Posted by Ronald Desforge on December 27, 2021
Well Frank it's been a year and even now every time the phone rings during the day I think, well that must be Frank. We used to talk at least twice a week. Now the days are long and quiet. No more back and forth about politics, no more reminiscing about old times, and no more about just shooting the breeze. Miss you buddy!
Posted by Steve Werthman on January 5, 2021
Frank believed in me as a young man and was a mentor. I grew up in Rolling Oaks where Frank and his family were neighbors. He encouraged me to become involved with the 4H Club and Civic Association as a teen. That helped launch my earlier career as an environmental activist where we served together in the Environmental Coalition of Broward County, Broward League of Conservation Voters, Baily Water Management District and Broward County Planning Council. Frank was tireless and an amazing strategic thinker and happy warrior. I remember he and Jack Milbery had to sit me down one time and “read me the riot act” when I went overboard on a press release Lol. He also fixed our roof. Although I had not seen Frank in some time, he is a lifelong influence in my life and I will never forget him. He was a great man who did much for our community and will always be missed.
Posted by BARRY BIRENBAUM on January 4, 2021
Frank was a very loyal customer of mine for almost 30 years,
Not only business was spoken, he always spoke very highly of his wife & children
Frank will be missed by me and many others
Posted by Ronald Desforge on January 3, 2021
Well Frank we go back a long way. All the way back to High School, 68 years ago. It's not going to be the same without you around anymore. We were the last two of the old group. You, me, Mary Jean, Claire, Dick, the Duke, and Bob Dupere. I'm going to miss those hour, hour and a half phone calls. Things were always quiet when you weren't around. You always made things a lot more interesting. You've had it pretty tough for quite a while now, but you always manage to tough it out. Well, Now you can rest in peace. The battle is over and done. Take care old friend.
Posted by Cathy Dickinson on December 30, 2020
You were such a great man, father and supporter. I will miss our funny conversations and will always remember all the good times and memories you have created. I know you were not ready to go just yet but you fought a good fight and you went peacefully. You were taken from us, but you get to be with mom now forever. I know you have missed her dearly.
Love you Dad.

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