Let the memory of Frankie be with us forever
  • 75 years old
  • Born on May 25, 1938 in Younstown, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on October 25, 2013 in Fontana, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Frankie Mediati JR, 75, born on May 25, 1938 and passed away on October 25, 2013. We will remember him forever. 

                  Gone are the days we used to share
                  But in my heart you are always there
                  My memories of you will never close
                  I miss you more than anyone will ever know
                  Now and forever...plus 2 days..........
                  Until we together again my Love........
                  je t'aime pour toujours......

Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 25th October 2018
Today my Love I celebrate you , a life well lived to the end.....you made our life so special and it is difficult to be without you....I thank you for all the loving memories you have left behind, although somewhat painful at time to realized they will never be again.....I miss you so much ....You were an inspiration to me, it is why today my life is enriched....The time passes ......5 years today, it seems like a life time.... for many changed has taken place in my life, one thing remains my love for you ....you occupy that special place in my heart and nothing can even erase it, for love never fade and that the love we share will always remain in my heart. forever my love plus 2 days
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 11th July 2018
Pray me back home Frankie seems unable to leave the Uk ; each time I go to make reservations I get sick with panic attacks.... just the thought of walking back to our home with all our memories and Chele...Pumpkin not being there.....I did ask Wanda if she could stay with me for couple of days but she is with her sister for 2 weeks I think ; I will wait until then , and also the over 100 degrees temp is not appealing; the weather is lovely here....might wait until first part of September, but for sure this is it.....I will leave and attend to my neglected life...... I must resume ......do not want to.....it was nice to take a break from life and responsibilities being all postponed, but nevertheless are and waiting......will get help to get everything back in order. Mon Cheri I still miss you every day especially when I think about our peaceful, wonderful life together. Thank you so much for all you have done and for loving me unconditionally . You are and will always be a part of me and today I miss you like crazy......wish I could talk to you face to face.....but this will have to do.... I guess, I am happy that I can at least come here to be with you.... you will always be my forever endless love plus 2days.....
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 28th May 2018
Happy Birthday my Love to you and Michele since you have always celebrated on Memorial day together...I am celebrating you both ...... Needed out of here ..... spend the long weekend in London it was nice and super busy...good for my head, long island ice tea was helpful as well....do not even want to go home .... 6 months would not even be long enough....Frankie I miss you and Michele so much .....what more can I add except to say.....I love you both so much... thank you my Darling, for all you have deposited in my life to make the person I am today.... with all my heart I love you,,,, plus 2 day
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 15th May 2018
"Happy Anniversary to us my love " I will forever remember this beautiful day....tomorrow I know... but wanted to spend this day telling you how much tu me manques and because this day was equally as important is the next day; the 15th in Laughlin, the Rivera Hotel was reserved all ready for the festivities; I will forever treasure the gift of love you bestowed upon me... until I could be your wife " the man I almost did not marry". Thank you Frankie for living this romantic ever peaceful life with me...the life you had promised that will be remember by all.....you never ever disappointed me , your promised were never just in words but in deeds also, your love made me strong and secured ......but here I am missing you again wishing I could look into your eyes and tell you again I much our life together meant to me and how much you are loved.....here I am still in the UK , seems unable to go home and walk back into our empty home, if Pumpkin was here....I miss him..... but all is gone forever...... here I am with my heart full of sadness and my memories ...... know that no one in this world can ever take the place that you occupy in my heart.....our love never dies its just a fact and I miss you so so much.....forever my endless love plus 2 days.......
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 29th March 2018
Happy Easter in Heaven with our Resurrected Lord. I cannot even imagine what it will be like !!!! Easter week, our special week of festivities , from home decorations, to week of church activities, food preparation without forgetting brioches your speciality.... then resurrection day with our families, perfect end to a perfect week. These were truly the exciting times we walked hand and hand so ever close ...., to our Lord in one accord , travelling life highway on the road less travelled toward our ever lasting home with one purpose......our hearts full of love, peace and joy...nothing missing....what a ride we were on.....I forever will cherished the years the Lord bestowed up on us...and ever so grateful for the life we shared. I am still here in the UK , you probably disapproved that I am not attending business as I should, I will soon.... It really does my head in ( special term in the UK, they speak funny here you know , contrary to only me !!!..lol)... Mon cheri, I love you and miss you and our special peaceful life together, we certainly knew how to do marriage.... together we were amazing......for that I will forever be grateful...the spoiled part of me not so much...... make my life difficult without you. You are and always will be living in my heart..... as long as I live you and my Michele shall live also.... never to be forgotten.....forever plus 2 days my endless love.......until the Lord calls me home....
