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A Brief Funeral Program

Wednesday December 21st 2011
6:30pm - Wake Keep starting with a Solemn Mass at the Zamcho's Residence in Nitob 1 Bamenda
Thursday December 22nd 2011
7am - Removal of Corpse from the Akum Mortuary with Prayers

8:30am - Arrival of Funeral convoy at the Zamcho's Residence in Nitob 1 Bamenda and Brief viewing

10 am - Funeral Mass at St. Joseph's Metropolitan Cathedral Mankon followed by burial at the Cathedral cemetery


Posted by Judith Lumbi on December 15, 2011
Dear Mum,

We loved you so much, but God said He loves you more. You left us at such a young age. Mama, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. May you ask our mother Mary to intercede for us.
Posted by Rodrigue Naortangar on December 15, 2011
"Mama Zamcho", I've just got the terrifying but hopefull news. You are no longer among us, but at home, by our Father. I'll never forget your engagement and sincere sens of charity, which are true signs of your profound faith. You'll be in my heart in the Eucharist I'll celebrate for you. And from where you are, pray for us who are still on our Pilgrimage on earth.
Posted by Jorge Ochoa SJ on December 14, 2011
Dear Dodo, we thank you for your legacy. J.B. is now smiling in your behalf among his Jesuit brothers. Your family is always in our prayers. God bless all of you.
Fr. Jorge Ochoa, s.j.
Posted by Millicent Omondi on December 14, 2011
You are in our prayers dear mother. God gave me the joy to see and know you in a day. Thank you! May your soul rest in peace and please don't forget to pray for us!
Sr Millicent Omondi, fsp-Kenya
Posted by John Shea on December 14, 2011
This wonderful woman and mother will be missed. Know that you and your family are my prayers.
Posted by abanseka jude on December 14, 2011
Dodo, the reason I will never forget you, is because you wore a smile always; they say it costs nothing yet it mends everything. You practiced smiling till your end on earth. You could even afford one for me despite the agony you were going through. Thanks a lot for the lesson. Dodo who'll decorate the Cathedral again? Well I think God needs you to take care of some decorations up there.
Posted by Joseph Boenzi on December 14, 2011
Heartfelt condolences to all the family, with a remembrance for the signora Florence in prayer at the Eucharist.

(Fr Joseph Boenzi, Università Salesiana, Roma)
Posted by Seraphine Lainjo Tata on December 14, 2011
Flo, you lived your whole life sharing love and warmth:
To children in Lourdes, street kids, orphans;
To women: Rural women now have inheritance rights,
To the Church - CWA, the clergy, Christians, alter!
Your experience as a female next of kin set a precedence. And your book? God touched you early and deeply and thank you for being my friend.
Your returns are great!
Posted by Colette Che on December 14, 2011
Dodo, this came too soon. Thank you for being the loving and caring mother to so many of us. One thing I learned from you is your gentle, caring and selflessness. You were a role model to many young girls in Nitop 1. May your gentle soul rest in peace.  Adieu Dodo.
Posted by Thomas Mbatna on December 14, 2011
I was privileged to spend a few days in Bamenda in July 2007 living in Zamcho’s house. I cannot forget the motherly care I received from mama Florence Zamcho. I felt at home and experienced the love of a caring mother. I met in her a great example of charity and devotion.
Why do you seek the living among the death? She is already there. She has been raised with the Lord she served all her life.
Posted by Ngwa Julius on December 14, 2011
sometimes God takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything he gave us! God this one is too hard to take!! but may your will be done!
Posted by Quang Tran on December 14, 2011
Grant her eternal rest, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her faith strengthen the faith of her loved ones.
Posted by Ngwa Julius on December 14, 2011
My man, I have been asking myself many questions since you passed on. Why did you have so much impact on my life and decided to leave when you know fully well I still desperately need you? Dodo you thought us the warmth of human heart, accepting multitudes from different background and spent your whole life working in the wine yard of the LORD through showing love to all.Adieu my man!
Posted by jerome kerketta on December 14, 2011
May mama Florence ever be in the presence and joy of God.
Posted by nchang chi on December 14, 2011
Dodo your untimely death  breaks my heart because you were a woman of virtue,full of love and life.i remember the day i met you in buea and you gave me money when i didn,t have any money for food .your beautiful smile brightens a gloomy day. we grieve with confidence that you are dinning with GOD and he has a better place for you at his right hand.may your soul rest in peace
Posted by Stephen Angafor on December 14, 2011
Dodo, this is PIKIN.
Where do I begin? Where do I end? What do I say? What do I not say?
Just go you Mami. The God you served waits for you with open hands. Rest in Peace, Mother of Mothers.
My prayers for you now and always.
RIP Mami for Pikin
Posted by Francis chishala on December 14, 2011
Mom, thank God for your life and also for gracing our diaconate ordination (Hekima Class of 2011). You are our shining star and I pray that the Lord my grant you peace and that you will continue to pray for many children in Christ. I thank God that I had a chance to encounter you and to experience your mother care and love. May the Lord bless and comfort the Zamcho family in this period
Posted by Francis chishala on December 14, 2011
Mum, we thank the almighty one for your life and we believe that you are resting in the glory of the mighty one. I thank God for meeting you and for your gracing our diaconate ordination. Please pray for us on our journey as you rest in the peace and mercy of the almighty.

