Tribute from Dr. Areke Florence Ogbonna

Shared by Tega Milton on September 29, 2020
Tribute to a very dear friend, my namesake FLORENCE! 
I tried for so many weeks to write this and I just couldn't get myself to do it, because for me its still not REAL!!!.

Our SAN ( Senior advocate of Nigeria) that's what i called her was someone you  could NEVER have a dull moment with.

She was very RESILIENT!  

she never saw IMPOSSIBILITY No! this she impacts directly or indirectly when you are around her!

She was an ENCOURAGER! 

She was a Go getter!

She wasn't someone you could make a quick call to. No! Never! Once she picks up your call, the gist flowed and flowed and flowed, with so much wisdom in the GIST! So I enjoyed speaking with her! Irrespective of the  phone cost because the wealth of knowledge was much more than whatever the phone bill was !
Gosh! How much I would miss her! Hmmmm! 
those encouraging words! 
Our relationship started way back in Warri, as children in AKPAN LESSON, it was a place where parents enrolled their children for extra lessons. Akpan was a dedicated teacher. I dare to say every child that attended that lesson turned out well in life. To God be the Glory ! 
I remember how after we have closed from lesson,  Florence  and I would stand at the urhobo Road Junction and gist for a while before going home! Her gisting started way back. . 
She was FUN to be with in  primary school,  more Fun even after 40 years. 
To say I will miss her is SAYING THE LEAST!

Our SAN!  Why didn't you just wait a little longer so we could  CONGRATULATE  and CELEBRATE  you as the Director 's wife? but I guess God knows best!
Florence you are UNFORGETTABLE!
You are forever in our hearts!
Continue to rest in GOD'S bosom!
See you in Eternity!!!.

Dr. Reki Florence Ogbonna.

Tribute to Ijay's Mom

Shared by Ngozika Okekeogbu on September 26, 2020
I just want to say, Thank you. Thank you for not dimming your light, thank you for raising amazing kids, Thank you for being radiant always and the gift of presence you daily gave your family for they have memories today because you gave. But most importantly, thank you for loving Jesus and letting your children know that truly in Christ is the essence of all things. 

Now rest beautiful resilient Warrior. I'm so happy that now you can now perfectly do what it is you've always done for your family which is Look after them lovingly and tenderly. Adieu ma, We'll meet in heaven. 
Shared by Faidah Momodu on September 25, 2020
Aunty Florence was a very kind, peaceful and loving person to me and everyone around her. During my short stay in her home, she was very welcoming, warm and ensured that my stay was pleasant.
when i heard about her passing i felt really sad because we all lost a wonderful mother, aunt, wife, daughter and a friend to so many. my prayer is that God gives her eternal rest and give her family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Sleep well dear Aunty Florence.

Tribute to Mrs. Wogu

Shared by Olanrewaju Magbagbeola on September 25, 2020
Met her a couple of times as her son's friend and she was always welcoming and loving. She never really knew me but still took me as her child, eaten her food countless times and not knowing I wouldn't get to eat anymore, wonders of life. It is a tragedy we lost our dear Mother Mrs. Wogu but grateful she left a great legacy behind and she was always with happy face and a happy family. Rest in peace Ma...

Tribute to A Sister and A Friend - Kpoturi

Shared by The Florence Ifeoma Uchen... on September 22, 2020
My dear sister Florence, words cannot express my feelings about you. Friendship is one of the treasures of life that I sincerely found in you. ❤ 
In my toughest times growing up, you were there for me with words of advice, encouragement and even  when you got your job, as small as your salary was then, you shared it with me. As I am writing, my eyes are full tears. . 
Your kind of true friend is hard to find but they offer a friendship that will last a lifetime. The pain caused by a friendship marred by betrayal is not easy to overcome.
My hardest part of this relationship is when it is time to say goodbye.  
I am still in denial, angered. The body may have run its course, but the soul lives forever. We as humans, have been cognizant of eternal life since thebeginning of time. The anxiety that is commonly felt about death in our community is as a result of a scientific schema which says that “if I don't see it, it's not there”. 
Florence those those words you gave me have led me on, like you rightly call me “Kpoturi, we nor go stop ooh” always dragging me along to study for JAMB exams, you taught me how to critically analyse even before we went to university. 
My close confidant, your children will be mine, as you have always said. God continue to bless your good kind soul. To lose a friend and sister like you is hard.
- Mrs. Akpoturi Okumagba-Sansa 

Adieu Mum.

