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Frank William Thomas Lewins
  • 81 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 14, 1933
  • Place of birth:
    Bowmanville, Canada
  • Date of passing: Mar 7, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Warkworth, Canada
Let the memory of Frank be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Frank Lewins, 81, born on July 14, 1933 and passed away on March 7, 2015. We will remember him forever.
    They who think that you are gone, Because no more your face they see, Are wrong, for in our hearts you live And always will in memory.
    Long days, long nights, you bore the pain And hoped for cure, but all in vain Then God decided what was best, He took you home and gave you rest.
    Heaven's gate swung gently open, The Master called softly, "Come," And you, dear one, took the Master's hand, And your work on earth was done. We'll never cease to miss you, And shed many silent tears, Because we cannot share with you Our hopes, our joys, our fears. But one day, in God's garden, When the Master calls us to come. You'll be at the gates with open arms And say to us, "Welcome Home!

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Constance Wood on 15th July 2017

"Hey gramps happy birthday... I miss you like crazy.... I lost my dad recently he is up there with you I hope you guys are having fun fishing and watching over us down here. Ill see everyone one day. ..Love you all. Till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Kim Lewins on 14th July 2017

"Happy Birthday Dad, I hope you are having an awesome time, hope you and Carl are fishing and having a great day.  I wish I could hug you and give you a birthday kiss, my life is just not the same without you.  Till I see you again Love you Dad"

This tribute was added by Beth Dixon on 5th July 2017

"Thinking about you.  Warm sunshine, gentle breezes.  Miss your smile."

This tribute was added by Kim Lewins on 8th March 2017

"Hi Dad, holy 2 years have gone by, seems like it was just like yesterday, I miss you so much, I wish I could talk to you, having some small issues in my life and I really need your advice, feels like I'll never get where I need to be and I'm forever messing up financially it seems I'm like you where money goes, god I feel like such a failure, I really need a hug from you, lol guess I'll have to wait, whew! that felt good to get off my chest.  Love you Dad and hopefully when we meet again I will be a little more financially secure lmao though when we meet money will be the least of my worries.  Till then love you!"

This tribute was added by Jenny Jackson on 7th March 2017

"Hey dad....wow 2 years.....sometimes it feels like yesterday and then there are times it feels like forever. Anyway lots has been happening here and there..... messed up back, guess it's the getting old thing, don't like that much...lol My basement is leaking horribly, long winter with lots of snow this year...dang it......landlord is ok but could be better. Kevin has moved back in with me for now, not sure how long that will last, he is a Lewins through and through....and he is a lot like me uughh. Your great grand daughter  Riley is a hot headed Lewins but she she is so much fun, and guess what? She puts her hands on her hips like I use to...lmao. I have any other one on the way.....waiting on a name. Personally I think it should be Jenny Liana....hee hee. Dogs have excepted the cats again....still have little moments but all in all its good. Anyway dad it was nice to chat with you. I miss you very much and until we meet again.....love you....xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Beth Dixon on 7th March 2017

"Hi there Dad, feels like a year ago today you left us ...but its been 2 years!! I think about you often.  I still hear your jokes, laughter, and still see that mischief in your eyes when you were up to know good.    :) We all miss you"

This tribute was added by Kim Lewins on 15th July 2016

"I still find it hard to believe that your gone, I still think of things that I want to tell you and to ask questions I pick up the phone and then remember that I can't talk to you.  My heart is empty with out you and I count the days till I can see you again.  I love you Dad"

This tribute was added by Beth Dixon on 15th July 2016

"Love ya Dad. Earl, me, and the boys miss you very much. You would love your new great grand-daughter Seara, and Ellee is a Lewins through and through. :)"

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 14th July 2016

"Happy birthday dad...miss you. ..I have been procrastinatin all day...I think this is the longest I have gone with out talking to you...I get on here a then don't know what to say...silly I know....I love you and miss you tons.....sorry about the apple tree..it has so many apples on it and the wind was pritty strong yesterday....I am going to get a couple more...any way wish you were here....till we talk again.."

