This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Fred Bissert, 76, born on May 7, 1935 and passed away on January 18, 2012. We will remember him forever.  If you would like to be notified about Freds memorial service please send your contact information to

Fred's memorial services are listed below:

Las Vegas, April 14, 2012 Was a wonderful success. Thank you to all who came, it was lovely!

Upstate, New York June 16th, 2012 - Christ Luthern Church. 105 Center St., Ellenville, NY  11:00am Thank you to all who came, it was a lovely day with beautiful memories!

Long Island, August 3rd, Calverton Cemetary 2:30pm interment, Life celebration to follow. Another wonderul tribute to a truly wonderful man who touched many many lives, he is now at rest  in Calverton National Cemetary, Lond Island, NY.

Thanks again to all who shared their experiences of Freddie!

Posted by maurice pustjens on January 18, 2014
2 years
miss you my friend

claire and maurice
Posted by Diane Bissert on January 18, 2014
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. Christmas was very quiet without your laugh and making the breakfast casserole for me. We hope you are enjoying your birthday and wish we could be together to celebrate. Love always, John, Diane, Taylor and Trevor
Posted by Fred's Family on January 18, 2014
Wow how time flies , I have to agree that a day doesn't go by that you aren't missed, I still want to call you and laugh with you and listen to your voice and especially hear you laugh! I must say Dad that you have given me so many wonderful memories and every time I share a story about you everybody smiles. hugs and kisses love your daughter
Posted by Fred's Family on November 11, 2013
Happy Veterans Day,
Today I went to visit you at your last home out in Calverton, I thought it was apropos as you were such a military guy at heart, a man who always believed in his country and their forces. They did a beautiful job on your stone. I miss you lots, Love me
Posted by maurice pustjens on May 7, 2013
happy birthday my friend
Posted by Diane Bissert on May 7, 2013
Happy Birthday Dad. We hope the party is just the way you like it; with friends and family all around.
We still hear your laugh throughout the house. 
Taylor, your only granddaughter, is graduating high school in a few weeks and I know you will be with her as she walks to receive her diploma proudly. Keep with her on her journey to Nebraska.
Posted by Eddie Quinn on May 3, 2013
Well, Freddie; things are changing. The Outback is gone. Our favorite Chinese restaurant is gone. The Outback Pack is no more. We are all over the place. But do not worry-------I will find someplace to celebrate this coming Tuesday Wish you could be with me but you are like your favorite airline - "Gone but not Forgotten". Happy 78th Birthday my friend ! ! !
Posted by Gerri Staffiery on January 23, 2013
Fred was a great guy and Rich and I enjoyed coming to his service in Las Vegas. What you are doing to keep him alive is fantastic. So many people are forgotten once they are buried and it is nice that you are keeping his memory alive forever.
Posted by Tom Harrington on September 13, 2012
We lost a good friend when you left Long Island, Freddie. I will always remember our visits in Vegas (too few), our phone calls and the great e-mails we shared. But the one thing I remember most, and the sentiment that was your hallmark is your happy voice saying "Tom, my door is always open . . ." God Bless you, my friend.
Posted by Gloria OMeara on May 7, 2012
When my husband and I moved to Ireland, Fred said he would come see us. I thought everyone says that, but true to his word he came the following year and we had a great time. He loved to travel and see new places and meet new people. He is sadly missed. You are always in our hearts Fred Gloria and Frank Omeara
Posted by Elisabeth Smith on May 7, 2012
Memories never fade and his joy of life with his family and grandchildren will always be cherished. Guides us well with the glass always half full.
Posted by Eddie Quinn on May 7, 2012
Just thinking of my friend Freddie on his birthday. Always on my mind and in my heart. I also posted on his facebook page, which I guess will always remain there.
Posted by heidi peck on May 7, 2012
Happy Birthday Fred! Your spirit lives on in all of touched all of our lives. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Lauri MCHugh on April 14, 2012
Fred Fred Fred, I miss you so very much... a true friend no matter what or when he was always there for me and I am forever grateful. Upbeat outgoing he would always make you welcome... great guy with wonderful family, friends that shows it. Being the first to know but waiting for last day to write?why?? Cuz i didn't want to say goodbye twice. God Bless You - with much love Lauri
Posted by Ronnie Cloe on March 16, 2012
Marie and I have missed a friend.  We know how thankful we are to have had him as a friend.  May he rest in peace.
Posted by Judith Wolf on March 6, 2012
Bissert, laugh, love, hugs had my back, New Yorker no matter where he was, twinkle in his eye, my buddy and a great loss. No one to replace him. Rest in Peace big guy and keep watching, Love you .....J
Posted by kelli Giovaneillo on February 9, 2012
Fred was a man of character and honor. He loved a social gathering and was very family oriented. He was a wonderful uncle to us all, and my husband Tony cherished and admired him all of his life. We have enjoyed a close relationship with him, both in NY and CA. Many wonderful memories were shared with that man. He will be missed and always loved.
Posted by karen crawford-brown on February 9, 2012
