Always with a camera until this year
Franklin "Uncle Frank" David Richardson
  • 72 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 30, 1942
  • Place of birth:
    New Jersey, United States
  • Date of passing: Nov 26, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    San Jose, California, United States
Raise a glass to celebrate the life of "Uncle Frank"

Frank Richardson, known by many as Uncle Frank, but also known most recently and very fondly as PopPop by his four adorable granddaughters, was 72 at the time of his death on Thanksgiving Day 2015, after a year-long battle with lung cancer.

Always a fan of new toys and technology, Frank became quite competent with computers long before their wide adoption beginning with a "State of the Art" Commodore 64.  He kept in touch with lifelong friends and made new friends (via internet photo and investment forums) across the country and around the world. So, we're holding his memorial virtually and will not be planning an in-person service in San Jose at this time.  

PopPop was larger than life, loved immensely, and had a wicked sense of humor.  We'll miss him like crazy. We ask you to help us remember Frank by sharing memories, stories, photos, condolences, etc.  Make us cry.  But please, make us laugh; irreverence is to be expected!

Frank is survived by his wife Nancy, daughter Brooke and her husband Andrew Conway along with their daughters Shelby and Paige (Seattle). His son Colby and wife Kristy along with their daughters Rylee and Regan (Newport Beach). Frank is also survived by his mother Violet, his older brother Ron and his wife Robin, nephew Jeffrey and his younger brother Michael.

He will be dearly missed by his family and many friends.



Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ron Richardson on 30th December 2016

"We all miss you brother....Ron"

This tribute was added by Kristy Richardson on 30th December 2016

"Happy Birthday, Frank. We love you and we miss you.

Colby, Kristy, Rylee and Regan"

This tribute was added by Mike Buckley on 26th November 2016

"On this anniversary of Frank's passing, I'm reminded about how much I missed being daily in touch with him during the baseball season this year. He loved following the San Francisco Giants and ever more so when they were winning. It was their year to win the World Series because it was an even-numbered year and they had won it in the previous three even-numbered years. Alas, both his team and mine got knocked out of the playoffs very early, so we would have been able to commiserate with each other long after the season ended.

Here's to the memory of Frank!"

This tribute was added by J Yagoda on 25th August 2016

"Never had the pleasure of meeting Uncle Frank but for a couple of years on SI in the late 90's and early 2000's I considered him a mentor. Lot of us no longer visit SI as regular and was saddened when I just logged on to hear of Frank's demise. Wish I had had a chance to meet him and the others from our Arthur's Roundtable but it was not in the cards. Wish his family well."

This tribute was added by Mark Stander on 23rd March 2016

"I had the pleasure of working for Uncle Frank at Unitrode and we became good friends as well. I was lucky enough over the years to meet his beautiful family including his sweet wife Nancy and Brooke and Colby too. They were gracious enough to let me stay at their home, we played guitar and sang and laughed a lot.
I stayed in touch after those 5 years and we would check in occasionally over the years. I was lucky enough to catch up a few times with him as Colby and his family live in Newport Beach near me and even had lunch with him, caught up with Nancy and Colby too last time.
He was a great man, husband, father and grandfather who was proud of all of them. He must have shown me a thousand beautiful pictures at lunch...and I'll treasure that last meeting as I had no idea it was our heart goes out to Nancy and the family.
Uncle Frank rest in peace my will be missed! ❤️"

This tribute was added by Klaus Friedrich on 29th February 2016

"My condolences to the familiy and Franks friends.

My name is Klaus Friedrich, I live in Germany and know Frank by the Nikon Cafe.
Participating in the 52-weeks runs in the past few years I realized Frank was a fantastic photographer and a much better mentor. he got the talent to show me my mistakes in a decent way and helped me with problems I had taking pictures.

He will be missed...


This tribute was added by Mike Buckley on 17th January 2016

"Though I wrote a tribute more than a month ago, I have some quaint news to add about the memory of Frank and his love of photography living on in a special way that would put a smile on his face.

My first digital camera was a Nikon CoolPix 5700, a point-and-shoot camera I bought only because Frank insisted that I buy it. Almost all of his photos posted at Nikon Cafe in his early time there were taken using that model. Typical of Frank, he even promised me that it was so practical that it would fit in my shirt pocket. We joked with each other about that for years, as it was far too large for that. Even so, I got great use out of the camera and my wife also got into taking pictures thanks to that handy camera.