Fr. Francis Chishala, S.J.
Posted by Mambo Fon on December 14, 2011
Mami for all man. Dont know what to say but i hope each and every one who ever spent a minute with her will try to live the way she taught us. Love one another. Never discriminate and Laugh plenty. We will Miss you mommy. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Adeline Ngufor on December 14, 2011
My asoh,thank you for everything you taught me,i will forever keep the prayer worriers you gave me,i know u are in heaven right now,rest in perfect peace till we meet again,i will get married soon
miss you
Posted by Anne Kabura on December 14, 2011
All I know is that mama you are safe in God's hands because you lived for God and in God. Having met you once in life, you communicated a love and warmth of a mother. Now you live with God in joy and peace. Rest in peace mama, your life witness is a consolation to your family, may God give you life in its fullness. Sr. Anne Kiragu fsp-Kenya
Posted by Andrintsika Jf on December 14, 2011
Yes, I remember our meeting in Nairobi. I pray for you so that Our Lord Jesus receive you with joy in his kingdom. Please, pray for us too. Rest in peace, mother. Andry
Posted by Christine Mwangi on December 14, 2011
Our dear Mother, you have been living in God's presence and now you have gone to see Him face to face. You have kept the faith, you have won the race. May you find your place in God's Kingdom. Always in our in God's peace.
Posted by Irene Fon on December 14, 2011
I first personally met Mama Zamcho when she served at the Post Office in Bamenda, and the manner in which she attended to me really marked me.I also learnt of her fervent membership at the CWA, just like my mother. I was glad she was living her Faith- her attention, good service and motherly attitude, was enough testimony. She has fought the good fight. RIP, Ma.
Posted by Barbara Awa on December 13, 2011
Dodo, "Madame Yancho" as I fondly called you, you have fought the good fight and have come to the end of the race. You did it with a lot of Grace, Selflessness and Love. Dodo, may your good works go before you and may Mama Maria whom you honored while on earth give you that loving embrace which you deserve. Rest Dodo, Rest in perfect peace. You light shines on never to be lost. Adieu.
Posted by emilia fankam on December 13, 2011
Thank u Dodo for all u thought me.I remember your last words. "Dont go without seeing me. Come Konghos get money from my sister n dress the Alter dressed this way Our Lady, St Joseph, St jude Cadette n the pulpit.White blue n green respectively. The flowers i will show u .what could this mean .Selfless woman with wonderful virtues.Our lady of Immaculate conception received u. Goodbye
Posted by Ella Nkemta on December 13, 2011
Dodo, you made a 'Home away from Home' for me and many others. You were always the very simple and super kind and generous mother. I know that the good Lord will now richly reward you abundantly in heaven. Thank you for leaving us all such beautiful lessons to emulate. Thank you for the wonderful friends we have in your kids. We miss you. I am thankful I knew you .Rest in Peace Dodo.
Posted by Christina Konje Bih on December 13, 2011
Sister Flo, may your gentle soul rest in peace. May the good LORD give you a comfortable room in HIS mansion----till we meet to part no more. I'll miss your gentle partings on my shoulder, as you comforted and reassured me, each time we met----OH1OH!!! God! I can't hold back the tears. My deep sympathy to Hon. Zamcho & Children. 
Konje-Nsuh Christina, University of Buea.
Posted by Jenkaa Dzekashu on December 13, 2011
Dear Auntie Flo, you left with no warning oh auntie. I remember talking to my father in law wednesday december 7th and he told me you were sick. I didnot even have the chance to tell your friend and the very next day you were gone. I know you are singing and dancing with the angels in heaven. May your soul rest in perfect peace. We love you dearly!
Posted by Nagella Nukuna on December 13, 2011
What a special legacy left behind. She is truly in heaven. May Mama's family rest assured, they have a sweet angel in heaven.
Nagella Nukuna
Posted by Venatius Tsi Fon on December 13, 2011
MY GOD Mother, who lived up to the task. you use to call me Vena and i missed being called that, you taught us how to be close to God and we did learn from you. your kindess and generosity can be compared to None. you will be greatly missed but your legacy lives on for ever through us.
Posted by Placid Nsom on December 12, 2011
R.I.P. mom!
Posted by doris mbemi nsah on December 12, 2011
Mothers are like bottons, they hold their kids together and their hearts forever. Their love for us is unconditional, and because we are their treasures, it make them sign their lives for a job without retirement as long as we remain their children, their job is always to care. Maria, we are behind you, and all we can do is to join you to celebrate her life.Safe journey mum.God Loves you m
Posted by doris mbemi nsah on December 12, 2011
Mothers are like bottons, they hold us together and our hearts forever.They love us unconditionally,because we are their treasures, that makes them to work for us without retirement as long as we remain their children. We will remember your good works Mrs Zamcho, and Maria we are with you to Celebrate her life. God loves you more.Adieus.
Posted by linda ngufor on December 12, 2011
Dodo i miss you so much words cannot describe it.My heart is so heavy, i remember how you always tell us to get married and have children then you will rest and be happy.I can see how you are resting now and happy where you are.I remember the name you call me all the time shooting star its always in my memory.My dear mum i love you
Posted by Maria Zamcho on December 12, 2011
Dodo I remember how you put me first for the entire world to see. You always went without and asked nothing in return. You taught me love by giving unselfishly. You would often go out of your way to care for those who were in need and never put yourself before others. You never told a lie to teach me honesty. By never giving up on anybody you taught me to be strong. I love and will truly miss you
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Posted by Maria Zamcho on December 9, 2020
Remembering you is easy because I do it everyday, but there's an ache in my heart that only gets worst. I know you are with us in every decision we make, but still miss your physical presence. I pray we meet again soon and I'm thankful for the beautiful trail of memories you have left with us.
Posted by Ngwa Julius on February 28, 2018
Dreamed of you last night again, two people can never be the same!! You will be for ever missed. Sleep well Dodo
Posted by linda ngufor on December 8, 2017
Dear Dodo ,
How are you doing 6 years seems like it was yesterday that you left us . Each time I think of someone to talk to it’s you that comes to my mind but I still do talk to you in prayers ! I want you to know that I will always love you ! I still find it hard to see someone that was like you in this world ! Like I always told you , you were on unique woman ! Continue to Rest ! Adieu Dodo! Time does not heal our pain it only makes us understand better !
Recent stories

