Florence L Green, 1940-2012
Flo Green
  • 71 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 19, 1940
  • Date of passing: May 9, 2012
Let the memory of Flo be with us forever

We celebrated Flo Green's life in a memorial service on Saturday, June 30th, 2012 at Community United Methodist Church of Pacific Palisades -- the church where Flo and Gary were married on February 16th, 1985.

Thanks to all who joined us both in person and in spirit. 

In lieu of flowers, and in keeping with Flo’s lifelong spirit of service and belief in the good works of the nonprofit community, the family requests contributions be made in memory of Florence Green to any of the following charitable organizations: 

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, 400 West 30th St., Los Angeles CA 90007 (www.plannedparenthood.org/los-angeles); Shoes That Fit, 1420 N. Claremont Blvd., Suite 204-A, Claremont, CA 91711 (www.shoesthatfit.org); Peoples’ Self-Help Housing, 3533 Empleo St., San Luis Obispo CA 93401 (www.pshhc.org); St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 262 Danny Thomas Place, Memphis, TN 38105 (www.stjude.org); Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), 2222 Martin St., Suite 140, Irvine CA 92812 (www.tacanow.org); or The Maturango Museum, 100 East Las Flores Ave., Ridgecrest CA 93555.

Private messages and condolences to the family may be sent to flogreenmemorial@gmail.com or to Gary Massey, 1508-B Harvard St., Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Nina David on 9th May 2016

"Dear Flo:  Having you and Gary as neighbors was one of the best things that ever happened to Michael and me.

I can never forget your inner happiness, your smile, your kindness.
Rest in peace.  Nina"

This tribute was added by Kathryn Lynch on 11th May 2015

"The tribute to a person's life are the memories and impact they have on others. Flo left a great legacy with her work in the sector. No shoes can fill what she contributed but hopefully those that had the pleasure to encounter her will pick up small pieces of her work.

She will be forever missed and forever remembered"

This tribute was added by Gary Massey on 10th May 2015

"Dearest Flo, I've been thinking of you so much in the last few weeks. I miss you, but wonderful memories have been coming to me both in my dreams and my waking hours. I'm going back to our timeshare in New York on Sunday, which was one of my fondest memories of times we shared. Jim is joining me for a few days of plays and shows, just like we did with him together a few years ago. I brought you some lovely yellow roses today."

This tribute was added by Gayle Whittemore on 9th May 2015

"Missing you Flo!! All my love!"

This tribute was added by Megan Cooper on 9th May 2015

"Hard to believe it has been three years.  I got a lump in my throat as I looked at Flo's picture.  Recalling conversations Flo and I had about family, and about St. Jude's, I plan to make a modest contribution to St. Jude's in honor of Flo.  Yes, indeed, Flo will be "forever missed.""

This tribute was added by Libby Maynard on 9th May 2014

"I still can't believe that Flo is gone. She taught me so much. I think of her and ask myself how would Flo have done this? She is still my inspiration."

This tribute was added by Nina David on 19th June 2013

"Dear Flo:  I miss your laughter and your smile; your sunny disposition and the goodness that flowed from you.  My best neighbor ever."

This tribute was added by Roccie Hill on 19th June 2013

"Thinking of you today, my dear friend.  I miss you.  I'm keeping your spirit in my heart."

This tribute was added by Megan Cooper on 19th June 2013

"Thinking of you, Flo, on your birthday and remembering fondly our wonderful lunches at Taix restaurant! You are missed and loved by many.  Warmest wishes to Gary and family.  Flo lives forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Gayle Whittemore on 19th June 2013

"Love you Flo!  Happy Birthday!"

This tribute was added by Virginia Green on 11th May 2013

""Life is like arriving late for a movie, having to figure out what was going on without bothering everybody with a lot of questions, and then being unexpectedly called away before you find out how it ends." Joseph Campbell
This reminded me of you Flo....miss you and wish you were here."

This tribute was added by Karen Childers on 10th May 2013

"Florence, my dear sister-in-law and friend, I think of you so often and wish you were still here with us.  Knowing you made my life so much
richer and definitely more fun. You are always in my heart.

