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A Brief Funeral Program

Wednesday December 21st 2011
6:30pm - Wake Keep starting with a Solemn Mass at the Zamcho's Residence in Nitob 1 Bamenda
Thursday December 22nd 2011
7am - Removal of Corpse from the Akum Mortuary with Prayers

8:30am - Arrival of Funeral convoy at the Zamcho's Residence in Nitob 1 Bamenda and Brief viewing

10 am - Funeral Mass at St. Joseph's Metropolitan Cathedral Mankon followed by burial at the Cathedral cemetery


Posted by Ngwa Julius on February 28, 2018
Dreamed of you last night again, two people can never be the same!! You will be for ever missed. Sleep well Dodo
Posted by Fru Baah on December 8, 2017
Sister, I thought you travelled to come back but as each year passes I discover that there is nothing better anyone can do than to embrace the bitter fact that it been 6 years we forever miss you.
Posted by Linda Ngufor on December 8, 2017
Dear Dodo ,
How are you doing 6 years seems like it was yesterday that you left us . Each time I think of someone to talk to it’s you that comes to my mind but I still do talk to you in prayers ! I want you to know that I will always love you ! I still find it hard to see someone that was like you in this world ! Like I always told you , you were on unique woman ! Continue to Rest ! Adieu Dodo! Time does not heal our pain it only makes us understand better !
Posted by Fru Baah on May 26, 2017
They have all forgotten you ever was there. And thats how it is. I really wish you knew what.was behind their smiles.
Since.u left nothing has been the same. Your enemies have tried many times and failed woefully. They have not given up though. The truth is keeping us strong. I wish they could listen to your last words. I know god no want make bad man ei die but I wish they could take your place.
Glad to have had you.
Posted by TERESA LUM NIBA on December 8, 2015
ah FLO,let me light this memorial candle for you on this memorable day in the history of the church.You left an indelible mark in my life.You taught me the secrets of good living by sharing with those in need .I know you are up there interceding for the FRIENDS- KIDS .Thanks a million for looking down on us Continue to be our great intercessor by the Lord.We are convinced that one day we shall be planning your beatification,my dear friend .Rest in the Lord's bosom as you look down on us.
Posted by Linda Ngufor on December 8, 2015
Dear Dodo each passing day we miss you more and more. I cannot believe it's been four years and counting. I know you are an angel where you are! Please continue to watch over us. RIP!
Posted by Maria Zamcho on December 8, 2015
Another year has gone by and still I wonder why you had to leave this soon. Though you are not visible, yet I know you are with me every step of the way. Continue to watch over us till we meet to part no more. Rest in peace Dodo and may your light continue to shine. Amen
Posted by Fru Baah on March 28, 2014
Sister I know you are watching down on us. I still feel like I am a fool that you left so abruptly. I am proud I have achieved half of what I promised you but the ache that you will nit be there to see the end is what sickens my soul. But I know it will put glad in your heart. I see your face and I know.We missed you seconds, minutes, hours and now its years. On ne choisir pas la famille comme des amies. Jtm mais frenchement tu me manque enormement.
Posted by Mbuh Ndikum on March 26, 2014
u just celebrated ur 64th birthday away wi some amazing angels.there are times i feel life is unfair with no one to call mum.miss u much dodo.interced for us all
Posted by Mbuh Ndikum on March 26, 2014
though i write in tears i know u are wi the lord
Posted by Ngwa Julius on March 26, 2014
The road is still thorny as you always told us, but it is very difficult to continue moving without your guidance during trying times, I just realized I depended on you on so many issues and it has not and will not be easy to settle without you. Rest in peace my man, and continue to look over us
Posted by Millicent Omondi on December 9, 2013
It is your second birthday in heaven! May our mother Mary be close to you on this day that we celebrate the immaculate conception. I love you and I do pray for you. With Mary, we also ask for your protection. I will ever be grateful for having met you! Sr Millicent
Posted by Mbuh Ndikum on August 19, 2013
just too short of words but you were a role model for many and a mother too u're irreplacible but we hope to meet to part no more dodo pls pray for us
Posted by Millicent Omondi on May 26, 2013
I prayed for you today, on the feast of the Most Holy Trinity. I am sure you are enjoy their communion and love. JB; we are together!
Posted by Venatius Tsi Fon on May 24, 2013
Hello Dodo , I can stil hear the Name Vena, but no need to worry there is a new Dodo the Name Florence was given to my young Daughter on purpose and am sure your light will continue to show through her to us. Happy birthday till we meet again in the land where we never Grow old. Vena
Posted by Fr. Nicholas Mbogu on May 24, 2013
On your 64th Birthday, I pray the good Lord to give a place of joy and glory in his Kingdom. You are born anew in Christ. Res Secure in the Arms of Christ, Your Redeemer. Amen.
Posted by Linda Ngufor on May 24, 2013
Happy birthday my mentor. We miss you but you are always in our prayers. Hope we meet again. RIP Dodo
Posted by TERESA LUM NIBA on May 24, 2013
At 64 one full of life.Flo,you decided to ''enjoy''your own life over there with the angels.I hope you have not forgotten your duty i e to intercede for us.We shall see your power of intercesion during the ordination of JB.Thank you for all your lessons.we are strong.
Posted by Maria Zamcho on May 24, 2013
