Shared by Sarah & Katie Hill on February 8, 2012

<--it had 2 b GOD tellinq you he needed you soon !

All Your Friends & Family Love You ! See :

Shared by Sarah & Katie Hill on January 31, 2012

-dear god, you took a huge part of me up to heaven 3 days ago ; you have a beautiful angel up their with you ; please keep her safe up their and give her everything she needs ; please make sure shes always got that beautiful smile on her face ; and make sure those beautiful eye's of hers don't have tears in them. Please give me the strength to be okay again /: tell her i miss her and i love her ; tell her ; her big sister can't wait till we meet again. most of all ; tell her shes amazing and wonderful. ♥ 

- Morning beautiful:) so today is ur mass and I'm going to be there with u the whole time. I kno it in a better place but I hope ur looking down on all of us tht care about u and don't worry about the h8ers they got it comming to them soon enough. I love and miss u Angela. Rip and fly high baby girl. I rele don't kno how I'm going to say goodbye to u today or how on goin to move on without u here. Watch over me babygirl and help me through it like u hav been. Fly high babygirl fly high

-I've been going back & forth to your page all day. Trying to find something to say. & I've written on your wall everyday. You're all I think about now. Ill keep doing this til I actually believe this isn't a dream like I wish it was. We used to be like bestfriends... this is so crazy. I hope you remember the one time, we had a fire on the beach & that random dude kept walking past us. & I was so paranoid we'd get introuble. I love you so much ♥ spread your wings girl. Go be that beautiful angel I know you are.

- I'm gonna miss that smile I'm gonna miss you my friend Even though it hurts the way it ended up I'd do it all again. R.I.P babygirl, ill never for get you & I love you

-princess, i love you! noone will ever change that and i will stick up for you till the end. rest in peace lil one. watch over me *

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