She and I upgraded to more advanced cameras years ago, so that first camera recommended by Frank has been relegated to remaining unused. That was until very recently. I offered it for free on a photography forum I participate in (not Nikon Cafe) to the first person who would promise to use it or give it rather than sell it to someone who would use it. That camera has now gone from my storage room in Virginia to the good hands of an avid, very capable photographer living in Los Angeles who enjoys using it along with his other more sophisticated cameras.

Better yet, now that the new owner has been using the camera a couple of weeks, I told him about its connection with Frank. He was very glad to learn the story and joked that he will no longer try to fit the camera in his shirt pocket."

This tribute was added by lisa ruiz on 7th January 2016

"I was saddened to hear of Frank's passing.  he was such an enormous help to me when I first started photography and joined the Nikon Cafe.  He was  a kind generous soul and his love for his family was evident in his images and stories.  Frank was one of the great ones as evidenced by the outpouring of love and condolences at his passing."

This tribute was added by Ellen Finan on 30th December 2015

"Rest in Peace, Frank. You were a light to everyone who knew you: funny, caring, upbeat, engaging.  You will be missed. I remember when you taught me how to use a coffee grinder by grinding upside down-- yep-- it works better that way. And sure enough, fine grains poured out for a great pot of coffee! Just one of those little things that compose a life-- a life well lived.  You always made an effort-- to see my mother, to come to a wedding hundreds of miles away, to photograph another wedding once again hundreds of miles away. Thank you for being that light."

This tribute was added by Richard Brayden on 19th December 2015

"I first met Frank around 1964.  We frequently crossed paths at a local  watering hole in Long Branch, NJ called Paddy Murray's.  At the time he was a recent graduate from Monmouth College with a degree in Physics but was into music and loved playing his guitar.  He did some instrumental back up for a local singer by the name of Melanie Safka.  They performed at The Inkwell, a little coffee house in the West End, a few blocks from Paddy Murray's.  Alas Frank went on to get a real job at Texas Instruments and Melanie went on to college.  Melanie stayed in the music scene and had a hit single in 1972 called “Brand New Key”.  Who knows what would have happened if Frank had stuck with his guitar.  

In 1969 Frank did me the biggest favor of my life by getting me to interview with Texas Instruments.  I had be working in a government research job and was literally going out of my mind with boredom.  I was hired and got the typical new guy accounts, the kind that no one would care if you screwed it up.  One day we were making a joint sales call on an account Frank was turning over to me and he could not remember how to get there.  We had to stop so he could call for directions.  It was obvious to me he had never called on the account.  But Frank was a great friend who helped me prepare view graphs for our quarterly sales meetings. He had a way of great way with words that helped get me get through some rough sales presentations.  

Rest in Peace old buddy, I really miss you.

Richard Brayden"

This tribute was added by John Clough on 19th December 2015

"Frank Richardson hired me, right out of college, as a Customer Service Rep at Texas Instruments in 1976. He was a friend of my Father, whom I had gotten to know, as he and Nancy used to come to our house in Dallas at that time. I remember thinking what a great guy he was, he a successful guy out in the real, working world, and me just a college kid, and the three of us developed a close friendship.

I used to go visit Frank and Nancy at their place in Plano, when I was home from school, and hang out, and play guitars together. He would say to me, "Come talk to me when you get out of school", but I never thought going to work at the same company as my Dad would be a good thing to do. He convinced me otherwise, though, and I stayed there for 21 of the best years of my life.

Thank you, Frank, for all you did for me all those years ago. I regret that we lost touch over the years, but reading all of these touching tributes brings back a lot of memories of how great you made a young kid in school feel in knowing you. Wonderful to see the photos of you and your beautiful family. Rest in peace, my friend."

This tribute was added by Ron Richardson on 7th December 2015

"Frank and I were raised in Arlington, Virginia and later in Neptune,New Jersey.We had sibling rivalry that broke us apart too many years,something I will always regret...He moved west and I stayed in Washington D.C..We reconnected on our mothers 80th birthday and I was blessed to get to know my wonderful sister in law, Nancy and Brooke and  Colby...What a proud father my brother was.....a talented man in music and a master behind the camera..but his love for his granddaughters exceeded everything.....Robin and i were lucky to have spent a few days with Nancy  and Frank before his passing...watching the Rhonda  Rousey fight and having Colby show us the amazing stamp collection that Frank and Colby spent years gathering.....He leaves behind a rare legacy to his wife,siblings,children and friends...that of dedication,talent  and love......We will all miss him."