This tribute was added by Susan Scribner on 9th May 2013

"Oh my dear Flo....I think about you and Gary everyday.  I miss your laugh though I still hear it.  I see your eyes filled with joy and michef;  your voice alive with excitement, wonder and wisdom.
I see and hear you everyday.  I cherish your company. I always have and will. You are part of my soul and I love you.  Susi"

This tribute was added by Megan Green on 9th May 2013

"Grandma, it still shocks me that you have been gone for a year, it feels like yesterday that we were talking together over a nice meal.  I miss you more than words can describe and I still think about you almost everyday.  Today I will raise my glass to the person you were on earth and the person you will always be in my heart. Love U"

This tribute was added by Roni Lomeli on 9th May 2013

"I can't believe it's been a year.  I still miss her.  Flo was such an important partner in Shoes That Fit and a great personal friend.  I hope she is looking down at and seeing all the great things that have been accomplished here because of her knowledge and wisdom.  I am reminder of her often.   My best to Gary, the children and their families.  I will never forget her."

This tribute was added by Nina David on 9th May 2013

"I still keep her memorial service card in my living room with my husband's pictures.  Flo's happy face reminds me of my loving, laughing neighbor every time I see it."

This tribute was added by Judi Pennella on 21st September 2012

"I just heard the news today.  Flo was a role model for all of us.  I found her to be a wealth of information and creativity and always there when I needed a barometer for my ideas.  More than once her counsel kept me on the right road. She will always hold a special place in my heart.  My prayers and sincere sympathy to her family. May you rest in peace, Flo."

This tribute was added by Jayna Kuklin on 18th September 2012

"Grandma, I just wanted to say that I still miss you even though you died right before I finished 7th grade ... I won't let anyone replace you as my second grandmother.. You were my teacher for almost 13 and a half years.. I know you won't come back, but you're still inside my heart.. R.I.P. Grandma ..


This tribute was added by Lynn Charles on 6th September 2012

"I am in total shock in learning of the passing of Flo.  My husband and I had recently seen she and Gary out at a restaurant after they had seen two movies back to back. She was such an inspiration to me and had the biggest heart. She was such an advocate for nonprofits and I will truly miss her. My prayers are with her family."

This tribute was added by Allen Rubinstein on 28th August 2012

"Oh, wow.  I'm just now coming across this, and it's so sad to learn that Flo is no longer here.  She was such a perfect combination of straight talker and kind heart.  She was the most dedicated woman, and showed me how to take the knocks in stride while also showing how a superior leader doesn't waver from what's right.  You'll be missed, Flo.  Thanks for giving this green guy a chance."

This tribute was added by Diane Nance on 25th July 2012

"Many years ago, Flo came to Ohio and shared her knowledge, helping hundreds of organizations and giving our careers a kick in the pants. She and Gary opened their home to me and my daughter. Her smart and witty spirit remain with me and we are all better because she challenged us to do better. My prayers to her family."

This tribute was added by Ronni Sue Curtis on 4th July 2012

"It is hard for me to think of her as "Flo". She was always Rick's mom or Duane's mom or Mrs. Green. The first time I met her was at her inaugeration for Mayor (I think) .  From that day on she welcomed me into her home day after day.  She was a giant idol to me. She did EVERYTHING.  Rick, Deb, Duane, Steve- hugs & love to you all."

This tribute was added by Alan Strand on 26th June 2012

"Flo was an amazing person, my mentor who set me on my career path. She will be missed."

This tribute was added by julie meenan on 20th June 2012

"You helped to create a stronger and more cohesive nonprofit sector in California. Thank you for mentoring so many to continue your great work."

This tribute was added by Megan Green on 20th June 2012

"I love you and miss you so much Grandma.  Happy 72nd Birthday!"

This tribute was added by Megan Green on 20th June 2012

"The intelligent, generous, passionate lady
That means so much to me
May be gone from the land of the living
But with me she will always be
Because my memory holds her dearly
As I recall her influence and her ways
And most of all I love her
A love that always stays
It stays inside my memory
And is often on my mind
Because a lady like my Grandma Flo
Is rare and hard to find"

This tribute was added by Karen Childers on 19th June 2012

"We're thinking of you today since it is your birthday.  We
wish you were here with us to celebrate another year in
your wonderful life.
Love from Herb and Karen"

This tribute was added by Virginia Green on 19th June 2012

"Thinking of you today Flo....Happy Birthday!!!  We miss you soo much and wish you were here.  Hope they're throwing you a big Party up there!"

