Let the memory of Foluke Mosunmola Adesimi be with us forever
  • 44 years old
  • Born on March 13, 1969 .
  • Passed away on January 29, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Foluke Mosunmola Adesimi Sogunle 44 years old , born on March 13, 1969 and passed away on January 29, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Kehinde Sogunle on 13th March 2019
You would have hit the golden 50 today. We would have celebrated danced and rejoiced with family friends and colleagues. We are however celebrating you in heaven...in eternal peace... Knowing that we have a guardian angel doting over us all ! God bless your beautiful soul Foluke Adesimi Sogunle...blessed are you amongst women and blessed are the fruits of your womb! Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord!
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 30th January 2019
5 years gone and it still feels like a dream to me. Continue to rest in peace, my guardian angel. i will always love you.
Posted by Kehinde Sogunle on 29th January 2019
She was once here She is now there, at his right side She is always in our hearts Filled up our minds with sweet memories and real experiences All in one spirit, with God, forever We now know, what it means to have a guardian angel and saint Five years here.....Eternity there Till we meet to part no more It is well, it is well.....with our souls! Rest in Peace...Dear Folukemi
Posted by JIMMY OREKOYA on 29th January 2019
Madam, please continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Kehinde Sogunle on 31st January 2018
It is four years Foluke Adesimi Sogunle that you left us for your saintly care! We have believed, seen and experienced the manifestations of the grace obtainable from a beloved one carrying our prayers and supplications to the Almighty God, being at his right side. Testimonies abound of your spiritual care and guidance for example.. Folakemi is studying in Manchester and working in St Mary's Hospital that you were born! Eyilayomi has grown up to be almost your look alike! Ololade, Korede and Bukola are carrying on confidently and courageously. And your little Prince, Bukunmi has matured with uncommon wisdom to realise, amongst others, the reality of the passing of her beautiful and kind mother that he says is 'sleeping at her grave' in peace. We love you but God loves you more
Posted by Ayo Banji on 30th January 2018
May the soul of Mrs Sogunle continue to rest in peace, and may God continue to take care of her family.
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 29th January 2018
I love you always... Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Joke Akinosi on 14th March 2017
My friend........continue to rest in peace.l miss you so much it hurts.
Posted by Ayo Banji on 13th March 2017
Foluke, such a gentle soul; still sorely missed. May God continue to keep and sustain her dear family and friends.
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 13th March 2017
My sweet mum.. Happy Posthumous birthday to you.. I love you always
Posted by JIMMY OREKOYA on 13th March 2017
Just like yesterday, Madam the memory lingers ......Wishing you a happy posthumous birthday. Please continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 29th January 2017
Three years after and it is still hard to believe that you are gone and I won't see. Continue to rest in peace mum. I miss your smile, dance, prayers, love. I really miss
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 5th October 2016
Your memories have become my heartbeats which means I am thinking of you all the time just to stay alive. I miss you dear mum.. continue to rest in peace...
Posted by Ayo Banji on 27th March 2016
May God continue to take care of the dear family of Mrs Foluke Adesimi Sogunle, as the sweet memories of her linger in our hearts.
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 14th March 2016
I will always love u mum
Posted by Biodun Martins on 14th March 2016
Rest on Sister!
Posted by Oluwafunmilayo Onadipe on 13th March 2016
Foluke, we would have prayed for each other today but God knows best. Your memory lives on my birthday mate
Posted by Joke Akinosi on 13th March 2016
My friend,I remember you every sunday......you would always call me at 3pm to tune to rock city fm to listen to Old school Music.l just smile and try hard not to cry.l miss you so much...l could tell you almost anything and you always will listen even when you were tired. Continue to rest in the bosom of the lord.
Posted by Kikelomo Oduntan on 29th January 2016
Foluke..its still very hard to believe you are indeed gone forever. Continue to rest in the bossom of your creator. Your husband and children, i pray, will never live in want of any good thing. God Almighty will protect them always. May your children live to fulfil their God-given destinies. Rest on my friend and sister...
Posted by Adegbenro Adebanjo on 29th January 2016
Gentle, amiable ,homely and ever smiling. May the Good Lord continue to rest your soul. And may God continue to give your husband and children and family members and friends the fortitude to bear your irreparable loss. Rest on
Posted by Oluwafunmilayo Onadipe on 29th January 2016
Foluke, two years after, I still cannot get over your demise. But, I'm convinced you are resting in the Lord. Continue to rest in peace my darling Sister and Friend.
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 4th November 2015
My dearest mother, the one who lives in my heart... Still in the period of All Saints Day, I lite this candle for the repose of your soul. Am sure you saw the number of candles that was lighted for you on Monday 02/11/15, we all still feel you around us. This year should have been the best year for me, you and the family because I got my B.sc at the age you wanted me to and I have completed my driving lessons and gotten my licence, but we still thank God because I am very sure you are proud of your biggest baby girl. I wish you are still here to tell you the many gist I always have for and to drive you around. Continue to pray and intercede on our behalf because you are a saint now. We are and we will always be strong because you taught us to be.. May your soul continue to rest in peace and may perpetual light shine on you. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU................................
Posted by Anthony Fatokun on 13th March 2015
Continue to rest in peace!
