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Big Hearted Guy

Shared by Rich Krikalo on January 19, 2019

As A fellow board member at Greenbriar townhomes in Vegas I only knew Fred on a business level. I am reading some of the stories about Fred for the first time. WOW  I should have known Fred lived life to the fullest and I envy his life! A big guy on a big bike. We shared a few moments here and there and I was always impressed with his attitude for go that extra effort for whatever he was setting out to do We really got involved! I used to call him when my townhome was facing  foreclosure for his thoughts. When he did not answer I knew something was not right. I miss those " once every 6 months " phone calls just to "shoot the shit"  He had passion, that's for sure. YOU are missed Thank you to his family for their continued support on this website Fred was special and after reading the stories about him I know I am right.

Note From Bob Weber

Shared by Robert Tauber on January 20, 2013

Dear Bob,
Thanks for your mail reminding us about the first anniversary of Freddie's passing. He will always be remembered as the heavy set guy with a big smile on his face sitting behind his desk in LC and cracking a joke when appropriate. In later years I met him and Charlie Imbriani in FRA while we worked together in the CRAF operation of Pan Am at Ramstein AFB. He was always fun to work with and never let us down, helped us with his experience and knowledge in critical operational situations. Off duty we spent many hours together at the nearby German pubs and emptied countless steins of Lagers together. Just a week before he passed away I spoke to him over SKYPE and found out he was not doing too well health wise. At that time I had no idea in what serious health condition he was and was shocked to hear that he had passed away a week later. Freddie will always be on our mind when the name Pan Am is mentioned, he was a true Pan Amer with heart and soul! We dearly miss him! HE IS GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!
Bob Weber, Pan Am JFK, FRA, MUC, VIE a friend of Fred Bissert (If you can please relay this mail to his family, thanks.)

wedding day

Shared by lenny baldassano on January 18, 2013

my frist  wedding  even thought it went south  was put together  by  my  uncle  fred and aunt terry  . they set up  the back yard  and it was a breath takeing  day. then  after that we went  to  this bar, you would of never thought  it would  of went  so well  being in a bar but it  did , for that  i say thank you to my  uncle. sorry i could not of been there  at the time, or the get together .as always cant seem to get ahead in like  the  saying goes  you get lemons  you make  lemon add .id off loved  to  put a photo  up but  the  old photos are long gone .

A tribute to Freddie Bissert from Charlie & Larissa Imbriani

Shared by Fred's Family on April 13, 2012

A tribute to Freddie Bissert


I first met Freddie shortly after I started with Pan Am in 1964, but it was not till 25 years later, 1989, that we began a close working relationship. The relationship turned into a friendship which would lasted till the moment he passed away. Freddie called me the Sunday before and was asking how I was doing. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but Freddie sounded a little melancholy. Other than that it was just another of our periodic updates.

     It all began in 1989 when I took a job in Pan Am’s Ramp Training dept. at JFK. It was Freddy’s job to make a trainer out of me and from then on we were together most every day for the next three years. Later that year we found ourselves in Berlin for an advanced train-the-trainer course. It happened to be the time that the Berlin wall was coming down. I can remember the both of us chipping away at the wall with the tire iron from our rent- a-car to collect some souvenir pieces of the wall. It wasn’t long after that – August of 1990 – that the war broke out in the Persian Gulf. The Civilian Reserve Air Fleet was activated and Pan Am was in the thick of it, and so were Freddy and I. We worked as a team going ahead to many U.S. military bases around the country to meet and work the arriving Pan Am flights. The flights came to pick up the troops for their long trip to the Persian Gulf. Freddie and I worked together at: Fort Hood, Fort Campbell, Fort Bragg, Fort Benning, Langley Field, San Antonio, Volkes Field, Charleston, and Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station. We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years at Cherry Point working the Pan Am operation which participated in deploying the Second Marine Division to the Gulf. This was the largest airlift of Marines in history and Freddy and I were part of it.

