This tribute was added by Cindy Avery on January 20, 2020
Dad I miss you so much.
As you already know, it's been going on 10 years since you left us. That seems like a lifetime ago. I feel so blessed to have gotten to spend most of the last couple of years caring for you allowing us to become even closer than with Sissy and the boys.
And now its Billy's turn. I just know he is with you and Ryan. I know you are all together. And I know you are all three watching out for the rest of us.
Things have not even been the same as when you were here. I miss all the holidays we used fo have. The holidays now have become quite dreadful.
There is one positive thing that has happened. My other Brother Billy. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. He is alot like us. Especially since he was not raised around us. It is in the will get to meet him some day and see us again some day.
That day cant come soon enough. I miss all of you so much it hurts. Until that day just know how much I love you guys All three of you.And not a day goes by that I dont think of you guys. Dad give Joe Joe a big kiss and hug from Mom And My Brother a big kiss and hug and one for you too.
Love, love and miss you.
This tribute was added by Jimindust Criss on June 22, 2018
I just want to say happy birthday to the best dad ever. I can't believe you have been gone for 8 years already. I so wish you were here. Your missing out on so much. The grandkids your new son. Dad I wish he could of got to meet you, you would have loved him. Hes so awesome. And can you believe hes a cop dad lol I know my brother Billy has told you all about him. Dad we all miss you so much, chase misses you relax bad to. He hasn't forgotten you.he said you were the best papa ever. I know I will get to see you again soon. I can't wait. I love you more than life itself dad and I will always be your baby girl.
Love always and forever, your baby girl
This tribute was added by Jennifer Landers on June 22, 2017
Happy Birthday PaPa.. We miss and love you so very much!
This tribute was added by Dusty Duran on November 26, 2016
Hi daddy, I can't believe it's been 6 years today. I miss you so so much. I think about you every day. I know you are with me all the time. I know you helped me catch that big fish last month cause you answered my prayer. It was the biggest fish, it was a 33 pound yellow tail tuna and I know you were up there with a big smile on your face telling everyone ( that's my girl ). Dad you make me so proud to be your daughter.. I know you were also looking out for Timmy that day and helped him catch his big fish. I know you and God are watching over all of us here. Your grandson chase sure remember you and he also misses you. He talks to me about you to me all the time , he cries for you to Dad and it breaks my heart. He just don't understand. We all miss you Dad it has not been the same here since you left. I know I will be seeing you again one day when I get to heaven. So save room on that boat for me. I love you daddy so so very much.
Love always, your baby girl
This tribute was added by Alyssa Hand on November 26, 2016
Still think of you all the time Papa. Had biscuits and gravy this morning and it want the same. All I could talk about was how good yours was, perfect everytime. You truly are missed by everyone. I just hope everyone stops being so sad when they think about you gone, and start remembering all the good times they had with you. Still remember the first time I met you, sneaking down the stairs on hoodsport in the middle of the night, you were wide awake watching TV on the couch, and just looked at me and said "well hello there" lol. Embarrassing as hell for me, but it would be the first of so many times you would catch me off guard saying things to mess with me. We all love you and miss you Papa. Thanks for always giving those of us who were lucky enough to know you, the pleasure of having all of those wonderful memories of you.
This tribute was added by Dusty Duran on November 28, 2015
Thank you dad. I finally cough one 3 all together but 2 got away and the other broke my hook in half I was the only one who brought a fish home. Thank you again, love you , me dusty
This tribute was added by Jennifer Landers on November 28, 2015
Papa i love and miss you so much please give ryan love for me. Lifes not the same without you both. Please be there for uncle timmy and grlp him get through this. And give michael guidance he really needs it right now
This tribute was added by Dusty Duran on November 27, 2015
Hi daddy, I can't believe it's been five years. I miss you so much. I think about you everyday, I sure wish I could talk to you in person. There is so much you are missing out on, like the boo and little miss ema . Oh dad you would have just loved the shit out of them. Little miss ema is so pretty she looks just like her beautiful momma. Amanda is such a good mother you would be so proud of her. And cylus o.m.g. you would of dug the shit out of him he looks just like justin, but has a total different attitude then Justin had this one is so mean but Hella cute. You would of just loved the shit out of them both. And our chase he's getting so big dad you would be so proud of him too. He talks about you all the time, he remembers you well. He tells me all the time he wishes you were still here. We all wish you were still here. Do you hear me talking to you ? I talk to you all the time. The other day I was asking you if you could help me out fish jim. I think you were helping me cause I got more bits then he did I just got to excited and tried hooking them to fast and lost them every time. They keept getting my bait.lo. we are going fishing right niw so please try and help me cath one. I love you daddy and I miss you more then you'll ever know. Love always and forever, your baby dusty.
This tribute was added by Justin Hand on June 22, 2015
Happy B-Day Papa, I love and miss you so much. You left me to soon papa, I would give anything to have you here with me right now. I love you so much
This tribute was added by Michael Spanke on June 22, 2014
Happy birthday papa. Love you
This tribute was added by Jimindust Criss on November 27, 2013
Dad, it's been 3 years since you've passed. It's still hard to believe your gone. I keep waiting for you to just come home from Vegas and walk right in the door and say hi im home. But I know it's not going to happen and that thought makes me so sad, I hurt. I need you dad, there is so much your missing out on, so much to show and tell you. Like your new great grandson cylus, and your new great granddaughter little miss Emma. Dad she is so beautiful and so precious, one look at her and you would have fell in love just as I did, and cylus lets just say he would of been a pappas boy for sure. He would of been your boo too. A little justin lol. You should see chase and ali omg they are getting so big and so smart. They miss you to. I wish you were here, we all wish you were here. Everyone misses you dad. Your always in my heart and my thoughts. I cant wait to see you again, I love you daddy. Yours truly and alway your baby girl, me dusty. Xoxoxo
This tribute was added by Michael Spanke on June 22, 2011
i am still thinking of you papa. i miss you so much and wish you were still here to see just how big and beautiful michaela is getting. happy birthday
This tribute was added by Candy Baker on November 29, 2010
‎11/26/2010 ~ R.I.P My Buddy Ol Pal Frank Hand
~ God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered "come to me." With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest. God...... broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.
This tribute was added by Dusty Duran on November 29, 2010
my dad was the best dad any girl could ever ask for.
I was and always will be his baby girl.
Any time i was feeling sad or upset about anything, all i would have to do is
look at my dad and i would instantly have a smile on my face. he always cheered me up.
he had a heart of gold and a smile that was unforgetable.
we had some awsome times together and im going to miss him so bad.
i miss wakeing up in the morning and seeing him watching cartoons with the grand kids.
he loved his grand kids and great grand kids so much , his family was his whole world
thats what he lived for. he was their for everyone, friends and family everyone.
its going to be hard livin without him. he will always be in my heart and deaply missed.
I love you daddy forever and always.

