Her Life


I Remember I Was About Maybe 14 Or 15 Years Old And I Had To  The Store; It Was A Little Neighborhood Grocery Store. But, Everytime, I Got Ready To Leave Out The Door My Mother Call Me For Something; Now, She Did That About 3 Or 4 Times And That Was A Delay Of Time Of About 15 To 20 Minutes ... Of Course I Was Mad And Sucked My Teeth Of Course I Did It Low Enough So She Could Not Hear Me; I Said" I Was Mad .. Not Crazy. Finally, Mama Got To Say" And Tell Me The Extra Items She Needed Me To Get From The Store ... Then, Left And As I Was Maybe About A Half Of Block From The Store; Some Peoples On The Street Was Telling Me That Store Is Being Robbed Right Now! I Was In Shock Of Course And I Do Realize Now; It Was The Lord Himself Using My Mother And Causing A 15 To 20 Minute Delay From Me Arriving To That Store Because I Might Walked In When Store Was Being Robbed And Surprised The Robbers And Could Of Got Shot And Killed On The Spot. Thank You So Very Much Lord Jesus For Your Faithful Servant; My Mother, That I Love And Miss Oh,So Very Very Very Much.


My Mother Was Led By The Spirit Of God; I Remember She How Told Us How She Kept One Of Oldest Brothers From Dying In A Fire. She Said" Jim; That's One Of Her Oldest Son ... He Wanted To Go With His Friend To His House And Hangout For Awhile But For some Reason My Mother Made Him Go To Run An Errand For Her; Now, She Said" He Never Was Really Hard-headed And He Did What She Said" A Ran The Errand, Delaying Him A While To Catching With Friend At His House To Hangout; After He Finally Running The Errand For My Mother ... He Was Finally Going To Leave And Soon As He Started That Way, He Heard The Albumlance And Fire Trucks Blaring Going Down The Street And He Found Out That The Friend That He Wanted To Go With To His House At The Begining ... It Was Him And I Think She Said" 6 More Of His Family Was Burned Up In One Of The Worst Fires Of That Time And Because, The Lord Put It on My Mother Heart To Make Him Run That Errand That Took Him Long Enough; Keeping Him From Showing Up To His Friend House Early Or He Would Of Been The 8th Person That Perish In The Fire. Thanks Be To God For Working Through My Mama.
For My Mama A Sunrise Was On A Tuesday; May 20,1924

For My Mama;The Sunset  Came On A Friday; April 23,2021

My Mama Was Born As A Very Special Lady With A Pure Heart Of Gold. But Even More Than That She Was A Dedicated Believer And Loved  Her Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ ... That Is Who She Is With Right Now As You Read This. She Would Always Try To In Courage Peoples, Help Them In Any Kind Of Way That Would Honor Her Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ And To Bring A Little Joy Into The Life Of The Person She Is Trying Help In One Way Or Another. She Was And Always Will Be The Matriarch Of Our Family.

The Pain And Heartache Of Losing My Mother In This Life; Cannot Be Compared To Anybody Or Anything ... It Is Unimaginable And The Tears Flow Daily. I Know My Mother Is in Heaven; She Even Dreamed About ... She Said" She Dreamed Jesus Was In The Middle She Was One Side And The Angel Was On The Other Side and She Woke Singing Walking Up The King's Highway Which Is One Of Her Favorite Gospel Hymm. When She Was Spending Her Final Days In The Hospital; I Played 3 Of Her Favorite Gospel Songs In This Order;

1.Walking Up The King's Highway
2. Amazing Grace
3. Precious Lord" Take My Hand