Dodo, we always looked forward to your birthday because you were ever so happy and thankful on your birthday. Yes it is today and it's our hope that you are happy with the Lord. RIP Dodo and continue to intercede for us. You will forever be in our thoughts
Posted by Fr. Nicholas Mbogu on February 3, 2013
Mama Zamcho, I remember meeting you last two years and as usual you were full of life and cheerful. You asked me of the two Babanki orphans I left in your care before leaving Bamenda. You took them to your house and treated as them as yours. You sent them to school and became a mother for the two. You will ever be missed but not forgotten.
Posted by Fr. Nicholas Mbogu on February 3, 2013
Florence, you were a good woman and mother. You were a faithful catholic and may God grant you the reward of those who have love Him in the Neighbour. You light will ever remain aglow.
Posted by Maria Zamcho on December 11, 2012
Remembering is the heart's own way of holding loved ones close
n keeping us in constant touch with those who mean the most.
A year on n it's like yesterday! We thank the Lord for your life n ask Him to draw us closer to Him that we may know ourselves to be nearer to you who are with Him. RIP
Posted by Linda Ngufor on May 26, 2012
Dear Dodo life without you has been so tough.Happy Birthday my dear shooting star.
Posted by Ngwa Julius on May 24, 2012
almost six months already! Happy birthday Dodo!
Posted by Maria Zamcho on May 24, 2012
Dear Dodo, you are greatly missed. Rest, because that is all we can wish you today and forever and we believe that you are resting in the Lord. R.I.P Dodo
Posted by Njuibi Nforbi Njiomouo on May 24, 2012
Happy Birthday to you Mama. May your gentle soul rest in our father's perfect peace. We love you and miss you dearly. I wish we had more time...!
Posted by JP Tubs on April 19, 2012
I cannot overstate how comfortable I felt every time I came over to visit. Your warm welcome, jokes and ensuing smile will be sorely missed. I have missed them for long already while you were still with us but it is yet another thing to know that the opportunity is gone. You helped guide us in early adulthood when I was most vulnerable.Thank you for the love and attention.
Posted by Maria Zamcho on March 18, 2012
It's Mother's Day today and I should have been on the phone listening to you telling me how you are celebrating the day. Yeah! You were one great mum and I do really miss you. Happy Mother's Day Dodo! RIP
Posted by Maria Zamcho on February 17, 2012
Dodo you live on as you are even closer to us now than before. U are in our hearts always and everywhere. RIP Dodo
Posted by Elizabeth Chibikom on December 29, 2011
well this is a special tribute to my late sister..
Death has no regret and nobody can question GOD.
But if by her "death" let there be 'peace'.By her 'death'
let there be correction for what has not been 'corrected'.
may the merciful LORD grant peace to your soul.
Posted by Njuibi Nforbi Njiomouo on December 23, 2011
My dear Mama, dear Dodo! Oh how my heart bleeds but it won't keep me from celebrating the beautiful (both inside and out) woman that you are. I became a child of God at your hands. You guided me to God's altar to receive the body of His son. There are many of us that you chose to bring to Him. No doubt, a "welcome good and faithful servant" greeting is what you received on Dec. 08th. Luv U
Posted by Denis Fon on December 22, 2011
'Den' I can still hear the echo of your voice calling me as no other person called me the way you do. You showed me that love has no boundaries and cared for everybody you came across. Even when you were not feeling great you still represented me out of town to my in-laws and made us proud. I am forever indebted to your love and concern. I see you smiling at us and wishing us well. chao
Posted by Sacos Chrysanctus Tagne on December 21, 2011
Dear MUM, 'DODO', Ma Florence. I learned with great shock that u are no more 1hr ago. I can't hold back my tears. I first met u in 1989 through yr sons Placide and John and ever since u have been a mother to me. Words not enough to describe yr kindness, open heartedness and motherly advice which have impacted my life a great deal. GOD GAVE U TO US, MAY YOUR SOUL RIP, Sacos, Derby, England
Posted by Bruno Viban on December 21, 2011
O death! you have once again taken one of the great mother in Cathedral Parish.Mother your Simplicity has won favor in the presence of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary that is why She call u to her side on Dec.8 a day of Her honor.You work tirelessly for Her now she call you to rest what Her.May your gently soul rest in the Lord God.Bruno Viban cmf, for the Claretian Community in Nigeria
Posted by Che Gana Wamucho on December 20, 2011
I know you distantly as the mother of my friends and closely though briefly as a friend andmother to my sister Zila. I vividly remember you asking me to leave her funeral dress to you as your responsibility. I remember you leaving very early for Bali mortuary that morning in 2009 to dress her up. We are distraught Mama.RIP.I speak of you in the present as I speak of Zila. You are with us
Posted by Wilson Mbok Arrey Etta on December 19, 2011
"Les Gents" it was with deep pain that I learnt of your sickness and with deep regrets that I learnt of your passover. I remember when I first visited on the 26th of October 2009 with my colleague after Maria's delivery. Memories of the very warm welcome are still very fresh in my mind. May the good God you have served for 62yrs take you safely to you final resting place. The ArreyEttaIVs
Posted by Pete Zagone on December 18, 2011
jb, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. your mother had a beautiful smile.