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 7th March 2018
Frankie today our Bonnie is having surgery and I know how much you cared and loved her. Here i am so far from her, praying for a successful outcome, feeling all alone with no one to talk to. Spending time here with you always help and I know that we are all connected spiritually therefore talk to the Lord for us , we are praying that her cancer will be contained and she will be ok. Just to remind you that you are so missed and loved especially needed in time such is this, your support, and wisdom were always a comfort and I know that we would be with her right now if you were here. You were our rock and strength.. who had a heart of gold..... If I could write a million pages about who you were, I would still be unable to convey it adequately, and just how much I love and miss you every single day you are and always be forever my Love plus 2 days
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 6th February 2018
Needed to be with you awhile ......approaching Valentine's day could not help missing our roads trips , A.I.S 6 AM coffee, diet coke, music,laughter and always feeling that strong bound, love between us. Always in touch with each other, always knowing it would last a life time until one of us would go to our permanent home.. How I miss this peaceful feeling within...I miss us Frankie always you were like no one in this world, and I cherished our lives together.. But I have a new life now ....as you surely know for we all connected through the same Spirit ..know that the place you occupy in my heart Belong to only you you are and always be my endless love, forever my love plus 2 days. Thank you so much for all that we shared together, a life that can never be duplicated . You always said our lives will be a love story that would inspired those who came in contact with us and it was. I NEEDED YOU you were there always doing "damage control" how i miss that ..it was nothing you could not handle ...I need you wisdom right now...waiting on the LORD , seems heaven went brass...thank you so very much for you have blessed my life but left me without enough directions for I would not allow you too. With all my heart I love you forever plus 2 days....
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 22nd December 2017
Well,my darling ...It's that time of year again when all the memories of our wonderful life together come flooding back to me. This will be my fifth Christmas without you, but it seems like only yesterday since we laughed and cried together on lifes ever changing highway I know that my life has moved on in recent times but i will never forget the special times that we shared and will always love you forever plus two days. j'aurai voulu etre avec toi pour toute ma vie mais personne ne m'a donne le choix, alors je continue le mieux que je peux......s'en toi. The place in my heart that only you can fill will never be tarnished, it will only be yours and yours alone......i have missed you and Chele so so much , hope you together with the rest of the family......Christmas in Heaven must be amazing, in our Father's house are many mansions, if it was not so He would have told us..... until God calls me home you will always be in my heart. with all my love forever
Posted by Pierrette Hill on 27th October 2017
We miss you. You were a true friend.
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 23rd October 2017
Frankie as I come here today to celebrate the beautiful life we shared together and how all the dreams we held in our hands you made come through, I am so amazed by the unconditional love you showered upon me.and the constant support and caring... above all.... I will always be grateful .....When I could not go on you carried me...demonstrating patience beyond measure....and teaching me that love is forever. You faithfulness to God and His Word was an example to us all, this is the legacy you left behind, and my heart is full of gratitude...... Four years has passed on the 25th, although I carried you and Michele every day of my life with me....I no longer could handle it on my own, I joined a grief group online....was able to stay with the group and converse with many whom I could related with,.and was very helpful... ..I meet Kevin, amount others and soon we became good friends online , He reside, in the UK and we shared our life stories pretty much, I felt that I could really trust him and when He wanted to meet me months later..... I accepted the invitation...., just return from the UK....had a wonderful time ... he is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart, caring and passionate, very opinionated and he makes me laugh.....and it is fair to say we love with one another.....a different kind of love that I don't understand , I don't know how it will play out...many road blocks, many differences in life style, unequally yokes for sure...but we would like to be together. for it is not good to be alone.......I am indecisive, always wavering , never could make a decision without confirmation. I am sharing this with you hoping first and foremost you will approve, second those friends and family also will know. and stop interfering.... but most of all pray in the spirit as we are one ...asking God for His approval and for His wisdom to make the right decision for a future with Kevin...if I obtain the peace of God the passes my own understanding then I will know it is the right decision....... Frankie know that I will always love you as long as I live you will live.also....no one will ever take your place in my heart. My darling I love you with an everlasting love that will never be tarnished for it is set apart.....and you will remain forever my endless love plus 2 days. ,
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 26th July 2017
Frankie: it has been a while since l Have been here. I really have a trouble heart all over again in feel so confused and sad wondered how you advise me to go on with my life. I can write down my heart, but I am. Sure you already know as our Father in heaven, even hesitant to go to Him with with my heart heaviness, but I will a little talk with Jesus,and I know he will eventually understand but maybeyou both will no see this my way, but I am so tired of this. Life of pain I have live in for so long. I want to lay my burden down awhile. I cannot do it anymore. Frankie I have missed you for so[poo long , i am so tire I want to sleep in peace now. Somehow my peace has been disturbed ......it shattered my heart forever my love will remain, for it is endless, forever you are and will be a part of me , but Frankie my Darling ....i am no longer the same for a reason only God know. Please pray and come in my dream help in in this , I know you will you always do. I missed you so very much, you never left me instructions about how am I suppose to live without? How in my suppose to carry on, so I stubble of fall time after time. Thank you for your wisdom that will be my lead, going now to the Lord in prayer and between the two of you, I know the answer is on the way. Frankie my love for you will never end, our memories will always keep my heart for failing. OForever for endless love plus 2 days........
