His Life


Frank and his older brother George were born to Father George Dickinson and Mother Mary Dickinson who were married in England and immigrated from through Ellis Island. 


He graduated from Northeastern University in 1960 with a degree in Business Management.
Being the entrepreneur that he was, he took a job at a grocery store to pay for all his college expenses.

Dickinson's of Florida

He moved to Florida in the early 1960s with his father to start Dickinson’s of Florida, a small black and white candy factory across from the Fort Lauderdale airport. His mother, Mary, sadly passed away in her sleep in Dec 1962.

Dad, became known to some as the Candy Man, he sold fudge alligators, coconut patties and hand-made confections to tourists and locals alike. It was there that he met the love of his life, Carol.

Married Carol S. Huston

In 1966 Frank and Carol were married. Oddly enough there was a tropical depression passing through South Florida on the day they were married but that didn't stop them from celebrating their love for each other.


Frank and Carol soon after started on growing their family. He legally adopted Debbie who was from Carol's prior marriage and then together they had Mary, Frank and Cathy. They moved the family to Rolling Oaks in West South Florida where they had several animals they had taken in and enjoyed the farm life. Later came many grandchildren and great grandchildren who he cherished.