Let the memory of Floyd be with us forever
  • 63 years old
  • Born on June 7, 1947 .
  • Passed away on July 2, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Floyd Mizzles 63 years old , born on June 7, 1947 and passed away on July 2, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 10th October 2018
My Dearest Husband, well here I am again, It seems like only minutes ago that, I wrote you . Oh yeah, It actually was just a few minutes ago, on your other memorial page. .I spoke recently to ,Darlene, and she is doing so well with her portraits, and ,Virginia, and ,Tom ,are doing fine. I haven"t heard from Irene in a long time,she is so busy, and will call me sometimes when she is driving home from work. They are having a terrible hurricane,In Florida, Georgia, and the Carolina"s today, pray for them. We all miss and love you. pray for us ,and all of our needs. I love you so much my love. Hugs and kisses always. xxxxoooxxx Maureen
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 16th May 2018
Hi Baby...I hope you are happy, .I struggle every day,and some days seem impossible.Sam changed jobs at his work place , He is concerned because he isnt earning as much money. David got married again. I hope he can find happiness . Abby,is in ,High school now,Aiden is growing into a young lady, Braiden is a sweetheart.,and ,Chance is shy, likes paw pals, and is slowly warming up to me. I have had two surgeries, and healing well. I keep falling and may have to start using a cane or walker. I really wish you were here.I try to keep busy.I ,wish I had someone to talk to.keep us in your prayers,I love and miss you Maureen
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 29th July 2017
Hi Honey, I have been meaning to write for a while . I attempted to often , but was It has been 7 yrs now, the family is growing , Abby is so smart like you distracted. I know that you are near me, and wish we could carry on a conversation that wasn"t one sided.The family is all growing up nicely. I"m sure you watch over everyone, Pray for us. Be happy my love.I love you forever, Maureen
Posted by Lisa Madlin on 2nd July 2016
Hey , I just wanted to stop by and tell you I've been thinking of u alot lately .always chuckling about things you would say when mom and I would come walking in after being gone some where didnt matter if we were gone 5 mins or 5 hours you would always say where the hell u been .. Lol I miss all our late night talks and card games ,skipbo .i miss u and I know u are having fun up there with all the family . Just know we all love and miss u down here .. Please watch over you grand babies and Abby has become such a smart young lady .. Takes after u with that . Love always Lisa .
Posted by Sam Marcs on 7th June 2016
Today's my dad's birthday I miss you dad I wish you were around so I could tell you happy birthday I wish you were here so I could ask you a question get your oppion here your point of view listen to one of your story's all those things I took for granted when you were here and never had time for when I wish I could just here your voice one more time I'm sorry for the hateful words I said when I was young wish I listened more to you then so I would know more what to do now in life I know your still with me though you keep me out of trouble and help me make the right decisions in life I hope you like our newest edition chance Alexander Marcs I know you barley met braiden and aiden but I hope your watching over them too as they grow and turn my kids into young men and a young lady like you did for Dave and I happy birthday dad we love you
Posted by Monte Wood on 7th June 2016
Hi jay haven't seen you in years but you were such a character you won't be forgot your wife and kids love you and miss you and that tells me you succeeded as a dad ,husband,and most importantly one of gods chosen children miss ya buddy God bleed your family monte
Posted by Michelle Hudson on 7th June 2016
Jay Its been a while since you and Mamie were here,I think as long as I live and think of you the picture in my mind will be, of you using your stick to separate the crowd to get up front of the stage,to watch the wet t-shirt brawl.I laughed my myself silly.I hope you are praying for your love ones,that they will have a safe trip home to our Lord Jesus one day.I'm sure up there you were able to complete your books. I see your son has followed your dream and has finished his first book. Your other son seems to be a remarkable young man with a growing family,you should check in on him and his lovely wife.Stay happy and comfort Mamie now and then she misses you
Posted by Regina Wood on 7th June 2016
Jay, it says you are 69 now. the time here is speeding so fast, but for you, it is still day one. Remember us all in your prayers and you have not been forgotten by all who love you. Blessings and Peace with the Lord.
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 6th July 2015
Hi again, we miss you, every now and then we think of some story about you. Many changes are happening down here , we need prayer to be strong .pray for your children, grands, family, and me.Abby is doing excellent in school, I am very proud of her. Aiden and , Braiden were here, We had fun.I wish you and I could have a real conversation, I miss that so much.I love you ,Baby.
Posted by Regina Wood on 2nd July 2015
Jay, here we are now 5 years later... Time has flown for us here on earth...and perhaps yours is just one single day...if so, then I would like to know if everyone stays busy...? We have many questions that seem will only get answered after we have left here and gone there. Some say it is to one big room and everyone is there... well, little do we know and maybe you have not yet seen it all and if you have, it would be too much to tell... Cause Heaven would be so filled with so much glory...who could describe it? God bless you and all our loved ones who now are resting in the Lord.