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 27th June 2017
My love, today I have this great need to come here and be with you. I feel sad and anxiety for the 4th of July. is upon us once again and you not here to support each other as we have done in the past. I have no one to share my feelings with anymore , as you know I never share my life much especially since you are gone. No one would understand anyhow, as you use to say"it me and you babe"Now it's just me and I really miss you to remember the death of you brother . We were the only ones alone to share, care and love when all had forsaking us but it was ok is long as we had each other. But now.....i have my group now we share are feelings and amazingly we or feel the same and relate well, even we never meet, we not alone and much needed support, no one to say" you should do and don,t or move on or they in better place or some stupid stuff like that. But they mean well, just don't have a clue......i could talk to you all day and stay here but our Pumpkin has been sick, just sleeping and not eating,, so worry but all the lab work is good so I just pray believingthe Lord knows what the best. Our Pumpkin always all 3 of us.....it was a good life we made, you use to say a"a love story will be our legacy" how thru it was...you are love with an even lasting love forever an a 2 days. I miss you, I carry you daily with me in everything I do, and am, and in my heart..... Forever my endless love plus 2 days xoxo
Posted by Patricia McCage on 25th May 2017
Dear Madeleine, this will most likely be a difficult day for you as I believe others in May are. Here's hoping that you can find some joy in your memories of happy days spent with Frank and your daughter. One day we'll all leave this world, and we look forward to forever with God in his heavenly kingdom. Yesterday, we were in Nice, France and I thought of you. Blessings, dear friend.
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 25th May 2017
Happy birthday to you my love....you are in that place that our Lord is prepared just for you where there is pure joy and peace, perfect health, I am comforted by by this knowledge. The joy of the Lord is my strength...my job now is to live my life reflecting your love....also to help others to the Living Water of Life that can quench anyone thirst forever, and guarantee to live in heaven forever. Let me reiterate how greatful I am to have you had my husband, I don't have enough words in my vocabularyto describe it but be sure you were number 1 husband like no other. Know that you live with me in my heart...i love you forever plus 2 days. Have a beautiful birthday in Heaven...i will celebrate you on earth. My endless love you are so missed.....xoxo
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 16th May 2017
Happy anniversary my love.....another year gone by and I find myself reliving every moment of this unforgettable, wonderful day we share together our lives for even until death do us part. I never imagine my life without you would be so difficult and that every minute of every day would be so lonely, that you are being missed in everything I do, and because you were my all, to deal with. ever issue of life without you is a challenge I face daily and I hated. Many things I would like to say, but to personal for this page. I cannot believe the amount of visitors you have still a most 4 years later. Honey you were loved by all our friend and my family adored you. We are going to have a great granddaughter Makenzie Michele. Kelly Campanile precious right. Tell my Michele I love her and miss her each and every day. Memorial day weekend you always celebrate your birthday together. Today my heart ache for you and tears are fallen because I need you so much to help me with so many things, I need you love or presence, I want to talk with you and hold you hand, and tell you again that I love you for ever plus 2 days, that without you I am not the same. Come to me in my dreams, spend the night and I will be ok again for a little while longer, I will tell you all my secrets that I cannot say here. To you my endless love for ever and ever plus 2 day. Happy Anniversary I am so proud to be your wife what a beautiful love story our lives were........see you soon in my dreams
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 16th April 2017
It is Easter, I had wonderful plan to go to sunrisr service, come home pick up Pumpkin and spend the day with Wanda and the family but when I went to open the garage door it would not openn, the Sprint was broken, I was so disappointed and very sad, you see I was missing you like crazy and needed to be with my true friends those I know never leave me no matter the time or the season. What is Heaven like on Easter I wonder, what did you do TODAY I hope you able to remember the earth, and me ....I need you so much....when the stars SHINE up in the sky I miss you, when the sun rises and sets I miss you, every day, every hour in every way , in everything I do I miss you....the hole you left is in the shape of you nothing and no one else can fit it. Our Derek is having a baby girl in August maybe her name will be EMma Michele beautiful don't you think we are blessed, we think our Lord. MY LOVE, I need you in my dream tonight, so please come. I grieve for all the tomorrows without you, I don't know how to live this life without very well, you left no instructions.....i need to hold your hand and feel reassured in you. Our love is so strong in me it sustains me in all my need, I just miss being with you, I love you so very much. My love forever plus 2 days. Forever my endless love.......see you in my dreams........
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 14th February 2017
Happy Valentine's day my love......had to visit with you....love you so so much, nothing is going to change my love for you.....I miss you so...you are my forever Valentine.......plus 2 days my endless love
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 1st January 2017
Happy New year my love....another year has gone by without you....and I have missed you so much, but I made it, thank you Jesus. As you know I am not found of starting a new year especially without family, I feel like an orphan sometime, thank God for friends. Well my love no sense repeating repeating myself you know how my heart feels, you are with me in everything I do, and go always and forever plus 2 days I will love you .......i miss your presence, the sound of your voice, your wisdom, your hand in mine, just everything....mon Cheri je t'aime pour Toulojours plus 2 days......come spend the night in my dream....you are forever my love
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas to you my love......i wonder what it is like in heaven .....and if some how...since we all have the HOly Spirit dwelling within us, if some how we are still all connected to one another and you know what I am doing and feeling spiritually speaking for the spirit dwelling within every child of God is the same spirit we will go to heaven with......i need to pounder in my heart inn this new revelation......honey I mis you so much today wish you were here with me....i need a hug from you please come tonight ain my dream and spend the night with me. We celebrate the birth of our Lord I am so thankful for how we are all connected to each other. I love that.....i love you sooo much and cannot wait for you to come tonight....you Wil always be forever my endless love. In my heart you dwell and live everyday with me sharing my life and love forever plus 2 days...
