This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandaunt, cousin and friend: Barrister Florence Ifeoma Uchendu-Wogu (née Ogude) who was born on February 15, 1963 and was called by God into eternal glory on August 30, 2020 at the age of 57.

Florence was fondly called "Ifoma", "Mommy", "Sister Florence", "Mama Chichi", "Aunty Florence", "Floricoco", "Sister Wogu" "Aunty Lawyer", "Mrs. Wogu", "Barrister Mrs. Wogu", "Mommy Wogu", “Ify Legal”, and other endearing names by her close family, loved ones, colleagues and friends. 

With heavy hearts but with submission and utmost gratitude to God Almighty for a robust, impactful and love-filled life well lived, we will miss and remember her forever.
Posted by Rino Lawal on September 12, 2020
Reen-oo.... you always called me; in a singsong way.

After my dad shared the news of your passing, I kept hearing your voice in my head for days. Frankly I was in shock the first week but I guess it’s finally dawning on me that this is real.

I remember my first engagement to my husband. Truth is you were the first person in the family that I told. Even before my parents. I walked into your house in Isolo smiling and as soon as I told you, you started screaming and dancing. I can never forget that scene. I started laughing because you seemed a lot more happy than I did but that has always been you aunty. You were always happy for our successes and you never failed to let us know.

I hear you’re in a better place. I truly do not understand that but I hope you look down and remain proud of the way we all turn out.

I love you aunty. Thank you for being you. Sun re o....❤️
Posted by Emmamudiaga Osagu on September 11, 2020

As I compose this Tribute to you, I still find it difficult putting words together to Express how much you impacted my life positively since the day I met you; Ever since I heard of your demise, I’ve been lost of words. I remember those moments you’ll call me to your office for work Related Issues, upon arrival, you’ll start sharing memories of your life experience and things you were working on; which is always an Interesting moment shared! Just like it was Tales by moon light, I’ll just be Silent listening to those words of wisdom and life experience coming out from your mouth! I even had to cancel my appointments for that day just to Listen to you! Sometimes, we’d forget time has gone! You’ll still insist we go home together to have dinner; Me that is always Shy, I’ll still carry my shyness to have dinner with you and the family! Every moment spent with you, is Something that brings JOY and PEACE to my HEART. You’re love itself since the first day I met you. It’s so sad that it was a short period I got to know you; but, the moments spent with you, is something that can never be ERASED from My heart! these are Moments that is DEAR to my GROWTH AND WELL BEING. You were like a Mother to me Since Day 1. A good listener, with Stupendous Love for people around you! Your words of Wisdom is something that I can not comprehend, because, you’re Just so Amazing in all Corners! I could go on and on to EULOGIZE YOU.”

Words alone, cannot quantify my immense ADMIRATION and LOVE towards YOU! FOREVER HOLD YOU DEAR TO MY HEART!

Posted by Kaeto Swithin-Nwuba on September 11, 2020
Anyone that raised Ij must've been a great woman.
God bless you for your contributions to earth.
The angels welcome a saint home
Posted by Queen Ogbomo on September 11, 2020
Farewell my dear Florence 
You are gone way too soon
Ever since I heard of your passing
I have been lost for words
People say God knows best
I sometimes question why the good ones go first
I wish you had more time on this earth
To see your children achieve their life goals
To play and enjoy your grandchildren
But I will leave it all to God.
I am here to celebrate your life
And the measure of its worth
And every single life you touched
And the women’s issues you fought for
And the law profession who loved so much
While you were on this earth.
I wish to thank you for your friendship
And all the memories we hold dear.
It's been a privilege to have known you.
The 1974 group were family, not just friends,
And we will carry you in spirit
Until we meet up once again.

Forever your friend
Queen Ogbomo (Nee Onoriobe)