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 2nd July 2014
Hi Darling, Today is the anniversary of you graduation to be with ,God. I have asked both of the boy if the could take me to see you. Four years, have passed.David is upset, he is loosing his medical coverage,and wont be able to have surgery. It is so difficult for me to stay positive for everyone. pray for us,I love you...mamie
Posted by Regina Wood on 2nd July 2014
Well Jay, here it is now 4 years...and where is the time gone but for you it is still as one day...perhaps even just a second ago...as how do we register time in eternity...whatever it is, I am sure you will enjoy it to the fullest and probably telling a joke now and then to those you meet.. Somehow, I missed the birthday, but I know you probably had the fanciest cake there if you have a choice.. If only we knew what you all were doing.....with your eternal time...as for us here...well it is the usual story and for some it is a real struggle to get through each day... Pray for all of us...and may you eternally rest in peace in our Lord and God...Praise be the name of Jesus who has made our salvation possible to forever be with The Holy Trinity.
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 10th June 2014
Hi sweetheart, just a short note to say happy birthday..I hope you are well and healthy now.I heard that you came to see David, and Sam, keep us in your prayers, espcially Dave, he needs some help. I dont have the power of speech like you did, talk to him please.I want to go up to see you, but never have gas , I think of you every day,my love.
Posted by Michelle Hudson on 8th June 2014
Hello J, Another year has passed and life is constantly changing.I hope you can over look any of our short comings and pray for us.Look up Dad and let him know I miss him so much.Keep an eye on your family and guide them in the ways of Our Lord.Take care J.Your sister in law....Michelle
Posted by Monte Wood on 7th June 2014
Jay its your birthday i didnt get a chance to say goodbye but i always enjoyed your humor and i stiil can hear that distictive chucle you had . Your family misses you and your were clearly loved im proud of david hes dropping weight and taking care of abbey. sammy doing great with his family. I hope mammy is happy with all that goes on around her. love you man see you soon.
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 15th November 2013
Floyd I talked to both of your sisters tonight ,it was good to hear from them. we sure all miss you. keep us in your prayers. We all love. Maureen
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 14th November 2013
Floyd, I hope you had a good veterans day I would have like to go see you, but had surgery on my r eye, very scary, we miss you I appreciate your trying to reach out to us , Keep us in your prayers , as I will you. Lisa and several others have lefyt you nice messages. loVE you baby Maureen.
Posted by Regina Wood on 24th October 2013
I will never forget the lesson you gave with the WOK to me and Michael, You had us both convinced and in laughter...WELL ALMOST... as Mike chided you.. it was like: 'Well almost like a true story you were telling us' and I can still see the smirk on your face as you, believing you had convinced us and had us spellbound.. That is ONE, that I will remember from you. RIP Jay.
Posted by Regina Wood on 24th October 2013
Jay, there Is not a special reason for us all to be here today...but maybe it is a fresh memory to us all since Samuel put a picture of your cemetery stone on Facebook..that is where everyone seems to be hanging out these days....on Facebook... I told a story there on Samuels Timeline and I should put it here for something to read at another time...So think I will...You might remember it.
Posted by LISA MARCS on 23rd October 2013
I want you to kno I love u and I will always think the world of u and mom for all u did for me but not just me but david and abby .i wish you could kno everything thats going on I made the worst mistake of my life I left and I cant fix this I wish deep in my heart I could I need them back my family needs me I broke my promise n I want to fix it o dont kno wat to do wishing u could talk 2me
Posted by LISA MARCS on 23rd October 2013
Hey,dad Miss you ,i miss all those latr night card games,we both would fa ll asleep at the table trying to stay awake.i wish u were here so much has happened and if u were here you always made everything better when we had our talks ali .i wish I could fix this one but im not sure.i have made so many mistakes I wish u were here
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 9th July 2013
Hi Baby, mom made this new memorial for you.It made me cry I was glad that they left you a message. David is quite sick and in the hosp.He has cellulitis in both legs and septicemia, and diagnosed him with chf pray for him. he doesn't have any self disapline and even though I have asked him to diet he hasn't listened..He needs you more than ever. I wish you were here to encourage him
Posted by Michelle Hudson on 8th July 2013
Hi Jay,I had your family here for a couple weeks.It was good to see Maureen and I can tell she still misses you.It it is hared to believe how fast time passes.It doesn't seem all that long ago you were here to,Remember the wet T shirt brawl? I still laugh when I think of you taking your walking stick and pushing people aside telling them you were blind to get a front stage position.LOL
Posted by Regina Wood on 8th July 2013
Hey Jay, How are things up there? Seems you and John could let us know what is going on and if you two are getting along... Gee it has been 3 years already Jay since you left us and I went to say good bye and to support Maureen... I think she appreciated it, but I am not so sure the kids did...but then, Kids don't understand... I was happy that I was there for Maureen and to be there.
Posted by Maureen Mizzles on 9th August 2012
Hello again, I wanted to say the family and I are in Vermont today and we wish you could join us.

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