This tribute was added by Ifeoma Okwor on July 28, 2016
My adorable Aunty.Is it true you have gone away, to where I cannot reach you.I had looked forward to seeing you, it's been over two years I visited with my kids, Aunty Franca was loving and caring.she was always ready to sacrifice all she had to save a soul.I am sad because she left a vacuum that cannot be filled in the family as her generosity, compassion and love was equal to none.I am consoled she has gone to meet her creator in a place where she will not know loneliness, anguish or pain.You will forever be in our heart till we meet to part no more.Goodnight Aunty.May almighty God grant you eternal rest.Amen.
This tribute was added by Delores Hoyte on July 26, 2016
Coworker, workmate,friend,what more could I call her.Franka was just a loving person one who I could always related any problem to and she would always give me the answer I needed to hear.I am going to miss her smile, laughte ,hug ,kindness,and may her soul rest in peace
This tribute was added by Gertrude Theresa UZoamaka... on July 22, 2016
From the nine children of late Mr. Felix, M. and Mrs. Gertrude, N. Enu, Matron Franca Ifudu came 5th and 3rd among the six girls. She was very pretty, in fact the most beautiful of us females. As a child, Franca was very fragile, succulent and gentle. Mama and Papa believed that she was somehow premature, so they always give her some sort of malt syrup to drink. Franca hated the syrup, while we were always clamoring for it and encouraged her to give us some to take on her behalf, which she willing did. Franca was too soft and kind and would not want any of her siblings to be flogged or scolded and so she always challenged our parents anytime they want to discipline us. Normally, mama and papa will not want to hurt her as she might fall sick they thought, so we always took advantage of the situation whenever she was around.

​Franca was endowed with many qualities; she was as intelligent as she was beautiful; very generous and a benefactor too many. She lived a very descent life. She never meddled with men. She never visited her husband until they wedded. I used to tell her that she is a nun that never was. Anyone who knows Franca will agree that she was a living saint. She helped all that sought for her help including her enemies. For Nka there is no enemy as would always find some reasons to forgive the person.
​Nka we can’t ever forget you. Was it your kindness to my daughter who even had a misunderstanding with you and yet you forgave her and were still ready to assist her; What of your hospitality to us when Amy and I visited US in 2009. I cannot forget your assistance to us. You even accommodated us in your apartment. What of my eyes; you didn’t believe the Retinologist in Manhattan, US who after examination of my eyes, said that I would never see with my eyes again. You gave me hope and took me to another physician in your hospital. Nka, without you I would have been blind today, but here I am typing this tribute; Thanks to you and your family. What of mama, my other siblings and I will forever be grateful to you for the way you took care of Mama. I wonder who will be able to wear your shoe in this direction. May God help us. I can go on and on, but space and time do not permit. This was why it was very painful to hear that you were no more. Franca, I was waiting for an opportunity to repay you for all you did for me and my family but DEATH! OH DEATH! you beat me to it. I prayed that God will spare your life, I begged the Blessed Virgin Mary but they failed me. Well of late, I read a lot about cancer disease and I got to believe that the Omniscient God that knows it all did not want you to stay alive and suffer for you were one person who wouldn’t want to make others unhappy. We will take solace in the fact that God took you to give you a better life in Heaven. So;

Dr. Gertrude-Theresa Uzoamaka Chiaha
This tribute was added by Sylvester. C Chiaha on July 22, 2016
​Dear Franca, so it is true you are no more. We cannot believe it. Your illness was only for a while. Maybe like your usual self you did not want to bother people, yet you spent your entire life helping others. You were great lady. You spent your time with our family from the very beginning and we all became very fond of you. You were the only Enu family member that was there when mum and dad got wedded during the war. You lived briefly with them during the war. They enjoyed living with you then. You joined us in Ibadan when you did your First degree-B.Sc in Nursing and your Masters degree in Measurement and Evaluation also at the University of Ibadan. All this period you were a very good aunty to the children who will never forget you. Again you spent some time with us in Lagos when you were teaching at the military hospital Yaba, Lagos till you travelled to US. Franca we love you and will never forget the good time we shared with you. You were very generous and kind to everyone in the family, words cannot express our deep appreciation for the love and care you showed to Ugochi, we were therefore not wrong when we referred to you as a ‘Living Saint’. Now that you are no more we are sure that the Almighty God has received you in His Kingdom and you are now resting in His bosom. Franka, Nka, ADIEU and MAY your generous and sweet Soul Rest IN PEACE.
From Dr SC Chiaha and Family.
This tribute was added by Gertrude-Theresa Chiaha on July 22, 2016
“I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even at death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.”  –Leo Buscaglia