bro. pete zagone, sj
houston, tx usa
Posted by Tifuh Franka on December 18, 2011
Dodo, at one point I thought the world is a cruel place, then i asked several questions but realized everything happens for a reason so I let go and let God and then I understood it was His doing! U are a blessing to me and many others and thank you again for giving me a lovely sister and friend! U will be greatly missed Dodo!
Posted by Geraldine Chiy on December 18, 2011
A Woman of Faith, Loving, Gentle and Always Caring. You are one of the Most Beautiful Women I ever saw. A Role Model to many woman. You touched the hearts of Millions far and near. I spent very short moments with you but I learnt something new each time I met you.
Mama you will forever be greatly missed.
Posted by Tanyi John on December 17, 2011
'Dear mum, I was shocked when I heard of your passing on. You did not show any sign of your passing on from this life to life during your visit to Nairobi. I remember in gratitude the work we did together during the diaconate of Rev. JB and remained assured that you've gone to prepare a place for us. will miss you mum.'
Posted by AUGUSTIN TAZISONG on December 17, 2011
No one who encountered you remained the same. May you smile in the presence of God.

Rev. Fr. Augustin Tazisong.
Posted by Sebastine Adigwe on December 17, 2011
Mama, I never really met you, but i have heard so much during this brief stay in Bamenda that makes me echo all that have been said about you: The world experienced beauty with your every touch! Rest in peace, Mama, and continue to pour beauty on us all.

