Let the memory of FLAT be with us forever

One winter day a skinny, sick looking cat found a good home. Jeff had noticed her a few times, she looked like she was ready to have babies.

Jeff took her into his work shop and made a bed in his tool box where she stayed while she had 5 beautiful kittens. Jeff let her stay until the kittens were able to take care of them self.

Jeff  and Pam were moving to Redding CA and they had to make a big decision, were they going to let her and her babies go back into the wild? 

"No!!" they decided to keep her and that was when Jeff named her Flat because she was so thin. They were able to find good homes for the kittens with people that loved animals.

Jeff, Pam. Mantra. Mango, Peanut moved to Redding where Flat spent the rest of her life chasing squirrels, and playing with Maddi, very loved, happy and safe.





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