Posted by Kehinde Sogunle on 13th March 2015
So there would be another March 13...the birthday of my beloved and blessed Foluke Adesimi Sogunle ...Without her praying, singing and dancing with me, the children, family, friends and loved ones expressing gratitude to the Lord for the great things he hath done. It is indeed well, with our souls! We remember profoundly today and always the joy, the care and the peace Foluke shared in her life time. When I see around me, how the children have courageously turned out to reflect the very essence of what I admire in you....Folake..With a high sense of duty and responsibility, Layo, with her radiance of joy, care and companionship, Lolade with a flair for rhythm, cadence and dance, Korede with a focus and zeal for perfection and excellence, Bukola with inclinations for spirituality, respect and beauty and Bukunmi...A bundle of creativity, fun and acute intelligence. .I am indeed grateful to God for everything and to know that Foluke lives on ! And through the FastWomenProject we would propagate our experience of her to impact lifes positively.
Posted by Adetona Dauda on 30th January 2015
Continue to rest in peace Mrs Shogunle foluke.......NIESV Lagos Branch will continue to miss your active role in the institution....
Posted by Saheed Kayode on 29th January 2015
I never had much opportunity to meet with you but i feel really sad on the sudden demise of my noble colleague. You will forever be reminded and prayed for. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Adenike Sogunle on 29th January 2015
Sweet Sister, Words not enough to explain the good times we spent together. Your memories will continue to linger on ,Your good works speaks on. I Will always appreciate you even in death because of your kindness and generousity to all. No wonder your seed will continue to find favour with Men and God. REST IN PEACE MUMMY FOLAKE, ayanfe Olodumare
Posted by Oluwafunmilayo Onadipe on 28th January 2015
Foluke, never thought i could be writing this in your memory, but God knew. You will always be missed my Sister, my Confidant, my Friend and Birthday mate. Continue to Rest in the bosom of God who you trusted in.
Posted by Oluwafunmilayo Onadipe on 28th January 2015
Folly babe, still difficult to admit you're truly gone. Rest in Peace my darling
Posted by Yinka Quadiri on 28th January 2015
Foluke M. A. A. Sogunle, the mother of all. We venerate your life. Indeed, you lived life to the fullest daring us all to do the same. In such a short time, you left a lifelong impression on everybody that came in contact with you. Five minutes was enough for that magic and the memory remained indelible. You were a woman of character and strength. In your womanhood, you lived and demonstrated the inner capacity of a man. Your passion for others above self is a testimony that is personally shared by a whole lot of people. How can we forget so soon your long and strong arms of love that were always ready to lift in despair, soothe in pain and carry in weakness. You bestrode your world liike a colossus completing the life of those who were yours. Even from the distance of your acquaintanceship you could not hide the softness of your hand, the generosity of your heart and your compassion for others both high and low, behind the vitality of the vivality and exuberance you daily exuded. To you, makind was universal and your standard was humanity. You cared more for the weak and cared-less about the strong. You were your own person whose strength and courage was traceable to God the Almighty. In your brilliance there was tolerance; In your exuberance there was temperance; In your affluence there was confidence. How can we ever miss you enough our dear lady? Truly, like a flame in a storm, you were gone too soon.
Posted by Bankole Kunle on 28th January 2015
Sweet remains d memory of d loving one, though I did not have d opportunty to met u one on one , but my conversation with u on phone, which u promised then to be confidential, was a credit to my administration as d National president of National Association of Ogun state students, when Egbon kehinde was d DG Budget. ........Sister Foluke indeed heaven had recorded a gain while here on Earth we will continue to miss u.sleep on
Posted by Adegbenro Adebanjo on 28th January 2015
May the Good Lord continue to rest your good soul. You were wonderful, ever smiling ,ever ready to lend a hand. A wonderful wife and mother.
Posted by Adeolu Balogun on 28th January 2015
I never met you in your lifetime but the encomiums been poured on your gentle soul says a lot. Continue to rest in the bossom of the lord and the almighty will protect all those you left .
Posted by JIMMY OREKOYA on 28th January 2015
Each time I see your husband, I have a feeling that you're always by his side. I'm not in anyway surprised; because I knew you to be a very loving, caring and supporting wife. Not only to your darling husband but those of us always with him. Continue to Rest In Peace.
Posted by Olootu Dipo Sofowora on 27th January 2015
Mummy oyoyo, you left far too early but o ye Olorun. You were so caring to all, never wanted to see anyone in need or suffering without providing succour. Therefore Kehinde and your children shall never be in want nor suffer in their entire lives. Sleep on beloved in the bossom of your Lord.
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 16th January 2015
No day goes by without me thinking about you..It is still like a dream to me.. I just keep asking God if I can talk to you for one last time.. I love you mum.. Continue to rest in peace.. You went too soon...
Posted by Anthony Fatokun on 16th October 2014
Still a shock you had to leave quite early. Continue to rest in Him.
Posted by KIkelomo Osude on 15th October 2014
A friend you were...kind and gentle. Rest on in the bossom of your creator.
Posted by Olufolakemi Sogunle on 20th August 2014
Continue to rest in peace... We will always love you......

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