This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Franklyn Iheanachor, 29 years old, born on December 4, 1989, and passed away on February 26, 2019. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Florence Boyle on February 26, 2022
Hello dear friend,
It's been 3 years now since you crossed over to the peaceful side of the divide. I miss you still. Humans are still driving one another crazy and Nigeria is looking forward to 2023 for a tangible change.
Keep resting your peaceful soul.
Posted by Victor Iheanacho on December 4, 2021
Happy posthumous birthday Oyibo.
Keep on sleeping in the Lord
Posted by Uchenna Okezie on March 12, 2021
Nwoke oma, can you believe fuel is now 212 per litre!
Posted by Florence Boyle on March 1, 2021
Hey Franklyn,
Keep resting in perfect peace.
I'm sorry I'm writing this late.
Posted by Victor Iheanacho on February 28, 2021
.....As it pleases God almighty. Rest on Oyibo.
Posted by Aderonke Ogunfolu on February 26, 2021's been two years now, keep resting in the Lord's bosom. We take solace in God cos we know you are in a better place...TEAMLSMCMEIRAN will never forget you bro xxx
Posted by Uchenna Okezie on December 19, 2020
Nwoke oma, kee kwanu?

It's 2am and I'm listening to Gregorian's 'Christmas in Berlin' concert while working and I remember how you loved it when I played it at my house. This time in 2018, it was you and me together for 2 weeks at my place in Lagos, then we travelled together to my family house in Owerri. Today, well.

AYS is waxing strong, thanks for asking. We have been in Kano for close to a month now, you planted our flag in Northern Nigeria, thank you McFabian. Don't worry, we will make you even prouder. Just stay cool man.

Posted by Florence Boyle on December 18, 2020
Dear friend,
I remembered your birthday and even posted out your favourite picture, did you see it?
I'm sorry I forgot to come here and leave a message for you on the 4th of December.
You live on, you are loved.
Posted by Ajoke Emekene on November 21, 2020
Fabian! How are things over there. Whenever I think of you, I think of how brilliant and energetic you were. I still can't believe you have moved on! Ah you moved on too quickly. Just to let you know that your memory will always be with us!
Posted by Florence Boyle on February 29, 2020
A year at peace. Keep resting LePrince. I'm sorry this is coming late here. I actually left you a message on Facebook and WhatsApp.
Your presence in our heart will continue to burn brightly
Posted by Chukwu Ogechi Helen on February 26, 2020
Ohh Frank, It was this day 2019 that took you away from us.
I am pained that you are no more here with us.
But am consoled that you are in heaven resting with the saints.
You are greatly missed, dear Frank!
Posted by Adetola Adeyemo on December 4, 2019
Bappy Hirthday Jollof President!
30 looks good on you, keep smiling IMF.
You're Missed!
Posted by Florence Boyle on December 4, 2019
Happy posthumous birthday Franklyn. I remember this day, last year when I saw a picture of you eating a delicious meal (soup surprisingly).
I miss you. You're a good friend. I can't say 'were' because to me, you never left.
Enjoy your new age
Posted by Chukwu Ogechi Helen on June 23, 2019
Dear Frank....I know you can see me write this piece , from up the heavens above where you are resting.
I really don't know why you had to leave us so soon, ...but God knows much better.
We miss you here everyday... Those beautiful smile of yours are life-giving.
You were such an angel on earth, so selfless,an amazing soul....could that be why God took you away that fast?
Your demise was a big blow on us and till forever we gon' find it so hard to stand your absence....
My Franklyn is gone .....but i won't weep anymore because I know you are chilling with your fellow angels and God himself.
Catch ya on that glorious morning dear Lee Prince.. We shall reign as king's in God's kingdom, I guess that's where we gon' eat that jollof and stew your promised us when you become the president.
Ohhhh Frank....I miss you. And I love you. Take care.
Posted by Ume Junior on May 19, 2019
Fabian, we were writing your story already, telling your success story to students all over the world who think they won't be successful. I just bumped into that unpublished book again.