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 24th November 2016
Happy Thanksgiving my love.... Was thinking what is thanksgiving like in heaven or is it every day wethanksgiving....for every day in the present of the Lord must be thanksgiving. Sitting in the restaurant with pumpkin , counting my blessings, I realized they were to many to count them all, so I recall many beautiful memories and blessings of our lives and special holidays together, and thank our A bba father for first and foremost that we were reedemed and set apart to live with him foe every meaning we will be together for ever, praise the Lord. God bless me with many years of my Frankie'love, friendship and blessings beyond what is mentioned here. I had the privilege to be married to the remarkable man on this earth, until you were call home. God knows best.......i want to thank you my Frankie for loving me sooo well, that I am still able to feel that love and it keeps me going . Love like ours never dies because it was real and to God be the glory for such gift. I never feel alone any more we are here, we are now , we're are one. You are the hands that help me up, you are the eyes that help me see that all is well. Thank you my baby. I miss in you so very much, and I love you forever plus 2 days you are always with me no matter where I am, in my heart my endless love.
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 24th November 2016
It is not esxcately what I posted but honey I am having such a problem on this site since the summer. I forgot to tell you we have snow on our mountain, heyyyy.....love me always and forever plus 2 days..
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 26th October 2016
I was unable to post my tribute to my husband yesterday I had 2 days of frustration on that site. It was posted on Facebook you can view it there until I post it again here on 0ctober 25 th fb.
Posted by Seth Roth on 26th October 2016
Frank loved Madeleine SO much. She was so important to him. Frank was just the sweetest of souls. He will always be remembered with the kindest of thoughts. Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of his passing. As I suddenly had a desire to leave the gym and go for a walk instead....I met a blind man who needed help to cross the street. He told me his name was Frank. I told him I was having a rough time emotionally which is why I was going for a walk. He told me life has its downs. Then as we went to go our separate ways...he told me to "Trust in God".
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 8th August 2016
I think if I spend time with you today I will feel courageous to leave my burden and sadness over the lost of your and my dear friend Jake, I hope you were included in the welcome committee for Jake, we did love him dearly. The memorial service was Friday and the burial tomorrow at the VA cemetery were your brother Petey is buried, Gloria is going to miss him so......Thank God she will be living with Cindie. Its is difficult to go through these trouble times without resting my head upon your shoulder or holding your hand. In these unclear moments you were the one keeping me strong. and I am so grateful to have you in my life. I will always see your face, your smile and all the little things that only I secretly ponder in my heart, never to be shared..... Changing the conversation to us (my favorite subject) I still feel you here with me. I cannot hold your hand or look into your beautiful blue eyes, when I talk to you it just echoes in my mind, I know just where you are....what is time....but just a dream it has no way of knowing that you are gone, and the world just keep on going. I am blessed because I was loved by you, you where my inspiration. I am everything I am because you loved me unconditionally. It is not easy to be courageous and strong, when all around us, all seems to be wrong; Jesus never promised the road would be smooth, but I am assured of His wonderful love. Each day we face difficult choices but the Lord says: my joy and peace can be mine His promise is never to leave me or forsake me, and He will be with me wherever I go. Thank you Jesus. Mon Cheri..... your life was a blessing; your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words, missed beyond measure...remembering the best times, the laughter, the road trips, the songs we sings, the good life we lived. I love you more today then yestoday but less then tomorrow .........my heart belong to you until the end of time.... I love you forever plus 2 days.....my endless love.......See you tonight in my dreams.........
Posted by Lisa Kovar on 25th May 2016
Birthday Wishes Frank! As this is the day God chose to share your life here on earth, so it is a day to celebrate the heart of who you are. The lives you touched, the stories of you shared, and the impact of such a man as you, has left on my heart. Praising God for the blessing of your Madeleine in my life. Blessings & Love, Lisa
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 25th May 2016
Happy Birthday my Love......you are and always will be "the Love of my Life" and I celebrate you today. I thank God for given you to me, you have never let me down, being always available for me, being sensitive to my needs, knowing just what to say, for listening better than anyone else, bringing me laughter, bringing me light, for understanding so much about me, and trusting me with so much about you. My little baby girl loved you so much, if you see her tell her Happy Birthday with all my love, tell her she was so precious to me that she meet so much to me, and that she lives in my heart never to be forgotten, tell her she is more than a name on a plaque, that she is and always will be the greatest gift in my life and as long as I live you both live with me, I miss both of you so much, just knowing that you are in Heaven together and that we will be reunited makes my heart glad. and Honey no more pain for neither of you, thank God for His wisdom and love....Forever my love plus 2 days.......je t'aime avec tout mon Coeur pour toujours. CELEBRATE TOGETHER AND DON'T FORGET BENITA, LIKE YOU COULD
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 13th May 2016
