Posted by Diane Lynne on March 29, 2021
Frank, you are my knight in shining armor, my soulmate, my blue-eyed angel, my best friend! I am so lost without you, you're my better half! You have taught me so much in the ten short years we were together that I will never forget or will ever share with anyone else. I can't imagine moving into a new place knowing that you're not going to be there to see it, to tell me that I did a good job buying it, I can't imagine Telling the dogs no they can't have people food, you go right behind me and feed them brussel sprouts AKA Russells, I can't imagine asking Thor if he hears who's backing into the driveway with the dump truck and he runs to the back door wagging his tail knowing that it's you but you're not there! You know you didn't just leave me here you left your buddy Thorton (Thor) he looks for you, I don't think they understand but I know he understands when I'm upset when I'm missing you which is every second of the day, and he comes over jumps on my lap and gives me kisses! I know you want me to be strong and go on, so I'm going to try my best even though I know it's going to be very hard! The love I have for you is oh soo strong! You will always be on my mind and you will forever be in my heart! You shouldn't be in heaven, you should be in jail, for stealing my heart!! Ill love you forever and a day! Forever Yours, Diane.  #franknDi20114ever

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