On February 20th, my birthday, we talked about my coming to bauchi, I should have made it sooner, I didn't know u will be leaving us 6 days later. Well guess what, I'll be there next month. Only that you won't be there to see me teach young people how to use computers in an IT centre. But one thing I know is that you've always believed in me. I won't let you down. IMF lives on.
Posted by Uwakwe Mundus on May 17, 2019
McFabian, it's been months since you died but I still find it difficult to fully understand you are no more. You are irreplaceable. Your kind may never be seen again.
Keep resting in peace. You will always be in my heart.
Posted by Victor Iheanacho on March 14, 2019
Just keep smiling Oyibo, though I still find it hard to believe my younger Cousine is no more. I console myself with Christ Jesus believing I can't question God.
Nwokeoma ga nke oma.
Posted by Akunna Ndubuisi on March 4, 2019
Franklyn, you touched my life from the first day you took my matters as yours.
We truly do not deserve you.
You're the best person i know.
If anything, i'm glad i got to know you and have memories with you.
Btw, you owe me. How can you leave just after we agreed on our grammar classes? Do you remember? 3 times a week? You sly'd me! We don't do that over here though but you're forgiven.
Apparently, God loves you more than all of us do.
Thank you for your mark in my life, i'd cherish it forever.
Sleep well, Dear Frank.
Posted by Oliveth Albert on March 3, 2019
You've proved that long life is not a measure of true greatness nor achievements. Your days on Earth might be short but you really announced your existence in a memorable way. You'll forever be missed, Rest in Peace Frank
Posted by Marlene Babayi on March 2, 2019
The first time I came to Hotr Bauchi, it was your smile that caught my attention about you because it was so pure, it hurts so bad that you're gone, Rest in peace dear frank...
Posted by Moji Iheme on March 2, 2019
You never drew attention to yourself but your capability is felt and known. You're not one to talk much, but your impact is felt and seen.
I believe you would have made a great President, but then... God knows best. Keep on resting till we meet at the pearly gates.
Posted by Christabel Morrison on March 2, 2019
Dearest Frank. I still can't believe it. I still feel it was a mix up and I'll here you say 'no wahala' again. You were vision, excellence and determination. I'm glad though that you encountered GOD the way you did. I believe you're flexing in heaven.
Forever loved.
Forever remembered.
Live on
Posted by Uchenna Okezie on March 2, 2019
Nwoke oma. *smiles
Posted by Abayomi Tajudeen Sarumi on March 1, 2019
I know you lived well and it's why the earth is sad that you're no longer with us.
I just want to ask you to light up heaven just as you gave us light when you were here with us.
Le Prince, our amazing brother, Sleep on.
We would miss you, Le President!
Posted by Tommy Nsidibe on March 1, 2019
Though I knew you from a distance. I still feel your demise as if we were that close. I saw that potentiality in you. You were destined to be great that I saw. Words are not enough. The world will miss you. Rest In Peace brother.
Posted by Kayode Oshinubi on March 1, 2019
On sunday 24th february 2019, your thought came to my mind and immediately i messaged you and we had brief conversation and i never knew that will be the last. Your commitment to Youth Arise Network is inspiring which i hold dearly.
Continue to rest beloved
Posted by Ifeanyi Izuka on March 1, 2019
My TL!
I keep asking How come the good die?
You were a good soul, a source of inspiration.
I learnt alot from you. You would always say 'Bede you can do this' giving me the needed motivation all the time.
I will definitely miss you but your impacts lives on!
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace my friend.
Posted by Joseph Olawumi Timothy on March 1, 2019
You preached collaboration against unhealthy competition. Our times in the saddle at SIFE/ENACTUS Nigeria availed me the opportunity to know a fantastic person like you. Our usually deep intellectual engagements will be FOREVER MISSED.