My Love: On the Eve of our anniversary , I could not wait until tomorrow to spend some time with you, it is my joy to come to this site and feel like we are connecting. As you know this is a total month of celebration starting with our French Holiday, Labor Day with mugget and continuing until the month is over. I decided to celebrate each day that represent our life together with birthdays, anniversary, My baby girl birthday, yours my love, as to celebrate your lifes, ending with Memorial day. I would have like to go on a road trip like we have always done, some how I could not do it alone too soon perhaps, maybe refusing to continue living my life looking in the rear view mirror, must move forward and continue to run the race sit before me until it is completed and I can be in my FATHER 'S HOUSE reunited with my husband and daughter. Honey I miss you so very much, my love for you is not diminish at all, on the contrary my heart is full, for you have loved me perfectly in this human life, therefore I have need of nothing as long is Jesus is with me I am okay There will never be any one else for me but you. I never will forget the day we wedd and the promises we made to each other; I ponder in my heart, every day of our road trip to NewYork, review it with the video we made, I hear your voice, I see you sweet loving face, your laughter and recall our night life, thank you Honey for loving me perfectly in this world. You are my hero , you live your life to help and encourage all them that came in contact with you, you were an inspiration to all, especially to me and I am sure, pleasing to God, I am amazed and want to live the rest of my life to do good and obey and please God. Remember this song" if you get their before I do, don't give up on me". I will meet you when my days a through, wait for me my Love at the gate to welcome me. Until then know that you are the one and only love in this life for me and I thank God I experienced and was blessed to have known this kind of love. Je t'aime pour toujours plus 2 days my endless love...until then
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 26th March 2016
My Sweet Angel: Tomorrow is Easter, as we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and all that He accomplish for us on that cross, I can not help wondering what is the celebration in Heaven, enjoying all that God thru His son did for all of us. Here I also celebrate and remember all of our time together how special Easter was also with the family tradition such as brioche. I thank God for all my friends that are so faithful to include me in their festivity. I come to say how much I miss you and to send you all my love. I hold you close within my heart and there you remain to walk with me throughout my life and all activities until I see you again, but out of no where as I drive my car, do the dishes or get ready for bed all of a sudden it hits me how so very much I miss you and Michele and the sadness is so great that it is physical painful. When I find my heart just is not strong enough to handle this mountain in front of me, I take my problems, wrap it in prayer and give it over to God' care, this is the only way I know that I can make it through. He Never fail his children. So mon cheri know that I am OK for I never walk alone. Although , my life without you was God's plan. I thank Him for all the years we enjoyed together and all the memories we made. Thank you my Frankie for loving me unconditionally, My love for you will never end, it lives within me always until we together again. I love you forever plus 2 days
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 14th February 2016
Happy Valentine's day my Love: you are my Valentine today as it was in yestyear . My love for you continue to grow each day, it is A GOOD THING, I am going thru so much trials and tribulations which I will not mention for the world can see this, but I know in my heart you know for you live within me, everywhere I go you, you go. Today I will go to our favorite restaurant with Pumky and of course you and enjoy being close to you. I have journeyed through long dark nights since you gone,, unable to sleep, by faith alone, calling on my Lord to bring me through, and He never disappointed me, He was always there . I have the blessed hope that He will never leave me.....and since our love will never die and no one can ever take your place..... all as well. I forever miss you and always well, know that my love is forever yours , there can never be anyone else but you for me, your love is all that I need, for my Heavenly Father will never forsake me Praise God . I pray that you know that the Life we leave together made me the happiest person in the world for it still satisfying my every need. I enjoy coming to this site and talk with you on special days. Honey I love you always & forever plus 2 days..... . Come to me in my dreams tonight until then.......my endless Love xoxoxo
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 10th January 2016
My Sweet Darling: I have miss coming here so much.. I can feel my heart being comforted right now, peace restore being here with you. and in our house where we live and love. You see I was flat on my back the day after I visited you here at least a week before Christmas, was hospitalized, finally on my feet 2 days ago. It feels like I have been gone for months I needed you so much, I remember you use to tell me you needed to be with me because I would have no one to make my breakfast or take care of me.....You have left such huge whole in my heart and in my life, I was not meant to live without you humanly speaking. I miss our daily routine , making decisions together , I need your wisdom because you had the wisdom of God and maybe I was to lazy to listen to the Lord for myself, our daily bible study were so rich you brought so much knowledge. Although the Lord is with me always for He never leave me nor forsake me, your presence is missed everywhere at all times. I hide my tears when I speak your name, the pain in my heart is still the same; no body misses any one more than I miss you. My love for you is alive in me keeping me going, accepting my life, changing what I can, doing my very best.....Thanking God for You being with him, and not suffering any more. I did not get to say Happy New Year, but in my heart I did, I needed to tell you than I love you with all of my heart for ever plus 2 days throughout eternity. Thank you for being my everything on earth, you were my gift from God; we had a wonderful, rich, and fulfilled life and I am thankful to the Lord...Death took your physical body but he surely could not take your love for love never dies... I wish you could hold me right now; I can feel you arms around me so warm and comfortable. I cannot wait for night to dream of you ...til we see each other again your love will lead on..........you are my forever endless love......
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 14th December 2015
Today I needed you so very much,as I attempted to celebrate our Cheley's life. As I went about my day with a heavy heart, the phone ring, A friend from the past called and invited me for the day, suggesting that I should be out. a real BLESSING FROM OUR LORD, I was able to share and enjoy time with my Lisa, plus others sisters and brothers in the Lord, it was a gift from the Lord, He always provide for me no matter the need, so Honey although your are always miss, I made it ......temps bien que mal....... The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.....To you my endless Love for ever plus 2 days......
