We will miss you Fred...

What a wonderful life!!!

Thank you for everything.
  • 78 years old
  • Born on November 13, 1935 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
  • Passed away on November 30, 2013 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

This website is created for our loved one, Fred Campitelli. It is to share and appreciate his life amongst his family, friends, and those that knew him.

Alfredo John Campitelli
November 13, 1935 to November 30, 2013

Family and friends will be received at Highland Funeral Home (10 Cachet Woods Court in Markham 905-887-8600) on Thursday December 5 and Friday December 6, from 2:00-4:00pm and 7:00-9:00pm.

The Funeral mass will be at Our Lady of Grace Parish
(15347 Yonge Street in Aurora 905-727-4594) on Saturday December 7, at 10:30am.

The burial will take place at Highland Hills Memorial Gardens
(12492 Woodbine Avenue in Gormley 905-888-0729).

In his 78th year, a life cut short in a long, courageous battle with cancer, Fred passed away quietly on Saturday evening, November 30th, 2013. His last weeks and hours were spent in the company of his large and loving family who will all miss his enormous presence in their lives. By his side through the days of suffering, his wife Margaret will take comfort that his pain is gone and that his love for her is eternal.

Fred's story began in a small farmhouse on Kennedy Road in Scarborough junction, the 2nd of 5 children of Tonino and Amalia Campitelli. His life certainly did not follow a quiet and sedentary path. In these short years Fred was an integral part of the success of the business legacy built by him and his brothers, which spanned two generations. Together, with his beloved wife Margaret, he carved out a place in this world for his large and loving family, and he spent countless hours amassing innumerable friends. Ultimately, he never ventured far from his roots on the farm as he spent his happiest times in his cottage garden at Lake Simcoe.

His charitable contributions to his church, his time, effort and leadership with the Lion's Club and his constant help and support of his staff, his friends and his family, will be his legacy. His energy for life was unsurpassed, his determination in business was without equal, and the size of his heart was immeasurable.

Fred never got over the loss of his daughter, Carla, and in these last few years his heart was heavy with that sadness. He took much comfort and joy in the time he was able to spend with her children and all his grandchildren until he, himself, had to face the ravages of the same disease. Together they will now watch over their family and loved ones who will struggle with their loss in the days to come.

Fred, beloved husband of Margaret (Clinkinboomer), loving father of Anthony (Judy), Lenny (Dina), Michael, the late Carla (Nick), Linda (Kevin), cherished Nonno of Nadia, Erica, Daniella (Marcus), Marco, Lisa, Alfredo, Alisha, Joseph, Joshua, Juliette, Elliott, Ellenora, and devoted BisNonno of Hudson and Lincoln. Fred will be missed by his brothers, John (Lena), Bruno (Diane), his sisters, Mary ( late Claudio), and Vira (George), his sister-in laws Evelyn, Nellie, Penny, Gertrude, and brother-in-laws Horace and Harold. His many nieces and nephews and grandnieces and grandnephews are heartbroken at his loss. A special thanks to Dr. Alan Toguri of Scarborough General Hospital and Flora Supan for their devotion and care to Fred.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to The Children's Wish Foundation, in memory of Fred Campitelli, at www.childrenswish.ca.

Dear Family, Friends and Fellow Adversaries,

I am Linda Campitelli, the youngest child of Alfredo (Fred, Freddie) Campitelli.  If you are reading this then at some time in your life or a loved one’s life there has been a relationship or encounter with my dad, Fred.  I would imagine or hope that you also know by now, that he has fallen very ill and may even leave us at some point soon.  If you know my dad then you also know that he completed his academic education up to grade 8 and then began working his father’s farm.  My dad always spoke about a desire he had to further his education and this lifetime desire had a lot of influence on the choices he made in life.  My dad often spoke about how important it is to write down and record events in one’s life and at this time I feel that I can act upon his interest.  I would like to create an on-line timeline or biography of my father’s life.  I would like to create a web page dedicated to the life of my father that could be updated over periods of time.

I am asking for your help in creating this documentation.  It would be great if you could please share on this website a short description of a time shared with my dad, a memory or a story.  If you could accompany this description with a scanned photograph it would be a really nice complement to the timeline and it would be much appreciated.  If you have more than one memory, photograph, video, or songs that you could add here would be incredibly awesome as well. 

And, why you may ask, have I addressed this to fellow adversaries, well, in the course of my father’s life and still now he has no doubt offended many with his actions and words.  If I were to document a true biography of my father’s life it must also include some of those times or stories as well.  We must not ignore that our lives are about the good times, the bad, the funny and the ugly.

If you could do this in a rather speedy fashion it would also be appreciated.  However, my plan is to continue to update this website for years to come, so by all means please send any memories you have at any time going forward.

