Let the memory of Florence (Flo-Flo) be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on November 29, 1970 .
  • Passed away on April 5, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Florence (Flo) James-Mcpherson, 45, born on November 29, 1970 and passed away on April 5, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Antoinette James on 14th July 2018
I don't even know where to start, so I guess that I'll start off by saying that that I still miss you like crazy & it seems to keep festering more now since I'm finally in the process of trying to get my house together because this crap is hard, trying to pick out paint color, light fixtures. decorations, blind colors, etc. and it just makes me miss you all the more, because if you were here I would have some help and I get sad every time I have to make decision about this stuff I want to cry!!! Well on a good note your grandbaby turned 2 on 7/12/18, and it's sad that I still haven't met her yet but I'm still not ready to go to Philly knowing that I won't be able to see you, & to keep it 100 I'm sill not sure that she belongs to us since they never did the blood test like I asked for. but away I'm gonna go for now..........continue to rest well my ANGEL until we meet again, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 13th May 2018
Welp this is our 2nd Mothers Day without you & I know that your boys are missing you just as much as I do especially Kwen, mommy says that his grades are slipping, I'm not sure if it's because his dad isn't doing what he should be doing or if it's because he misses you so much or it may be a bit of both. I really wish that Leonard would have just left him with mommy but he'd rather for Kwen to suffer than to give mommy some money every month for Kwen's expenses and it's sad, so sad that all that I can do is shake my head and keep ya boys in my prayers!!! I LOVE & MISS YOU, continue to rest well until we meet again!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 6th May 2018
Well baby girl it's been 25 months & a day and I still wish that you were here with me and here for your children they need you so much that it's not funny all I can do is keep them in prayer! Girl Dee Dee had me scared, she went it to have her hernia repaired and ended up having to have 2 other surgeries after the initial one and you know how not knowing what's going on affects me, all this did was bring back the feelings that I felt when you started to need people to care for you & me being so far away and not being able to be there for you or her when y'all needed me most, let me tell you it's not a good feeling to have to live with!!! I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL, continue to rest well until we meet again!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 5th April 2018
OMG 2 yrs without you and my heart still aches, but I believe that I'm getting stronger because I don't come here as often.....it's hard not to but I make myself just so that I can try to begin living in the reality that I have to let go but it's so hard I wish that I could talk to you...I miss you but you will forever live in my heart!!!! Continue to rest well my ANGEL until we meet again!!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 20th January 2018
Well, It's been 21 months ,15 days & 2 birthdays without you and I still miss you....my life has truly not been the same without you in it, not being able to pick up my phone and call you, not being able to hear your voice, not having you here to push me, not being able to go home to visit you, not getting the chance to do some of the things that we had planned on doing, my life really sucks without you in it!!!! ;-(
Posted by Antoinette James on 31st December 2017
Man this evening was really hard, I had to take my bed apart and of course Tugga had done threw up all under there and of course I got the shampooer out to clean up under the while the bed was a apart and I forgot how to use the dang on thing and I couldn't pick up the phone to call you so that you could remind ne on how to use the damn thing!! Well it's about 1 hr. & 5 mins away from 2018 and I'm gonna go for now, just had to come get this off of my chest!!! I LOVE & MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 25th December 2017
Well this is our 2nd Christmas without you and it still hurts just as bad today 20 months & 20 days later!! Oh how I wish that you were still here, not just for me but for your children, their lives have not been the same since you were called home and I feel so helpless because I'm so far away and the only time that I hear from anybody is when they need something and you know that, that doesn't work well for me but because they are your children, I do what I can when it's needed. I love you, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 29th November 2017
Well, today would have been your 47th birthday, and all I can say is that I miss you soooooooooo much!!! Happy Heavenly Birthday my sister, continue to rest well until we meet again!!!