This tribute was added by Nina David on 7th June 2012

"Flo was my neighbor and friend for 27 years.  I will always remember her boundless enthusiasm for every project, her love for Gary and her family (and friends), her kindness when my husband was sick.  I feel honored having known this remarkable woman."

This tribute was added by Sheryl Kaplan on 7th June 2012

"Flo was a great teacher and a mentor to many, particularly here in California.  Even in "retirement," she kept going at it.  She led the first training I ever attended, in 1991.  As a consultant now, ironically my primary work is in the area of stroke, which felled her.  So very sad at her passing, and condolences to all of us who were touched by her."

This tribute was added by Kathryn Lynch on 7th June 2012

"Flo Green was bigger than life for the non- profit sector she admired and served. She was a role model for how we should all serve and live life to the fullest. I think of her every day as I do my work in the capitol. When I reached out to her beloved husband to ask what I could do he simply said to honor her by keeping on with the nonprofit work. I will work every day to make her proud."

This tribute was added by Lupe Valdez on 5th June 2012

"Flo taught many of us many things but most importantly to enjoy life and be happy helping others.  As I began my work in the nonprofit world- I continue to work to support those organizations Flo helped in oh so many ways.  May you be on the Wings of the Angels- Flo!"

This tribute was added by Lary Wells on 5th June 2012

"I always enjoyed my time with Flo. Her insight, and humor mostly. From the early days of NCNA I "borrowed" a lot from her and the other founders on being an advocate of the nonprofit sector, using it the best I knew how in Michigan. I will miss her."

This tribute was added by Michael O'Neill on 4th June 2012

"Flo was an inspirational and highly effective leader of the California Association of Nonprofits. Her enthusiasm for nonprofits was endless. She was a dynamic, informed, and often funny speaker. I'm grateful to have been a colleague and friend of hers and treasure the times we spent together. Gary and family, our thoughts and prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Helen Kennedy on 31st May 2012

"The non-profit community will greatly miss the enthusiasm and in-sight that Flo brought to our community.  She was a great inspiration to me when I was a babe in this crazy industry."

This tribute was added by Crystal Hayling on 23rd May 2012

"Flo, how many times did you give me big piece of your mind, followed by that conversation-closing blink, then your great big smile? And always I was better off for having heard your thoughts and carefully considered your insights. In a world where polite too often gets in the way, you never faultered in your determination to make honest talk the shortest path to change. I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Annette Montoya on 22nd May 2012

"Flo was an inspirational mentor, who will be missed by anyone who was touched by her wisdom. She leaves a legacy of compassion, intelligence and kindness."

This tribute was added by michael weekes on 22nd May 2012

"Flo was an amazing advocate for the nonprofit sector and its role in our civil society. Her passion and committment for all we do to improve our communities is legendary. We have lost a champion as she  inspired us with a sense of courage to always do what's right. My prayers are with Gary and their family."

This tribute was added by Roni Lomeli on 22nd May 2012

"I  had the pleasure of working with Flo over the past 3 years.  Flo was a permanent fixture here at Shoes That Fit.  Flo helped this organization so much.  Everything I touch has part of Flo attached to it.  I still can't believe she is gone.  She was such a wonderful person and truly a great friend.  Keep smiling down upon us Flo!"

This tribute was added by Susan Sanow on 22nd May 2012

"One of my all-time favorite quotes comes from Flo:

"Don't let your successes go to you head and don't let your failures go to you heart."

I'll keep working on that Flo!"

This tribute was added by Margo Sidener on 17th May 2012

"Flo was the first person I met, years ago, who advocated for the whole nonprofit sector--the first to articulate for me how important it was for us to work together.  She taught us all, and her humor made her ageless."

This tribute was added by Paul Colter on 17th May 2012

"You shall be greatly missed. I was so privileged to know you and so lucky to have been had a part in your wedding. Thank you sooooo much for all you have done. You have made life better for so many. You will be greatly missed. I wish all your family well."

