Atlas family, we are truly heartbroken. You have our sincerest condolences and we hope you find some comfort and strength in knowing that we will never forget.
Posted by DH Lee on 2nd March 2019
I remember you big smile with humor whenever operation through in ICN. Rest in peace.
Posted by Brian Wade on 1st March 2019
I had the privilege of meeting Conrad at our interview with Atlas. He has a kind soul, and a man I will never forget. Our subsequent runins were full of laughter and great conversation. To the Aska family, I am so sorry! Please know that he was loved amongst his peers. From the whole of my heart, may he Rest In Peace. First Officer, Brian Wade
Posted by Geri Pulu on 1st March 2019
Thank you for your beautiful self and kindness and always being in the moment to make someone’s day and share yourself and your wisdom and laughter:)))) Healing prayers
Posted by Ubong Morgan on 1st March 2019
I pray the Lord grant the family and friends great fortitude to endure the pain of losing their loved one. Our prayers and thoughts to them as well.
Posted by Benita Clarke on 1st March 2019
RIP Gone too Soon.....Conrad may your soul rest in eternal Peace......Praying for and with your family and friends ...
Posted by Stephen Robinson on 1st March 2019
You inspired me Conrad, to reach beyond myself. I will never forget your encouragement. Your belief that I was able to accomplish a difficult task. Wings forever, and grace and peace to your friends and family.
Posted by Debbie Coffey on 1st March 2019
To the Aska Family...we are all mourning the loss of Conrad. We will keep him close in our thoughts always, and we send our prayers of comfort.
Posted by Maria Ceballos on 1st March 2019
All my thoughts and prayers for the family.Rest in Peace Aska Conrad you will be missed.We will always remember you.
Posted by Debra Auger on 1st March 2019
To the Aska Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you and may Conrad rest in peace.
Posted by Miriam Soave on 1st March 2019
To the Aska Family - My thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time. May Conrad rest in peace.
Posted by Patricia Goodwin-Peters on 1st March 2019
To the Aska Family - Our hearts are with you during this difficult time. Conrad was one of those people who could light up a room and he will be forever missed.
Posted by Bill Flynn on 1st March 2019
I want to offer my thoughts and prayers to the Aska Family at this difficult time. Your grief is shared by me and all of us at Atlas Air. Sincerely, Bill Flynn
Posted by Jeff Carlson on 28th February 2019
My thoughts and prayers go out to Conrad and his family. You are truly missed by your Atlas family.

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