This page has been created by the School of Veterinary Science, Massey University, for the New Zealand veterinary profession and colleagues to remember Professor Frazer Allan's life and career.

BVSc (Massey University, 1988).
MVSc (Massey University, 1995).
PhD (Massey University, 2000).
Faculty (Massey University, 1991 - 2000).
Private Veterinary Practice - Companion Animal (2000 - 2003).
Veterinary Teaching Hospital Director (Massey University, 2003 - 2009).
Head of the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences (Massey University, 2009 - 2015).
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Engagement (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015 - 2018).
Head of School and Dean, School of Veterinary Science (Sydney University, 2018 -2021).

Frazer was a colleague, friend and mentor to many, both in New Zealand and abroad. He will be remembered for his passion for the veterinary profession and as a talented leader. He was a "Massey Vet" through and through. 

Frazer died in Sydney on 24th June 2021 as a result of a medical event. He will be missed by us all. 

Please share your memories and tributes.
Posted by Marcus Tamaira on December 16, 2021
Very sad to hear, Frazer was a top man and colleague. Arohanui to whanau and friends.
Posted by Sarah Louise Taylor on August 27, 2021
Sincere condolences to Frazers' family.
I knew Frazer over nearly a decade at Massey and will never forget his visiting me in hospital when I fractured my leg. Something that made his life more awkward, nevertheless he made time is his busy day to brighten up mine. An example of the thoughtful man he was.
His passing is a loss to all whose lives he touched.
Posted by Chris Hutchings on August 5, 2021
I was so saddened to read of Frazer sudden death - an impressive individual and I knew Frazer with my time on the NZVA Board.
An individual with incredible and diverse talents - we will miss you indeed.
Posted by Magda Dunowska on August 2, 2021
RIP Frazer, it’s been a shock to learn about your death and a reminder that one never knows what’s behind the corner…my thoughts are with your family and friends.
“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – Dr. Seuss
Posted by Robert Bird on August 1, 2021
My memories of Frazer was that he was the guy who took the path least travelled. While most of my male classmates were going down the large animal pathway; he was the small animal guy. And he appeared to love it!!! Following his journey from a distance it would appear to have been rewarding for everyone that crossed his path. Even when he grilled me for my membership examinations in 1997. It would appear that his path "made all the difference" to so many. A sad loss for our profession.
Thinking of his extended family at this time.
Posted by Cath Watson on July 31, 2021
Frazer was the kind of guy who was easy to look up to - kind, considerate, articulate, very capable and a strong leader. He was a high achiever who was happy to nurture others along & share his knowledge & skills. He will be missed for all the he contributed & for for just being a great human, but will remain an outstanding mentor through the examples he set.
Posted by John Bassett on July 30, 2021
We have lost a true 'gentle'man; as others have said always ready with a smile, a laugh and full of empathy and respect for others. He was a great colleague at Massey where we were closest, including a particularly memorable ski trip together (apply for details!), and kept in touch too sporadically since. Special moment him showing my young kids a baby kiwi visiting him at Massey on a trip back to NZ. Life is richer for having known him and he has contributed much, even if we are robbed of what could have followed. Love to all.
Posted by Tania Krupitza on July 30, 2021
Like some of the others on this site Frazer was a classmate of mine, and I think one of my first memories of him was joking and laughing with him in Prof Jolly's infamous pathology lab. He was a relaxed and fun guy with a wicked sense of humour. When I ran into him many years later he had climbed high up the veterinary career pole but he was so kind and modest and still had the same twinkle in his eye and sense of fun. What a great guy to know, taken from us too soon. My condolences to his family. Losing someone to sudden or any death is a hard journey, but it does get better.
Posted by Kiro PETROVSKI on July 30, 2021
Always great to talk to, both as boss and collegue. He will be greatly missed
Posted by Cathryn Christie on July 21, 2021
Frazer headed up Massey when I was equine nursing there in 2004 - he treated us all equally, vets or nurses. He bent over backwards to help out and was a referee for me after I left. So capable and a great sense of humour, a real loss to everyone who knew him. My sincere condolences to his family left behind.
Posted by Greg McNeil on July 21, 2021
Saddened and shocked to hear of Fraser's passing, Fraser was a shining light and highly respected member of the Veterinary profession. I enjoyed working with and learning from Fraser as a member of the NZVA Board. My sincere condolences for Fraser's family and friends.
Posted by Gill Taylor on July 14, 2021
Like everyone else, I am so shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of Frazer.
We were fellow class mates at Uni and I remember the first time we introduced ourselves was in the formalin- riddled Anatomy Lab in Year II. We were partnered up to dissect the muscles of the femoral region of the "dog". Dog in inverted commas because, in our year, we didn't have canines to dissect but a sheep! Twas a little bit more difficult but we passed that assignment and formed a friendship from there.
Although, I only caught up with Frazer at our 30th reunion , and even though he had accomplished so much in his amazing career, he was still that down-to- earth person that he was way back then.
Kia Kaha to his whanau and friends
Posted by Sue Crampton on July 11, 2021
When our paths first crossed in Hamilton airport many years ago and we shared a hire car back to Palmy (as our flight was cancelled!) - you to go home, me to do some work in Palmy - we laughed and shared some hilarious stories of the vet profession and put the world to rights!
From that day on we remained esteemed colleagues both at Massey and UVTHS. You will be remembered for your innovation, foresight and drive...along with being one of the true gentleman of this wonderful profession you so connected to. The profession is a better place because of you Frazer and you have touched so many lives and careers along the way. ….mine included.
Saw you recently at dinner and I will always remember the respect, warmth and comradeship you always showed me.
Sue Crampton Provet/CCG/AIRC