Posted by Dawn James on 29th November 2017
Hey my baby gurl today is ya birthday happy 47 th anniversary to you I’m missing you
Posted by Antoinette James on 28th October 2017
I try an tell myself every month not to come here but it doesn't work, because here I am. I just really miss you, I knew that it was going to be like this with out you in my life....I just knew it!!! I don't even know what's going on with your children because the only time that I do hear from or about them is when they need something! I can't talk to mommy because she can be so cold and harsh and when I'm hurting and really missing you I can't even call her because some of the things that come out of her mouth makes me almost want to forget that she is my mother, so rather not talk to her than to disrespect her and Dawn, well you know how that one is, she has blocked me soooooo many times that I can't do it no more, because how can some one just cut you off and turn their back on you because you don't answer your phone when they call, but you call back in less then 5 mins or when you realize that you have a missed call from them or you can't express yourself with out the fear of being blocked it just ridiculous especially when I thought that progress was being made in rebuilding our sisterhood...I guess that I was wrong...but anyway I guess that it's obvious that I have NO ONE to talk to, huh lolololol damn shame shm!!! I LOVE & MISS YOU more than anyone really knows.....continue to rest well MY ANGEL until we meet again!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 13th September 2017
Well, it's been a whole 17 months and 8 days & I still miss you just as much, maybe even more!!! Sometimes I can't even find the right words to even begin to express the hurt that I still feel with you not being here, I never would have thought in a million years that I would have to live the rest of my life with out you, this is still soooooooooo phreaking hard!!! Well on a good note Tre' is in college, hope that he stays and don't pull an L.j!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 5th August 2017
Well, it's been a whole 16 months since you left me and I still miss you sooooooo much. Me and Dee Dee was talking about you today & that just made me miss you all the more, there are so many things that I wish that I could talk to you about that it's not funny!!! You know I just though of something, the only 2 people that I've had in my life that loved me unconditionally, no matter what I did or didn't do, both were named Florence and they both have left me, but guess what.....they are together now in heaven with the other angels singing & praising GOD! Rest well my angel until me meet again, I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!!!!
Posted by Dawn James on 31st July 2017
Well I'm a lil late but your grand daughter turned one years ole on July 12th she is getting big damn Flo I miss you
Posted by Antoinette James on 19th June 2017
Well, I'm a bit late with my visit, but I've had a lot going on these days, Well that 3rd child of yours is to much for me honey, he's so bad that he took 2 chicks on his prom, but you would be proud they did good with making sure that Tre's prom met your standards, from what I could see in the pics that they sent me, and on 6/16/17 he graduated high school so you are 3 for 3 with just one more to go....you would definitely be a proud momma!!!!! Girl I miss you soooooooooooo dang on much, people say that it gets easier with time....WHEN......because this still hurts just as much as it did from the very 1st day!!!! continue to rest well my Angel until we meet again because I will see you again!!!! I LOVE & MISS YOU EVERY DAY!!!!!
Posted by Dawn James on 17th June 2017
Ystrdy your third child graduated and is on his way to college I'm so proud of him I must say he is doing a good job
Posted by Antoinette James on 6th May 2017
13 months & a day in and not much has changed for me I still miss you just as much, I knew that when we found out that we wouldn't have you for much longer that my life would never be the same without you in it and guess what.....I WAS RIGHT, these fake behind folks, man you know that I can't do it....that's part of the reason that I'm having such a hard time without you because know body knows me like you knew me and it's so sad to not have just 1 person that I can share my feelings, thoughts, highs, lows, good days , bad days or general info with! Well, on a good note Baby Girl I have 1 month today of being cigarette free & guess what no one even knows that I quit shm!!! Well baby girl I'm gonna go now just needed to talk to you because I have no one else!!! REST WELL, I LOVE & MISS YOU!!!! #mybestfriend&sister #imissyoulikecrazy #thankGODforendingyoursuffering
Posted by Lakia Brown on 7th April 2017
Hey FloFlo.... it's me Kia...To write these words just doesn't seem real, it's like a dream that's unexplainable. I haven't came on here to write anything until now, because the words wouldn't come out..only tears would fall... its not a day that goes by that you dont cross my mind....when someone passes, it's never an easy thing to accept or understand for that matter. Even tho we spent soooo many years apart, the last couple of years of your time here, we spent rekindling our relationship will be forever in my heart, and I.am forever grateful that we had the opportunity to do.so...you was and will always be my Aunt Flo... i never stopped loving you, and never will forget you. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Love Kia Mama Mia, PS I.am still.using your manicure set at the Nail Salon, going to use it today for.my birthday nails
Posted by Antoinette James on 5th April 2017
WOW, a whole year. a whole freaking year without you and I still miss you more than ever, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that you are in a better place & you aren't suffering any more.....but it's still so hard without you because I miss being able to talk to you, I miss your unconditional support.....I JUST MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!!
