Let the memory of Frank be with us forever
  • 71 years old
  • Born on May 14, 1939 .
  • Passed away on August 24, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Frank Anderson 71 years old , born on May 14, 1939 and passed away on August 24, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Belinda Brown on 25th August 2018
Daddy, Today is 8 years since God took you home. I honestly feel my heart will never mend from losing you, but that is me being selfish. I am truly happy you found your way back to God and was doing your best to live his word. That gives me such great comfort. Today has been a depressing day for Momma, Justin and me, hard enough losing you, but the news today wasn't what we were wishing for. But, we have to have our faith in God to turn this around. We know you are watching down and know everything that I am talking about. Just wish we had you here right now, you would know exactly what to do and would have put a stop to this before it got this far. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Each time I find a penny I know you sent it and I look up and say, Thank you Daddy, I'm thinking of you too. I know you never left me because you live in my heart and mind. I love you so much and I sure am a blessed girl to have had you as "MY DADDY!" Love you, Your Papoose, Belinda Kay
Posted by Belinda Brown on 14th May 2018
Happy Heavenly Birthday to you Daddy. Today would have been your 79th birthday. I still love and miss you like crazy. You are in my thoughts every single day of my life and always will be. A lot has happened since your birthday last year, Momma finally got settled here in Sparta, Marlie is growing like crazy and we are getting to see her again, Justin moved back to Tennessee and has a job close to home now. You would get onto Momma for working outside too much. Some of the things she has done I have given her the "Frank Version" of what you would have said to her. *lol* Then we laugh about it. Daddy, never in my life I would have dreamed that I would miss you so bad. I'm doing my best to be able to join you in heaven one day. Enjoy your birthday in paradise with Ma and Pa, Uncle Preston and other family and friends.... Love you Daddy, Happy Heavenly 79th Birthday.... Your one and only daughter, Belinda aka: Papoose
Posted by Belinda Brown on 24th August 2017
Daddy, It's another year gone by since you left us 7 years ago. I sit here with my eyes fill with tears and my heart is so heavy and breaking all over again. The day God took you home I honestly feel that my heart stopped beating for a minute. I wasn't ready to let you go and to this day I'm still not ready to let you go. This day is so hard on me. I thank God for bringing James into my life. He know how much I miss you and he gives me those broad shoulders to cry on and comfort me. He promised you a couple of days before you passed that he would never let anyone ever hurt me again and that he would take care of me and see that I was loved. He's held that promise to you Daddy. This is a day that I do not want to talk to others, it's a day I can only focus on you and how blessed I am that God made me your daughter. I know at times you were very hard on me but now as a grown woman I see why and understand. At times I never thought you loved me but I see how wrong I was. You had a very odd way of showing love and I wasn't mature enough to understand it, but I understand better now. I miss those talks you and I would have when you would come to the house and we would talk in the afternoon. I was always so proud when you came to the office and would pull you up a chair beside me and watch you smile when I waited on the public and you had a chance to talk to people you hadn't saw in years and when I would introduce you to new people who had moved into the county. I cherish the photo that was made of you, me and Justin at the Flynn's Lick sign. Oh Daddy, my heart is so heavy and I've not went to sleep yet for thinking of you. I do God's will the best I can everyday and the works that he ask us as Christians to do with the hopes of joining you in heaven one day. You will live in my heart forever and there is where you are the safest at. My memories of you no one can steal. I send so much love up to you and when I find pennies I know you are watching me. Love you always your daughter, Belinda
Posted by Belinda Brown on 15th May 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday to you Daddy!!!! Yes, May 14, 2017 and you would have been 78 years old.... Mother's Day and your birthday always rolled around together and Momma's birthday and Father's Day always rolled around together as well.... I've been a little teary eyed the past few weeks.... I have so much I'd love to sit down and talk to you about right now.... Only "YOU" would have the answers.... Went and visited your grave the other day and still breaks my heart that the grass doesn't grow pretty on it and also breaks my heart that you are no longer here.... But makes my heart happy to know you are rest and in no more pain and not suffering.... Again, Happy Heavenly Birthday and I love you as much today as I have each day of my life.... I miss you so much.... Prayers that I see you again someday....