The news of the passing away of Matron Mrs. Francisca Ifudu stung us like a bee. It was only in October 2015 that the Board of Directors considered, recommended and conferred on Matron Mrs. Francisca Ifudu, the MERITORIOUS INTERNATIONAL SERVICE AWARD OF EXCALLENCE. Our records show that Franca always dedicated herself to duty. Her interest in her work and great vocation to duty made her to be cherished by all staff, students and above all her patients at any hospital where she worked, so much so that they looked forward to seeing her at work daily as she was always cheerful and ready to help.
Franka was known for her simplicity and benevolence, which Rotary International cherished a lot. She had been a source of hope for the hopeless, widows and needy everywhere she goes, especially in Eke where she hailed from. Franca according to our records was kind to a fault, as she was not only a benefactor to all, but also went further to even borrow to support people in need without asking or even seeking for any type of appreciation or recognition. She spent almost all she earned on charity. Mrs. Ifudu had a large heart. She pardoned her enemies without demanding for any apologies; rather she would find necessary excuses in her heart to forgive her foe. In fact, she had no enemy as she loved all including her adversaries.
In fact, Franca earned the award; this is why the Rotary Club of Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria strongly believes that her gentle soul is resting with the Lord. We should then have solace that the essence of life is to live well and leave indelible imprints in the memories of people which Franca had done. So our dear Awardee and Alumna, be it known to you that “we find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared” your love, kindness and charity. 
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This tribute was added by Okechukwu Chiaha on July 20, 2016
Some rare human beings transcend our greatest dreams of living for the benefit of others, they bring love and goodness to the world, you are one of them. You made our dreams come through at the expense of yours. "Goodnight Aunty Franca, May Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest".
This tribute was added by Christopher Enu on July 17, 2016
While I bear the pain of loss, I thank God that you lived to feel the love of your children. If you had any fault, it was that you made other peoples problem your own. You were generous to a fault. Even on your death bed you did not worry about yourself but about others. You can be sure God took notice .Bye. with love .Your Brother Emeka.
This tribute was added by Toby Chiaha on July 17, 2016
Dear Franca,
             I thank God for your gift of giving.
...and may his reward for those that gave all, be yours now. May your children and loved ones forever be consoled by all these testimonies even from those that barely know you. Rest in peace my dear
This tribute was added by Leona NjokuEjiogu on July 17, 2016
Aunty Franca, as I always call you, I don't know where or how to start, I got the greatest shock ever when I came back on vacation and saw your picture at the elevator, at first I couldn't move, tried hard to push myself to the nurses station and sat, shivering, couldn't contain myself, knowing you wasn't by chance nor accident, you were very unique in your own way, kind soft spoken and very hardworking, aunty we love you but God loves you best. Rest and sleep well in the blossom of the Lord. Adieu big sister.
This tribute was added by Valerie Eberendu on July 16, 2016
My dearest Aunty, with a heavy heart, I cry that you have gone too soon! Too many questions and wishes? So much love you showed to every1, I had hoped to visit soon but I didn't know how the years sped past! Oh my sweet loving Aunty! How can one recount your love and goodness, words are not enough to express ones feelings becos someone who shows endless love like you can only be an angel! ..I proclaim we have indeed lost a gem! a Priest once said, " if we live for oneself then we just exist, but when you live for others then you truly live". So even though you are gone I know you are still alive somewhere smiling down at us and praying for all of us! You will truly be missed! May ur soul rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Christina Steven/Taylor on July 15, 2016
My dear friend and client so shock to hear of your passing. I am so sad nut God loves you more. Sleep and take your rest. Your were a great Nurse to work with. I love you
This tribute was added by Nina Ifudu on July 15, 2016
You were a great mom to my brothers. You raised three levelheaded gentlemen in the united states and accorded peace in the family. You certainly lived a notable life. We love you, my brothers love you but God loves you more. Do rest in His presence. Amen!
                       From Nina, Sandra, Winston, Elvis and Rosana.
This tribute was added by Ichiban Sunshine on July 14, 2016
Franca my darling. Who am I going to play hide and seek with at work? You always make me smile bigger, and brighter whenever I walk on the unit and see your smiling face. I will miss your kindness, your friendship, your smile, and your infectious laughter............I am saddened by your sudden departure from this universe, but I know you are watching us. Love forever. Cheryl Lambert