I ask that you include your full name and the connection you have to my father.  It is also important that you do your best at remembering an approximate date of the event or memory and provide that as well.  And, if you happen to be sending a photograph, please indicate the place, the names of the people within the photo and an approximate date of the photograph.

Thank you very much for the contribution you have had to my father’s life and subsequently to my life as well.  And, thank you for any time that you can invest into this.

If you need assistance in putting your story on this website, please just email me the story and I will add it here for you. 

Take care and may God bless you,

Linda Campitelli

P.S.  Please forward this website to anyone else that might be able to share a memory involving my father.  In addition, if you can translate this message in Italian for me and perhaps forward an email to relatives or friends in Italy that would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Barbara Zinni on 14th November 2018
Dear Uncle, we'll always miss you, because you were so present in our lives. We promise you that our families will always be in touch! Love Barbara, Elvezia & children
Posted by Doria Villa on 13th November 2018
Thinking of you on this special day and always. Your smile is radiating from the heavens above. Xo
Posted by Linda Campitelli on 13th November 2018
Hello Dad, I think of you every day during mealtimes, especially while feeding my children, you’ve taught me such important life lessons every time we shared meals together, I miss all the moments at breakfast time, the egg and bacon lunches, and the dinners at the kitchen table, dinning room table, in front of the TV, at restaurants and all the celebrations big and small. I love you so much, you continue to be the support I need in my life. Thanks to you and all the influences that made you the great man you were and continue to be in my memories.
Posted by Patsy Ricciuti on 13th November 2018
Happy Birthday!!! Missing your big smile every day. Will always have you in my heart . Love Patsy
Posted by Vira Persichilli on 13th November 2018
My thoughts are always there I carry you in my purse with Mamma and see your picture when we went to visit Evandro Sigismondi in Italy on my computer screen love you alaways Miss you so much
Posted by Vira Persichilli on 30th November 2017
Freddy I think about you everyday, your on my computer I see your smile, I miss you so much and I miss Mamma even more. You were my father figure, love always and someday we will be altogether again
Posted by Terry Magee on 30th November 2017
Missing you everyday here at J & F. xoxo
Posted by Lina Duke on 30th November 2017
Missing you everyday Pappa Fred. hugs and kisses
Posted by Linda Campitelli on 13th November 2017
Dear Dad, Remembering you today and everyday. Thanks for you. Thanks for encouraging us to celebrate the wonderful blessing of family and friends and all that life has to offer. This day, your birthday, will forever be a reminder of everything amazing about you and the great influence you had on many. With all my love, your daughter Linda.
Posted by Vira Persichilli on 1st December 2016
My dearest brother whom I see on my screen savor everyday I miss you from the moon and back. Never a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts along with Mamma love you miss you
Posted by Patsy Ricciuti on 30th November 2016
Fred I miss when you would come into work and sit in my office and tell me stories of what would happen the night before at home. You would tell me how so proud you where of all your children and grandchildren.I will always love you forever and keep you in my heart. My Godfather
Posted by Linda Campitelli on 14th November 2016
Dear Dad, You are truly missed, especially on your birthday. Our family continues to celebrate your life in all that we do. We know that you are so proud of us all, as you should continue to be, we all continue to work, love, share, learn and be proud of who we are. We will continue our journey in this world with the strength knowing that you and Carla are here with us always, guiding us along the way. We need not look far for your presence, we continue to be surrounded and loved by our family and friends that you admired and appreciated. I thank you for all my blessings.
Posted by Judy Campitelli on 13th November 2016
Fred's birthday is a reminder of another year passing. We are soon going to celebrate mum's 80th birthday and her steadfast approach to life is encouraging to us to keep moving forward. I am so thankful to have called Fred "dad". He gave me new incite to understanding the forever role of being a parent, and I am appreciative of his acceptance of me as one of those he loved like one of his own. He was a good man.
Posted by Terry Magee on 30th November 2015
Thinking of you today, you will always be missed.
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 13th November 2015
I remember the Janellan parties my mom and dad had with the Farah's ans Campitellis. Freddie did things that I can always remember, took a personal interest in other people. I bought a condo unit in Ajax and he helped me out in a split second.
Posted by Patsy Ricciuti on 13th November 2015
Miss you and think about you everyday. Love Patsy
Posted by Kevin Sue on 13th November 2015
Happy 80th Birthday Nonno, we miss you so much. We think about you everyday and we thank you for the wonderful memories. Love, Elliott, Ellenora, Linda and Kevin
Posted by Judy Campitelli on 13th November 2015
Did you come to visit my house this week dad? I felt your presence and have been thinking lots about you. I've added a song here that Anthony and I were listening to last night as the clock struck 12.
Posted by Vira Persichilli on 30th June 2015
