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Your light continues to shine for others to see.

Shared by Maria Zamcho on December 8, 2019
Your legacy lives on especially in the many hearts you touched. What better way to reflect on your life than to reach out to the many in need during this festive season and always. You welcomed every stranger and you were never tired of giving. Hard to accept that you are gone, but your were happy to go because you said you had completed your work on earth. I think you could still be doing more, but guess that's why you are gone so you can watch over us better. Continue to RIP. 

Eight years already

Shared by Venatius Tsi Fon on December 8, 2019
Dodo, it seems like yesterday but it's been 8 years already.  Continue to rest in peace and continue to watch over us. Vena 

At my Deaconate Ordination in Nairobi

Shared by Maria Zamcho on December 8, 2014

When Tata and Dodo arrived Nairobi for my deaconate ordination in March 2011, it was a wonderful moment for me. Little did I know that she will be gone by December. She read the first reading at the ordination mass, and my deaconate year classmates were really happy with that. Mgr Francis Lysinge who had celebrated the weeding of Tata and Dodo was the ordaining prelate.Needless to say it was a communion moment for Tata Dodo and myself.

There is no doubt that Dodo cried at that mass. I remember when she came to my first vows in Douala in September 2003, with Aunty Pauline Tchateh, she creid throughout the ceremony. 

The week that Dodo and Tata spent at Nairobi was memorable in this sense that she saw what she had prayed for, that is my ordination. I beleive that as she supported many vocations, she had peace in her heart, seeing the bishop place his hands on me. 

This week as we prepare to bury Sister Feli, we are really heart broken as a family mourning three years on at the same period and asking God to open our eyes so that we may see his will in our lives.

One thing is sure. My ordination was not just an event, it was Dodo's moment. Who cannot remember that she cooked two days running, for 200 people each time?  She was the host of that event. She had her moment, she saw my ordination. 

As I reflect 3 years on, I know that she must be remembered for the love that she put in everything she did. She was determined to help each person, and every person. As I reflect on my work and on family and about friends, one thing is certain. If you put in all your love, God will give you a way. Not necessarily the one you thought, but a big way it will be. Just do not miss it because you were waiting for the ULTIMATE opportunity. For sure, if she was waiting for my priestly ordination, she would have missed God's time. She had her moment at my deaconate ordination.

Father Anyeh Zamcho 

Remember this day as if it was yesterday

Shared by Maureen Nkwenti on December 13, 2011

Remember this conversation too, and your ever-ready smile.

We will keep living your advice and life lessons

You will be missed forever Dodo

The Devil Exists

Shared by Maria Zamcho on December 11, 2011

There is no doubt the devil exists. You see his manifestations daily, especially when you have decided to follow God's path. Recently I was decorating the church when a woman came up to me and insisted that I should not put the peace plant in church. She explained the plant sends away God's spirit from the church. I thought something was probably wrong with her, so I tried to let her understand the church is God's house and so nothing can send away God's spirit from His own house. She insisted saying she had studied spirituality to a certain level and that I should find time and meet her for lessons on the subject. That was the devil using the woman to ruin my efforts.


By Florence Zamcho Aka Dodo

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