This tribute was added by Cherry G Mapfumo on July 14, 2016
Franca my friend, its hard to believe that you are gone and no more, that I will never see your smiling kind face again in this world. Franca you were a wonderful person, friend, and co-worker, you were a very hard working woman and team player. I learned a lot from you. I looked forward working with you everyday and just knowing that you were around made my day go-by-fast and easy. You will always have a precious place in my heart. Knowing you was a real Blessing from The Most High God. I will cherish the times we have been together. It was nice knowing you and I believe we will meet again in the other world that Our Mighty God has prepared for us. Duty has called for you in HEAVEN - REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND. You will always be loved and missed Franca
This tribute was added by DORCAS DORCAS on July 14, 2016
Mama Franca, I still cannot believe that you are gone. You are a very hard working woman, you will be deeply missed. My deepest sympathy to the family. May God continue to bless, guide, and protect your children. May your soul rest in peace. I love you.....Dorcas O.
This tribute was added by Jillianne Harris on July 13, 2016
Franca its of great honor to have known and worked with you over the past years. Your warm, generous, selfless soul will never be forgotten. You have never said no when I ask you for help and even when work became overwhelming, you always remain smiling. You have impacted my life more than you know - to be humble, kind, considerate of others, family love - is to say the least. Montefiore loves you, I love and appreciate you. May God pillow your humble soul as you lay to rest. Sleep in peace my Love.
This tribute was added by Stanley Osuoha on July 13, 2016
Words cannot express the sadness in my heart to hear that I will never see you again. You were a mentor in many ways, always advising me to further my education and get married.  A tough lady who stood on principles and disliked unfairness and bullying. I remember times you would tell me to take it easy and delegate tasks so I don't get burned out. Or the times you helped me with my patients at work . You were a humble soul with a beautiful heart and a charming smile. Though it's sad to see you go, I know you are in a beautiful place and your legacy will live on. Nne, nnwane, enyi m, laa na ndokwa.
This tribute was added by Nixie Brown on July 13, 2016
you are gone but will not be forgotten. The memory of your smiling face will always remain.. Rest in Peace Franca where there is no more sickness, sorrow or pain. From Carol and Nixie
This tribute was added by Chigozie Okorie on July 12, 2016
The news of your demise is still a shock to me. You were such a kind hearted woman, everyone spoke so well of you. Rest in the bossom of the Lord Aunty, till we meet to part no more. You will forever be in our hearts.
This tribute was added by Emeka Enu on July 12, 2016
Aunty Franca, I still can't believe you are gone. You were such kind hearted and giving person. I will surely miss your smile and your one of a kind cute laugh. We will always remember you Aunty Ada, you will always be in our hearts....Rest in Peace...✝EE
This tribute was added by Melvin Ifudu on July 10, 2016
Mom; I miss you. I miss your phone calls asking if I could take you to work. I miss your calls, telling me food was ready. I miss your phone calls asking if I was alright. I miss the love you gave me. I miss the advices you gave me. I miss knowing I had someone out there that cared for me. I miss coming home and seeing you smiling at me, saying welcome and how was your day.

You are the best mother anyone can ask for. You sacrificed everything just to make sure we had everything we needed to succeed. Mom I miss you. I don't know why God took you so soon, but I accept His decision. I long and hope to see you again, at a place without any suffering or diseases. A place where I can be in your presence again, eternally.

I love you mom. I wish I could turn back time and save you from cancer. I wish you were hear again. Every time I go home, I wish that God would grant a miracle, and I'll see you there.

Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing you, knew your bottomless generosity, your kindness and caring nature. Your warm spirit will forever be missed. Let your life be an example of what it means to be Christ like. You lived your life as a true Christian. You never waived from your beliefs, even if it meant making you uncomfortable. You showed me that the trappings of materialism made no sense. I really understand what you were trying to teach me. I understand because everyone you touched has a magnificent story and memory of you. That's what life is all about. Helping people.

I know you are in heaven, and I hope I make it to heaven too. I miss you Franca Ifudu. And mom, please cook for me when I get there.
This tribute was added by Germaine Ifudu on July 10, 2016
Mom, I still cannot believe you are gone, I will reassured that you are in a better place. Your will forever remain in my heart. Even now I am always reminded of how many people you affected in a positive way. I love and will always miss you Mom.

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