her Life

A wonderful man

Frank Lee Hand was born in Tampa Florida, on June 22, 1944 and passed away on November 26, 2010. He was raised in upstate New York and grew to be a generous, loving, handsome, and beautiful person inside and out. He had a loving caring heart that showed with every smile, hug, kiss or “I love you” he gave. He was the type of man that you could always count on to make you laugh or to help you in any way possible. He was loved by all of his family and enjoyed spending all his time with his grandchildren; including Chase Lee Isaac Hand and Allison Jane Young, in which he saw every day and whom always put a smile on his face and gave him the highlight of each day. He worked his whole life to help support his family and will be deeply missed. Anyone who had the privileged to have had the chance to be apart of his life should feel grateful and knows he will be deeply missed. He left our world the day after Thanksgiving, which was the happiest day for him, he spent the day with family and friends and the people he loved. He will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated as a wonderful man and a man who truly cared about his family and their well being. He was married to Junieta Hand for 48 years in which he had 4 children, Cindy, Timothy, Billy, and Dollie (Dusty). He was preceded by death by his father and sister Carol, and is survived by his mother Ann Taylor and his brother Bob Hand, and 3 sisters Roxanne Gullotta, Sharron Carder, and Angie Holder. He had 8 grand children Ryan, Michael, Jennifer, Jason, Stephanie, Jeremy, Justin and Amanda. He had 8 great grand children. We know that you are now in heaven with your family and will forever be watching over us. We loved you deeply Papa and you will never be forgotten.