Na zdravje!
  • 82 years old
  • Born on November 20, 1934 in No┼╝ice, Slovenia.
  • Passed away on June 7, 2017 in Los Altos, California, United States.

This memorial website was created to share our collective memories of Francé Rodé, to share how he touched our lives, and learn more about who he was and how his spirit lives on.

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Posted by Zvone Sparovec on 24th November 2018
Thinking about you France on your birthday, the 20th of November, missing your phone call to get together ;(
Posted by Andrej Kandus on 5th August 2017
I miss you so much France.
Posted by Masa Stirn on 25th July 2017
We will always remember France's kindness and friendliness. You are with us in our hearts and memories. Masa & Hanyan
Posted by Beth Crittenden on 20th July 2017
I never got to meet him in person, but the Light and kindness that come through Maja are truly beautiful and I pay respects to his part in that. Blessings on the family and community touched by this great man's passing.
Posted by Anthony Ravnik on 18th July 2017
The passing of France left an enormous void in the Slovenian community and in my heart. He was a man of all seasons, a giant in many fields. In addition to his many important scientific inventions, he also excelled in paintings, sculptures, skiing and tennis. He was a devoted family man and was also devoted to the Slovenian community, to the church and to his native Slovenia. He had a charmng personality and was a frequent generous host. In spite of his incredible talents and many honors for his important achievements, he remained a very humble man. He was the first to help clear the chairs and tables at tne events at the Slovenian Hall. He was also the regular parking attendant at the annual Slovenian Statehood Day celebrations at Tom Brandi's in Healdsburg. He will be missed terribly at the Slovenian functions, at the ASEF Galas, where he was on the Board of Directors, at the "Slovenian" church and at the annual Slovenian Statehood Day celebrations. His passing is a great loss for the Slovenian community and for his native Slovenia. I will miss him very much. Nase iskreno sozalje! Tony Ravnik and Family
Posted by Cris Lucas on 11th July 2017
Thank you for being supportive and encouraging . We will miss you dearly France and your memories will live on. Our heartfelt condolences to the family.
Posted by Natasha Ravnik on 10th July 2017
It is hard to put into words my affection for France Rode. France was a father figure to me and a much admired and respected member of the Slovenian community of San Francisco. He was a pillar of strength and our families have known each other for a long time. My father, Dr. Anthony Ravnik, was especially close to France; they shared similar immigrant stories of struggle, family values, work ethic, and success in making a new life in the United States. Our entire family continues to feel a sense of devastation at France's passing. I have strong and fond memories of seeing France and Mia together at the Slovenian Church or at the Slovenian Hall for special events. It was a delight to see big, smiling France next to the always elegant and petite Mia. More recently, I had the honor of knowing France and Mia in a more intimate capacity, the uniqueness of which I truly cherish. I work in Silicon Valley and have an arduous commute. Mia and France graciously opened their home to me and let me stay in their little apartment so that I could rest and not make such a long drive every week. Staying in the serene setting of Los Altos was unforgettably restorative and this gesture of kindness was typical of their generosity. An even more special part of this offer is that the apartment is where France kept his office. I was privy to see his many awards, plaques, patents for various inventions, alongside his magnificent oil paintings of Slovenia on the walls. I was so honored to stay there and admire this incredible man's work. In doing so, I witnessed the history of a giant, one who remained humble to the end despite his amazing - technologically groundbreaking - accomplishments. I so enjoyed the meals I spent at the Rode's home drinking red wine and talking. I am saddened that I was only just beginning to know France and Mia on a private level before he passed away. I was hoping to share many more meals and laughs together. I really had a good time with France anytime I saw him. He always said hello and how are you -- Dober dan!!! Kako Si? in a booming voice and gave me a giant hug or a kiss on each cheek. I felt so loved. I was moved and touched with how much care he gave to Mia both at home and also at the Slovenian Language class on Monday nights. He drove her to the class in San Francisco each Monday, helped to set up and break down the class. It was a sign of concrete love and support. Again, France was a father figure to me and also an example of someone who followed his dream, persevered despite huge obstacles and worked hard to invent something incredible out of nothing. He was the epitome of innovation and creativity. My jaw dropped when he mentioned casually that he had developed GPS and the idea of the 'suitcase computer' - essentially the first laptop - in the early 1970's! I use RFID technology in my work everyday, and here I was sitting at dinner with the man who invented it!! I loved France and I continue to LOVE Mia, Maja and Ana in the same special way. France inspires me to continue to follow my passions, my dreams and to work hard to make them tangible, even in the face of great opposition. He would be proud of my current endeavors and I am so much the stronger knowing that I have a great, giant, protective Slovenian angel looking over me as I embark on the road ahead. Pocivaj v miru, France. Poljubcke, Natasha
Posted by Zvone Sparovec on 9th July 2017
We will miss you France! Rest in peace our friend. Love, Zvone and Flora
Posted by Nives Skornik on 9th July 2017
It's hard to forget someone who gave us so much to remember. Nives and Vili Skornik
Posted by Maja Apolonia Rode on 8th July 2017
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