This tribute was added by susan weese on 6th December 2015

Paul and I enjoyed our many years of friendship shared with you. We will miss watching the niners and Giants games and sushi lunches.
Most of all, we will miss YOU.
Sayonara, Frankie-san"

This tribute was added by Philippe Roger on 6th December 2015

"I met Frank online at DPReview in 2000, where he was an avid proponent of digital photography, which was barely getting started at the time, with cameras that were pretty basic and slow. He was an enthusiast and his passion was contagious. I had just acquired my first digital camera and had not taken any pictures in many years before that, finding film so inconvenient and unrewarding (who had time to wait for a few days to find out if a shot had turned out?).  All that changed, and Frank was a big reason for it.

After a few months of back and forth online, we both realized we were living just a few miles apart so we decided to meet in person over lunch and/or coffee, and we’ve been doing that regularly ever since. Of course, there were a lot of (sometimes heated) discussions about the gear, the software, the other folks we were talking to online, and plenty of anticipation for the next camera or accessory coming out, but we also learned about each other and our very different backgrounds and shared many good laughs, he making fun of my french accent and throwing many “mon ami” around, me looking up at this guy who could nearly have been my father as someone I would love to emulate, when I grew up and eventually would retire.

Digital photography kicked into high gear in 2004 when cameras became more capable and faster, with interchangeable lenses, looking more like traditional SLR cameras and were dubbed DSLR. Frank and I jumped on the bandwagon immediately and became obsessed even more with all the new gear and possibilities. This of course was not cheap and Frank’s CFO (Nancy) made sure that he would not go overboard and that he would sell some services to offset the new gear, and just like that, Frank became a wedding photographer! And he was good at it too, always showing the emotion of the event. We were taking photography trips, to places that would provide some photo opportunities and came to appreciate each other’s “work” even more.

A few months after he had acquired a state of the art camera, and i got my hands onto a used professional camera, Frank asked me to be his second shooter to one of his very first professional wedding photographer gigs. We prepared for a while, and as it was to take place on a weekend, we figured out I could bring my wife as an assistant and she was happy to oblige. On the way over there, Frank’s phone rang: it was Nancy.  Frank probably mentioned her name or put her on the speakerphone (we can’t remember which), but Julene recognized that this was not just a Nancy Richardson, but the Nancy Richardson that she knew from Tandem, were both worked in Marketing in the 90s. Julene had known for a few years that my friend Frank’s last name was Richardson, but that didn’t really resonate. She then also realized that she had already met Frank some years ago at a Tandem event in England!  Small world, eh?  We had a really good laugh about it and went out on double-dates afterwords.

We did quite a few weddings together and had a great collaboration: the clients were really happy, and we had fun before (meeting with the couples, scouting locations, etc) , during and after the event (comparing notes and editing the pictures). I wouldn’t take on the job as a primary photographer: it was too much pressure! But Frank showed me it was possible and fun. Thank you for that too.

As we were getting older and our health became more of a concern, we both did a seminar with Kristy about better ways to eat, and so we did. I started walking a lot more, with the dog and while playing golf and started losing weight, prompting Frank to work at it too. For a few years, we compared our progress, our figures, our prescriptions (and their side effects!), all the while telling ourselves how lucky we both were to have married up. We had some good times and enjoyed every bit of it, still taking the occasional photo trip, for example to the Egyptian museum or to see the SJ Giants play from up close, and making time for lunch and coffee, shooting the breeze, telling stories about his beloved granddaughters and his many trips up and down the West Coast… until Frank became ill. Then it was text messages and then it stopped. I was still thinking about Frank and his battle but regret to not have just barged in to tell him I loved him, and now it’s too late. My heartfelt sympathy to Frank’s family and friends.

And to you, Frank, you were a good man and a good friend. Au revoir, mon ami."

This tribute was added by Jean Desalvo on 5th December 2015

"Uncle Frank will be forever remembered for blessing the lives of everyone around him with his love, kindness, friendship and generosity no matter who and where they are.

His “Lukey” and the rest of the extended Desalvo family"

This tribute was added by Mike Buckley on 5th December 2015

"Considering Frank's love of irreverence whether he was on the receiving or delivering end of it, it's no surprise to me that the family has asked for a bit of it to be included in these memorials.

