Let the memory of Fred be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on March 11, 1943 in Lexington, North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on November 20, 2010 in chimney rock, North Carolina, United States.

My sweet daddy oh how your missed so deeply. Daddy you were our protector our provider our friend most of all our Daddy. Fred was born on March 11,1943 in Lexington,NC and went to be with his Lord on November 20,2010 in Chimney Rock,NC. Fred was married to his soulmate Brenda on November 30,1965 together they raised 3 daughters and one son. Fred leaves behind his grieving daughters Susan and April his 5 granddaughters 5 grandsons and two great grandsons. Although daddy you have left this earth you haven’t left our heart our memories. We will always remember the amazing man you was we will always remember those amazing Fred burgers that only you could make daddy. So daddy until we meet again keep watch over us down here and when it’s our time to come just make sure you and mama come and get us daddy we love you to the heavens and back

Posted by April Mayhew on 20th September 2018
My seeet daddy I miss you so much and long to see you talk to you and hug you. You taught me so much in life but you never taught me how to live without you. How can you teach some that? I miss our talks at night our trips to the mountains and our go kart races. I always knew that you would always protect me and would always be there for me. You taught me that no one could mess with your family and I am blessed to have had such an amazing protector an amazing daddy. You were always there for me no matter what. I knew you loved me more than life itself as you loved all your kids. You always provided for us there was not a day that went by that we longed for anything because you worked so hard to make sure of that. I know that one day my sweet daddy that I will dance with you on the streets of gold in Heaven and maybe heaven has a go kart track so I can actually win for once lol. My daddy I love you to the heavens and back and I will forever carry you in my heart my soul and my memories so daddy until I meet you at heavens gates keep my “Fred Burger” warm
Posted by Adam Mayhew on 10th October 2017
I am really missing you right now papa
Posted by Adam Mayhew on 8th October 2017
Papa I really miss you and Nannie , it’s been a while and it hurts knowing your gone and seeing the pain my mom goes through knowing you are gone I can’t wait to see the day where we are both in the sky you better have them burgers ready and that claw cannot be forgotten as the stories , I will pass them onto my future kids , as I am already passing it onto my little nephew who laughs and asks all the questions I asked you , it’s been a while since I have been to your house , yet I’m positive it is doing really good the last time I was there it was in really good condition, I remember when I was younger I was looking under your couch where you used to hide all the candy and I found crunch I knew it was a sign that you were never gonna leave me I really want you back I just want you to see a game like I used to show you and how much I have improved since the last time you seen me and how much I have grown I’m so sorry for never wanting to go up to your house but I reallly wish i always went I really want you back , Love you
Posted by April Mayhew on 20th November 2016
Daddy I wish I could say it gets easier but that would be a lie I only have learned how to live with it. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and mama and how I am lost and empty without y'all. Daddy you will always be my hero and my angel. One day we will be together again and I will rechallenge you to that go kart race. I love you daddy and I'll always be your baby girl and your bliz
Posted by Susan Noto on 27th October 2014
Daddy its been almost 4yrs since you left us, My life will never be the same, I miss your stories and your laugh,and yes i miss the one and only Fred Bugers.DADDY I MISS YOU, I LOVE YOU,I am thankful to have you as my father, You always made feel safe.my favorite memory is when you took me fishing and how excited i was with my small fish but you were so proud of me. I have many stories like that, Thank You for loving me Daddy
Posted by April Mayhew on 9th October 2013
Well daddy it is approaching 3 years since you made that final journey to that beautiful place in the sky. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and miss you more every day. God truely blessed me when he chose you as my daddy. I have so many wonderful memories but my all time favorite was you running me into the wall while racing the go karts God you laughed so hard.
Posted by April Mayhew on 9th October 2013
But I always knew that no matter what daddy you would always be there and you were. I miss seeing your sweet face and hearing that beautiful voice I miss feeling your arms around me and your sweet gentle kiss on my cheek. I miss seeing your smile light up the room and I miss watching you enjoying your time with my kids as much as they enjoed there time with you. I love you so much daddy
Posted by Jeremy Mayhew on 8th October 2013
Papa bear. Its been 3 years almost since you went to be with the lord. I miss you so much. I can't wait till the day I see you Nannie Granada and grandpa. I know you were hurting. I think of you every day. I love you l. You gotta have me Fred burgers waiting. I miss the claw as well. I love you with all my heart and soul

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