Posted by Charlet Nowland on April 8, 2021
I will always be your Cissy and you will always be my Bubby. We were as close as any siblings could possibly be and you were the best brother a girl could ask for. Always there encouraging me and supporting me but most importantly being my best friend. It has been two weeks now and I still have no words to express how much it hurts. I know in my heart that you are flying high my sweet Bubby. I can just picture you and mom sitting at a piano in Heaven and singing like you used to before we lost her. I want to thank everyone that has told a story or made a tribute. It warms my heart to read how much everyone else loved him too. Love you forever and ever! Love, Cissy
Posted by Chuck Wiggins on April 8, 2021
To say that Lee was my friend is an understatement and not completely true.

Our friendship has always been filled with laughter and kinship. Despite whatever was bothering him or trying to bring him down, Lee managed to find something to smile about or a way to crack a joke.

Lee is still in my heart and mind as my friend and my brother.

Just because I cannot see him, hug his neck or audibly hear him, he is with me, always.

I will continue to cherish all that brought us close and bound us as family.
Posted by Amy Duncan on April 6, 2021
Uncle Bubby I will cherish the childhood memories I have. You was a true ALS Warrior. Prayers to Scott, Ashleigh, and Chad.
Posted by Scott G on April 6, 2021
I want to thank everyone that has or will be contributing to this site. You are testimony to the love that emanated from Lee towards everyone he came in contact with. Although I am not yet able to compose feelings of my own to add at this time, I wanted to share the below advice I read on the internet in hopes that it will help others with their grief. Love you.

"Lean into it. You only get to grieve your loved one once. Don't spend the whole time trying to distract yourself or push it down. It does go away eventually, and you will miss feeling that connected to that person again. And if you feel like your whole life has fallen apart, that's fine! It totally has. Now you get to decide how to put yourself back together. Be creative. There's new life to be lived all around you."
Posted by Kathy Vesely on April 5, 2021
When I counted back, I realized that I knew Lee for a good 40 years. First, for 25 yrs as my brother-in-law, then the past 15 or so as my brother from another mother! Father to my niece & nephew, then a Grandpa to 2 beautiful boys. In Lee's journey, the most wonderful man, Scott, came into his life. I then had 2 brothers, my comrades forever! Why this unforgiving disease came upon Lee, I guess we'll never know. I will always treasure our times together. Visits up to Atlanta & down to St. Petersburg. Lee's spirit & soul, free of disease, are now free to fly in his transition to a new dimension!
Posted by Nancy Rushton on April 5, 2021
Lee was one of a kind and loved by everyone. He fought ALS hard and Scott, you were there by his side all the way. We will always remember his smiling face and funny personality.

Lee, rest in peace, and we will always have you in our hearts. Scott our deepest condolences and love.

All our love, Brad and Nancy Rushton
Posted by Gerald Toews on March 30, 2021
I had the honor of working with Lee during his time with NCS and was impressed with his great attitude and his kindness. Lee’s strength of character was so strong as was his caring of others around him. He will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace. Gerald and Eileen Toews, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posted by Nicole Yarab on March 30, 2021
My condolences and a big hug to Scott. I am
So sorry for your loss. It was a such a joy to see you and Lee together and a privilege to have spend time with you both.
Posted by David Fink on March 29, 2021
My deepest condolences to you Scott. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet Lee when you two came out to SF years back. I know from experience the hell ride that is ALS for the loved one afflicted and the impact it has on all. As sad as it is, Lees pain and suffering is over. You will never be the same - but I hope you will see that in time, like I did, there were many valuable lessons learned. The love you two shared will always exist in your heart and soul, and the time and experiences together will guide your future as the fabric of life weaves itself together for your path forward. With love my friend. 
Posted by Carol Donofrio on March 29, 2021
I would have not met Lee if not for ALS. It is a terrible disease that took my dear Kay and now Lee. My heart and my prayers go out to Scott and Lee's family. I am honored to have known Lee and all those courageous people I have met. He will be missed. God Bless.
Posted by Steve Hoes on March 29, 2021
A wonderful man from the first moment I met him. Within hours of meeting he was giving up his seat on a flight to my wife and I so we could get home, he stayed at the airport another few hours by himself........
As we got to know him well it was obvious this was not the only time he showed so much kindness to others.
Lee - you will be sadly missed, may you rest in peace
Scott - all our love at this very sad time
Posted by Eileen Ort on March 28, 2021
ALS is a ruthless disease that destroys so many lives! Along Kay's journey though, I have met some wonderful and courageous people who are an inspiration and a blessing to me.  Lee with his easy welcoming manner, sense of humor, and positive as well as determined spirit was a guiding light for many. He became an instant friend, and I will miss him! The thought of Kay and Lee once again sharing an embrace and a joke does bring a smile to my face. My heart and prayers are with you, Scott, and with Lee's family. 
Posted by nicole Lewis on March 28, 2021
My deepest condolences to you Scott and family. Lee was a great man. He will surely be missed.
Posted by Laura Heise on March 28, 2021
Lee's sense of humor and ability to put others at ease amazed me. No matter what was going on with him individually, he could put that aside and make the people around him feel comfortable. I saw this many times in action as his humanity showed through. There can be no other like him and I feel so grateful to have had him as part of my life. He will truly be missed.

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