Posted by Omonigho Esene on September 11, 2020
It takes a heavy heart to be writing this about a woman who was more than an aunt to me, She was a mother; not just to me but to everyone she came across always spreading joy and unfiltered love towards her children and nieces and nephews. You watched me grow up as a child and act grown as a teenager but no matter how much I grew you always saw me as your son. Heaven gained more than an Angel and there is no doubt in my mind that you are watching over us right now. I could honestly go on about the kindness of your person but I'm afraid I might need a whole new website just cause this won't be enough to write the chapter of your life I took part in; I remember our last conversation was you correcting me to always address you as the mummy. This is not goodbye forever because I know we would meet again. Love you, Mum
Posted by Fisayo Adefolaju on September 11, 2020
I feel like I've met and known you for the longest time, through IJ. Never have I heard a daughter speak so highly of her mother. I am certain you live on in your children through the experiences you shared, the lessons you taught, and the life you lived. Even my life has been positively impacted by you. May God grant you a perfect rest and grant the family peace. Amen
Posted by Cyril Ogude on September 10, 2020
I still can’t believe I’m actually typing this it still does not feel real. My fondest memories growing up involved the many times I came to play with Chichi, IJ and Ghoghome in the house in Okota and you would always take such good care of all of us. I still remember my first day of JS1 when you took me to Loyola with the rest of the family. It still feels like yesterday and now you’ve gone on to be in a better place. You were and always will be such a loving and caring aunt and I am happy you touched my life the way only your could. I know you’re still here with us, looking down and making sure we are safe. Thank you and rest easy till we meet again.
Posted by Eunice Aniogbe on September 10, 2020
I was in shock when I got the message today. I don't know what to say..

I met Aunty Florence once when she came to AGHS (it must have been when she came for visiting day). I don't remember much about that encounter, but the one thing I DO remember was how classy she was! She carried herself with such grace and class that I found mesmerizing. I thought "ah! It made sense that she was ChiChi and Ijey's mom". That is the only memory I have of her. Oh! One more thing I was very impressed by the fact that she was a lawyer :) Aunty Florence you will be missed dearly! Chichi, Ijey and Mena are a testament of the amazing person and mother you were! I pray you will be welcomed into the Lord's bossom! Rest in heavenly peace! ❤
Posted by Aminu Igwe on September 10, 2020
I never knew you in person but JJ always talked about the manner of support she's got in you as her confidant and side buddy and the many things you've accomplished with love from your hubby as well. I had hope to see you my friend's bedrock in person someday. But I'm happy to have known you nonetheless through your many gifts in your children and I'm sure you're resting in a better place filled with the smile and laughter having lived well. God bless your soul ma.
May God comfort your family at this time. Amen️️
Posted by Seundede Ekoko on September 10, 2020
Mummy Will always be a Pillar of Support I can never forget in my Life.
I can never forget your support in my life ma.
I will always cherish your memories ma.
I know you're resting now ma.
Rest in Peace Mummy Wogu.
Posted by Rino Efetie on September 10, 2020
May Aunt Florence Rest in Power and Dance with the Angels as she has become another Angel Watching over us. 
Posted by Dina Dedume on September 10, 2020
Partings come and hearts are broken, loved ones go with words unspoken.

Our consolation is that, our sister Florence Wogu fondly called *Aunty Lawyer* has gone to a better place. I met her in GEM (Grace Evangel Mission)and through her children IJ and Chichi who were one of our best dancers in the children’s department drew us closer. The news of her sudden illness came on Sunday and with all the saints, we engaged in serious intercession prayers interceding for her recovery, not knowing she has already passed on. It was so sad and shocking but we can’t question the Almighty. It is the Good Lord alone who knows why He has called her at such a time. We pray that, the Almighty God will fill the vacuum created in our hearts.
*Rest On, Aunty Lawyer.
Posted by Ifunanya Nwosu on September 10, 2020
Got the news the of your passing this morning and instantly my heart sunk. Chichi and Ijay's mummy! No o, It can't be! How?! I'm still in shock. The last time I saw you was at the bank in 2017, you called my name with a big smile on your face and asked if I had gone to law school yet. You always had a smile for everyone, and this quiet strength about you.

We would always ask our mum to let us go to Chichi and Ijay's house, and no matter how many times we came around and made all that noise, you welcomed us with your signature smile.

I'm not surprised to see all the positive impact you made on everyone, it's clear you were loved by everyone, family and friends. Rest in the bossom of our Lord Aunty, and keep smiling down on us all, till we meet again.
Posted by Ada Ogude on September 10, 2020
Oh my! when I heard the news of my aunt dying, I was so confused and shocked. It took me two days to processing the news. I was like I just saw her before I travelled, we were laughing and smiling. She called me her oyinbo princess(like she usually does), and I was really excited to see her and talk to her face to face ‘cause the last time I saw her I was like 7, so like 10 years ago.
She made fufu and banga soup for my dad and I before we had to go to the airport for my flight. We didn’t stay long but we had an amazing time there.
Till now I can’t still wrap my head around her death. She is a blessing for every single one of us that knew her, or was getting to know her.

