Shared by Tobi Okoya on June 1, 2021
The love of a grandma is unique. God must have given grandmothers to us to liven up our lives, to make our lives more complete, to make us well rounded and better human beings. You played a big part in my childhood , I remember when she’ll call me into her room after doing something wrong and heard someone chastising me, she’ll speak to me and I’ll just be fine and happy again even though I don’t always understand most of the things she says because she likes parables . But she said something to me which I didn’t understand till I grew up , I was surprised that I didn’t forget ,she said “ THE FIRST STEP IN BEING SUCCESSFUL IS BELIEF” , I always thought it was a wrong statement till my mother explained it to me that you have to believe in yourself , what you do and mostly in God , because without him your life will always be incomplete. I miss you big mummy and Rest In Peace

Thank you Mummy. Rest on

Shared by Mercy Ibidapo on June 1, 2021
Our dearly beloved Mummy, We thank God for your life. We thank you so much for your love and great support for our dear friend Adekunbiola and your beloved grand and great grand children. We will all miss you but are consoled that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord. Rest on Mummy and thank you so much for all that you have done.

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