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Bremner on 17th May 2012

"Flo was a standard bearer for the nonprofit field.  I am saddened to hear of her passing. I always appreciated Flo's big smile, warm hugs, open heart and solid advice.  She was timeless.  I am grateful to have known her and learned from her.   My warmest condolences to her family."

This tribute was added by pamela davis on 16th May 2012

"Flo was a visionary with a fierce passion for the nonprofit sector and the clients we serve. She was always ready with a hug and words of support. We will miss her."

This tribute was added by Tom Martens on 16th May 2012

"It is sad to learn of Flo's passing. A while ago, Flo and a few of us worked with the governor and California Legislature on policies to help nonprofits raise funds and do their work. She was inspirational in that effort, which continues today. The results will be Flo's legacy to nonprofits and millions of Californians."

This tribute was added by Leigh Pierre Oetker on 16th May 2012

"So deeply saddened by this news-Flo was an inspiration and a mentor to me.  She did so much with a passion unsurpassed by many,she cared deeply for the work of the sector. I feel privileged to have known her and am the better for it.  Love and support to Gary and her children in this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Deborah Strauss on 16th May 2012

"I only knew Flo in the context of NMA and the Alliance.  For me, she was the straightforward, funny, and challenging speaker at the podium.  I know from others, especially those in California, what a strong on-the-ground leader she was and how much she influenced overall the nonprofit and management assistance sector.
My sympathy to her family."

This tribute was added by Gayle Whittemore on 16th May 2012

"Flo, you will always have a special place in my heart.  You inspired me in all ways, your passion for the nonprofit sector, the community around you and all those you came in contact with.  You were one of my greatest mentors and teachers and I learned so much from you.  Thank you Flo.  My love to you and my love and comfort to those you left behind.  Gayle."

This tribute was added by Dalya Massachi on 16th May 2012

"I only met Flo once or twice, but I remember her passion and enthusiasm. We will miss her, and send love to her family."

This tribute was added by Anne Hays Egan on 15th May 2012

"Flo, what a great friend and colleague. She represented "true north on the compass." You could always count on Flo for her honesty, her passion for the sector, and her powerful persuasive arguments. She was a tireless capacity builder and advocate. She had an equally passionate love for life. Razor sharp sense of humor. And a huge, wonderful heart. Good-bye and God Bless. I'll Miss You."

This tribute was added by peggy outon on 15th May 2012

"And don't we all remember how funny Flo was?  And her great shoes...and her honesty, her righteous and appropriate anger, her mama lion championing of the small, the struggling and the brave...rest in peace, dear friend!"

This tribute was added by Gregg Davidson on 15th May 2012

"Flo was my friend, colleague and mentor who inspired and encouraged me to do more and do it better. My condolences to her children and grand kids who, along with Gary, were the heart of her live. May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Lauren Savord on 15th May 2012

"Flo Green was a pillar who supported the nonprofit community tirelessly.  I knew her during my tour with the Resource Center for Nonprofit Management in Riverside, California.  She was the keynote speaker at one of our annual conferences, where she informed and inspired many from Inland Empire nonprofits.  I am so sad she is gone.  God bless, Flo.  You are surely in heaven."

This tribute was added by Paul Sturm on 15th May 2012

"Flo was a teacher, friend and mentor since I took her Grantsmanship Center training thirty years ago.  Don't think I've known anyone with a bigger heart and more generous spirit.  Our world is a better place because Flo was among us for 71 years.  I'll miss her presence, but know that her spirit lives on."

This tribute was added by Kelly Mathews on 15th May 2012

"Since meeting Flo 11 years ago at my first NCN meeting, I was struck by her kindness to me & willingness to share her insight & passion about the nonprofits she served. I gravitated to her each year I saw her & she always gave a hug & promptly told stories of her beloved family.  I will miss her smile & ardent support of nonprofits & the communities they serve."

This tribute was added by Becky Chapman Weaver on 15th May 2012

"I am one of thousands who can honestly say, "Flo Green changed my life."  She got me started in a career I love. I'm blessed to have known her since 1981, & heartbroken that I did not spend more time with her recently.  Her dedication to the nonprofit world was immense, as was her love for family and devotion to friends.  She was funny, kind, passionate, honest, creative, and so, so loved."