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 25th November 2015
Hi mon Cheri, it's me again missing you....Thanksgiving eve and I just need to spend sometime sharing my love with you in words. Holidays are especially difficult....I may look strong but I am fighting daily to be this way. Please have patience with me....I will never be the same person that I was, but I am trying to be the very best that I can right now. By God's grace I will get through this difficult season, no doubt...Grieving is not for the weak....just when I think I am done, I fall back into its crack, just when I come up for air, it throws me back, being happy is a struggle, Trying to survive this complicated storm would be impossible without the Lord helping me every minute of the day. The bond we shared keep us together forever, you walk with me each day, you help to keep me strong till the day....I think about you ... our beautiful life together, your special ways, you wonderful and dear. On our wedding day you told me that our life would be a love story, a roman d'amour that will inspire others... it was just that my love......Although you have left this world you will stay within my heart guiding like an angel even though we are apart. For love is everlasting and so are my memories, your legacy that is always there to light the way for me. on This Thanksgiving as always, I thank my Father in Heaven for the gift He bestowed upon me..... YOU MY LOVE. ....your life was my blessing, your memory a treasure, our love beyond words and missed beyond measure. Gone is the face I love so dear, silent the voice I love to hear, too far away for sight or speech but not to far for thought to reach. Forever my endless love plus 2 days I will always love you....Happy Thanksgiving my Love
Posted by Patricia McCage on 26th October 2015
Frank, you left us two years ago today to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It's been especially hard on Madeleine. My prayer is that all would love the Lord as you did and do. A heavenly award awaits all those who believe. May we learn to walk as Christ did and to always put the needs of others before our own. It was always a comfort to see you sitting out in front of your house, a kind of watchman over the neighborhood. So, peace and joy to all who shared in your life, and to those who read these words. Your forever neighbors, Don and Pat
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 25th October 2015
Today , my Love, I celebrate you......2 years has passed............. Another day, another month, another year, but there never be another you... .Dedicated to you straight from my heart which has been left broken...since the day we had to part. I love you every second with each beat of my heart, I am sending you all my love wrapped up to you above. Today it is hard with out you.., but know that I miss you more each passing day. I live my life with you ....with a heart full of memories and a love that is all for you. I am blessed, it is because of God that I made it thus far, for He never leave me or forsake me. The love so beautiful, I miss, your smile, your wisdom, your advise, most of all I miss holding you. You are the wind beneath my wings. The Lord has chosen you to be with Him and I should feel nothing but proud. My pain a life time will last, you memory will never escape me, but make me glad for the time we did have. You face will always be hidden deep inside my heart, each precious moment you gave me shall never depart. They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies. Forgive me if I repeat myself a thousand time a day, but I did not get instructions on the day you left. There was a lot of suggestions on what it was I should do, but they did not know the love that we shared between me and you so I follow my heart. ..... Since words cannot express exactly how I feel, how until we meet again my heart will never heal....... You were all understanding, caring, gentle, kind and good. I miss you so very much every single day, and take comfort in the memories that will never fade away. One day recently I realized, this is not how you want me to be, that even though you are gone, you are still here with me, you want me to carry on. To live the life the best I can will honor you .Yes, I need time to grief, but deep inside of my heart, I know what I believe...I believe that God is ....I believe Love last forever, I believe in Heaven above, I believe when the time is right we will meet again my love....Until then, As I travel this road alone, the journey is my own..... I love you with an everlasting love, a love with no end......plus 2 days
Posted by Lisa Kovar on 25th October 2015
Frank...I lay this flower today, for the heart of your precious Madeleine. I can only imagine what an amazingly, loving wife she was when you were here with her. As she shares some of the wonderful memories you two made, its as though I can picture them for myself. Like the sweetest of Love Stories! The impact of the love you two shared is so very deep. It is a true testimony of God's plan for a man and woman. T Frank, you left a legacy beyond belief. The love for your God and for your Madeleine is a cornerstone of boundless strength. My heart is so full of gratitude because of your Madeleine in my life. I look forward to the day when we are all together, with the Father, praising His Holy Name. In His Love! Lisa
Posted by Seth Roth on 25th October 2015
Frank was the nicest man. He loved Madeleine with all his heart and she loved him with all her heart. Frank, we will continue to look after Madeleine, checking in with her, letting her know that someone will be there for her now that you are gone. You memory helps to comfort her. She misses you & loves you as we all do.