This tribute was added by Jenny Jackson on 14th July 2016

"Happy 83th Birthday Dad.......miss you lots and think of you everyday.....hope you and Carl are having a blast, just behave yourselfs, yeah I know......it'll never happen.....lol"

This tribute was added by Kim Lewins on 9th March 2016

"You gave us Joy and Happiness
And filled our lives with Smiles and Laughter
You shared with us your Knowledge and Wisdom
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you with Pride
Dad, Your one of the ones we love
and we had to say good-bye
Even though my tears are dry
My Heart and Soul will
always be with you.

I can't believe that you have gone for a year already, I can't wait for the day when I will see you again.  Until then Dad you will be in my heart.  Love you!"

This tribute was added by Ian Whillans on 7th March 2016

"This is a very nice reminder of a man, my Uncle Frank who doing the course of his life had such a great impact of his children, Aunt Jean and his nieces and nephews.  Like my mother Joan Lewins; Uncle Frank will always be a cherished memory.  In fact the whole Lewins family is a part of me as I am a part of their heritage.
Love to see you all again!
Love always

This tribute was added by Beth Dixon on 7th March 2016

"We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Our hearts were never broken
And time's forever frozen, still
You won't ever be alone.
Wait for me to come home.

A verse from Ed Sheeran's song "Photograph".

I got ya Dad....memories to share with your great grandchildren...never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 7th March 2016

"hey Dad, at 2:10 today it will be a year you have been gone, its been a hard year for every one, a lot has happened. Mo has been pretty good, she talks about you all the time, especially when i am cooking and she tells me you would like it to have been cook this way, i just smile and for the most part will cook  what ever i am cooking how she wants it done. i miss you and your advise, your smile, your arms when you would hug me.  Mom and I are going visiting today, we are going to see Kim and Kari, there is a catch in my throat, think i am going to sign off for now and talk to you later, i did not think it wold be this hard, love you dad"

This tribute was added by Kim Lewins on 30th December 2015

"Hey Dad, well Christmas has come and gone, it wasn't the same a lot of people not there this year I found it very hard to handle it was very overwhelming for me and it was over way to soon.  I cried all the way home, my emotions just got the best of me I miss you so much and find it hard to deal with I find it very hard to visit Mom sometimes because your not there.  It's not fair to Mom and Lori I know and I am working on it but sometimes I just can't do it.  I know your in a better place and I am sure you just shake your head at some of the things that are happening, we are all trying but sometimes it takes awhile.  I love you Dad and I know you'll be waiting for me when my time comes,  so until then just know I'll always have you in my heart.  
Love always your baby girl Kim."

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 27th December 2015

"Hey dad, is been awhile I know, I have been pretty busy, as you can tell it is December 27, Christmas as come and gone, even thought we did our boxing day thing it just was not the same. John did not come as it is hard on him, but Kari, Echo and little John did and they even arrived on time. Non of Beth's Clan should up as Earl is real sick, he just got back out of the Hospital (even thought the doctors told him he should stay in).
   Things are good here, Jenny is coming down to help get rid of some stuff up stars. she is staying for a couple of days. She has met a real nice guy, his name is Francis, he is a little bit of a joker so Carl and him would have got along great and I know you would have like him.
  Mom is doing fine, but I know you already know that as she talks to you most nights. Everyone else is doing great as well.
   I have 2 calf's now, (jersey's) got to start little to get what I actually want. pigs are doing great, lost a whole litter of rabbits, the ended up with enteritis, tried every thing to save them, what ticks me off is that I have people waiting to get some rabbit meat. I did have 3 calf's but lost one, i think i gave it meds that i should not have. any way time to go out and feed and then relax for the evening. Love you dad, miss you lots, talk to you later."

