His Life

A Star is Born: December 31, 1926

Born and raised in Alhambra, California, Dad was the oldest of three boys--Frank, Bill and Jack.

He joined the Army at the age of 18.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Frank Waldron

Dad and Mom met while he was having surgery on his shoulder in the V.A. hospital and Mom was a nurse caring for him.  They later married and the rest is history ❣️❣️❣️

They raised a family together, enjoyed successful careers and touched many lives together over their 60 years of marriage. 

Sheriff Extraordinaire

Dad told the family the story of how he found the career he was meant for.  He was working for Southern California Edison when a co-worker mentioned to Dad that the L.A. County Sheriff Department was testing.  That co-worker intended to take the test and asked Dad if he would like to take the test as well.  Dad took the test, passed with flying colors and was hired by the Department. Unfortunately, his co-worker didn't pass the test.

Dad was shown the way to an incredible career that he loved so much, and that became a big part of who he was.

The Frank Waldron Kids

In 1951 Mike, the oldest of three children was born.  Five years later they welcomed twins Lee and Lisa.  

Family Home

Shortly after the twins were born, they purchased a home in the San Fernando Valley. This was the family home for over thirty years.

L.A. County Sheriff Department- Search and Rescue Operation

Dad was one of the founding fathers for the search and rescue detail in the L.A. County Sheriff Department.  In fact, he is often referred to as the father of ESD: the ground breaking L.A. County Sheriff Department's emergency services detail operation. That operation grew and has become a large bureau within the Sheriff's Department. 

We've learned through the stories of colleagues that Dad helped bring needed resources; removed barriers, and helped to create one of the finest Emergency Services operations team.  Many of his colleagues became lifelong friends.

He enjoyed 25 years with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, until he was medically retired.  While diving for a body in a stagnant pond, Dad had a stick puncture his dive booty and go into his toe.  That toe became infected and he had a portion of the bone in his big toe surgically removed. 

As a result of this surgery he was unable to return to the field work he loved so much. He was offered a desk detail, but he made it clear that a desk job was not for him and he retired from the Department in 1975.

Premier Cyclist

Dad was an avid road cyclist.  His interest began when he was still working for the Sheriff Department and he competed in the Police Olympics in cycling.  

He rode regularly with a cycling club after he retired from the Sheriff's Department and was highly competitive--so much so that he broke both hips (two different accidents) while cycling.  He rode with cyclists 20+ years his junior, and many became friends.

He had a mountain bike that he rode on the boardwalk in Ventura where he lived, well into his 80's.

A Second Career Building Cabinet Doors

When Dad retired from the Sheriff's Department he was eager to start another career.  His brother Bill had a cabinet and door business in Burbank, so Dad joined him as a partner.  A few years later Dad bought Bill out of the business and continued to operate it until 1991.  Dad invited Lee to come work with him at Deval Wood Products, and so he came and learned--HIS first career. 

Mark Chulack, one of the cabinet makers at Deval, was in a serious motorcycle accident which took the use of one of his arms. Dad worked with Mark to assure that Mark could continue to work. Mark with his incredible drive, and dad with his huge heart, developed work a-rounds so that Mark could continue his cabinet making career. Mark moved on to have a successful career running his own cabinet and woodworking business.  

Dad loved working with everyone associated with Deval Wood Products. From Mark, Jose the lead shaper, Ferdinand, Jesse, Janet and so many vendors and contractors that they did business with. Dad loved them all and thoroughly enjoyed all his time at Deval. 

Life is Better at the Beach

Dad and Mom sold their family home in the San Fernando Valley in 1990 and purchased a condominium off of California Street in Ventura where he lived for 30 years.  He was an active member of the board and became a well loved staple there.  No surprise that he made many new friends there as well--both within the complex and outside on the boardwalk where he walked daily. He continued this throughout his time in Ventura.

Several years after mom passed away, Dad met Judy, who also lived in the complex. They spent many happy times together walking on the board walk, hiking in Ventura and Lake Tahoe, and eating out with their families.
In 2019 caregivers became a necessity in order to keep Dad safe.  He moved into that part of his life with eloquence and grace and developed some endearing relationships with some of those that helped to care for him.  Josue, a long time family friend, helped the family by providing care to Dad.  Dad and Josue enjoyed a special relationship before that time, and that relationship only blossomed and grew from there. Josue and Dad became staples on the beach boardwalk most mornings.  When it became more difficult for him to get out to the boardwalk, Josue would take him down in his wheel chair where Dad would continue to hold court. He did this until his final day at his beloved home.

Giving of His Time- National Park

Both Dad and Mom spent time volunteering at the National Park in Ventura after they had retired.  Dad found his niche in the garden, where some of his work lives on.  No surprise that he made friends here as well!

A Home Away from Home

While Dad wanted to remain in his beloved condo by the sea with his friends close by, in late 2020 that was no longer possible. The family moved him into a private residential care home where he could receive the care he needed.  The team there was incredibly compassionate and kind and provided a wonderful loving home for Dad for the last 6 months of his life.

While there, Dad never missed an opportunity to flirt with the girls, or to develop special relationships with those who helped care for him.  The family is forever grateful for the love and care he found there.