A celebration of your life:

Let your memory be with us forever.

Que tu presencia se mantenga fuerte a nuestro lado.
  • Born on July 29, 1955 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
  • Passed away on November 17, 2018 in Morgantown, West Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in CELEBRATION of your life, Francisco. It will help us by remembering our love for you and the good memories we shared, pictures or whatever we all feel like sharing. Elsa will need to have a vivid memory of his dad and his many other facets and moments we did not share with him over the years. Help us with the great memories you all share.  We miss and love him.  Love, Mercedes and Elsa

Esta página ha sido creada para que las personas que tuvimos el privilegio de quererte y compartir momentos y experiencias especiales contigo, podamos compartirlas y seguir queriéndote, y para que tu hija conozca mejor tu historia.

Posted by Judy Sirk on 28th November 2018
Lest we forget the parents, the siblings: Thank you for sharing your son, your brother, with us; his friends are truly blessed to have known him. With his passing, we realize how often he lifted us up; a treasure has been lost. As his parents, you raised a wonderful man who represented you well. Although we shall never meet, I felt as if I knew you by his words. What a unique individual he was. I would ask him, “Frank, is there anything you don’t know? Is there anyone you wouldn’t offer to help?” I knew the answer...he just smiled. I will certainly look forward to seeing my very dear friend once again. I cannot take your pain away, but I wish for you to know that his words of love for you came from deep within his heart. Thank you for your gift to us.
Posted by Jessica Peters on 27th November 2018
This was a real shock, to lose a person so suddenly. Boy, do we really feel the power of life now. Merche, Frank and Elsa were first friends of ours when we moved to Morgantown. I'll remember my talks with Frank, always meaningful, never dull, always probing. Stories, memories, questions hard to answer. Frank had an artist's soul. It is an honor to cross paths with such people. I wish there would be more. Life is precious and powerful, and we are vulnerable at all times. This absence is a reminder of the power in a life. May Elsa know with her heart the songs in her father's. It was an honor to know your father Elsa. That is what comes to mind in saying goodbye. They don't make them like this anymore. Be very proud.
Posted by Joe Morasco on 25th November 2018
We were shocked by the news that our dear friend, Frank, had died. We had worked with him at the WVU Library for many years. We had the good fortune to be his friends as well. He gifted us over the years with his paintings, water colors and other acts of kindness. His talent was immeasurable. He could fix anything and was always willing to help us and others at the library. He had many friends and will be sorely missed by his co-workers, friends and family. Thornton Wilder said that the greatest tribute to the dead isn't grief but gratitude. We are grateful that our life was shared with Frank. There's a hole in our hearts due to the loss of our friend. We think God needed his talents. His meticulous nature, his ability to see artful beauty and his thoughtfulness toward others will be missed here but used in heaven. May God give comfort to his family and to all of us he touched. With all our love, Ginger & Joe
Posted by Sarah Egidi on 25th November 2018
We never saw Frank without a smile. His personality lit up a room. We were so saddened to hear of his passing. Mercedes and Elsa our hearts go out to you both. Elsa, your father’s passion for art will always shine through you! Please know we are keeping you in our prayers during this difficult time.
Posted by Jekamiah Bey on 20th November 2018
Francisco, May you rest peacefully as you enjoy all that God prepared for you. You are a great man as you live on the other side. Merche, Love is a flame that never diminishes. I pray the love you have for Frank warms your heart, mind, body and soul for eternity. Elsa, I have been you. I have used my art to express my love for my Dad for many years. Words may be few but love overflows. I pray the cup of love your Dad has for you and you for him continues overflowing through every fiber of your being. We love you dearly.
Posted by Christy Venham on 20th November 2018
I'm so sorry to hear about Frank. We worked together for many years at the History Center. I'll never forget his helpfulness and sense of humor.
Posted by Delilah Ryan on 20th November 2018
Frank was a wonderful person to work with and know. I hadn't seen him in years, but I will miss him greatly.
Posted by Judy Sirk on 20th November 2018
Frank, The water flows gently toward Heaven from under the bridge. Your loyal friend, Judy Sirk
Posted by Sally Deskins on 20th November 2018
I only knew Frank just over a year but he was always so positive and so helpful right away, he never blinked when I needed help, and always figured stuff out. I'm thankful I got to know him even for a short time.
Posted by John Cuthbert on 20th November 2018
Frank was one of the most remarkable people I have met during the course of my life. He was certainly among the most intelligent, most multi-talented and most inventive. He was a real life MacGyver -- with a rubber band, a gum wrapper and a few other odds and ends he could probably figure out how to repair a 747. I have often said that if you needed brain surgery, in a pinch, Frank could figure out how to do it! How he knew all that he did I can’t imagine. He must have stayed up into the wee hours every night reading about everything from spark plug gaps to software manuals, consumer reports, stock market analyses, etc. Many years ago I asked him to diagnose a problem with my Dodge Aires and he told me it was probably the head gasket. He said the gasket only cost a few dollars and offered to come over and help me replace it. Little did I know that you have to dismantle the entire engine to get to it. It took three nights! But when we put the thing back together (I could have never remembered where everything went) it started right up and purred like a kitten (even if we did have a few bolts leftover ;o). Many years later, when I was in need of a new place to live he talked me into building a house, literally, which I proceeded to do with Frank’s constant advice and assistance. There is so much more I could say. Frank contributed in countless ways to the growth and success of the West Virginia and Regional History Center throughout the years. He was my, and everybody else’s, ‘go to’ person for almost any problem, practical, technical, or creative. He was always ready, willing and able. The Center will never be the same without him because he is simply irreplaceable. He will be missed more than I can ever express.

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