Posted by Bonnie Walker on 25th October 2015
Ralph and I miss you Frank and the times we had together with you and. Madeleine. So many questions as to why someone has to leave us behind. Our only comfort comes from the word of the Lird. He has promised we will all be together again. Somehow that keeps us going. Did you know that while you were still with us, you spoke prophetic words. I would have enjoyed our conversations today!!! You had great wisdom! Miss you and happy we will converse again in heaven. Madeleine is doing good. She is spreading her wings little by little. You would be pleased. Love, Bonnie and Ralph
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 1st September 2015
Mon Cheri que j'aime.....Aujourd'hui le 1 Setptember our favor month, our favor season, our car trip back East to see the beautiful change of nature, we would be getting things together to leave in the middle of the month...How I miss you....was hoping to continue our tradition, but alone I don't feel safe......so I will go back in yesteryears and go on our trip in my minds memories......this is the time of the year the most difficult until after the new year, but all do-able when you have the Lord Jesus on your side. You see, there is this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and you whispers still softly echo; a place where a part of you will forever be a part of me. Yes I am incomplete without you I miss you each and every day, you are someone so special who means more than word can say, that is why love is always all in and around me, thank you for leaving all that I need to go on........I will honor you and the memories you left behind, our memories have become my gold , they give me hope and hold my hand as I go through this life alone humanly. To honor you by living the best life that I can with the help of our FATHER AND THE LORD JESUS THRU THE POWER OF HIS SPIRIT...God very often grant me time in my dreams with you shetered in your arms, I know it is just a dream, but the arms I feel are real and I am happy once again throughout the next day and more... Nothing last forever...expect for ever...and you my love...and so will you my love...where even I am found you memories always around.....For me you will never die for you have taken the time to leave me with fond memories, remembering how your touch electrified my soul. I will forever love you plus 2 days ....my love......until God calls me home......you are my endless love Honey I am so excited went to your office discover in a drawer that I never open 3 dvd you have made of our vacation. What a surprise, a blessing from the Lord I am so so happy I am going to watch our car trip back East don't have to just remember. I am so blessed, thank you my love for this gift, will be my greatest joy time after time to see us together on our fabulous fall joy trip.....xoxosxo
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 4th July 2015
Happy 4th of July, thinking of you of course in remembrance of those 4th we spent together..., always so blessed. Hope against hope you are reunited with your brother...... thinking much of him today 23 years ago, hard to believe, wishing you were with me to day. Just to remind you : you are my heart, my soul, my treasure, my today, my tomorrow, my forever plus 2 days, my everything. Of course my Lord know He is first.... but humanly you are first and last and forever my endless love....... The rain falls because the clouds can no longer handle the weight. Tears fall because my heart can no longer handle the pain. I miss you so very much.......
Posted by Seth Roth on 26th May 2015
Dear Frank, On this day, of your birthday, we especially think of you. You will always be remembered with the warmest of thoughts. We miss you. We will watch over Madeleine for you. We know you are in heaven watching over her too.
Posted by Benita Labat on 26th May 2015
Dearest Frank, thinking about you on your Birthday, would love to go to Caspers with you to get our hot dog..everytime I go I can imagine you and Madeliene sitting outside with your precious lil bird eating your hot dogs..you with your heart of gold and the patience of a 'gentle' man. Miss you and you are not forgotten ever. Love Benita
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 25th May 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING....we use to have wonderful week-end with our daughter celebrating both birthday on Memorial day week-end she loved "uncle daddy" so much you were such an amazing dad and grand dad to the boys, we all miss both of you so much. I am sure Benita will miss your trip to the hotdog place, I send .her a birthday wish....Well my Love I know you are in God's care and in good health for that I am so thankful. In your honor and our Cheley,s birthday I send this ballon up above... along with lots of love....Wishing we could be all together , but in my heart you both are always near... so mon cheri celebrate with Cheley . Since my arms cannot reach you I always hug both of you with my prayer, Where there is deep grief ...there is great love. My endless Love je t'aime forever plus 2 days, I miss you so much, give Cheley my love......until that day that God calls me home, prepare a place for me between the two of you, where we will live eternally in our Father's house........I live each day with the joy of the Lord , the amazing love in my heart, the wonderful memories we created,,,,,TO HAVE KNOWN SUCH GREAT LIFE WITH YOU KEEPS ME SO CONTENT....GLORY TO GOD FOR HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.......HONEY I MISS YOU EVERY WHERE I GO, EVERYTHING I DO, YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING . JE T'AIME DE TOUT MON COEUR POUR TOUJOURS
Posted by Val Lee on 25th May 2015
A time to remember a life well lived. Thank you for watching from above over my friend Madeleine. Happy birthday to you in your heavenly mansion. Val
Posted by Lisa Kovar on 25th May 2015
"Happy Birthday Frank!" This is the day God chose to share you with the world. Because of your presence here on earth many lives were touched. Precious memories of you, that Madeleine shares, are beautiful, to say the least. They bring blessings to our hearts, and are a light from which God shines into our lives and marriage. You are all that God had created you to be...kind, caring, loving, sharing, full of joy & laughter, and an example of what God intended a Daddy & Husband to be. Russ & I are blessed to share your Madeleine with you! She fills our lives with joy! Birthday Blessings! In His Love, Russ & Lisa
Posted by Wanda Ashbrook on 25th May 2015
Remembering our special Frank with much affection on his birthday, and with much gratefulness for having known him. His absence continues to leave such a void, but the happy memories help comfort. Thank you, Lord, for having brought him into our lives; thank You for the legacy of love he left behind....
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 16th May 2015
"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY ENDLESS LOVE"......Today is our day, I was impressed in my heart to create new memories for us...but.....it is still so difficult to redo this day with new memories......Then I was going to go to Laughling where we marry, but I just could not do it without you.....so I come here on your site to share this day with you. Mon Cheri I miss you every moment of every day, and my love for you grows with every memories I share of us.....we had a wonderful live......thank you my amazing husband. Time does not always heal, but it does afford an opportunity to form new perspectives which can be a good step toward healing. I am seriously thinking of down sizing I knew I have your approval for you wanted to do this for me before you left to your final home so I will do it Charrett will help me. It is going to a big job. Tony came by....as you probably know his wife also left us, I hope you have meet her, we never had our dinner together, we will someday.....Darling I just want to reinterate my love for you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond......nothing between you and I can ever touch this great love story life we lived in spite of life adversities. You are my Hero, the wind beneath my wings( one of our many favorite songs).God continues to bless me and encourage me and I am so blessed with the friends He added to my life since you when home ..... I am so grateful for all the many many nights in my dreams we spent together . My goal is to arrive in that place where you are so ever present in my heart.... to live without your presence in life. I live with the love you left behind, I close my eyes I see you, when I open my eyes I miss you, but Cheri some day we will be together again in our Father's house until then know that I love you with my endless love for ever plus 2 days....nothing will ever separate us .......always and for ever yours.........your loving wife....I will see you in my dreams........