There was the day a few years ago when he explained to me that he had come to the conclusion that he was a fair-weather fan when it came to enjoying the Giants and the 49ers. He was truly serious about his newfound self-awareness at nearly 70 years old, so I helped him out by letting him know that all of his friends and family had already known that about him for decades. He broke into instant laughter!

After he persistently dragged and kicked me from the world of film photography to the world of digital photography, I told him that I had decided upon a Nikon camera. That was because he was an expert at the Nikon system and I knew he could help me out a lot if I bought a Nikon camera. He insisted that I consider the Canon cameras, sarcastically explaining that I was the last person he wanted to help. (I never evaluated Canon cameras and he patiently got me out of seemingly countless jams with my Nikon system.)

Though I always enjoy Frank's photos regardless of the genre, I have a special fondness for his images of hummingbirds. While I was viewing a large photo of a hummingbird on display at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C., I called to tell him that it wasn't nearly as good as many of his own photos. Years later I suggested that his hummers, as he fondly called them, were so good that he should provide a book of them to share with his family and friends such as me. He immediately countered by reminding me that I could buy his photos at his SmugMug website. Always the endearing capitalist!

The top of this web page asks that we "raise a glass to celebrate the life of Uncle Frank." I sure hope everyone does that but I also hope nobody uses expensive wine. Frank was too cheap to buy expensive wine and was darned proud of it!

When the disease made it difficult for Frank to talk, he let me know about that by explaining in an email that he had become a much better listener. As funny as that was, I had always thought of him as a good listener and still do.

In the nearly 20 years that Frank and I regularly stayed in touch from opposite sides of the country, there was one topic that was always devoid of irreverence. That was when he was speaking of his family. As I wrote to Nancy, it didn't matter whether a conversation began with discussing investing, photography or baseball. If it went long enough the conversation would inevitably turn to him proudly telling me something new about his family. I knew his face was beaming whether we were talking on the phone, emailing or texting.

Frank regularly and accurately accused me of being a Luddite because of my reluctance to adopt new and not so new technologies such as texting. Ironically, my relationship with Frank is half the reason I finally bought a cell phone about six months ago that had a keyboard that made it easy for me to regularly text; talking had become difficult for him and he usually preferred texting to emailing. It was a happy day for me any time we exchanged text messages, which was often. Indeed, my final memories of Frank are his text messages -- and so many of them contained the humor that only Frank could express with such enjoyable irreverence."

This tribute was added by Fannie Lindo on 4th December 2015

"I also "met" Frank via the internet through the Nikon Cafe photography forum.  Frank was a wonderful mentor and so very encouraging.  He pushed me to take chances and he was the only person who could get me to do portraiture!  While we never got the opportunity to speak on the telephone, we did have many conversations through private messaging and I will forever treasure his last message to me.

It was truly an honor to know Frank and my sincerest condolences go out to his entire family.  Rest in peace, my friend..."

This tribute was added by Steph Tietgens on 4th December 2015

"We were very sad to hear of Frank's diagnosis and his subsequent passing. Although we've been Shadowbrook Neighbors for many years, we never came to know Frank until we joined the YMCA social dance class on Friday nights. Frank brought his own style and personality to the floor where he was an instructor and more importantly the "Master of ceremonies." He would typically open the class, introduce the other instructors, then give a lesson with Nancy in a basic step or two. Frank brought his special skills in sales and marketing to the dance floor where he made people feel comfortable in a public setting. He could often be seen engaging others in a friendly way with his very special quirky smile. It's something we will always remember about Frank. Our lives have been enriched for having known him. Frank was a good person and we will truly miss him. Our hearts go out to Nancy, Brooke, Coby and Family. Don & Steph Tietgens"

This tribute was added by John Herzing on 4th December 2015

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Frank for over 45 years. I first met Frank soon after he was a newly appointed Sales Manager for TI (youngest ever at that time, I believe).  He was like a new puppy, really full of it. He was looking for a new salesman, and apparently had just studied up on how to give stress interviews. Unfortunately, I was his 1st victim, and Frank was truly in his element, with total intimidation and leaving nothing to spare.  In fact he was so forceful, the HR director present at the interview scolded him afterwards for the intensity of it.  For some strange reason, Frank hired me and became my 1st sales boss. I'll never forget how proud he was to lead us and receive TI's "District of the Year" award 3 years later.

