Resting in Peace and Joy for all Eternity
  • 38 years old
  • Born on July 29, 1979 in Houston, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on March 25, 2018 in Houston, Texas, United States.

This memorial was created in memory of my nephew and a great man,

Francis Moore

He passed through the veil of glory's morning gate and walked into eternal rest with his Dad, Grandparents, and other relatives.

Posted by Patsy Moore on 17th December 2018
Hi sweet heart. I so miss you, the tree went up without you this year. The yard donot have your touch . But i still have my pictures of how you made it shine, your first year in christmas in heaven what a beauty uh? Kiss everyone for me and tell daddy i love him so. Rest my son , God so love you he took you with him, thanks for being a great son, my heart is broken without you, but one day i hope to hug you my love agIn. Merry Christmas my love. And i love you. Mama, aka stick, as only you can say.
Posted by Luis Brenes on 29th July 2018
Happy Birthday bro! The girls and I miss you so much. We talk about how this weekend we would have hung out with you at the pool at your hotel you always get during your birthday weekend. I miss texting you about sports and stuff, or passing by and hanging out. We all know you are in a better place but we would rather have you here with us. Have a great birthday in heaven. Someday we will celebrate together again. Well will never forget you. Rest easy. Peace!
Posted by Patrick Moore on 29th July 2018
Happy Birthday Big Bro! I miss you so so much but I know you are in a better place. I miss your late night phone calls, your jokes, and how we would hang out when I came home. I want to thank the Lord for the 36 years he gave us to spend together and I will always cherish it. I love you big bro, and you rest peacefully. Your legacy will always live on!
Posted by Patsy Moore on 28th July 2018
My loving son, tomorrow is your birthday, i know if you was still here you would already had your room booked at a hotel for a pool side party with family and friends. But now my son its your frist Birthday in heaven, mercy i bet that an eye full, know we love and miss you , big kiss for you and dad and and Rip my love for you far better off than us. We are sending up balloons tomorrow for you remember each one is sent with love, we love you Paw, Happy Birthday.. love mama. Or soon to be called Grandmama.
Posted by Patsy Moore on 11th July 2018
Today and everyday since God took you home, I miss you so much, your smile your jokes, you calling me grandma, But you are gone home, God wanted you, so rest my son, enjoy seeing your Dad and all our love ones. Please dont forget to let them know they are still loved. Look in on us please and let us know you are near, love you son, alwsys and forever,, and i guess you know God have blessed pat and niel with a baby comming this year before Pat's birthday. So now you got that right , so baby . So God is still good to us son, and we love you so much , the tears left our eyes and are running down our heart. But you rest my son, and we will see you again. LOVE YOU PAW. YOUR MAMA.
Posted by Kimalon Rhodes-Ards on 1st April 2018
When we moved across the street from the Moore family we were welcomed with warm hellos and smiles. As time moved on I became employed with Aldine ISD were all the Moore children graduated from. Now Francis was the most handsome, wittiest, encouraging and a great leader to everyone who he befriended. There is no secret about Francis loving kids, he took my son DJ as his Godbrother and would always made sure he was safe, happy, and lord knows taught him to shoot basketball, football and of course video games. We love you Francis and you will always have a Special place in our hearts. Gone to soon but will never be forgotten. Rest in Heaven Francis E. Moore. The Golston & Ards Family will Miss and Love You Forever
Posted by Robert Johnson on 30th March 2018
I may not known you but I know your family and I'm sure you're very well missed my heart goes out to all and I hope you have a wonderful life wherever you may be enjoying it at.
Posted by Lawrence Owens on 28th March 2018
Hey what's you Fran, this is Lawrence. Man me just doing this right now is challenging for me. It's just because I know if you were here you'd be telling me how everything gone be alright, then you'd clown me and there we'd go! Lol, You'd say something about my teeth and then I'd say something about your pigment. And if enough people were around we got everybody. Except Pat! I left him alone after while, he'd send you home. Aye man I have so much I want to tell you. Imma be by to see you though. And when I pray, Imma ask God if he could just send an angel your way and tell that I said hi. But hey man, Imma let you go. Because I know up there kicking back with your pops having a good time, praising our father and his son. So I love you Man, and I'll ttyl. Proverbs 17:17. "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity".
Posted by ABRAHAM MARTINEZ on 27th March 2018
My brother from another Mother, Fran i miss you so much bro. You were apart of my entire life. I thank you so much for everything you did for me as your a part of the reason why I grew up into the man I am now. I know your in Heaven playing basketball, football, and chilling having a good time. It is still hard for me that your gone, but I know your in a better place and away from any type of pain. I truly thank God for all of our time we hang out from game room, basketball, pool, going out to eat, movies, family gathering, and MacArthur football games. I will always remember them, and i will always remember you. I know you will watch over me, as your my big brother, my Chicken and I am your little brother, your Taco. I Love you Fran. I will be a great teacher, and coach Fran you will see. I'll do it for you Fran. " Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again..." Love Taco, Coach, Abe
Posted by Patrick Moore on 26th March 2018
Hey big bro! I miss you so much! I'm so thankful for the time that the Lord gave us to spend together! From going to the movies, homecoming football games, or going to the mall we always had a great time! I'm going to miss your text messages about sports, beating the latest video games, or what we were going to do when I came home. You were an awesome big brother and I love you dearly! Rest peacefully and your legacy will live on! P.S. You still can't beat me in basketball! (LOL)
Posted by Phyllis Shelby on 25th March 2018
Francis, I was there when you were born. I have seen you grow into the man you are today. I remember how much you loved working with the little children at school. You were special. But in my minds eye you will always be that little boy who was left handed and I gave you that t-shirt that said "Kiss me I'm left handed" and hearing from your mom how much you wore it and liked the attention the pretty ladies at the mall gave you. Your humour and grace will be missed. You won't be alone, you have so many people waiting to greet you and welcome you and make feel loved. Don't worry about us, we will see you in due time. Aloha! Aunt Phyllis
Posted by Carlos Archie on 25th March 2018
If I were to live beyond 100 years, I'd always remember Francis for his radiant and effervescent personality. His warmth and cogeniality were an immense treasure and his illuminating smile refreshingly brightened the lives of those around him. Indeed, his impact will be life long.
Posted by Jolivette Williams on 25th March 2018
Never without a kind and encouraging word and a smile that was contagious, Frances was more than a nephew. He would do whatever he could for you and my memories with him will always warm my heart. He would always greet me with a hug and a kiss that made me feel like he really missed me. I will never forget that tight eyed smile. The last words I heard from him was "I love you, Aunt Jolivette" ...and that was enough. Rest in peace, Francis. We will see you soon.
Posted by Charles Williams on 25th March 2018
Francis has been a great nephew and all-around interesting person that had an unusual faculty to comprehend unusual topics of philosophy and history. His canny sense of humor and general friendliness will be sorely missed.
Posted by Ingrid Moore on 25th March 2018
My dear Francis: I do not understand why God called you home too soon, but his ways are higher than ours. What a blessing you have been to those lives you touched. God called you home early but you will remain in the hearts of your family and friends. I can only imagine God welcoming you with open arms and the words, “Well done, my faithful servant.” I thank God for the gift that you are to us and will love you always. Farewell my dearest Fran, may you now walk with the spirits of your ancestors.

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