Your light continues to shine for others to see.

Shared by Maria Zamcho on December 8, 2019
Your legacy lives on especially in the many hearts you touched. What better way to reflect on your life than to reach out to the many in need during this festive season and always. You welcomed every stranger and you were never tired of giving. Hard to accept that you are gone, but your were happy to go because you said you had completed your work on earth. I think you could still be doing more, but guess that's why you are gone so you can watch over us better. Continue to RIP. 

Eight years already

Shared by Venatius Tsi Fon on December 8, 2019
Dodo, it seems like yesterday but it's been 8 years already.  Continue to rest in peace and continue to watch over us. Vena 

At my Deaconate Ordination in Nairobi

Shared by Maria Zamcho on December 8, 2014

When Tata and Dodo arrived Nairobi for my deaconate ordination in March 2011, it was a wonderful moment for me. Little did I know that she will be gone by December. She read the first reading at the ordination mass, and my deaconate year classmates were really happy with that. Mgr Francis Lysinge who had celebrated the weeding of Tata and Dodo was the ordaining prelate.Needless to say it was a communion moment for Tata Dodo and myself.

There is no doubt that Dodo cried at that mass. I remember when she came to my first vows in Douala in September 2003, with Aunty Pauline Tchateh, she creid throughout the ceremony. 

The week that Dodo and Tata spent at Nairobi was memorable in this sense that she saw what she had prayed for, that is my ordination. I beleive that as she supported many vocations, she had peace in her heart, seeing the bishop place his hands on me. 

This week as we prepare to bury Sister Feli, we are really heart broken as a family mourning three years on at the same period and asking God to open our eyes so that we may see his will in our lives.

One thing is sure. My ordination was not just an event, it was Dodo's moment. Who cannot remember that she cooked two days running, for 200 people each time?  She was the host of that event. She had her moment, she saw my ordination. 

As I reflect 3 years on, I know that she must be remembered for the love that she put in everything she did. She was determined to help each person, and every person. As I reflect on my work and on family and about friends, one thing is certain. If you put in all your love, God will give you a way. Not necessarily the one you thought, but a big way it will be. Just do not miss it because you were waiting for the ULTIMATE opportunity. For sure, if she was waiting for my priestly ordination, she would have missed God's time. She had her moment at my deaconate ordination.

Father Anyeh Zamcho