Posted by Dawn James on 5th April 2017
Today is the hardest day of my life knowing that it's been a year since you've been gone my heart ❤️ is broken
Posted by Leonard Vincent on 5th April 2017
Its been a year today,I haven't stopped missing you I haven't stopped loving you,I NEVER WILL. It's still hard living without you,I stare into the sky often thinking about you wishing you were here,the boys are doing ok in school Tre has gotten so tall and he looks like you so much,Kwens getting taller he looks like you too especially when he's sleeping. You'd be proud of them just as I am. My heart is heavy I don't cry as much but I think about you everyday its crazy I still can't get over the fact your not here I NEED YOU the boys need you my balance is off without you, I'm staying strong for the boys the way you wanted your not here but I feel your strength in these boys. FLO my LOVE I MISS YOU.
Posted by Antoinette James on 19th March 2017
It's been a minute since I've come to leave a note because I've really been trying to get pass missing you soooooooooo much, needless to say it didn't work because I missssssss you more than ever, I feel sooooooooooo alone and I just wish that I could talk to you!!! My relationships with people are so damaged and I believe that it's mainly because there is not one person that really understands me and my struggles because they are so real and as we get closer to the 1yr. anniversary of the day that you transitioned it starts to feel as if it's happening all over again and right mow in this moment I feel the exact same as I did this time last year, just knowing that I would never get to see that Flo that I knew and loved omg LORD help me!!!! I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU, REST WELL MY ANGEL UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 5th February 2017
Well baby girl it's been 10 long months now and I'm still missing you like crazy, it's only because of GODs GRACE & MERCY that I am able to function every day!!! I LOVE & MISS YOU, REST WELL MY ANGEL until we meet again!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 8th January 2017
This day1 yr. ago we found out that the cancer had won and that we would only have 6 months at most left with you which actually turned out to be 3 days shy of 90 days. On this day I learned that I was going to lose my baby sister, my best friend and the only person that I had left in my life that truly made me feel like they loved me for me, like I loved them....you know the good, bad & the ugly...on this day my whole world got rocked, the wind got knocked out of me and I felt like I wasn't going to be able to make it, because never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would have to live the rest of my life with out you in it, I just knew that GOD was going to heal you & you were going to move down here with me and we'd live happily ever after.....But GOD had something else planned for you....there must have been some angels in heaven that needed their hair done so he needed you more than me! :) On this day I learned that my life would never be the same and even tho I didn't handle the news well and shut down trying to get use to you not being apart of my daily day to day and I got really angry with GOD because he didn't heal you liked I prayed for, then I got mad with every one that was around you every day stressing you and just trying to get whatever they could out of you instead of focusing on you, loving on you and then GOD let me know that HE did answer my prays, it just wasn't what nor the way that hoped and HE also let me know that it wasn't about me and that you will were going to be healed and set free, free from cancer, pain, stress, struggle, and people!!! My only regret is that I didn't come see you when I had a chance!!! I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL, REST WELL UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 14th December 2016
Well baby girl it's been just a little over 8 months now since you been gone and my heart is still just as heavy today as it was the day that you transitioned & I miss you soooooo much, Kwen's birthday was yesterday and I know that he misses you too, I just hope that they made his 11th birthday just as special as you would have and now x-mas is coming! LORD JESUS please be with me & my family especially her children!!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BABY GIRL, REST WELL UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 29th November 2016
Well baby girl today would have been you 46th birthday but God couldn't allow you to suffer any longer so HE made the ultimate decision and call you home and this is now the only way that I can say the things to you that I so wish that I could tell you!!! I find it so disheartening that while you were alive not many celebrated you, but now that you are no longer with us they want to smdh I'm so glad that I didn't do that, I always wanted you to know how special and loved you were!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ANGEL, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU REST WELL UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 24th November 2016