Posted by Steve Merchant on July 7, 2021
I was shocked to learn of Frazer's passing. I worked with him for a number of years on the NZVA Board and he was always a solid, considered, articulate moderator and a mentor to me and those around him, even at wine tasting! He really was the last person I expected to leave us suddenly and I will miss him.
My thoughts are with his family.
Posted by Richard Wild on July 7, 2021
I knew Frazer mainly during the time he was on the NZVA Board. I cannot add much to all the other tributes that have been posted. He was a great leader, team player, and an inspiring individual. Always positive and enthusiastic, getting and receiving the most from life.  He might have been a good cricketer and cyclists but he also played a mean game of tennis. Such a loss to his family, friends and the profession.
Posted by Anna Worthington on July 7, 2021
Frazer, you greeted everyone with the same great big infectious grin and a larger than life enthusiasm. Whether one of the lads, or serially stealing a tall thin Pink Panther from the student flat over the road you mixed with everyone. We were all so proud of you and where you took your career; your door at Massey was always open when we dropped back by over the years. Thanks for what you gave this profession, and thanks for being a wonderful friend to so very many people. You will be missed.
Posted by Richard Jerram on July 7, 2021
Frazer. I am going to miss that smile and quizzical look you'd give whenever we caught up. Whether it was as fellow "giant" students. Working together in Hamilton. You rescuing me when I was struggling with cases in the Waikato as young vets. Sharing case management with later referral work. Your involvement and contribution to New Zealand's veterinary CPD and WSAVA 2013. But, particularly, I will long remember us watching our kids cycling against each other every year at the School Nationals. Your intellect, cheerfulness, assistance, leadership and friendship are greatly missed and my heart hurts. My thoughts are with your family. RIP old friend.
Posted by Brett Hodgkin on July 6, 2021
We were all shocked and saddened to hear the very sad news of Frazer's passing .Through hard work , passion , energy and talent he has left his mark on so many in our profession . We truly have lost an inspirational leader and one special person who will be sadly missed in so many ways .
Our deepest condolences to Frazer's family and friends .
Posted by PETRA BUCKLEY on July 6, 2021
Miss you, Fraz, you left us far too early. I have nothing but fond memories, dating back to our time as undergrads at Massey, including the ski trips and the one chilly winter's morning when you threw me into the duckpond to say happy birthday. Thank you for your lasting friendship, life was better with you in it. RIP.
Posted by Cord Heuer on July 5, 2021
A supreme leader, a top achiever and a 'jolly good fellow' - what a rare combination of virtues, Frazer mastered them all. Having known and worked with Frazer was a privilege. He led the institute with ease, passion and humor, his smile was permanent and remains with everyone who knew him. It is deeply shocking to see him go so unfairly early. My deep sympathy is with his family.
Posted by Rick LeCouteur on July 5, 2021
I was devastated to learn of Frazer's passing. I was privileged to know Frazer during his time as Dean at The University of Sydney, and consider him an esteemed colleague and friend. My thoughts are with everyone who knew Frazer, particularly his family. Frazer will be missed by so many.
Posted by Ben Gardiner on July 3, 2021
An early Frazerism I gleaned was his "cafe conversations" - in his company it was easy to believe anything could be resolved through sufficient, 'in good faith' discussion. Fraser never seemed to need to dominate the moment, no distracting ego, no ulterior motive, but an enthusiastic confident driver of progress. His success is a testimony to his style. Though I met Frazer no more than a dozen times through various NZVA interactions, it was as if we would naturally cross paths many more times. Very saddened to learn that this cannot be. Sincere condolences.
Posted by Stan Fenwick on July 3, 2021
I am absolutely shattered to hear the sad news of Frazer's unexpected death, Frazer was a big part of my life in the 14 years I spent at Massey, as a cheeky student with memories of happy hours, as a studious postgrad, but no less cheeky, as a colleague and as a friend. When he rose to ranks higher than mine I was delighted and have followed his career from a distance with great pleasure. He was a wonderful person with a fantastic sense of humor and great vitality and I had always hoped to catch up with him for a beer or two again one day, sadly not going to happen but will raise a glass to you tonight old mate, you will be sorely missed by many.
Posted by Stuart Gordon on July 2, 2021
Frazer was the VTH director when I arrived at Massey from the University of Zimbabwe over 13 years ago. Frazer and his family were so kind to me and my family and helped us to settle in to our new lives in New Zealand. Frazer remained a close friend. We shared a passion for music and together we tried to attend every live music gig that was being held in Palmerston North. When Frazer was Head of Institute he enabled my transition from Equine Medicine clinician to Co-ordinator of Veterinary Professionalism, a cherished position that I hold to this day. Thanks for looking after me both professionally and personally Frazer - I will miss you buddy.
Posted by Jackie Benschop on July 2, 2021
Frazer, I remember you as a positive and kind leader. Rest in peace. To your family - I am so sorry for your loss.
Posted by Michael Robinson on July 2, 2021
I only had the pleasure of meeting Frazer on a few occasions in his capacity of Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science at USyd. His reputation as an energetic and thoughtful leader had preceded him and I was not disappointed.
I remember having to negotiate my way around his road bike in the smallish Dean's office to make my way to the meeting table.  His broad smile and enthusiastic handshake always made you feel welcome.