I fondly remember the many golf games with Frank and Dickie B. Frank, being competitive by nature, took these outings very seriously.  Dick, who was an expert in the PGA rules of golf and a student of the "inner game" of golf, would delight in calling rules infractions on Frank every time he hit a good shot. It was pure theater to watch.

Precious memories of dinners, outings and vacations with Frank and Nancy. Who can ever forget New Years Eve 1999 at Pebble Beach, where we toasted the brilliance of our stock market acumen, only to return home a few days later and find that the market was crashing and our portfolio value evaporating.  

Stories and memories of Frank are so numerous I don't know where to begin, or end. Frank was a lifelong friend and and someone that you could always count on. He was there for us, when Marty and I were going thru a personal tragedy. You will always have a special place in our heart.

The world was better with Frank in it.  RIP Frank, you were truly one of a kind!"

This tribute was added by Rita Osman on 4th December 2015

"My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.  I also met Frank and Nancy at the South Valley YMCA years and years ago.  We all will miss him terribly, and I cannot imagine the pain you have to deal with at this time.  Your wonderful memories and the memories of your friends will help.  Sincerely, Rita Osman."

This tribute was added by Sean Price on 3rd December 2015

"I met Frank through his friendship with my dad George Price, who passed away in 1979. I was three years old when my Dad moved on, and because of my young age I tend to hear a lot of stories from all of the people that knew him. After a while you start to hear most of the same old stories, how great a guy he was, the awesome things he did, so on and so forth. These stories are always welcomed, but I can always tell that there is a spark of truth/life missing from the tales.  That is unless the story was coming from Uncle Frank! From everybody else I would hear the scrubbed down, “clean” versions of my dad’s life, but when Frank would tell me about my Dad I knew I was getting the unadulterated truth. Frank would tell me fantastic stories about their exploits and the  things they did together as friends, and there was never any detail left out at all. I could always tell the missing pieces from everyone else’s stories were present when I heard Frank talk about my dad. I really never felt closer to my dad than when I would hear from Uncle Frank about his and my dad’s  exploits. Thank you so much Frank for always keeping it real and bringing the truest most authentic version of my father that I ever got from anyone else. You are truly an amazing person, and I know in my heart of hearts that you and my dad are adding to your list of adventures even as I write this now! I’m looking forward to having a drink with you both to hear about all of the crazy things you’ve done since you left us here earth!

You will be missed here on earth Frank, but your presence, touch, and effect you left on the world will move forever forward with your family and friends.

Thank you Frank,  and say hey to my dad! "

This tribute was added by Constance Runyon on 3rd December 2015

"As others here have mentioned, I, too, first met "Uncle Frank" through the internet on photography Usenet groups and also on DPR (DPreview) discussion forums. Back in those days we all were discussing our Coolpixes and other new digital cameras. Eventually people started purchasing and using DSLRs.  One day in a post on a forum, "Uncle Frank" mentioned a new site which was just starting up, called Nikon Cafe.  Curious, I joined -- and to this day I thank him!

Through the years I followed him as he progressed from Foam core backgrounds and flowers  to backyard photos of hummingbirds to what I think was his greatest love: capturing people in everyday life, everyday settings.

It was clear "Uncle Frank" loved photography: experimenting with it,  doing it and talking about it, sharing his knowledge and encouraging others.  He considered carefully when it was time for new equipment and when he liked a lens or piece of gear, didn't hesitate to share his enthusiasm and his thoughts.  I suspect he rarely left the house without a camera in hand, and on the Cafe he enjoyed sharing photos of people he met in various places -- sometimes casual photos, sometimes more formal portraits; he seemed to have an affinity for people and connecting with them.  

Of course he also shared photos of family, too, with us, especially as each of his four darling granddaughters came along.  We celebrated with him and smiled at his very evident joy.  

"Uncle Frank" had a very vivid presence on Nikon Cafe, and he will be greatly missed.  I extend my deepest sympathy to his loving family at this very sad time."

This tribute was added by Jake Ebersole on 2nd December 2015

"While I never had the opportunity to talk in person, I did talk to him a few times on Nikon Cafe. He was always willing to give advice. He was a mentor and friend to a lot of people, and he will truly be missed. My deepest condolences to your family."