This tribute was added by Constance Wood on 23rd October 2015

"Hey gramps today is my birthday it was so strange not hearing from you today. I can remember your voice but it just isn't the same. I hope your at peace things down here are as expected. I still miss you like crazy and cry when I think of you even now I have tears running down my face it still hurts... anyway love you till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 22nd October 2015

"Hey dad,  its been awhile sense i spoke to you last, the garden kept me pretty busy. its Oct 22 and the wind is just a blowing so decided to just stay indoors for the day and chill.  got lots of wood in so hopefully will have enough to get through the winter. Bill came through his operation pretty good, he will be laid up for another couple of months. I have some rabbits now, hope to get some goats this winter, we also hope to get the small barn back in order.
I think about you every day, some times when i am in the barn by my self i go through all the videos i have of you. Mom is doing fine, she does a lot of the cooking although some of her concoctions can be a little ...lets say different..lol..Cameron is doing well, he likes the high school here. he has a job working for David Holland, 10 an hour, he is saving for a four wheeler.
I miss you Dad and wish you where here to help make some of the decisions I have had to make, I hope they are the right ones.
Connie and Tim and the kids are coming this weekend to help put up some fencing.
Well i guess i should go, i will talk to you again in a couple of weeks.
   Love you so very deeply"

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 7th August 2015

"Hi Dad,  Today marks the 5th month since i saw you last and spoke to you, I miss you so much, I have been working on the barn the last couple of days, hoping to get a couple of cows some goats and rabbits and maybe a pig or too. Some days it feels so strange her at the house with you not here, I wish I did not have to leave you in the nursing home, they would not let us bring you home. I ow you did not like it there even though you said you did. We are going to uncle Phil's corn roast, he is not doing well and I fear he will be joining you and all my other aunts and uncles soon.
I love you dad, I miss your strong arms and your smile, I know your are well and your mind is just as sharp as it once was.
Well its time for me to go, will talk again nest month or sooner. (((hugs)))) and xxxxx's."

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 16th July 2015

"Hi Dad, its been a long day for me today, I thought it would have been easy as your birthday was on the 14 and i had a rough day that day.  I think it was hard today because this is the first wedding anniversary mom is having without you. it was very hard on her. Saturday we will be laying you to rest out by your stone and day lilies, as i type this i am finding it very hard not to cry. I see your face and it literally makes me cry and miss you more. I am lighting this candle for you tonight, I love you so much and miss you terribly."

This tribute was added by Kim Lewins on 10th June 2015

"Dad it's 2 weeks until fathers day,  and as the day gets closer, my heart breaks a little more.   I won't be able to hug you and wish you a Happy Fathers Day I just can't imagine what the day will bring and only hope that I am strong enough to make it through, I know I will have everyone to help and that makes me feel better.  I miss your comments and arguments and the way you made me laugh I only hope that Carl will give you a hug for me and you two will spend the day fishing.  Love you Dad, till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 9th June 2015

"Hey dad.. I missed you on June 7th,  have been very busy keeping up on the garden, potato patch is doing great, I moved it over to where we had the old garden when we first moved here.  No potato bugs ..yet..the rest of the garden is doing ok now that we got some rain.
  Ever one is doing fine, we miss you terrible, hope you are well.  I trimmed up the pear and apple tree as well as the lilacs. we are doing a garden tour, Beth's Idea,  on June 20 Mom and I are heading to Darlene's to meet every one and look at her garden, then we head over to Beth's. they are providing snacks for us, ( hope they are good snacks)  On July 4 everyone is coming here to see our gardens, I have been working on them,jenny wont be doing a garden as she has to move.. then on August 15 everyone will head to Kim's and then Kari's to see their gardens.   Mom is going for a memory test, she is doing fine bu really misses you.  Jenny could use some luck if you have any up there, I swear she got all the bad luck in the family this past little while. We are having your celebration of life on July 18, can't say as i am looking forward to it but will be happy to see every one all in one place. Hope you like what I have done to the farm.
Well time to go, Cameron will be coming through the door shortly and belering for food.
  Will talk to you soon.. Love you"

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 7th May 2015

"It's been 2 months dad..the days are getting better.  I found a rock to put by the fence,  ya ya, I know how much you just love rocks..it's better then a head stone as it is natural and not man made.  I got the peas planted  yesterday,  a week late but should to fine, also planted the beets. The potatoes where planted a week ago come Saturday.  Forgot to plant cabbage seeds in the green house so I planted them on the garden. It is still cool at night but they should do fine...meat hens are growing like bad  weeds...surge sold the property,  did not even tell mom he was doing it. Gordy bought it. He is going to tile it..going to see if he will let me use the field  by the wood shop to graze some goats. Any way was thinking of you today so thought I would drop you a line..hope God and you are having some good debates up there, say high to every  one for me, talk to you later.  Love you"

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 7th April 2015

"you passed one month ago, missing  you deeply"

This tribute was added by Kim Lewins on 24th March 2015

"Missing your smile, my heart aches wishing I could hug you one last time!  I know when my time comes you'll be waiting for me with open arms.