Rev. Fr. Sebastine Adigwe, Sj.
Posted by Carine Tarla on December 17, 2011
Dodo, thank you for being a mother and friend to many. You'll always be remembered for your modesty,hardwork,selflessness,as well as your great love and zeal for the Church. Working with you at JB's ordination was a great pleasure. Your shooting stars will miss you, and yet we believe that the Lord has plucked a beautiful flower for Himself. May you bloom forever in His presence. RIP Dodo !
Sr C
Posted by Hilda Ewi on December 16, 2011
Weh! Madam Zamcho...I am shocked. Never heard you were sick. Our famous class of 1981(Faculty of Law, University of Yaounde). Madam where are thou! Our forever smiling and quiet Madam...with the little girls around you. I can never forget the smile...I just read your biography and now I understand why you read Law. Madam don't worry you are in a better place smiling. Sis. rest in peace.
Posted by Gwanfogbe Charlotte on December 16, 2011
"Charlotte, you are welcome into the family and please remain gentle as you are" those were your words.You showed me love and care just the short time I was with you.I know you are resting in the lord.Rest in peace "Aunty Dodo"
Posted by Rita Ngufor on December 16, 2011
My mother, my friend, my model, my idea of love, I can't cry and close my mind nor br empty and turn my back, I can only do what you will want of, open my eyes,love everyone n go on.wuri like u always call me.thnx for the sendoff dinner u did for me.u will forever be u Dodo.
Posted by TERESA LUM NIBA on December 16, 2011
Aaaa Flo,you are full of surprises.This time around you have disgraced me.That you were admitted to Maria Soledad Hospital and i didn't know is unbelievable.Dodo,you were truthful and caring .Thank you very much for the so many life lessons you taught me especially when we shared one office at the Regional Delegation of SONAPOSTE,before your retirement.May God grant you eternal rest .
Posted by Gabriel Dze Tegha on December 16, 2011
Ah Mama, your fruit juice flask is still with me oh! When I remember that evening I stopped at your house to see how you were doing and your insistence that I must take the fruit juice flask that had been prepared for you as that could be the last thing you were offering to me alive, tears can’t stop flowing down my eyes.
Your passion and love for vulnerable orphans and less privilege people is th
Posted by Ngwa Julius on December 15, 2011
My man, what have become of those books? How will the ordination we had meticously planned, take place? what about the flowers on saturday morning for the decoration of cathedral? Thank you God for keeping your duaghter in heaven!! we will keep her in our hearts!
Posted by Rodrigue Naortangar on December 15, 2011
"Mama Zamcho", I've just got the terrifying but hopefull news. You are no longer among us, but at home, by our Father. I'll never forget your engagement and sincere sens of charity, which are true signs of your profound faith. You'll be in my heart in the Eucharist I'll celebrate for you. And from where you are, pray for us who are still on our Pilgrimage on earth.
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Posted by Ngwa Julius on February 28, 2018
Dreamed of you last night again, two people can never be the same!! You will be for ever missed. Sleep well Dodo
Posted by Fru Baah on December 8, 2017
Sister, I thought you travelled to come back but as each year passes I discover that there is nothing better anyone can do than to embrace the bitter fact that it been 6 years we forever miss you.
Posted by Linda Ngufor on December 8, 2017
Dear Dodo ,
How are you doing 6 years seems like it was yesterday that you left us . Each time I think of someone to talk to it’s you that comes to my mind but I still do talk to you in prayers ! I want you to know that I will always love you ! I still find it hard to see someone that was like you in this world ! Like I always told you , you were on unique woman ! Continue to Rest ! Adieu Dodo! Time does not heal our pain it only makes us understand better !
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Your light continues to shine for others to see.

Shared by Maria Zamcho on December 8, 2019
Your legacy lives on especially in the many hearts you touched. What better way to reflect on your life than to reach out to the many in need during this festive season and always. You welcomed every stranger and you were never tired of giving. Hard to accept that you are gone, but your were happy to go because you said you had completed your work on earth. I think you could still be doing more, but guess that's why you are gone so you can watch over us better. Continue to RIP. 

Eight years already

Shared by Venatius Tsi Fon on December 8, 2019
Dodo, it seems like yesterday but it's been 8 years already.  Continue to rest in peace and continue to watch over us. Vena 

At my Deaconate Ordination in Nairobi

Shared by Maria Zamcho on December 8, 2014

When Tata and Dodo arrived Nairobi for my deaconate ordination in March 2011, it was a wonderful moment for me. Little did I know that she will be gone by December. She read the first reading at the ordination mass, and my deaconate year classmates were really happy with that. Mgr Francis Lysinge who had celebrated the weeding of Tata and Dodo was the ordaining prelate.Needless to say it was a communion moment for Tata Dodo and myself.

There is no doubt that Dodo cried at that mass. I remember when she came to my first vows in Douala in September 2003, with Aunty Pauline Tchateh, she creid throughout the ceremony. 

The week that Dodo and Tata spent at Nairobi was memorable in this sense that she saw what she had prayed for, that is my ordination. I beleive that as she supported many vocations, she had peace in her heart, seeing the bishop place his hands on me. 

This week as we prepare to bury Sister Feli, we are really heart broken as a family mourning three years on at the same period and asking God to open our eyes so that we may see his will in our lives.

One thing is sure. My ordination was not just an event, it was Dodo's moment. Who cannot remember that she cooked two days running, for 200 people each time?  She was the host of that event. She had her moment, she saw my ordination. 

As I reflect 3 years on, I know that she must be remembered for the love that she put in everything she did. She was determined to help each person, and every person. As I reflect on my work and on family and about friends, one thing is certain. If you put in all your love, God will give you a way. Not necessarily the one you thought, but a big way it will be. Just do not miss it because you were waiting for the ULTIMATE opportunity. For sure, if she was waiting for my priestly ordination, she would have missed God's time. She had her moment at my deaconate ordination.

Father Anyeh Zamcho