The Captain

Shared by Zullo on October 22, 2019
Frank "The Captain" Kaler was a man of high intelligence and worldly wisdom that could advise you on any subject. Just ask him and he would tell you the way it is. 

I had the opportunity to spend many hours in philosophical discussion with him about life, although he did most of the talking. Never was he  at a loss for words. I was always amazed how he could quote poetry or something he read verbatim without skipping a beat.

Deep down Frank was a man of principal, high ideals and the utmost integrity. His days during the water crisis are a testimony of just how far he would go to uphold righteousness. His sense of humor was uncanny. The best jokes I tell, I got from him. "He says he thinks he knows you!"  : ) 

Life's lessons come in many different forms, some so subtle, you don't even realize you are receiving them. 
The Captain had a way of conveying them without you even knowing....unless you were really paying attention.

I will miss him, but keep all the wonderful memories close to my heart. 

Joseph C. Zullo, Jr. ("Joe digga da ditch")

Christmas at Sarah and Gregs

Shared by Janet Mongelli on October 19, 2019
The first year Sarah and Greg were married they hosted a  Christmas breakfast  with her family and us, it was so nice all being together.  When we sat down to eat her grandfather kept us entertained by telling jokes, I will never forget thinking how lucky they all were to have this man, who so obviously adored his family.

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