Posted by Alicia Beauchamp on November 15, 2016
I miss you terribly every single day my sweet girl. We have a lot of memories though and I'll hold on to every single one and always cherish them. I smile thinking about raising you and Shauna and Kyle together with your Daddy & Mommy, you were only 2 years old and we all went through so many firsts together and lots of car rides and jam to Aerosmith and trips to the beach and our movie nights on the floor with all 3 of you and your blankies.... And playing dress up and running in the rain on our jammies, doing homework, going to the playground, going sledding with your big sister Kelsey, so so very much we did get to do, but so much that we never will.... God we had so much fun, I wish you were still here with us. I love you and I hope you are watching over us. Until we see each other again.
Posted by Shauna Ford on November 15, 2016
I can't believe that you are gone to this day it just doesn't feel real. You were my one and only step sister and I couldn't have asked for a better one. I miss and love you so much I just wish you were here with everyone of us who love and miss you everyday that passes. We won't ever forget you as you watch over us. Fly High beautiful, RIP.
Posted by Debbie Brown on November 14, 2016
George and family, you're always in my thoughts and prayers!! My deepest condolences to you. I am so so sorry for the loss of youre beautiful babygirl!!
Posted by Sheila Margarucci on November 14, 2016
It was an honor meeting you 15 years ago. May you RIP, Angela. You were so beautiful. Love, Aunt Sheila
Posted by Lizzie Szewczyk on November 14, 2016
Hi baby I miss you so much. I think about you nearly all day every day and I wish we would've been smarter but where we were at that period of time we shouldn't of even been leaving clover bank to do that kinda stuff. We all make mistakes and sadly you're the one who has to pay for this. I'm sorry. I love you forever and I'll join you some day hopefully we'll be able to laugh about all of this when the time comes I'll be thinking about you till that day comes, I love you.
Posted by John Smith on June 1, 2016
It's been so long now but you're still in are all of are hearts, I love you and miss you so much! Forever and always you will be remembered as an angel baby.
Posted by Sarah & Katie Hill on January 29, 2014
two years ago yesterday everyone lost a very young beautiful girl named ANGELA KEIM. everyone still thinks about you every minute of everyday and wishes you were still here. but i know your everyones guardian angel who truly cared about you. we all miss and love you angel.
Posted by Asma Zainab on February 3, 2013
Posted by Dylan Adams on January 10, 2013
I know if you were here you'd help me refind myself. That kid you knew back in the good ol' ALP days, way back, you were the first person to make me feel comfortable about being Bi. You meant the world to all of us and we love you to death. Love ya Ang, fly high :'(
Posted by Allie Ronay on November 28, 2012
i miss you so much babygirl, ten months today, ill NEVER forget you. fly high my angel. i love you & you'll forever be in my heart. <3.
Posted by sydney ackerman on October 10, 2012
ang, its like every where i go i cant help but where r u. Hopeing time and time again u just stop to come vist. i dont know where u r but i hope your still smileing. Memories left & right pop into my head, && i always smile hoping u got the same one. Everything reminds me of us, u were my bestfriend for the longest time & that wont ever change NO matter how far u r.. i miss u baby,r.i.p ;(
Posted by Kelsey Aljenahi on October 6, 2012
I didnt know you personally or at all for that matter but you were a beautiful young woman and you will be missed by many. R.i.p babygirl
Posted by Kelsey Marie on May 25, 2012
Hi peanut. I love you. Words can't be put in here to describe how much I miss you. The pain gets worse and worse everyday. This has to be a nighmare. I just want to wake up. I want you back beautiful. Guess what ? I go to your school now. South Towns :/ this brings more pain. i can't believe your gone. you didn't deserve this. you belong here peanut. i love you. Fly High* xoxo <3
Posted by Kelsey Marie on May 23, 2012
Hi baby. Can i please wake up from this horrible nightmare ? I want to see your beautiful face one last time. Hearing your name gives me chills. Visiting the crash site, tears me apart. Where did my peanut go ?Why did this happen ? Please wait for me up there. I can't stop missing you. Please watch over me & keep me safe ? I love you too much babygirl. <3 Fly high little peanut. 3
Posted by ryan deleon on March 30, 2012
Dear angela, You're an amazing person. i will never forget the few memories we shared, and i promise ill hold them for a lifetime. to this day i think about you, its been three months and two days. i'll never forget the time you showed up with your bird and my house :( or the time when i thought my phone was better than yours, but you proved me wrong. like always....I will always miss you
Posted by Kelsey Taylor on March 26, 2012
Your goregous & didnt deserve any of this, i feel like this is a horriable nightmare that i cant wake up from! Your one goregouse angel baby girl , r.i.p 3 i lovee youuu <33
Posted by Sarah & Katie Hill on March 11, 2012
we're still missing you lovee everyday that goes by. <3
Posted by Sarah & Katie Hill on February 8, 2012
Everyone's still thinking about you and missing you more and more day by day ... with all our love and hearts <3 we love you A-N-G-E-La
Posted by Angela = Angel on February 6, 2012
Death is just the beginning of another life. You are the most beautiful perfect little angel ever! Just because you are out of my sight does not mean you are out of my life. You will always be with me no matter what. You have touched so many people's life in so many ways. Everyone of your friends and family members love you and miss you very much and . . . . . . . V
Posted by Angela = Angel on February 6, 2012
you miss us even more. But don't be sad because we will all see each other again one day and everything will be the same. Just think of it as you are on a long vacation and when god says its my time to go I know you will be waiting for me with that beautiful smile of yours. So see you soon babygirl! R.I.P Angela Keim you are the love of my life and always will be.
Posted by Hollie Theresa on February 1, 2012
Hey Ang, God I still can't believe this happened. You are such a beautiful girl and you would have made one man very lucky one day.. But sadly for us that man is Jesus. You have touched so many people little lady and I'm sure you now know. Heaven is for real babygirl so I know your there. Stay by your familys side, they need your loving spirit more than ever. Rest In Peace Angela. Love you
Posted by Sarah & Katie Hill on January 31, 2012
Had to make this for you girl. this will be a memorial page for your friends and family to come on not them cruel "troll" people. i thought i'd make YOUR OWN little website because you deserve it and its not on facebook. R.I.P BEAUTIFUL !
Posted by Miranda Rose on January 31, 2012
We use to be best friends but i have always loved u as a best friend an i still dont feel like this is real but i will never ever forget u as i shear a tear knowing ur not coming back ... Love u angela R.I.P flyhigh <3 i miss u ...
Posted by Lynn Kowal on January 31, 2012
Your parents named you Angela now God has a new Angel at his side. Spread your wings and fly down and watch over your family Angela. You will be missed and forever loved.
Posted by Brandon Gueli on January 31, 2012
angela ur an azaming girl and u where so young u never let anyone tell u know i cant believe something like this happened to someone like u the world is not far i know ur looking down on all ur friends and friend but everything is so different with out u here i love u girl
fly high :(
Posted by Tiffany Brill on January 31, 2012
your a beautiful young girl.. i didnt know you but heard good things about you.. rest in peace !!!!!

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