My dear Fred how I will never forget your kindness and friendship. You were such a special person and my memories will carry me till we see each other again. Have fun with Lori and my Frank till we are all together once again.You will be missed at our monthly dinners. Love always, karen and the dinner gang
Posted by karen crawford-brown on February 9, 2012
Fred how I will miss your kindness and friendship.My memories will last forever till we see each other again. We will miss you at our monthly dinners, they won't be the same.Love Karen and the dinner gang
Posted by Elisabeth Smith on February 4, 2012
Fred was never without a big hug and great smile. Life was to be enjoyed and he did indeed. His love for his family showed time and again. He will be missed by many but never forgotten. Our toast to good memories. Beth & George
Posted by Gerri Staffiery on January 30, 2012
What can I say that hasn't been said by all the wonderful friends and family that surrounded Fred. I never saw him unhappy. Always with a smile and a hug for everyone. Loved his motor cycle and would drop in to visit (in California). He had a big heart and we will miss his smiling face.
Posted by John Duarte on January 27, 2012
Where to start! A man that wasn't just a friend but like a father as well! Some memories: Hanging with Fred at the Boardy Barn, hanging in Vegas, having a couple of beers and discussing how he was going to miss JB (and how he just built the pool). Fred(Dad) Your spirit and memory will always be part of those who had the honor and privilege to know you. You'll be missed.
Posted by lenny baldassano on January 26, 2012
what can i say but WOW!! seems like yesterday i was at home with john and Nancy watching them open gifts at Christmas and now all grown up, it seems that once you get past the age of 21 that takes for ever to get to as a kid , the time fly's away . will miss him
Posted by Macey Giovaniello on January 23, 2012
Fred, or Uncle Freddie was a total sweetheart- such a nice man- if his day was composed of upset, you would never know. A smile was constantly on his face, not ever a frown. Therefore I dub him to be the "powerhouse of positivity"- great man, gave wonderful hugs, and he will be with us in spirit. He will give God a big old belly laugh daily. Love to all <3
Posted by Barbara Bowen on January 23, 2012
So shocked and saddened to hear of Freds passing. We met Fred and Nancy when they came to visit my sister in Ireland, Fred kept in touch sending me jokes on a regular basis. Will be sadly missed. Our deepest sympathy to the entire family.
John and Barbara Bowen.
Posted by Rochelle Staiano on January 23, 2012
At a time in my life when I needed love and support the most, Fred took me into his house with, my cousin, Terry and Nancy for one glorious summer. I have never forgotten that wonderful time and how I was forever part of the Bissert family. It was my second home one where I was always welcome. The last time I saw Fred in he was ready to party. Love you Fred, you will be greatly missed.
Posted by Diane Silver-Smith on January 23, 2012
I have known Freddie for well over 25 years. Met through the Blue Knights & stayed friends forever. Since he moved to Nevada we kept in contact by phone & occasional vists. He always made me welcome in his home. Always had a big smile, a wonderful laugh & a heart as big as Texas. Many good times were had. I will miss him so very much. Rest in peace. Love, Diane
Posted by John Kline on January 23, 2012
"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day!"
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
godspeed Fred!
Posted by maurice pustjens on January 22, 2012
"my friend"   i don't believe it...
i recived this morning a call , with the message that you passed away.
but you forgot something.. you promissed me to come to belgium this year. will never forget you, you will be always in our harts.
claire and maurice
Posted by Jean Chiaramonte on January 22, 2012
Fred, I see you flying around up there on your bike with your gigantic smile full of life!! May you watch over all of your loved ones and be in peace
Posted by Jo Giampietro on January 22, 2012
Freddie and I spoke after the holidays and I promised to stop on my road trip this summer. While I knew Fred when he was in NYI and I in NYX my fondest memories of him will always be our "pre-convention" trip through Utah on the way to Colorado for Convention. I will miss your laugh and smile but will keep you in my heart and thoughts.  Jo
Posted by Dianne Liebler on January 22, 2012
Mr. "B".. Thanks for all the laughs and memories.. You were always a lot of fun and the "coolest" Dad around. You always knew how to have the most fun in life! I am sure you are in heaven looking down on your family with the biggest smile ever!!! Luv di
Posted by Gloria OMeara on January 22, 2012
You will be missed by both Frank and myself. We remember when you and Nancy came to visit us in Ireland and the good time we had. We had no idea about your passing and only found out a few moments ago when we talked to our relatives in Ireland, as somehow we did not receive the email from the family. Again our deepest sympathy
Posted by Lori Mozdzierz on January 22, 2012
Even though I'd only known Fred since Dec 2010, when I was in town visiting my brother Robert (Fred's friend and co-worker), we broke bread together, shared lengthy convos about writing and had great laughs!!! Sending light and love to Fred's family and closest friends ;D
Posted by Barbara Barrett on January 22, 2012