Shared by Ejeaita Faith on September 20, 2020
Ha... my Mother.
I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that all I have left of you is memories... It is hard.
I had only arrived Abuja that 30th, was trying to settle in when I started receiving calls, nobody was telling me what was wrong, I kept hearing get to Oghoghome as fast  as you can.. I got to that hospital and saw my baby brother and a lot of people. Ome ran to me and held me saying “Aunty Faith our mummy has gone to be with God”. I had to be strong for him, until he took me into that room and I saw you. Ha. I saw you lying down there, peaceful and beautiful. My heart froze over. My mother had indeed gone to be with the Lord. How?! This was not the plan at all. 
Ome told me we must tell your story. Ha! It’s been hard. How would I have believed that the last time I saw you, last September, was going to be the last time I would ever see you alive? 
I am pained. We were together that whole day, you were giving me gist like you always did, we had a great time together.
I didn’t understand you for a very long time and I am sorry. 
I was just 9 years old when you and daddy adopted me as your own, I became your ‘first child’. You taught me everything I know, you taught me how to boil rice in a very special way. 
You threw me a party when I turned 10, that was my very first party. 
I remember when you insisted that I should re-sit SS2 because you felt I was not sound enough to write WAEC, you came to my school and met my principal and it was done, I cried and cried but you kept explaining it to me that it was for my own good. 
I learnt to be hard working because I saw you work hard for us. For a long time, it was just you, Chichi, Ijeoma, Omena and I. Most people didn’t understand our family, we were close and protective of each other even though we used to fight. You would go out every day to work, I remember you were always going to Maroko then, you would say “I must go out today o, even in the rain, my client is waiting for me”, you’d wear a shower cap and off you would go.  I remember the days you came back really late and we would sit and wait for you, once we hear the okada sound like this we would run to the gate to open for you, I remember on one of such nights you came back late and we opened for you but you saw us and started crying. Thieves had snatched your bag at Cele Express Bridge. You said your briefs were stolen. Your concern wasn’t even the bag but its content, your clients’ briefs, I was shocked when you woke up the next day and set out again to work. Ha, I didn’t understand you at all.
You would say if you don’t work, we will not eat o. Ha mum you were super human.
You never did eyeservice for anyone, you would always say “work na work, whatever your hand findeth to do, do it well and God will bless it”.
You allowed me shine under your wings.
You taught me how to pray, you were a prayer warrior, you would gather us and say “pray o, your destinies are in your hands, pray”. We would pray and sleep off, only to wake up and find you still praying.
You loved Daddy so much. You always prayed for him. 
You put your children before yourself, you were a mother to many nations, you were generous to a fault, there was not any child or adult that lived with us that you discriminated against, no not one. 
Today I look back and I wish I understood you one tiny bit. 
My mother, thank you for being my mother, you were the best there ever was, you had substance and you impacted my life big. I always stand out anywhere I go because of my background, because my mother raised me well. Florence Ifeoma Wogu was my MOTHER and she gave me the best a mother could give to a child.
I am honored to call you mother; thank you and I Love You forever.
You were a one-woman MOPOL, you were a soldier.  Prudent, you were contented with the little or much you had, you never took no for an answer, you were beautiful and you knew how to have fun, you enjoyed life too. 
I am eternally grateful to you.
Heaven has indeed gained an angel; this is my consolation.
Rest on Mum as you continue to watch over us.
Shared by Anthony Ugochukwu on September 19, 2020
Its a beautiful day, only to wake up to the trembling thoughts that you are no more. Ohh!!... How sweet you we're during ur time here on earth. I pray you find peace wherever you are, for what is dead may never die. RIP Madam!!

