Oil Palm Project

Shared by Walratep Punturaumporn on August 15, 2019
  1. About 40 yeard ago Mr. Frank Tsao had invested one of the largest oil palm plantation and a crushing mill in southern part of Thailand at Khabi Province  He introduced modern plantation management similar to Malaysian standard that increase efficiency of production and produce quality crude palm oil to supply and expand Thai palm oil market  Those dayThai people rarely know about palm oiI and  the market gradually improve form few percentage up to more than 50 percent of edible palm oil market in Thailand   It is a great achievement   Other than this project he have done many are the good things toThailand such as shipping buniness shipyard  container yard  warehousing etc. that truly assisted Thai economy
Shared by Nibhat Bhukkanasut on August 15, 2019
I am deeply sadden to hear the passing of Frank Tsao, a true and steadfast friend of Thailand. Frank was instrumental in promoting Unithai as the Thai flagship carrier and the Unithai Shipyard as key investments in the Thai maritime industry. I have also personally benefitted from his kindness in imparting his valuable advice and support in my tenure with Unithai.
Shared by Nopadon Mantajit on August 14, 2019

Dear Khun Chavalit TSAO, and the TSAO Family.

Kindly accept our deepest and heartfelt condolences upon the loss of TAN SRI FRANK TSAO, The founder of the UNITHAI GROUP.

During the last decades of UNITHAI, he made a great contributions and efforts not only to the UNITHAI but also to THAILAND. He will be dearly missed.

We are thinking of you of these difficult times. Our thought and prayer are with all of you, the TSAO family.

On behalf of The UNITHAI GROUP and its staff and advisors, may TAN SRI FRANK TSAO rest in peace.

Warmest regards,
Nopadon Mantajit
Chairman of the UNITHAI GROUP

Not Born in Singapore: Fifty Personalities who Shaped the Nation

Shared by Wini Wong on August 14, 2019
Portraits of Singapore’s Unsung Heroes from the Foreign Lands

In celebration of Singapore’s 50th year of independence in 2015, the late Tan Sri Frank Tsao Wen-King, along with 20 other amazing individuals, was featured in a book project titled Not Born in Singapore: Fifty Personalities who Shaped the Nation

Photograph from Alan Lim (Alan Lim Stud

Shared by KyungSoo Kim on August 13, 2019
Tsao san, 
You made me really relaxed when you tapped my back after a day escorting you on business in Korea about 40 years ago. I learnt much more from you than anyone else, not only about business but about life. I  was blessed to have you as my mentor. It was also delightful to talk with you everytime at 33 Swiss Road, making sure I should know the business and encouraged me to set higher objectives. I still keep the bottle of whiskey you gave me as my birthday gift when I worked for TAS HK office. Blessings for your forever peace and rest!
Kim Kyung Soo 
Shared by Trina Chin on August 13, 2019
Dear Uncle Frank
i remember vividly the first time I met you. You were very kind to me and taught me a lot of things. I will always cherish the happy moments spent with you, thanks to you , I met Yuelin. 
I remember seeing you at the airport often , eating together in hk, and later in Singapore. Many simple moments , basic things but you were always a humble man with simple pleasures in life.
You always had good advice and concern for all of us.
We will miss you and strive to live according to your values. 
Trina and Yuelin

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