Frazer was receptive, knowledgeable and had a great passion for veterinary education, the Veterinary School and the veterinary profession as a whole.
Great job, Frazer. You will be missed by many.
Posted by Lee-Anne Hannan on July 2, 2021
I've been in admin at Massey for 25 years. Although I have not worked with Frazer directly as I'm in a different school, I was shocked to hear of his passing. RIP Frazer, I've no doubt you will be missed.
Posted by Don Cleland on July 2, 2021
I had the pleasure of working with Frazer on the College of Sciences Executive from 2009 to 2015. He was always very postive and upbeat even when there were difficult issues to deal with. His death so young is very sad for his profession and family. RIP
Posted by Gayle McKenna on July 2, 2021
Was a very sad day to hear of the passing of Frazer he will be greatly missed. It was an honour to work for Frazer when he was Director of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and then went on to be our HoI for the Veterinary School. Rest in Peace Frazer 
Posted by Raewyn Creevey on July 1, 2021
The first time I met Frazer we were 17 yrs old and on a bus with a bunch of other high school wannabes on a visit to Massey University. A group of us went to the Fitz pub and then walked back to Massey, solving the problems of the world on the way. The most recent time I caught up with Frazer was at the 30 year reunion of the "class of '88". He still had that contagious smile and generous spirit, even inviting us all to go and stay with him in Sydney, any time!
We will miss you at our next reunion but you will always be remembered.
Posted by Joe Mayhew on July 1, 2021
Inspiring colleague, great boss and dear friend to many of us - but taken too soon. Keep rowing, cycling and enjoying cricket Frazer, forever, wherever you are.
Posted by Angela Hartman on July 1, 2021
Frazer was head of hospital then head of institute for the 9 years I spent at Massey. I worked with him frequently on many projects and the day to day running of the imaging department. He was consistently fair, positive focused, balanced and progressive thinking. I admire his leadership style and felt inspired to be a part of the Massey team with him at the helm. I was stationed across the hall from him and remember the frequent sounds of Neil Young playing in the afternoons from his desk. To the man who genuinely has a "Heart of Gold". May sincere condolences to his family.
Posted by Hugh Blair on June 30, 2021
Okioki i runga i te rangimarie mate. It was an honour to teach you, to work with you and to work for you.
Posted by Norm. Williamson on June 30, 2021
The veterinary profession of Australia and New Zealand lost an outstanding leader and professional when Frazer Allan died last week.  I knew Frazer for about 32 years and have always found him to be the same person, regardless of his station, which moved from being a junior staff member and postgraduate student to Head of Institute at Massey, Deputy Vice Chancellor at Victoria University and Head of School at Sydney University. He always was open, friendly, humble, cheerful and most of all enthusiastic. His enthusiasm was to me his greatest and most admirable distinguishing feature. He enthused about the profession and its future, the Black Caps, wine, food, his family and his cycling. His openness, cheerful smile and gregarious nature made him a pleasure to be around. I have no doubt that his future would have led on to bigger and brighter things than his already stellar achievements if he had lived on.
Frazer demonstrated his academic leadership in energetically preparing the Massey Veterinary School for its re-accreditation. He put an enormous effort into preparation and said to me once that he didn’t think that he would be up to doing it again. However, subsequently, he repeated that dedication in leading the University of Sydney Veterinary School to its reaccreditation last year. I witnessed this repeated dedicated preparation as the Chair of a Mock Accreditation Team that he assembled to assist in the preparations. 
The world is less bright after his passing. He will be missed.
Posted by Erik Iversen on June 29, 2021
I only met Fraser a few times when I was a vet student and he was the big boss at Massey. He always struck me as someone who was approachable, friendly and genuine. He was just a really nice guy and that made a big impression. His passing is a huge loss to the veterinary community, amongst others. All the best to his family in a very difficult time.
Posted by Anne Ridler on June 29, 2021
Frazer will be fondly remembered for his passion and enthusiasm for everything he did and his great sense of humour. He was a very capable and supportive teacher, colleague and boss and did great work nurturing and encouraging young leaders. Frazer had excellent taste in sport and was always up for a yarn about cricket or cycling. A big loss to the vet profession, thoughts are with his family and friends.
Posted by Leanne Fecser on June 29, 2021
I met Frazer when he was doing his Masters at Massey in the 1990's and followed his career through the years. He always had a smile for you and a great sense of humour. He gave so much to the veterinary community and is going to missed alot. It was a pleasure and honour to know you Frazer x
Posted by Sue Gribbin on June 29, 2021
Whilst did not work in the vet school at the time Fraser was HOI I do remember attending the Hill's VetStart@Massey programme and he always had a smile on his face and wore a knitted beanie the whole time. He got on well with both staff and students. 