I pray to god every night
Sending wishes to my angel above
Keep him safe this man I love
Watch over him and show your light
Let him know
As I close my eyes to sleep
I dream he is with me still!"

This tribute was added by Victor Dixon on 22nd March 2015

"Love you Grandpa, see you on the other side."

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 21st March 2015

"Really Missing you today..Love you"

This tribute was added by Stafford Dixon on 16th March 2015

"Going to miss the laughter, and watching you share experiences with Earl at the kitchen table. May you be in a happy place now Grandpa."

This tribute was added by Jenny Jackson on 13th March 2015

"Hey Dad, I remember Blackstock and the farm.....we were feeding the calf's, many great memories there, I have a photo I want to share, just got to find it......I will miss u everyday of my life, until we meet again......love you xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Beth Dixon on 11th March 2015

"I have so many memories I don't know where to start.  Trips up north to Uncle Kenny's, fishing at Lock #9, snowmobiling around the farm one winter in Kedron, playing baseball on the front lawn in Kedron...Dad would whack the ball out across the road into the field and we'd go get it...cutting the lawn with the old fashioned push mower (Dad showed me how to get through the deep stuff)...so many memories to cherish....always in my heart.  :)  Love ya, Dad"

This tribute was added by John Bond on 10th March 2015

"Uncle Frank always had a great sence of humour, always working so
hard at everything he did, putting his heart and soul oh and a bit of
stubbornes into it.
Rest in peace now Uncle Frank and it was a pleasure to have known
you.Til we meet again.Love John,Kelly and Carly"

This tribute was added by Darlene Christensen on 10th March 2015

"I remember the days on the farm. You were away through the week working at the time for Brown's Bread. You would come home on the weekend and we would get up to such mischief. You, Uncle Phil and all us kids. With Aunt Marie's bunch there was 14 of us. You would put a long plank over a big log, each one of us kids would take turns standing on one end of the plank and then you would jump on the other end. We would be catapulted towards space and Uncle Phil would catch us when we fell back to earth. LOL or we would all sneak up to the barn and you would pull us to the very peak on the hay fork. Then you would let go and we would come tumulting down. Just before we got to the bottom you would put your foot on the rope to stop us. You wore out a few pair of boots. The days on the farm were some of the best days. I will always remember the carefree joy we had back then."

This tribute was added by Kim Lewins on 10th March 2015

"I miss your laugh and the twinkle in your eye.  I will always remember fishing at lock #9, the days of bringing in hay and sharing a cold beer even though I hate the taste you were right it tastes better when your working hard.  You worked hard for everything you wanted, may you finally get the rest you deserve.  Love you always Dad till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Ian Whillans on 10th March 2015

"Many, many memories of Uncle Frank when I was a kid.  Always had me on some adventure!  Either going duck hunting for the first time, fishing and/or baby sitting Aunt Jean and Uncle Frank's children with Brian.  Wished in my later years could have kept in touch!  But life's path carried us all to different places.
I will remember Frank as a lovable prankster, who relished life and toke great joy in his family!
His life lives on in his children and grandchildren.

God Bless
May you Rest in Peace

Ian Whillans"

This tribute was added by Michelle Christensen-Savage on 9th March 2015

"Maybe one day we'll see the Northern Lights together again. Love you Grandpa <3"

This tribute was added by Lori Lewins on 9th March 2015

"Miss You already"

This tribute was added by Constance Wood on 9th March 2015

"My grandfather was a great man, his hart was made from gold and it showed in all the good stuff he has done over the years for everyone.  I will miss him greatly each and every day. Love you grandpa forever and always."

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