Fred was a dedicated communicator, always IMing me whenever he and were on line together. My Husband and I worked with Fred for WeServe, but beyond that I rode my motorcycle with Fred on several trips. The most memorable was a trip to a ranch here in Las Vegas where he knew the owners. I always wanted to follow up with them but never got around to it. Fred was a generous/sharing man.
Posted by MYRON ROSENSTEIN on January 22, 2012
Posted by Thomas Farr on January 21, 2012
Renea and I will miss you. We enjoyed our times at We Serve and Monday Night football at Sam's Town. God Bless Fred.
Posted by Patrick Geladi on January 21, 2012
The angels looked down from heaven one night
They searched for miles afar,
And deep within the distance
They could see a shining star.
They knew that very instant
That the star was theirs to gain,
So they took you up to heaven
Forever to remain.
Look down on us from heaven
Keep us free from hurt and pain,
You'll always be within my heart
Until we meet again
Posted by Robert Tauber on January 21, 2012
Fred and I had just talked on Skype. We had worked together at Pan Am for many years and it was good chating with him. He will be missed. Every year I host a party at my house for my Pan Am friends and every year Freddie wanted to attend, but something always came up. When I last talked to him he said he was going to make it this year. He will be with us in spirit this year.
Posted by Charles (charlie) Imbrian... on January 21, 2012
Larissa and I will miss you. You are in our thoughts and prayers
Posted by Gary Pizer on January 21, 2012
Freddie.....Although we lost touch when you moved off Long Island you will always be remembered as a friend and a brother Knight (Blue Knights NY1).....Gary & Evie
Posted by Mary Casper on January 21, 2012
my husband dennis and i came from national airlines to pan am and as with all the other pan am people freddie welcomed us with open arms. always a smile on his face and always there to help when you had a problem. the world will be a little sadder without him and our sympathies are with his family for their loss. god rest your soul fred!!!
Posted by Sara Barry on January 21, 2012
Even though Fred was not a personal friend of mine, he attended seminars in the HOA industry and was always quick with a smile and a very friendly man. His children should be proud that he respresented himself so well.
Posted by Mark Pizer on January 21, 2012
We are so sorry to hear about Fred's passing Our prayers are with him and his family. He will always be remembered as a friend and fellow Blue Knight. We will always remember "Zoobus" and our trip to the zoo. Mark & Maria, BK NY1
Posted by John Dienes on January 21, 2012
Frederica, I still tell the story from when we were in Boulder City watching the World Hand Cart Championships and the only sighted guy on the blind team's cart fell off leaving them to crash. I definitely miss the football and events together. Your friend, John
Posted by Eddie Quinn on January 21, 2012
My best friend Freddie: Fred and I met close to 5 years ago at an Outback Steakhouse in Las Vegas. After a couple of hours of conversation he said to me: "I think we may become true friends some day." He was correct. We have traveled together, helped each other when needed and shared lots of good times. For the rest of my life I will miss him more than I can possibly put into words.
Posted by Robert Weber on January 21, 2012
Freddie, I found out by chance that you have left us. I am deeply touched by your untimely passing. Just a week ago I spoke to you over SKYPE and you were complaining about an intestinal virus problem. I had no idea how serious it was and cheered you up by telling you to take medication and see a doctor!
With tears in my eyes, I miss you Freddie!  Bob + Silke
Posted by Elliott Kraus on January 21, 2012
From Lk. Ronk., NY to Las Vegas, Nv., the mcl. trips across USA, our co-employment & as condo. neighbors in L.V. Though we often had strong disagreements, I look back with fond memories of our many years of friendship, as co-workers and road warriors together thru memories thick & thin....May he forever rest in peace.
Posted by Lia Genovese Henderson on January 21, 2012
Fred, Eddie and i will always remember you, your big smile and your big heart.We love you.Thank you for your friendship.Rest in peace.
Posted by Jane Petschauer on January 20, 2012
It doesn't matter what Fred's bank account was, the sort of house he lived in, or the kind of car he drove.........but the world is a better place because of the impact FRED has had on the lives of his family and friends. Thank You!
We lift our glass to FRED!!!! Till We Meet Again!!!!   David & Jane
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Posted by Rich Krikalo on January 20, 2021
STILL replay some of the Greenbriar meetings that involved yelling and screaming in my mind. Never forget those board meetings!
Posted by Gerri Staffiery on May 7, 2020
Both Fred and Terri were fantastic people and I loved them dearly. They are missed very much. It seems like just last year we were at his funeral in Las Vegas and here it is his 85th birthday. I still see him on his motor cycle riding around the country. He sure loved that bike. So glad you have this every year, the years blend and we lose time. Thanks for doing this and for your "forever" caring.
Posted by Gloria OMeara on May 7, 2020
Hi Fred, Miss you. You would not like what is happening now in the world. A virus has hit us all hard. I just saw that Richard Krikalo moved to Laughlin. Funny Frank and I have been thinking of going there for a long time now. Vegas is too big for us old folks. Rest in peace
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Big Hearted Guy