My aunti mi,
You’ll forever be remembered and loved. My your amazing soul Rest In Peace.

Love your oyinbo princess
Posted by Seyi Anjorin on September 10, 2020
Dear Aunty,

I will miss your smile, your laughter, your kindness, and most especially I will miss you! you are such a wonderful soul. caring and loving to all. May the Lord bless your soul with eternal happiness in his grace. you're in a better place we know but your presence will live on forever in our hearts. Rest on and rest well and keep smiling down on us. Love you forever!
Posted by Adaeze Arinze-Emefiene on September 10, 2020
Mummy (was what i called her) such a loving woman and family....i was privileged to have stayed with for a year during my service year 2015-2016...she was literally my mom and aunty at the same time. very free spirited and energetic that you could tell her anything and you would get an advise...your legacy will forever live on..that i am sure of. Till we meet again.
Posted by Kate Duru on September 10, 2020
Tribute to a dear sister in Christ and a friend that's thicker than a blood sister.      Mama Chi, l can't believe that am writing a tribute to you. We spoke on phone from the beginning of August making arrangements on how you were coming to Lagos to move your things to village. On the 30 of August l sent you end of the month prayers telling you that l will not shed tears on your behalf only to receive a message the following day that you have gone to be with the Lord. The shock was too much for me o but who can query the Almighty? God knows the best for you. I have known you for many years now and it has been fun all the way. You were a woman of great virtues, your love for the things of God endeared you to me. You shared what you have to people around you just like Dorcas in the Bible. I will greatly missed you Mama Chi, your words of encouragement, your hospitality and all the fun. I am forced to say good night until that resurrection morning when we shall see face to face at the feet of our Lord Jesus where there shall be no sickness, no pains and there shall be no more death. Rest in peace Barrister Mrs. Wogu.   From Sis. Kate Duru.
Posted by Jean Chiazor- Anishere on September 10, 2020
Ifeoma Wogu was a true friend whose purity of heart, loyalty and passion for the legal profession, enured her to me as a dear sister.

Her captivating smiles were ever so steady and reassuring each time we met in Abuja. Her strength and faith in God despite her protracted illness, strengthened my faith.

Her endless love for her husband and children as she never stopped talking about them to me, each time we met in Abuja was so loving.

Oh death! Where is thy sting?

Adieu my friend and sister, I shall miss you sorely and WIMAFRICA will miss your camaraderie.

Rest in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Keren Hanson on September 10, 2020
Mama! The way your children loved and always spoke about you is a testament to the kind of amazing woman you were.
You were such a force, so beautiful, so kind, so warm. Thank you for leaving pieces of yourself here on earth.
Rest well.
Posted by Eruteya Eloho on September 10, 2020
On hearing the news, it got me really reminiscing on my moments with Aunty Florence and it can honestly be summarized that she indeed had a concerned, caring and thoughtful heart filled with Knowledge. She talked sooo fluently.
For anything, I can show an extra mile of care to others because you've shown it to me and I'm grateful for that.
Your deeds live in our hearts sweet Aunt