Well baby girl it's just a little over 7 months now since you were called home to be with GOD and I still miss you like crazy, this is our 1st Thanksgiving with out you and even though we didn't to spend a lot of holidays together with me living so far away, it just isn't the same with out you being here and then your birthday is in 5 days!! I wasn't going to do this today but I had to because even though I'm still having a very hard time dealing with you not being here, I am very thankful to GOD for ending your suffering, I just wish that HE had ending your suffering without taking you from us so I had to put my selfishness aside and tell HIM thank you!!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, REST WELL MY ANGEL!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 5th October 2016
Well baby girl it's been 6 months since you transitioned and I still miss you more than ever, I am enjoying the relationship that Dee-Dee and I are building but she's not you & Brenda has tried her best to keep her promise to you concerning me, but that was short lived! My heart is still so heavy and I miss not having you to talk to I haven't heard from your children unless they want something. I really want to go to Philly to meet your granddaughter & Dee-Dee's grandbaby but I'm scared because I don't know how I'll do being up there and not being able to see you! Rest well baby, I will always love you!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 5th August 2016
Well it's been 4 months today since you transitioned to your room that GOD had prepared for you & it still feels like it just happened!!! Oh how I miss you!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 12th July 2016
Well baby girl your grandbaby Kaylee Dream Renee' Gerbeir was born today 7/12/16 at 10:31a. This make my heart so very heavy because I know how excited you were to be having a grandchild and then it's a girl! Oh how I still miss you every day, people say that it will get easier but I don't see how, as I sit here typing this the tears are flowing like a waterfall! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE & MISS YOU!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 3rd June 2016
It's coming up on 2 months since you've been gone and my heart is still so heavy, oh how I miss you and wish that you were still here of course without the cancer, I try to find comfort in knowing that you aren't suffering any more!!! I LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Posted by Antoinette James on 22nd May 2016
I still can't even express how much I miss you, my heart is still sooooooo heavy & no matter what I do or try to do to make my day seem normal, it's not because you're not here, I will always love you I just hope that one day GOD will fill this big hole that's in my heart that came to be when HE called you home!!!!
Posted by Leonard Vincent on 19th May 2016
I miss you. Your voice smile touch. Just you being here. Its so hard not having you here with us. Never imagined this happening. I'm lost without you.
Posted by Leonard Vincent on 13th May 2016
I've been with Flo,my wife for 26yrs of my life and not to have her here with me is unbearable,I miss her so much,not hearing her voice or feeling her touch,words can't describe how I feel,Flo always had my heart and still has it and will ALWAYS have it. FLO,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER. I cry for you everyday,I look to you everyday and say good morning and good night. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.
Posted by Sherita Ford on 11th May 2016
Miss you so much! I really miss those daily text every morning. You always asked how I was feeling...just always showed such a selfless love! I pray for your family everyday....I take comfort in knowing that you are at rest with no suffering or pain. I miss you and love you! Until we meet again Flo.....
Posted by Dawn James on 11th May 2016
God has called you home to keep you from suffering I really miss you my life will not be the same wit out you here.... You will be greatly missed but never forgotten we will meet again in our after life
Posted by Dawn Collins on 10th May 2016
Everyday I pray for you and your family. I have been getting memories on Facebook of the times we shared. I remember each time like it was yesterday and I laugh/smile. It's rare that you have the opportunity to meet a once in a lifetime friend, but I did. We worked together, partied, cried, laughed, chemo, you took me to my first Tavern movie
Posted by Vinia Cooper on 10th May 2016
My heart is still heavy, I love and miss you so much Flo!
Posted by Nette Mitchell on 10th May 2016
During those last days at the hospital, these sparrows would be outside your window chirping, chirping, chirping. Dee Dee laughingly said, "Those birds won't shut up!" Everyday they were outside that window chirping. I was sitting in my back yard a few days ago and these sparrows landing right on the railing next to me. I was in awe, they usually don't come that close to people, and immediately you came to mind. I miss you so much, Flo! God often lays you on my heart and mind... reminding me not to let the tears flow because you are gone, but to let them be tears of joy because of the memories of a beautiful friendship. Love you!
Posted by Antoinette James on 10th May 2016
It's been just a little over a month since we've lost you and my heart is so heavy every day. I never imagined in my widest dreams that I would have to live the rest of my life without you in it. You were more than my lil sister, you were my best friend and my heart has a very big hole in it without you!!! I will always love you and will never forget you!! Rest well my sister, you are with GOD now and you are no longer suffering, you fought a good fight until the end!!!

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