This tribute was added by Betsy Johnson on 15th May 2012

"I am so saddened by Flo's passing. She was such a great advocate and such a strong voice for nonprofits. I admired her passion and her voice and her committment to the causes she found important. I will always cherish the work we did together. And I send my thoughts and prayers to her immediate family and to her wider nonprofit family."

This tribute was added by Barbara Irving on 15th May 2012

"Flo indeed made enormous contributions enabling non-profits like Project LIFT in Houston, TX to be much stronger.  Our prayers are with Gary, the children and grandchildren.  Flo, you slept and dreamt that life was joy, you awoke and saw that life was service,
you served and understood that service was joy. Taken from the winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature."

This tribute was added by Jeffrey Wilcox on 15th May 2012

"The footprints of Flo Green are firmly planted in the achievements of countless nonprofit professionals and organizations. Her accomplishments and the successes of those she has nurtured are a testament to mission-based leadership. I'm truly grateful for her encouragement of me and so many others to persevere in building the sector.  The legacy of our dear Flo is one for us all to aspire."

This tribute was added by Way-Ting Chen on 15th May 2012

"Flo, you were a passionate, visionary and incredibly kind and thoughtful person.  We are all better for having known and benefited from your presence.  You are terribly missed.  My most heartfelt condolences and thoughts to Gary, the children and grandchildren."

This tribute was added by Deborah Johnson on 15th May 2012

"To Gary, Duane, Steve, Debbie and family: I am still feeling the shock of Flo's passing. You are all a part of my deepest childhood memories and I held Flo in such high regard...she was someone I admired and adored -- someone who committed her life to great works. She will be greatly missed and my heart goes out to all of you. Blessings -- Deborah Liv"

This tribute was added by Molly Polidoroff on 15th May 2012

"Flo was a true leader in the field, and so many of us have enjoyed her presence at conferences over the years.  You have left us too soon, Flo, and you will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Darian Heyman on 15th May 2012

"The world, and especially the nonprofit sector, has lost a true champion.  Flo was always there for the community and for young leaders eager to follow in her bold footsteps, and she will be forever missed, indeed."

This tribute was added by Heather Grant on 15th May 2012

"I'm very saddened to hear of Flo's passing. I'd gotten to know her over the past few years, including when she hosted me at a nonprofit event in LA, and we had a lovely dinner together. She was generous, passionate, wise, and funny! I know she will be deeply missed by her family and her nonprofit colleagues. May her inspiration live on."

This tribute was added by Libby Maynard on 14th May 2012

"I am bereft. Flo was my friend, mentor and hero. I miss her tremendously and will carry on her legacy, as best I can. My deepest condolences to Gary and the family."

This tribute was added by ruth mccambridge on 14th May 2012

"This was a woman who never ever had a conversation (with me at least) in recent years without mentioning her grandchildren. My heart goes out to them who - I am sure - loved her as much as she deeply and completely adored them."

This tribute was added by Jacob Harold on 14th May 2012

"Flo stood for that great balance that makes good possible: our boldest hopes grounded in the day-to-day reality we all operate within.  May she rest in a most well-deserved peace."

This tribute was added by Jim Canales on 14th May 2012

"What a tremendous loss on both a personal and professional level. Flo was ever gracious, supportive, warm, encouraging and kind. I had the privilege of knowing her for more than a decade, and I found her passion for and commitment to the nonprofit community to be a model for all of us. My prayers are with Flo's family and friends--may we all live our lives as fully as she did hers."

This tribute was added by Megan Cooper on 14th May 2012

"I'm going to miss that face!  I'm going to miss that colleague, leader and friend!  Flo was truly a life force in the depth of her work contributions and abiding love of family.  Feeling broken-hearted today, but so thankful to have had Flo in my life---making this a more wonderful world for us all."

This tribute was added by Meredeth Clark on 14th May 2012

"My prayers and warmest wishes to Flo's family and loved ones. I worked with Flo in many capacities since the early 80s and consider her one of the most big hearted and caring women' I've ever met.  I can only imagine how she'll be missed by all."