Posted by Omotayo Adegoke on September 10, 2020
Thank you for being such a loving mother. Thank you for raising such amazing children. Rest In Heaven
Posted by Emmanuel Okpii on September 10, 2020
I look around, searching for a path but can’t find the door. Where has the light gone? It finally burnt out my heart retorts as it weeps.
Mrs Wogu Florence met me for the first time and instantly took me in like her own, showered her endless motherly love and instilled a presence of command that nurtured. A mother who has fought dearly for what and who she loves, a quintessential personification of a good human, adroit in character and kind.
It broke my heart to hear this sad news, how much can 2020 take away from us? Then I console myself with how you’d want us not to cry but surrender to the will of God and be happy for you now rest in God’s arms.
The works of your hand are ever reverberant in the lives you’ve touched and the kids you’ve brought into this world.
I join the many broken hearts today to say you will be missed dearly and forever remembered.
Death is not the end but the beginning of another journey beyond the realm of physical human comprehension.
Adieu mama!
Posted by Wanemi Masah on September 9, 2020
Dear Aunty Florence, I am very lucky to have had you as my aunt and a member of my family. You were so caring and sweet. No one doubted the love you showed. We miss you dearly, you will always be loved by all of us in the family and never be forgotten.
Rest In Peace.
Posted by Ikenna Asuzu on September 9, 2020
Never met you directly but had the opportunity to meet you via the stories of people that loved you. Those stories were enough to tell that you were a wonderful person.
As your soul is in a better place may your legacies continue to flourish.
Rest on Ma.
Posted by Babatunde Olajide on September 9, 2020
It is with a heavy heart I write this tribute. The last time I saw you was in July 2020 in your husband's office, who is my colleague. I never knew that would be the last. I recall laughing with you and asking of your health. You were to your husband like 5 & 6, very close and loving. I take solace in the fact that your good works are following you. May your gentle soul rest well in paradise. Cheers and sleep well. Arc Babatunde Olajide.
Posted by Onyinye Atnadu Fajemi on September 9, 2020
Never had the opportunity to meet you, but heard of your wonderful attributes and good nature from my boss, your husband, who never cease to tell everyone how good you are. Am sure you will be sorely missed. Rest on ma. Heaven just gained an angel!
Posted by Mohammed Nasir on September 8, 2020
I met her twice and I gained a lot, she was an intelligent Barrister, we will surely missed her. RIP. Mohammed Tetfund
Posted by Daisy Ovrawah on September 8, 2020
She was the aunt with the biggest, brightest smile.
My heart rests in the hope that she's with God, catching up with the Saints and smiling forevermore ♥️♥️.
Posted by HELEN ADEBAYO on September 8, 2020
It was a rude shock to me when I heard you have gone to be with your creator.We met at GEM and became friends, after many years apart the children brought us together again when my daughter told me Ijeoma was coming to stay with us for awhile in the USA.I was so happy to reunite with my lawyer friend as I used to call you.We spoke not quite long during this pandemic to ask after you and how everyone was keeping safe.God knows why you have to go very soon.Rest on my dear sister.The Lord will comfort your husband and your lovely children you left behind.
Posted by Adeyinka Okose on September 8, 2020
To say Forence my Sister- Lawyer as I fondly called her is no more is still like a dream one would wish away but by the day the reality is dawning on me.
The news of your exit came to me when chain prayers was still ongoing intensively for God's intervention to heal you. Little did I know God has already healed you: of pain, hurts and the many sorrows of life by accepting you into the presence of your Saviour and Redeemer you loved most and served with your life.
Sister lawyer I will remember you for the privilege to be part of your life and family, I call to mind those moments we shared when you will give me a call by 1am, 2am, at anytime in the night for intercession with you.
You were an epitome of Love, kindness, you were a giver extraordinary.
The role you played in my African Mission trips, more on my only daughters wedding remains very fresh .
Your support for the work of the Lord in Grace Evangel Mission remains indelible in our minds.

I can write a book in tribute to your exemplary life. Though you are resting now, you live on in our hearts.
You came ,you saw, you Conquered and was Victorious. It is not how long one lives but how well.
My whole family missed you dearly. My Sister Lawyer Rest on till we meet to part no more

We commiserate with your Darling husband, amazing Children, Siblings, Aged mother and the entire family. The Grace of God will Sustain all of us in Jesus's name amen. Jesus is Lord. 
Audieu Barrister Sister Lawyer Florence Wogu. From: Bishop & Rev Mrs. J. C. Okose and family.

Posted by Nkechi Ikeako on September 8, 2020
Dearest Aunty Wogu,
Life has a way of shocking us. I was hoping to visit you this year and tell you it finally happened that the business you registered for me is now functional. I met Aunty Wogu through my husband when I was getting married. She was one of his special church aunties. But was beyond an aunty she was really a mum to him. He spoke fondly about her and told me how her house was his second home. She was just too kind. I was in London and she visited and called me just to give me money to show me that my husband’s people couldn’t wait to have me. I felt so special. Then as if that was not enough she supported us financially during the wedding but the greatest support was the disaster of not having one of my bridesmaids and immediately we called her and she sent us Uchechi who became one of our bridesmaids. Aunty you were so lovely to talk to. You knew what to say to everyone and your laughter still rings in my ear.
When I decided I wanted to start a business, of course the first person my husband could think of to support us register it was Aunty Wogu “The lawyer” and she did. We didn’t have the time to say our thank you and goodbyes but to say we would miss you dearly is an understatement. Thank you for being a part of our life and our journey. You would be forever in our heart.
Rev Chizor &Nkechi
Posted by Mercy Akem on September 7, 2020
Oh aunty Florence! Your death came to me as a rude shock. You will be forever missed. How can I forget the first time we met. My husband Tobor just called you and uncle on the morning of Tiffys birthday, and you both showed! How many people honor other people like this? You have been so passionate about life and that's a great thing I love about you. The last time we saw we were at home wining and dining. Of course we served ourselves.
We have really lost a gem. But we are consoled that you are resting in the bosom of the Lord.

Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord and let perpertual light shine on her. May your soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Mercy Tobono Ogedegbe.
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Posted by Koge Ogedegbe on September 29, 2020
- [x] My first proper encounter with Florence was about 1983 when she came to university of Benin as a law undergraduate. Prior to that I spent some holidays with my great aunt (big mama) and my cousins in Warri and remember vividly walking back from the motor park been accompanied by Florence to my great aunt’s house. That was our first informal encounter and the journey was spent chatting away like we long lost friends. Whilst at the University Florence and I attended several parties and social events. She was bubbly, lively and extremely exuberant always a pleasure to be with. Always had something funny to say with her characteristic wry smile, was kindhearted and generous. She will be sadly missed not just by her immediate family but also the extended family and numerous friends. I pray that we have the fortitude to live out this huge loss and may her gentle soul rest in peace amen.
Koge Ogedegbe cousin and friend
Posted by Harnet Ogude on September 28, 2020
You will forever be missed. I wish i got to see you when i had that opportunity to (This really hurts me). My heart feels very heavy. You will forever be remembered.
Posted by Ebele Mogbo on September 27, 2020
Adieu Legal Luminary.
her Life

The Life of Florence Ifeoma Uchendu-Wogu (née Ogude)

Florence Ifeoma Uchendu-Wogu (née Ogude) was born on the 15th of February 1963 into the family of Late Chief Alfred Edune Ogude and Madam Rachael Emonena Ighor in Ashaka, Delta State, Nigeria. She was the second child of her mother. Florence attended primary school in Warri, Delta State, where she was an excellent pupil and proud member of the children's choir, and had her secondary education at St. Theresa's Grammar School Ughelli, also in Delta State, where she held the post of Assistant Senior Prefect in her senior year. She received her Bachelor's degree in Law from the former Bendel State University, Ekpoma and went on to attend the Nigeria Law School, Victoria Island, Lagos State. She was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1988. She returned to the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State for her Master's degree in which her concentration was Transportation (Maritime) Law. Florence got married to the love of her life, Uchendu Ikechi Mbaegbulem Wogu, in ceremonies that spanned across her hometown of Ashaka, Uchendu's hometown of Old Umuahia, Abia State and All Saints Anglican Church (AHQ) Abalti Barracks, Surulere, Lagos between 1992 and 1993. Their marriage was blessed with two daughters and a son namely Uchechi Amarachi Florence, Ijeoma Akachi and Oghoghomena Nnochiri Kingsway. After God, her husband and children were the light of her world. She took great pride in her mother and father, her parents in-law, her siblings and their spouses, her nieces and nephews, as well as her 'adopted' children and mentees. She belongs to a very large and interconnected family of great friends, lifetime clients, classmates, brethren in the Lord, and professional colleagues.

A legal practitioner with over three decades experience, she was the founder, principal partner and lead counsel of FLORENCE .I. OGUDE & CO. LEGAL PRACTITIONERS - with branches in Lagos and Abuja. She was a businesswoman, litigator, property lawyer, transportation lawyer, entertainment lawyer, corporate lawyer and a chartered arbitrator per excellence. Florence served in diverse roles during her lifetime, and she received awards from institutions and groups, so many to mention here without missing out a few, she was an astute advocate for the fundamental rights of the Nigerian citizen. At the time of her passing onto glory, she was the coordinator of AFRICAN WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION (AWLA), ABUJA BRANCH. A humanitarian from birth, she was also the head of the JUSTICE INITIATIVE PROJECT of YOUTH EMPOWERMENT FOR JUSTICE INITIATIVE (YEJI), a pan-Nigerian non-governmental organization. Florence, at the helm of YEJI's Justice Initiative Project, led a team of dynamic lawyers whose sole purpose was bringing justice to the doorsteps of the indigent in our society; The widows under some measure of incarceration, The young boy trying to find his identity, The victim of a failing society who finds himself or herself in an IDP Camp, The unjustly detained citizen languishing in any one of Nigeria's correctional centers, Deportees coming from the diaspora with no fixed addresses to return to. Her team also had an aim to formalize the legal framework for ensuring affordable universal healthcare is within the reach of the sick in Nigerian society, to mention but a few. 