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 29th April 2015
I miss you tonight my love,,,,,,,,, actually it is morning, thinking about my Michele, her first born baby boy, born on this day 32 yrs ago. What a joyful day it was I will never forget the look on her face when she held her baby boy. including all of us. The best baby ever.....I miss her every day, you both left such a gap in my life, but also lots o f love.......I am just a very proud mom, and memere. I am not sure that the boys really know this, for I am such an absent grandma and yet I loved them so......I know you would be so disappointed but I cannot handle being with the boys without my girl, and they have much in-laws, I don't feel like it would be fair or enough for me to see them few times per year, there is not one day I don't think of the both of you.....but my consolation is knowing that you are both happy and healthy, no more pain, just joy for you both. Derek will be married soon and I suppose that will be a baby shortly after. Danny bought a house doing so well, good husband and father the baby 6 month 1/2 old too cute he is. I wish we could enjoy them together for without you and Chele I am broken. Thanks be to God who take care of me daily, My Lisa and Russ, Linda and John, Will and Ethel and Val who always here when I need her at night, my brother of course every days on Skype I love them all pastor Yvonne and bishop Ray my spiritual encourager. I am blessed, Your love in my heart and I take you both everywhere I go. Your are my amazing husband and my Sweet daughter and the love you both left in my heart is enough until we all together again...until then. I will carry on for us three, with My Lord and my God. directions.......my love is for your both for ever plus 2 days.....May is coming all three of our birthday plus our anniversary, I will honor those days in a special way.......love to the both of you....forever you both will live thru me in my heart........xoxoxo..
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 3rd April 2015
Today is Good Friday no tradition to follow I cannot make brioche and if I could I would not make it. When you beautiful heart stop beating, my heart just broke in two, knowing that here on Earth, that never be another like you. No matter how I feel, I get up, dress up, show up and never give up, you were my whole world, I am grateful and blessed for every days we shared together. Day by day I am learning how to wade through the new normal of my life. I thank God for my friends who just let me be, grief does not follow a clock or calendar, it never ends...it changes. Is a passage not a place to dwell it is not a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith it is the PRICE OF LOVE. Sometimes at night I think about all you left for me, and thanking you for allowing me to know how you feel in your heart. showing me every day I was your one and only love; you made sure it was engraved in my heart. The love you gave me in the past will be enough to last my life time. As I loved you mon Cheri, so I miss you. In my memory you are near, loved, remembered, longed for always, treasured with a love sincere. You are where I cannot see you and your voice I cannot hear yet I know you are beside me, never absent, always near. For everything you did for me I thank you so much, especially for your love imprinted in my heart. Darling I love you today with that same love. missing you every day. be sure that I will love you for ever plus 2 days. My love belong to the only man who ever love me unconditionally, like you always said our life is a love story and will remain ......between us forever plus two days.....until that day......my Love..... Happy resurrection day.....yours forever....you wife
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 13th February 2015
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MY LOVE....This year, I decided not to remember at least in writing, the 25th of each months, but to move on from this date and remember only the beautiful memories of each day of the year that meant so much to us. To ponder all in my heart for I do not wish to share any more in public. I just want you to know this is my desire to keep our blessed life a secret from my heart to yours. Honey I miss us just the way we were; what a beautiful love story. I miss you today just as much as the day you left me, missing you is a heartache that never goes away....but Jesus promises He will never leave me or forsake me, and nothing on earth can separate me from the Love of God in Jesus, and this is what keeps me going otherwise life would have no meaning for me. HOLY SPIRIT comfort me, guide me, help me, love me, and meet my every need. I thanks my God daily for given you to me with an unconditional love!!!.., I wow to love you forever plus 2 days for the rest of my live. The Tour Eiffel will always be a memorial to the beautiful journey we shared. Thank you My loving husband for teaching me what True love is..........Thank you Lord for keeping us united in your love.....and allowing me to spend my nights dreaming of our life together; see Honey I spend most every night, when I sleep that is, dreaming of you when I awake I still feel your hands holding mine . Days are easier to bear, God take good care of me ...... you are my Valentine today and for ever.....you will always be my endless love.....FOREVER PLUS 2 DAYS
Posted by Madeleine Mediati on 31st December 2014
My Love..... just want to come this morning and say "Happy New Year" I miss saying these things to you face to face. I am going to spend time at Wanda as we always done I will miss you...God bless us all in the New Year. I will carry you in my heart always . I love you forever plus 2 days my Endless love,.....thank you for being an amazing husband , thanks you for all the great memories we made together. Mon cheri je t'aime.......and we have snow in our house everywhere you turn you see snow that makes me miss you so much...I NEED YOU STILL.....

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