love always, your baby girl
This tribute was added by Michael Spanke on November 28, 2010
Frank hand,
This man was my grandfather. And he was great at it. I
have so many fond memories of him; these are called the good ones. And I have a lot of good ones. There are too many too talk about right now, so I will some it up to some of my favorite good ones.
     Like when I went and stayed the summer with him and Nan in las Vegas. I was sleeping on the couch that summer. Well I was tell papa showed up after two or three days gone, he said he was fishing with friends at lake mead and he lost his wallet and pay check over the edge of the boat…. Well needless to say papa was at casino, and Nan was pissed... So I gave up the couch and slept on the floor next to couch, and papa and I watch hunting and discovery channel all night for like two weeks.
Another good one I have of papa was fishing. He really loved to fish. All kinds. Mainly cat fish. The last trip I went on with papa was after Grandpa Billy john passed. We had a great day at the lake on grandpa’s boat. We didn’t catch a lot of fish, but we hung out on the boat what seemed like all day. The fun part of that day was when papa tried to pull the boat into the trailer. Let’s just say he didn’t go in straight. After a few laughs and a couple tries, we ended up with a bent trailer and damaged pride. Papa shore was frustrated. But we laughed like hell after words.
The last good one I am gunna talk about, and this one is a good one. I will carry on with me tell the day I die. This last thanksgiving. As we all know papa was battling cancer. He has been sick for a while now. And for the friends and family that were there, you wouldn’t have even known it. Papa had put his game face on and a spring in his step. That day he was laughing, visiting and teaching me a thing or two on how to play a saxophone. Papa kept on talking about how happy he was about how many great grand children there were at the house. He was very proud of his grand kids and great grand kids in fact, that day he pulled a couple of us out side and told us how much he loved us and that he was very proud of us he was. As if he knew that he needed to tell us that it was going to be alright, that he was going to be there for us no matter what. Papa had cared so much about us that he was trying to prepare us for what was happening the very next day. This is who papa was.
In short, it is not just the goods ones, but the good ones we loose. And papa was one of the good ones. He really was
This tribute was added by Maritza Adams on November 28, 2010
Frank’s Spirit of Christmas  
By Maritza Adams

Not until this year had I ever felt
“The true meaning of Christmas…”
Decorate this house to the fullest!
Celebrate family with the Love you All deserve!
For the happiest days I lived have been the ones spent with you…

I may not be here in the flesh,
You may not see me as you use to
But feel my presence as you think of me
Feel my love, as I fill your heart with Love

And in those instances when you have doubt
When worldly happenings surround you
Count on my spirit being with you always
For the Spirit of Christmas I have found!

Love each other unconditionally
And take comfort in these words
Don’t think I left without you
I just left ahead of you,
And until we meet again, BELIEVE!

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