Thinking of his family and friends during this time.
Posted by Wendy Graham on June 29, 2021
A very sad time for Frazer’s family and friends together with the SoVS and wider veterinary community.

Frazer was always very positive and definitely full of energy and spent many happy times cycling around the greater Manawatu area with other like-minded friends; I recall him having an altercation with a vehicle not long after he was appointed HoI after which he required surgery and then hobbling around on crutches for some time.

Frazer led the building programme for the new Veterinary Science build (aka Wildbase building) and was very proud to return to SoVS for the official opening in 2016.

Taken way too soon and you will be very much missed across many different levels.
Posted by Ray Geor on June 29, 2021
A very sad time for Frazer's family and friends, together with the Massey University and veterinary community.

Frazer's passion and enthusiasm for everything he did were an inspiration. Some great memories of cycling adventures and misadventures (the latter mostly mine, not Frazer's).

RIP Frazer, gone far too young. It was a pleasure to know you.
Posted by Jon Huxley on June 29, 2021
Whilst I only knew Frazer for 3 years, I will remember him as a really good guy and as someone who could light up the room with his humour, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. He made me feel very welcome in the Australasian profession and for that I will always be grateful.

Greatly missed, gone but not forgotten.
Posted by Jenny Weston on June 29, 2021
Always positive and full of energy, Frazer was a pleasure to work with. Even as Head of Institute, Frazer involved himself in many of the student activities including our VLE / Hill's VetStart@Massey programme. He had a great rapport with students throughout his illustrious career.

Frazer loved sports - a fan of many disciplines and competitive at everything he attempted.

He was a great leader and well respected by staff and students alike. A very sad loss for the veterinary profession in NZ and Australia; he will be keenly missed by all those whose lives he touched. Thinking of his family at this very sad time. Kia kaha.
Posted by grant mccullough on June 29, 2021
A very sad day for the Veterinary Profession--taken from us when he still had so much to give . Fraser has done so much for us that we are all very thankful . He will certainly be greatly missed.

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Posted by Marcus Tamaira on December 16, 2021
Very sad to hear, Frazer was a top man and colleague. Arohanui to whanau and friends.
Posted by Sarah Louise Taylor on August 27, 2021
Sincere condolences to Frazers' family.
I knew Frazer over nearly a decade at Massey and will never forget his visiting me in hospital when I fractured my leg. Something that made his life more awkward, nevertheless he made time is his busy day to brighten up mine. An example of the thoughtful man he was.
His passing is a loss to all whose lives he touched.
Posted by Chris Hutchings on August 5, 2021
I was so saddened to read of Frazer sudden death - an impressive individual and I knew Frazer with my time on the NZVA Board.
An individual with incredible and diverse talents - we will miss you indeed.
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In Movember 2012, there were simply fabulous Moustaches being formed at the VTH. It was also the time that the Duchess visited. Frazer had lots of photographs taken, looking amazing with his moustache!