    When the war began – January 17, 1991, Freddie and I were asked if we were willing to fly into the “Desert” to work the Pan Am flights, both passenger (troops) and cargo. There was never a question about that. We were put at the Albani Hotel in Rome and from there made numerous trips into Dhahran, Riyadh, Al Jubal, and Bahrain. We worked the troop flights out of Rome and the freighters out of the U.S. Airbase in Ramstein, and the NATO base in Sigonella, Sicily. There was little time off between the 8 hour flight to Saudi Arabia, the three to four hours on the ground, and the 8 ½ hour flight back. We had two days off in Rome and on one day we saw Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square during the Palm Sunday service. The next week we got – through the good graces of the Rome Pan Am staff – tickets to a Papal audience. Freddy and I were close enough to the Pope to reach and touch him. In Sicily we had a day off and took our rent-a-car to the top of Mt. Etna – We have that day on DVD compliments of Pan Am Captain Duke Dent. The end of the Gulf War brought us back home to a failing Pan Am, and the eventual takeover of Delta. Freddy and I lost touch for a few years after he moved to Las Vegas and I went to St. Petersburg Russia as the Delta Station Manager. One day I got a call from Freddie who told me that we and some other Pan Amers were to receive the Air Medal from the U.S Air Force in a ceremony in Frankfort. Freddy captured that day on film for all the participants.

     Freddie’s family should be proud of his service to his country which included a tour in the U.S. Army where he was stationed in Berlin and his service during Desert Shield and Desert Storm for which he received the Civilian Desert Shield/Desert Storm award and the Air Medal (a military award). Freddie was like a big brother to me and was always my mentor. For one who had lived with Freddie in many places during some hair raising experiences, I can say with certitude that he was one of the kindest and most generous persons I was ever associated with. Freddie was a big man, but his heart exceeded his physical dimensions. He was exuberant and loved to share his joy of living with all he came into contact with. We had a lot of exciting and good times together.  He was truly so full of love and life.

     Freddie came to visit my wife, Larissa and me the last two years. She took to him right away and often reminded me to call him if I hadn’t done so in a while. Larissa wasn’t aware that Freddie had called me on Sunday, and on Wednesday – the day Freddie passed – she said to me, “you haven’t heard from Freddie in a while you better call him.” “ I said we just spoke on Sunday.” Maybe Freddie was just saying goodbye to Larissa. Freddie never forgot to tell me to give his love to her.


Always in our prayers, we will miss him dearly.

Charlie & Larissa Imbriani            

my Fred

Shared by Terry Bissert on February 2, 2012

Fred & I were married in 1958, He was my best friend Marion's brother, I didn't know him till he returned from army and that's when we started dating. We did a lot of wonderful things together, Most important created two amazing children. He loved my family like his own, I think there was some Italian in him somewhere! We traveled, built houses, and accepted lifes challenges as they came to us. Through all those years, the good and the not so good we allways remained friends.I will always miss that.Thank you Fred for sharing your life with me & our children,& our grand children.......God be with you I know he is!

Shared by Fred's Family on January 26, 2012

Fred's letters from Ed Sullivan


Shared by Trevor Bissert on January 23, 2012
Every year poppa comes for christmas and right before he left he got to see me and my sis how special


Shared by Eddie Quinn on January 22, 2012

Here is Freddie with my daughter Laura at the Outback Steakhouse in Las Vegas when she came to visit.  She and Fred became friendly and he even went to visit her at her home in Wisconsin last summer.  Laura passed away yesterday, 3 days after Fred, at the age of 42.  I hope they are together in a better place.

Super Bowl Party @ Mandalay Bay 2003

Shared by Thomas Farr on January 21, 2012

We were all in tux's while working for We Serve.

Hawaii Cruise

Shared by Eddie Quinn on January 21, 2012

Freddie on a rented bike in Maui

Hawaii Cruise 2009

Shared by Eddie Quinn on January 21, 2012

Eddie & Freddie & some wierdo in the middle in Maui

Hawaii Cruise 2009

Shared by Eddie Quinn on January 21, 2012

At a trivia pursuit game on the ship

Hawaii Cruise

Shared by Eddie Quinn on January 21, 2012

Dinner table on cruise ship.  The 2 on the end on Freddie's side of the table are Eric and his wife.

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