Tribute to Mummy Mummy - Emmanuel Omokhovue

Shared by The Florence Ifeoma Uchen... on September 16, 2020
Mummy Mummy, the way I always call her...
Since the year 2006, 14 years now, my path crossed  Mummy's path, she has been a wonderful mother, a caring mother to me, a counselor, advisor, supporter, Mummy was a good mother to all. A woman with a heart of gold, a mother with a big heart,  accommodating heart, but principled.
A woman that opened her doors to everyone, a mother that didn’t want to see any child lack anything, she was a mother that cared for both her biological and non-biological children. Mummy has so many children between which you can't differentiate her biological children and non-biological children, and I am one of them. My life became meaningful when our paths crossed, she gave me hope when all hope was lost, I went through school through her.
She loved her husband so much even till her death. She was a very hardworking mother who never waited for her husband to provide before she cared for the family.
Mummy loved children so much, no wonder she was the pioneer and the brain behind The KPADUMA VILLAGE Outreach in Asokoro, F.C.T Abuja, through her African Women Lawyers’ Association (AWLA) platform....and so many other outreaches to the less privileged homes.
Mummy Florence was a woman that loved God. Despite her professional career as a lawyer, which was so demanding, she was also a devoted worshipper, Mummy knew how to balance the equation between profession and family.
Oh! My God, an ICON has gone, a rare GEM is gone, Mummy I will miss you so much, my wife Ifunanya will miss you, my little son Daniel will miss you, for multiple lives you have touched to mention but a few.
She was called to glory on Sunday 30th August, 2020.
May your soul find rest in the Lord's presence. May you rest in the glory of the Lord. 
Farewell Mummy.
Your Son,
Prince Emmanuel Omokhovue

St. Theresa’s Anthem - Tribute to Florence Wogu

Shared by The Florence Ifeoma Uchen... on September 13, 2020
St. Theresa’s Grammar School Ughelli
The Star of the delta
You’re the beacon on the hill
For girls of the Land
And leadership is your brand.
(Florence was a leader - spoken)

St. Theresa’s Grammar School Ughelli
Honored in all the Land
The flame you have lit
The girls you have built 
We bear your torch and shine around the world ( we shine around the world)
St. Theresa’s Girls’ Grammar School
Our School great school

Shine on Florence great Star!
Ify Wogu  farewell 
Ify Legal, Ify Star!
Shine on in God’s Galaxy.

Adieu Florence Ogude


Shared by Kome Oseghale on September 13, 2020

My earliest recollection of you my sister is your smile, friendliness, hospitability and an uncanny ability to just about cheerlead anybody and any cause. I can hear your voice calling out to me; “Dr. K !, Aunty K!”. Everyone knows that you know how to “hail”.

I enjoyed watching you as a kid dance the “you can ring my bell” song with your flowing skirt… you love to celebrate your family and others. I enjoyed listening to your many stories and you can tell good stories and “gists” that hold me and many others spell bound for hours….even until 2am in the morning! You gave listening ears when I shared my joys and my travails….you were a good counselor. It is no surprise when you chose to go into the law profession.

I watched you embrace life and all the challenges it threw at you with perseverance and always looking out for the silver lining and holding on to your hope in God. I am pained that your journey ended so quickly and without warning. The legacy you left behind lives on in your loving husband and children.

Thank you for the positive impact you had in my life as my older sister. My husband Roman enjoyed your friendship, Olivia and Ivana loved the way you pampered  and gave them gifts during our last visit with you in Abuja. You will be missed.

We will meet some day in Heaven to part no more. Rest in Peace.

Love always!


Lively Aunty Florence

Shared by Tega Milton on September 7, 2020
Oh I remember when I was 9 or 10 years old and I was supposed to get into secondary school but I didn’t pass the only common entrance test I wrote, my mom was talking to auntie Florence and she said “dem Chi Chi dey go this one o, make she con write na if she go pass” I went wrote the exam and passed, my mom had limited funds at the time and auntie Florence said to my mom, “she fit manage with Chi Chi till you fit buy wetin she go need” and that’s how I slept on the same bed and shared everything with Chi Chi for the better part of my JS 1 in AGHS. Aunty Florence was so warm, so lively, there was never a time I spent any holiday in their house that I was bored or tired, she related and communicated very well to us all, to me too and she had “gist” for daysssssssss, she would make you laugh, she would change your perspective on an issue, she had so much love, she liked that family togetherness, she was very helpful and will deliver results very quickly, I mean if we wanted anything done efficiently and quickly auntie Florence was the plug. Aunty Florence you would always remain in our hearts cos you genuinely touched us all. 

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