His Life
Francisco Xavier Neon Moraes
Born: December 2, 1935 in Goa, India
Died: April 13, 2021 in Toronto, Canada
Francisco (Frank) Moraes passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family. He is survived by his loving wife- Ira, his proud children- Theo (and PJ), Trevor (and Kori), and Sabrina, and his amazing grandchildren- Jai, Jaxon, Divya, Priya, and Rohan.   
Frank was many things in his life. He was a skilled physician, who practiced medicine as a family doctor and general surgeon in three countries: Ireland, India and Canada. He was rarely able to escape people approaching him on the street, in stores, in church, and even at his home seeking medical advice. Yet he never turned anyone away without appropriate support. As a husband, he knew, and proudly acknowledged, how blessed he was to have his life partner. As a father, he managed to walk the fine line of challenging his children to excel while always making them feel loved and accepted.  As a grandfather (aka Papa), he will be remembered as a worthy chess opponent, always being up for a challenging board game, the maker of Papa Cookies and Papa Bread, a great teacher of card games, a source of endless history lessons, and a great travel buddy. He was a favourite uncle to many, a loved brother, and a trusted friend. In these roles he has touched the lives of many. He was intelligent, wise, generous, caring, adventurous, and brave. He will be greatly missed and always remembered.

Cuncolim, Goa, India

Papa was born and raised in Goa India. He grew up in Cuncolim with his four sisters (Leonida, Elfrida, Jolly and Livy) and one brother (Dervencio).  Upon retirement, Nana and Papa returned to the house they built in Margoa every year until 2019. Below is a picture of Jai  and Papa beside a fishing boat on the beach in Goa - winter of 2015.