This tribute was added by Terri French on 2nd December 2015

"I have never met Frank or his wonderful family in person.  Frank was a forum friend of mine on the Nikon Cafe.  He spent a great deal of time there encouraging others and sharing his expertise.  He was able to start some of the most interesting discussions on the forum, and he always kept the discussion going.  He brought so many people together on the Nikon Cafe.  He would meet them in other forums and invite them to join us.  His invitation brought me there.  I always loved seeing the pictures of his family.  His pride in them and love for them was always evident in his posts.  I'm a family person, too, and we shared the bond of love for our grandchildren.  He was so happy when he became a grandpa, and we all loved seeing his photos of them.  I will miss my association with Frank greatly.  My love goes out to his family.  I pray for you to have comfort at this sad time.  I hope his memory never dims for you.  I have great faith in life after death and look forward to the day when I can meet Frank in person!!  I'm sure he will be with his beloved family, watching over you always!!"

This tribute was added by Burnette Jackson on 2nd December 2015

"My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of your loss.
Death is never easy even  if it expected, it is still our enemy.
God will defeat and swallow up death , Forever!"

This tribute was added by John Francis on 2nd December 2015

"Mr. Richardson, as I know him, was a great Dad and friend to all. Colby and I grew up together in the Shadowbrook neighborhood and Frank was always there to play a game of Horse in the driveway, cooking breakfast during sleepovers (eggs in a basket), deep frying us some tator tots, renting us some great movies, hanging out with us while we trick or treat, cheering us on at swim meets, driving us around in his luxury cars (how about that Infiniti Q45 back in the day), and too many others to name. You will be missed Frank and thanks for being a great Dad and friend."

This tribute was added by Panos Kazanelis on 2nd December 2015

"Uncle Frank, a fellow Nikonian, has left this world because he run out film. Good news is that he will be responsible for all photo sessions for Heavens Lifebook publications. He and his beloved "The Beast" [Nikkor 28-70/2.8] will produce majestic imagery and impeccable portraits and selfies, sharing joy and happiness while dancing foxtrot and waltz. UF, may you Rest In Peace buddy. We still have a gazillion photos to remember of you :-)"

This tribute was added by Kristy Richardson on 2nd December 2015

"Frank was the best father-in-law a girl could ever ask for.  We shared a love for dance, chick-flicks, fried tofu, Texas hold’em, and snuggling with Rylee and Regan.  I'm so thankful for our recent trip to San Jose when I was able to hold Frank's hand and tell him I loved him."

This tribute was added by Dino Brusco on 2nd December 2015

"Good morning everyone from Italy
one of the good sides of Internet is the possibility to meet virtually anywhere on Earth and when the web 2.0 became a reality and a place where not only companies but common people started attending daily forums, being a keen photographer, I joined the Nikoncafe.. I guess it's about 10 yrs ago now.

I was definitely a newbie not only about photography (let alone digital photography) and one of the very first persons I met there was Frank, "Uncle Frank", a name so familiar that I have never asked him which was his real name. He already was an experienced photographer and even more he was one of those special individuals able to attract one's attention with his good, fatherly(*) and slightly witty manners, always open to chat, advice and always leaving you with a smile when everything was over. A small group of the former members was then formed and survived hard times when other things changed.

I regret I couldn't come to USA yet because more than places and landscapes (and I'm sure there are quite over there) I always wanted to gather with people that make such places unique and special. Since I only have a cousin in Stockton / Modesto, I'd have taken the chance to meet some of the forum members and one of them would have been Frank. I really didn't know he was ill until the other day another longtime common friend, Ed (here above), gave me such an unexpected and sad news.

On one side I'm here to make my deepest condolences to the family, on the other, I think in Heaven they may need one more good person and skilled photographer for those special events that are often unrecognizable to our earthly eyes. Be well, Frank and hand little Baby Jesus our warmest wishes now that Christmas comes and ask for us all peace and conversion for our hardened and lukewarm hearts.

(*) I heard that in English it might have some kind of negative meaning: this is not the case at all, being a non-native speaker, I just don't know a more appropriate word - over here conversely it has a very positive hue, attentive and honestly caring."