This tribute was added by Dan Weston on 14th May 2012

"What a great person! There was never a more influential person in the history of CLOTA, CLP or the Cerro Coso Drama dept. We had heard of her long before we ever met or worked with her and unlike many, she totally lived up to her reputation as a great person and director. She was very wickedly funny too! RIP Florence we will always remember you!---Dan and Jessica Weston"

This tribute was added by Susan Scribner on 14th May 2012

"My love and comfort to Gary’s and Flo’s wonderful family.
Flo was a part of my life for more than 30 years. We worked, played, cried and endlessly laughed.  Our consulting firm lead us both to work with agencies throughout the world.
She was my anchor, my partner, my beloved friend.
She will be missed but at peace in my soul.  Some people never can leave us. Precious Flo is one of them."

This tribute was added by Scott Bechtler-Levin on 14th May 2012

"Flo was a truly great woman and leader. Her legacy of caring and sharing will live on in the hearts of people who knew her and the projects she inspired.   Through her work, many thousands of people and organizations have benefited without even knowing her personally. As a true partner in co-founding IdeaEncore and friend, she will always be remembered."

This tribute was added by Jan Masaoka on 14th May 2012

"Over many years Flo and I were friends and foes, sometimes at the same time. I'm very glad to be in her old job at the California Association of Nonprofits, and very happy to have been working with her very recently planning her role at our upcoming September convention. There has never been as fierce a defender and champion of community-based nonprofits. A heartfelt, tearful salute."

This tribute was added by Kathy Crabb on 14th May 2012

"Oh, my heart hurts. Flo's passion, vision, and drive were matched point for point by her generosity and bigness of heart. At the same time she was doing things like drafting papers on nonprofit accountability, she was also planning a baby shower for Alan and me. The woman was nothing short of astounding and will be terribly missed. Love to Gary, kids, grandkids, and all the family."

This tribute was added by Patricia Gardner on 13th May 2012

"Mentor, coach, educator, cheerleader, patient, thoughtful, caring, giving, advocate, strong, opinionated, friend, organizer of organizers, leader, and one hell of a lady. I will miss her passionately, just like she lived her life.  She made her mark and her legacy will live in all of us whose lives she touched. God Bless Flo, all my love Patricia"

This tribute was added by Reno Venturi on 13th May 2012

"Flo was my inspiration as a young actor showing me that we didn't have to settle for "good enough" but rather revel in striving for the very best! She pushed me beyond anything I ever thought I was capable in the entertainment field and a strong work ethic. I will forever be grateful for her guidance leading me to my current, successful career and teaching me that anything is possible."

This tribute was added by Deanna Ripley-Lotee on 13th May 2012

"There aren't words enough that can be said about Flo and what she meant to the Ridgecrest community.  I'm glad to have been part of that theatre community.  She did so much for non-profit organizations in general.  We shall miss her laughter and her contagious enthusiasm."

This tribute was added by Roccie Hill on 13th May 2012

"I met Flo Green in 1995 at the 2nd policy council meeting.  She was smart, incisive, funny, generous, inclusive, warm, and she made us all feel better for knowing her every single day.  I will miss her eclectic tastes, her wonderful jokes, and her kindness.  She changed the face of nonprofits in California and across the country.  Bless her sweet soul.  I will miss you, my dear."

This tribute was added by Loren Lilly on 13th May 2012

"My mother was on the planning commission for years under Flo.  They were great friends.  Our sympathies to the family."

This tribute was added by Bob Huey on 13th May 2012

"Flo has been an inspiration to me as  an artist, leader, friend, and light bearer.  My first contact with her was when she directed Side by Side by Sondheim - and my last theatre experience with her was A Night with CLOTA which she narrated for me in 1985.  She supported me through my Master's Degree at the University of Santa Monica, by providing free living space on weekends for 3 years!"

This tribute was added by Hank Millbourne on 13th May 2012

"My prayers to Flo's family. She was truly a wonderful woman."

This tribute was added by Barbara Murray on 13th May 2012

"Flo taught us all to love nonprofit service and all that could be accomplished. She was the absolute best. Personally, I will miss her terribly ... all that she taught me is at the center of my being. Rest in peace my friend."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Von Elm on 13th May 2012

"Words cannot express the shock and sadness of losing Flo.  She will remain a high point of my life.  My prayers are for Gary, the children and their families."

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