Florence was 'A Mother in Israel' – A true friend of Christian missionaries and a champion of the welfare of ordained ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ in every congregation she was a part of. Florence had impeccable taste in fashion and style, some of her hobbies were storytelling, reading, listening to music, singing, actively contributing to the discourse on her various platforms, making memories on her phone - she particularly enjoyed phone photography, and spending quality time with her family and friends whether in-person or over the phone, she was also a great dancer and hostess. She lived a politically active life and participated in election-monitoring activities in both civic and professional capacities, she was actively engaged in groups that focused on the Nigerian Child as well as issues pertaining to women leadership and empowerment. Florence was passionate about quality education, she mentored so many young people and served as a bonafide role model in society. A beloved daughter, a great mother, loving wife, advisor, trustworthy confidant and caring sister, doting aunt and grandaunt, supportive cousin, a generous friend, natural born leader, favorite storyteller, and a brilliant legal mind, we will miss and remember her forever.















You are all invited to join us as we leave our stories, mementos, pictures, videos and tributes drawn from unique encounters with her on this website which will be maintained for as long as the site remains up on the internet. The story continues…

Signed on behalf of the family:
The Florence Ifeoma Uchendu-Wogu Memorial.
Recent stories

Tribute from Dr. Areke Florence Ogbonna

Shared by Tega Milton on September 29, 2020
Tribute to a very dear friend, my namesake FLORENCE! 
I tried for so many weeks to write this and I just couldn't get myself to do it, because for me its still not REAL!!!.

Our SAN ( Senior advocate of Nigeria) that's what i called her was someone you  could NEVER have a dull moment with.

She was very RESILIENT!  

she never saw IMPOSSIBILITY No! this she impacts directly or indirectly when you are around her!

She was an ENCOURAGER! 

She was a Go getter!

She wasn't someone you could make a quick call to. No! Never! Once she picks up your call, the gist flowed and flowed and flowed, with so much wisdom in the GIST! So I enjoyed speaking with her! Irrespective of the  phone cost because the wealth of knowledge was much more than whatever the phone bill was !
Gosh! How much I would miss her! Hmmmm! 
those encouraging words! 
Our relationship started way back in Warri, as children in AKPAN LESSON, it was a place where parents enrolled their children for extra lessons. Akpan was a dedicated teacher. I dare to say every child that attended that lesson turned out well in life. To God be the Glory ! 
I remember how after we have closed from lesson,  Florence  and I would stand at the urhobo Road Junction and gist for a while before going home! Her gisting started way back. . 
She was FUN to be with in  primary school,  more Fun even after 40 years. 
To say I will miss her is SAYING THE LEAST!

Our SAN!  Why didn't you just wait a little longer so we could  CONGRATULATE  and CELEBRATE  you as the Director 's wife? but I guess God knows best!
Florence you are UNFORGETTABLE!
You are forever in our hearts!
Continue to rest in GOD'S bosom!
See you in Eternity!!!.

Dr. Reki Florence Ogbonna.

Tribute to Ijay's Mom

Shared by Ngozika Okekeogbu on September 26, 2020
I just want to say, Thank you. Thank you for not dimming your light, thank you for raising amazing kids, Thank you for being radiant always and the gift of presence you daily gave your family for they have memories today because you gave. But most importantly, thank you for loving Jesus and letting your children know that truly in Christ is the essence of all things. 

Now rest beautiful resilient Warrior. I'm so happy that now you can now perfectly do what it is you've always done for your family which is Look after them lovingly and tenderly. Adieu ma, We'll meet in heaven. 
Shared by Faidah Momodu on September 25, 2020
Aunty Florence was a very kind, peaceful and loving person to me and everyone around her. During my short stay in her home, she was very welcoming, warm and ensured that my stay was pleasant.
when i heard about her passing i felt really sad because we all lost a wonderful mother, aunt, wife, daughter and a friend to so many. my prayer is that God gives her eternal rest and give her family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Sleep well dear Aunty Florence.