Your readiness to come through for others is praise worthy. Your sudden death is painful to bear, but the impact you created in your short life on earth will be FOREVER REMEMBERED.

Just few days to your demise, we had that heated debate about the state of our country Nigeria and particularly the implications of the 2019 Elections. Your final words that night was 'I rest my case'
Continue to Rest from the worries of this world.

Sleep on in the bossom of your Creator, Le Prince.
Sleep on, Mr President. 
Its Me,
Compere JOT.
Posted by LATEST NEWS on March 1, 2019
I still feel numb.
I still can’t wrap my head around it.
We just spoke the week before.
You were one of a kind.
I will take all the things you taught me about business seriously.
God knows best.
You will be truly forever missed.
I shall keep praying for you.
That is all I can do here.
Rest on Le Prince.
Posted by Fidelis Nakozi on February 28, 2019
The lamp burnt so bright. Its light filled the room with such great might. Undoubtedly, its illumination was unrivalled, glittering like the purest of diamonds and a beautiful sight to many who beheld its glory.
Suddenly, without any prior intimation, the lamp went off, casting many into stern darkness. It's beauty cut short by death's sudden grip. Crying and wailing were the prominent sounds heard, cause as sad as it is, such great light now only shines in the world beyond.
Indeed I'll miss your exemplarily life brother, your words of wisdom and your heart of gold.
Adieu McFabian Iheanachor Franklyn
Posted by Oluwasegun Soleye on February 28, 2019
Onyem Frank
Every minute with you was a learning spree that i didnt realise on time...
Thank you for never allowing mediocrity.
Thank you for the excellent consult.
Thank you for leadership.
Till we meet to part no more...
Peace bro !!!
Posted by Oluwakemisola Oyedare on February 28, 2019
I really can't even write anything because my heart is too sore to. I just want to pray that God gives your family the fortitude to bear this loss. Rest in peace Frank bororo.
Posted by Awoyale Toke Victoria on February 28, 2019
Frank..  You will be greatly missed by everyone especially all modelites LSMC'06 miran, we are deeply saddened by your death that came too soon.What a Life!!! Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family and friends you left behind during this difficult time. May you find eternal life with God, Rest on brother. Good Night dear
Posted by Doherty Akinkunmi on February 28, 2019
You are a true leader, a spirited person and you continue to teach even in death, Words has been used to Express how wonderful you had lived yet all still Fail to perfectly describe you, the Quality of life is not on How long we survived but on how well we have Truly lived. Your impact has been truly felt by people of all Ages
We will miss you Super Franklin....
Posted by Aderonke Ogunfolu on February 28, 2019
Hmmmm...indeed words fail me Frank...this is indeed a rude shock(sorely sad one)...but in all, we give God all the Glory...Your demise just makes me have a rethink each minute... Nothing in this life, All is vanity!!! Lord teach us to number our days...Amen
Rest on well Franklin Ihenachor till we meet at the feet of Jesus...Amen
Posted by Tunmbi Ogunseye on February 28, 2019
Your legacy will forever live on. Been a while we spoke but you were a great person. I always said to myself that we would have some business/project in the future, but that can't hold any longer. You have touched lives in your short and impactful life. Your death shocked all but....  Sleep on and sleep well
Posted by Adaobi Anekwe on February 28, 2019
You were a good man Frank
A bright light in this dark world
A blessing to this generation
You didn't have to go so early
Well, I guess God has a more important assignment for you up there
I was looking forward to another trip to Bauchi for TEDx Gwallameji 2.0 but...
Jee nk'oma nwoke ọma
Posted by Olusola Olufade on February 28, 2019
My brother,
You filled a void I didn’t know I had
Frank you’re a good man
A true friend,
A world without your opinion scares me.
I love you Frank , I love you my brother!
Posted by Kelvin Udofia on February 28, 2019
Odogwu, Nwan'nem nwoke.
You are the purest heart I know.
You epitomized Excellence.
I Miss you Fam. I will always miss you, more than I could articulate.
I honestly don't know how I'm gonna cope without you, but Imma honor you and honor your memory.
Lastly, Fvck you for leaving me.
Posted by Oma Ezeigbo on February 28, 2019
Dede Frank as I fondly call you, your love for me was true and selfless. I've never met anyone who always asked me Oma, odikwa nma? and I'll reply odinma dede Frank. You never stopped asking me that question, you never stopped teaching and guiding me spiritually. You touched alot of lives.
You'll always be in our hearts.
We miss you
We Love you
Posted by Chris Udomi on February 28, 2019
I'll still imagine you giving everything in life a second thought .... Critical in thoughts, spontenous in action, Cheerful in reactions.
Thank you for always asking
you always cared selflessly for everyone.
Heaven is perfect
You were perfect.
We truly weren't good enough for you.
And I love you!
Posted by Dunni Anthonia on February 28, 2019
You were a light,
You had a very beautiful smile.
You were good inside and outside
You wanted to see your friends get better
You were a bright mind
You will be greatly missed, You lived a short while and you touched plenty lives.
We miss you.
Posted by Adetola Adeyemo on February 28, 2019
The way you Love is rare,
The way you care is amazing,
The way you lived is interesting ,
The way you left is heartbreaking.
I Love You forever ;
You'll always be in our hearts.
Rest in Power IMF

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Posted by Florence Boyle on February 26, 2022
Hello dear friend,
It's been 3 years now since you crossed over to the peaceful side of the divide. I miss you still. Humans are still driving one another crazy and Nigeria is looking forward to 2023 for a tangible change.
Keep resting your peaceful soul.
Posted by Victor Iheanacho on December 4, 2021
Happy posthumous birthday Oyibo.
Keep on sleeping in the Lord
Posted by Uchenna Okezie on March 12, 2021
Nwoke oma, can you believe fuel is now 212 per litre!
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Rest on, Namesake

Shared by Franklin Sokoh on February 26, 2021
It's 2 years today,
The day u decided to leave this wicked world, and throw us into an unending sorrow.
You were an Enigma, a rare gem, one the world would find hard to replace even from now till the end of time.
Still saddened by your death, but when I remember your indelible smiles and how colorful your life was, a grin comes upon my face.
You were a classmate, a friend and a mentor, in every sense of the word. I still live by your life principles till day. 

Rest on, Iheanachor McFabian Franklyn, till we meet again in that better place you have changed location to. 
Keep lighting up heaven with your bright smiles and your pure heart. Adieu. Rest on dear friend. 

Rest on Fabian

Shared by Doherty Akinkunmi on February 26, 2021
It’s been 2 years now,

still shocking and scary, We loved you but you had gone to where itsfar better!


Franklyn was a selfless friend.

Shared by Florence Boyle on February 28, 2019

I am forever grateful and so is my mother. She talks about the day you gave up your post-utme fee for her. She was very ill and there was no one to turn to. You gave us your form fee to take care of her hospital bills. That act can never be forgotten. Who does that!!!

Thank you "Oyimbo" for your selfless act of love.