Posted by Justin Ward on 24th August 2016
Hey Pa I miss you so much was telling Jeff the other day some of the great memories that I'm so blessed to have with you I can't wait to see you again one day an have us another sit down talk I'm so honored to have been your boy I'll love and miss you forever.. Marlie is getting so big now to an she misses you I know she may never met you but your already a huge influence in her life an ill always keep your memory alive love you pa
Posted by Belinda Brown on 24th August 2016
Daddy, Today marks the 6th year since you were taken from us. I still hate this date and I always will. I know, I'm being selfish and I shouldn't be. I should rejoice that you got right in the sight of God and now your soul is at peace and rest. Life just isn't the same without you here and it never will be. So much has happened this past year that would anger you to no end and I know you would have not tolerated one second of any of it. Momma is ready to move on now, she's purchased land near me, she's put the house up for sale and plans on building in the next few weeks. Daddy, you loved farming and you would love all the rolling acres over here. You worked in this county for years but you never got to see all of it's grandeur. I miss you Daddy and I'll never stop missing you. Rest assure you have not been forgotten and as long as there is a breath in me you'll never be forgotten. I love you Daddy.... <3 Your Pappose
Posted by Linda Pierce on 16th May 2016
Well what can I say about mr Frank. he was such a kind soul. Always remembering others. I remember when Belinda and I were little.i was going thru some rough patches in my life and he would always make me smile and laugh with his kind words and jokes. Oh now he wouldn't take no junk that's for sure. Belinda knew where todraw the line with her Daddy. But, he loved her so. I'm so honored to have known such a great person and I'm glad that Belinda and I remained such great friends... RIP Mr. Frank you will never b forgotten.
Posted by Belinda Brown on 15th May 2016
Daddy, Saturday was your birthday.... Your birthday is a very hard day.... Momma was very sad yesterday and had such a hard time coping... It was like a double whammy for her.... Losing Aunt Jo in April and your birthday yesterday.... Daddy, I told her that your suffering was over and it would be selfish of us wanting you to linger on.... I clearly knew that you would not want to live like that.... I just hope you didn't feel any pain in your final month.... I miss you so much and I am thrilled when I find someone here in Sparta that knew you and especially if they worked with you.... They all tell me what I already knew, that you were a hardworking and honest man and always wanted the job done right the first time.... Momma has been a little sick but she's been with me and James and we've taken very good care of her.... We've got her out of the house, taken her places she has never been and places she's not been to in years.... She is really enjoying all this attention and for once in life it is "HER TURN" for that attention and you would agree.... I love you Daddy.... Each time I find a penny I know it's you sending it to me from heaven and when I find a quarter! Oh I know that I have pleased you in some way or another.... Love you Daddy, love you always...... Happy Birthday Your only Daughter, Belinda
Posted by James R. Brown on 21st February 2016
Few men have the honesty that Frank Anderson had while on earth! This world would be a better place if all people were as honest as he was a friend to those who he knew were good people, and missed by his family very deeply !!!
Posted by Belinda Brown on 24th August 2015
August 24, 2015 which is today makes 5 years since you left us Daddy. Words will never express just how much I miss you. What I would give to be able to sit with you and tell you everything that is on my heart and mind. I miss your words of wisdom when I thought you were scolding me. My heart aches so many times just to hear your voice. I pray that someday that our good Lord finds me as a good and faithful servant and I can join you in heaven. I love you Daddy and I miss you terribly today and every day.... With all of my love, your daughter, Papoose....
Posted by Belinda Brown on 14th May 2015
Today would have been your 76th birthday Daddy..... I miss you more than you'll ever know..... I love you and always talk of you fondly because I never want your memory to go away and to share your memory with other.... Sure do miss you sitting in that white rocker waving at people.... People miss waving at you too..... Love you, Papoose
Posted by Belinda Brown on 24th August 2014
Well Daddy, It's been four years ago today when God took you to join him. I can be selfish and wish a million times that you were still here. BUT, I would not want you here and suffer the way you did. We'll have stories to tell Marlie all about you, You made Justin spoiled rotten and if you were here Marlie would be 10 times the spoiled and rotten you made of her Daddy... Daddy, there isn't a day or moment that goes by that you are the thought that is in my head and heart. Again, Flynn's Lick will never be the same without you being there number one citizen.I love you Daddy and always will..... Tell Ma, Pa and Uncle Preston that I say, Hello and I love you all.... Kisses to you Daddy........ *squeeze bear hug* :)
Posted by Belinda Brown on 14th May 2014
Well Daddy, today would have been your birthday and my heart is heavy missing you... Of course my eyes are filled with tears... Oh how I do miss you Daddy but I know your in a better place and your not suffering any more.... I never said it enough that I love you and thank you for every single thing you have done for me.... Love you Daddy and Happy Birthday in heaven.... Tell Ma, Pa Anderson and Uncle Preston that I love them...
Posted by Justin Ward on 13th October 2013
God what I would do to have just one more day with him an for him to meet the apple of my eye little Marlie Chevelle. I was blessed to have met one of the greatest men to have walked this earth LOVE YOU Pa Frank!!!!
Posted by Kevin Napolitino on 13th October 2013
Wow, where does one start ? The one thing that I remember the most was Uncle frank calling me "rooster" when in the hell that can from I have no clue. I also remember that he was always working for the state, on the farm in the fields. He was always stopping by if only for a minute. Sitting one his carport or sitting on ma & pa Anderson's. Life was so much simpler back then sigh.
Posted by Belinda Brown on 13th October 2013
A man that God created and was loved by all that knew him. He will be forever in my heart.

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