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Shared by Uchechukwu Uche on April 21, 2021

Dearest Pastor Fols as i fondly call you! I believe and pray that God allows you a glimpse into all we write and say to you! I know you did your best as it is with you ,i guess you saw the very beautiful heaven side!
    The shock of your passing on left me with days of no appetite, little sleep,2kg weight loss in a week and questioooons!...Our Zonal Pastor said we should stop the questions,moreover you are in that better place where we will join you at the rapture!
    I havent changed my expression to you whether in your presence or absence of your warmness,friendship,jokes,smiles, laughter, and gifts(bags,clothes,etc) to me! Wow! Who will call me...Dearest deaconess?Who will i laugh and yab with at marriage counselling classes?Who will call out Pastor Carlton-Chris Biodun ..names in full?Our many unfinished matters o?Chai! I wished you gave us an opportunity to call you back,pray or nurse you! Oh My heart! cant be broken!
    All your works in church,the zone,the kingdom,to brethren and all keep speaking.Your impact and personality is irreplaceable but God will help! 
    Well,i ll keep relating and chatting like you are there o ...because you are alive in my heart! Carlton has asked alot of questions and eventually preached to me that you will be resurrected by Jesus! I agreed with him!
     Pastor Emma and your lovely children of God are strengthened only by the holyspirit and so are we all ,Carlton misses you,the church,our zone and i miss you! Keep resting in the bossom of the lord till we meet to part no more!
See you at the rapture!
Rahu Nkeoma enyi m oma !


Relocating to Nigeria became acceptable because I met you.

Shared by Jennifer James on April 11, 2021
In 2016 when hubby told me we are going back to Nigeria, I didn't like the idea. I followed him to visit and said in my heart I will only agree to relocate finally if I find a reason within this one month visit to go back. The first Sunday I came to church was the day I made up my mind I have found a home. When you came out to take the announcement and welcome the first timers was my defining moment. The eloquence with which you spoke, the poise and rousing beauty that surrounded your person just enveloped my heart. I just wanted to stay and be like you Pastor Ma.
When we came to greet you after service you welcomed us and jisted with us as though you have known us for a long time. I so miss your smile's, complements,rebuke when necessary and incomparable counsel. I love you so much. Thank you for making my life beautiful and for making me a great woman, mom and an amazing music minister. I love you Ma. You are truly irreplaceable.
Till we meet again Ma, rest on! You are forever in our hearts.
Indeed heaven gained, the devil lost and we won!
Shared by Lawrence Monsodi on April 8, 2021
Pastor ma, your Grace was spectacular & contagious! Your love rich towards all! As an Icon: a true believer in Word, faith, love, demeanour, integrity... ( 1 Tim 4:12 ) Your credentials LL continue to cheer us on till we meet again, ma. Oh, yes! We LL!
Shared by Joshua Lawrence on April 8, 2021
We were told by the zonal pastor not to ask stupid questions, so I have chosen not to do so.. I only have two memories with you, and I will cherish it with all my heart. I didn't need to be in personal contact with you to know you were such a vibrant, intelligent woman full of energy. We will all find a way to cope with your sudden and tragic demise but you will never be forgotten and you will be forever missed. Our hearts and thoughts are with your loving husband our beloved pastor Emma Eze and your beautiful children.. May God continue to strengthen them in this trying time. We love you ma ❤

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