Posted by Chris Young on April 29, 2021
I spoke to Sgt. Waldron several times during my time at SEB/ESD (96-19). He was always a pleasure to talk to. To this day I am amazed at the unit (ESD) he created and the esprit de corps he established. Rest In Peace Sir.
Posted by Eileen Ogle on April 24, 2021
Lisa, thank you for sharing your well done heartfelt presentation of many important and memorable times in Frank’s life. Frank gave us one of his phenomenal marine life photos which we are grateful to have on display in our Buena Vista condo as we so admired his skill as a photographer. Yes, the world will miss Frank’s wonderful smile, and those of us who experienced the warmth of his friendship will carry that warmth in our hearts. Eileen Ogle & Judith Nelson
Posted by Mike Kennard on April 22, 2021
The big thing I took away from working for a larger than life figure like Frank, was his attitude and ethos working ESD. He taught us to first step back and asses the scene, then step up to the plate and make things happen. Make a decision and own it! Worked for me for the rest of my ESD career. Probably why other deputies looked upon us ESD dudes as supervisors. We were all just channeling Frank Waldron. I would have loved to have been there when our Lt. Al Juliano either said or did something to Frank in the hallway of SEB one day. Frank turned and one punched Al, putting him on his butt. Must have made an impression on Al as there was no paper work or anything said about it afterwards. All us ESD guys knew not to yank on Superman's cape, it took Al just a little longer to get the word. 
Mike Kennard
ESD Paramedic 1972-95
Posted by Bernard Novatt on April 22, 2021
Dottie and I enjoyed meeting at Frank's condo #121 every week on Thursday at 5:00 o'clock. I also played poker with him over the years and having intelligent conversations. 

Frank was a very nice person to be with. I enjoyed his company and visited him many times by myself.

I am grateful to have known him and will miss him dearly.
Posted by Ray Gott on April 21, 2021
I, like Jim Weyant, first met, or encountered, Frank when he was a Tac officer for Class 96. He was the kind of man we all were inspired to be, but few made it. I really didn't "Know" Frank but I did know him. He had an impact on my career and my life. He was always an example as a Deputy and a Man.
There were few like him.

Ray Gott, Capt. retired
Posted by James Mulay on April 21, 2021
I Knew Frank when I was at S.E.B. during the 70's. He was a Great Leader and highly regarded.
Posted by Steven Jacobson on April 20, 2021
I first met Frank while I was in college attending the 19th LA County Underwater Instructor’s Certification Course in 1970. Frank bet me that I was too much of a pencil neck to make it through the Sheriff’s Academy. So, I took him up on his bet and subsequently was a member of the Sheriff’s Department for 37 years. I remember Frank well and can thank him for all the good memories I have had.

Steve Jacobson
LASD Retired
Posted by Jim Weyant on April 20, 2021
As a twenty-one year old rookie from Torrance, Sgt. Waldron was a commanding presence and a true inspiration for what became a lengthy and rewarding local policing career. I will never forget his guidance and leadership as the TAC Sergeant of Class Number 96 at the Los Angeles Sheriff's Academy in East LA!

Jim Weyant, captain (ret)
Torrance Police Department 
Posted by Jim Shuler on April 20, 2021
Frank was responsible for the formation of ESD in 1966. I was a cadet in the academy and his team put on a demonstration of what they were training for. Little did I know I would have the wonderful opportunity to work with ESD and Sgt. Frank Waldron as an Air 5 pilot. He was an amazing man, and produced the finest team of men I've ever worked with. Thank you Frank, for making possible one of the best times of my life, working with your team for many years.
Posted by Vance Kirkpatrick on April 20, 2021
Frank did more to improve the LASD than any division chief or Sheriff. Frank Scrahm and I used to hunt quail with him back in the 1960s, but we could never keep up with him. Vance Kirkpatrick
Posted by Carl Deeley on April 20, 2021
I count it a real missed opportunity to have not gotten to know Frank during my years with LASD. But, what a great reputation and legacy he left behind for others to follow. I am so sorry for your loss, yet what a wonderful blessing it must have been to have him in your lives for so many years.

Carl Deeley
Retired LASD

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