This tribute was added by Douglas Dean on 2nd December 2015

"He was so full of life, and ideas, and humor, and opinions! My name is Doug Dean, but Frank knew me as revdhd, my name on a Nikon photo forum we both inhabited. We go back about ten years, never having spoken a word or shaken hands... but caring about each other and other members of our forum. I'm a retired pastor, and Frank, being in touch with forum members, would occasionally message me to suggest that someone was in need of a good word. It was a small thing, but it spoke of a caring, loving a man. He was always interesting, always investigating, always having fun. He knew the RAMS and ROMS and reads and speeds of everything photographic and showered me with sometimes useful information... and sometimes, just information. But he always made me smile. His generous comments about posted photos set a bar of honest criticism coupled with kindness. That is a hard balance to maintain. And sometimes, he was pushed over the edge. He would not be a doormat, nor did he arrive at his opinions lightly. So, if you wanted to promote an idea, you better know what you were talking about.
I already miss his kind words and invitations, his honesty and goodness. And while the term is not used so much these days, I have always seen him as a "good man." There is a real shortage of them these days, but Frank was truly a good man. Now that my tears have dried for awhile, when I think of him it makes me smile. And I can only guess that God is smiling, too. I am proud to have had Frank as my friend."

This tribute was added by Bob Fornicola on 1st December 2015


My deepest sympathies to you and your entire family. While I never met your father, I know you cherished the times you shared, and your trips to watch the 'niners!

- Bob Fornicola"

This tribute was added by Bill Millan on 1st December 2015

"Frank and I got together on Silicon Investor in 99 to make some bucks and we did well with Qualcomm.  We met in 00 in San Diego and Vegas to celebrate.  I hired a San Diego Band while there and gave  the group a swing dance lesson. Frank and Nancy liked it and made dancing a big part of their lives from then on. We continued in contact over this century and I was shocked to hear of his passing.  RIP, Frank."

This tribute was added by Edward Neal on 1st December 2015

"My name is Edward Neal. I am a fairly new friend of Franks we first met about 13 years ago on a Nikon photography forum. We had similar cameras and over time we upgraded through the Nikon system side by side. I always admired Franks photography skills and his knowledge of the technique and equipment. Frank was a great mentor, but he could also be a bit of an ass when it was called for. I remember one time when I was posting about how much better the Nikon 17-55 was on the APS sensor that the 28-70 - I posted post after post trying to convince everyone until I got a private message form Frank telling me in no un certain terms to stop and respect other peoples choices - At first I wanted to argue, but in the end I knew Frank was right - perhaps I was the ass after all. I also remember when I was looking for a portrait lens how Frank pointed me toward the Nikon 105 F/2D-DC - Best lens I ever owned and the only one I regret selling. Forgive my wandering here, the memories of our short time as friends are like crazy flash backs as I sit here trying to sort through them. There are two things that really stand out. The first was when Frank posted pictures from his first family trip to Palm Springs. I couldn't believe it - Frank had come to my town and didn't tell me!!!! - I totally gave him a ration of shit, but he honestly didn't realize this was where I lived. It was a perfect thing because on his next 2 trips I got to actually meet him and his fantastic wife and grand kids. The second but perhaps most important thing I will always hold dear is watching Frank become a grandfather. I was the first between us to have grand children I was on number two and constantly posting photographs that Frank would admire and comment on, but Then Frank joined the club and the pure joy I saw in him and felt in his words rang in my soul in a way that only some one who had been there could ever understand - Frank was meant to be PopPop in my opinion it was his calling - even across the internet the glow of his love for those kids was blinding - Its funny, social media and stupid photography forums gave me the gift of a person I will always consider a true friend A man I can honestly say I love. To Nancy and all of Franks family - Thank you for sharing Uncle Frank with me."

This tribute was added by Julie Black on 1st December 2015

"I first met Frank and Nancy at the south Valley YMCA on a Friday night... There was a ballroom dancing class for beginners and I dragged my sister to it. Frank & Nancy were so welcoming, Frank insisted it was fine that we didn't bring partners, and he was right :) I ended up attending several classes at the YMCA and learning foxtrot, waltz A couple different types of tango. Frank made the YMCA classes more like family gatherings, later it was Frank who took our first family portrait and those pictures capture the essence of our family better than any other photographer we've gone too, he did such a great job, and surprised us with extra framed pix We love to this day.

Later I would consistently run into Frank as him and his boys were hanging out at Starbucks or Panera bread and crash his table to catch up over a cup of coffee before letting them get back to their boys antics. Frank loved life, loved his family and loved his friends. He was always welcoming, always kind and had a great heart. People like Frank don't come often and I'm blessed to have known him. I know he's dancing in heaven, and he's dearly missed on earth~ keep Dancing, we miss you~"

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