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She loved my clothes

January 3, 2014

I remember Francine coming to see me when she was friends with my brother Paul. Him and Francine were close for quite a while and they were inseperable. I remember she always complimented me on my outfit and told me I was pretty. She was one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She always wore a leather jacket when she came to visit. She always told me that even though I was older than her she wanted to be my friend forever and hang out. The world needs more people with a heart like Francine Copeland and I and my family will never forget the time we had with her. I am sorry I never got to do our girl day, I will not forget her or how nice she was and how much she looked up to me.

The Turkey Story

August 16, 2011

I remember I went to Francine's kindergarten class to chaperone a class trip to the turkey farm. Mrs. Eck told me that Franny needed alot of help writing her name before she could go. I said Franny can print and write her name . And she did,but I didn't know that Franny didn't want to go. After we went my daughter Franny never ate any turkey because what Mrs.Eck had told her what happens to those turkey,they are cooked and put on the tables for Thanksgiving. Lol. On Francine's last Thanksgiving she was 21, decided to try it and liked it.

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