Shared by Rich Krikalo on January 19, 2019

As A fellow board member at Greenbriar townhomes in Vegas I only knew Fred on a business level. I am reading some of the stories about Fred for the first time. WOW  I should have known Fred lived life to the fullest and I envy his life! A big guy on a big bike. We shared a few moments here and there and I was always impressed with his attitude for go that extra effort for whatever he was setting out to do We really got involved! I used to call him when my townhome was facing  foreclosure for his thoughts. When he did not answer I knew something was not right. I miss those " once every 6 months " phone calls just to "shoot the shit"  He had passion, that's for sure. YOU are missed Thank you to his family for their continued support on this website Fred was special and after reading the stories about him I know I am right.

Note From Bob Weber

Shared by Robert Tauber on January 20, 2013

Dear Bob,
Thanks for your mail reminding us about the first anniversary of Freddie's passing. He will always be remembered as the heavy set guy with a big smile on his face sitting behind his desk in LC and cracking a joke when appropriate. In later years I met him and Charlie Imbriani in FRA while we worked together in the CRAF operation of Pan Am at Ramstein AFB. He was always fun to work with and never let us down, helped us with his experience and knowledge in critical operational situations. Off duty we spent many hours together at the nearby German pubs and emptied countless steins of Lagers together. Just a week before he passed away I spoke to him over SKYPE and found out he was not doing too well health wise. At that time I had no idea in what serious health condition he was and was shocked to hear that he had passed away a week later. Freddie will always be on our mind when the name Pan Am is mentioned, he was a true Pan Amer with heart and soul! We dearly miss him! HE IS GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!
Bob Weber, Pan Am JFK, FRA, MUC, VIE a friend of Fred Bissert (If you can please relay this mail to his family, thanks.)

wedding day

Shared by lenny baldassano on January 18, 2013

my frist  wedding  even thought it went south  was put together  by  my  uncle  fred and aunt terry  . they set up  the back yard  and it was a breath takeing  day. then  after that we went  to  this bar, you would of never thought  it would  of went  so well  being in a bar but it  did , for that  i say thank you to my  uncle. sorry i could not of been there  at the time, or the get together .as always cant seem to get ahead in like  the  saying goes  you get lemons  you make  lemon add .id off loved  to  put a photo  up but  the  old photos are long gone .