Fred this morning I got up at 4 am and you came to my mind I want to say I miss you so much and I know you would be proud of what a wonderful family you have and I always call Margaret because I love her a lot just like you did. Miss our telephone calls and your advise. Love you Miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Barbara Zinni on 4th December 2014
Dear Fred, I'd really have liked to be there yesterday for the mass in your honour. Unfortunately it hasn't been possible........but.I was there with my heart! Love Barbara
Posted by Vira Persichilli on 1st December 2014
Dear Fred yesterday we all went to church to a mass in your honour I hope you saw all of us there we then got together for a brunch at my house . I miss you very much Freddy love you always.......................
Posted by Nino Campitelli on 30th November 2014
Hi Fred it has been one year that has passed and it only seems yesterday. I can still remember sitting in my Kitchen discussing the deal we just made. My wife Maria Assunta just reminded me that it is passed lunch time and before I could invite you, you asked my wife what is for lunch because you could not drink my wine if you did not have something to eat. We used to reminisce about going on picnics with the family when our children were young, running races sometimes you would win sometimes I would, you had short legs but "Oh" could they motor. In the Lions Club when we had to sell fertilizer we had Anthony, Lenny, Emo, and Roberto carry the bags to the houses and by the time we were finished their arms were much longer. We vacationed, did business, worked, had parties for our company, we did many things together. Many stories of when we were young, and I could go on and on, we were more brothers than cousins. Fred we miss you a lot. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Irene Tomasi on 15th November 2014
Iam Irene (Campitelli) Tomasi...I missed my happy birthday phone call this year from Freddie, one of my closest cousin, who also felt like a brother and whom I loved. Fausto and I had some great times with Freddie and Margaret. We also were honoured to be Lenny’s Godparents. Fausto and Freddie were very close friends from when they were very young. They went out together with friends. Fausto also worked for Freddie part-time. We miss you. All our Love, Fausto & Irene xoxoxo
Posted by Fred Balluch on 13th November 2014
My dear friend Fred... you are dearly missed. It's just not the same without you. Happy Birthday my good friend...
Posted by Linda Campitelli on 13th November 2014
I love you Dad. And, miss you lots. I think of you daily in all that I do, your words and choices continue to guide me in my decision making and problem solving. On behalf of my father, I thank all of you who are thinking about him today on his birthday, please be assured that he always remembered your birthdays and he never needed a calendar for that. Dad, I'm eating pasta for lunch, very al dente, just the way you liked it.
Posted by Terry Magee on 13th November 2014
Thinking of you today, I think of you everyday and I miss you everyday. Happy Birthday
Posted by Charles Schembri on 13th November 2014
Happy Birthday Fred-I missed the days of selling xmas cakes together till we meet again may you rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Vira Persichilli on 7th November 2014
It has almost been a whole year on Nov.30th, I missed your happy birthday call this year and I miss you so much there is very few days that pass that I do not think of you, you were everything to me and always will be. I just wanted to share that we are going to be together for Nov.30th love you always Fred xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx your sister Vira
Posted by Carlo Tomasi on 6th November 2014
I am Carlo Tomasi. My first job was with Freddie, he was 19 years old and I was 15. Together we picked veggies every day in the growing season and delivered them by truck to Dominion at the Golden Mile. In the late fall of that year Freddie decided we should go to the North Bay area to pick up Christmas trees. It was -35 degrees F, the coldest 2 days we had ever experienced. We had to sleep over as it was too dark to load up the trees. We were invited into the farmer's home where the large family were all sleeping around the fireplace next to an open door where horses were housed. The heat from the horses helped warm the room. I said to Freddie, "I'm not sleeping here" so we slept in the truck all night with the motor running. Freddie paid .25 cents a tree and he sold them for .50 to .75 cents each in Scarborough. Freddie always called me first when he had lumber to unload from boxcars. So, my brothers and I did that for many years after our day jobs. Freddie always said that it made his life easier not having to look for someone who would first, do the job and then do it well. As well, he was happy to help out his friends this way too. Another time Freddie said that I was to take the truck to city hall area in Toronto and pick up a dismantled cottage and deliver it up north. I had never driven a truck so Freddie game me a five minute lesson on the baseline in Pickering. Then, he said "you are good to go"! I was close to filling my drawers with nerves as Toronto was busy even then and I'd never driven downtown. Freddie said "I need you to do this", so I did. I was on my own and the whole cottage was on the truck, it was overloaded so I had to run at the hills, my foot pressed to the floor. "Where are you Freddie, why did you do this to me?" I was so happy on the way back until a huge bumble bee climbed up my leg. I looked like a drunk driver coming down the 400. I dearly missed Freddie on that trip because of his charismatic nature, interesting chat AND, usually calm demeanour. Although, over the years I only saw Freddie three or four times a year, he has always been a brother in my heart. We bonded that way and I always felt that he felt the same towards me. How could one not love Freddie with all of his great attributes?
Posted by Carlo Tomasi on 6th November 2014
I'm Beth Tomasi. I met Freddie when he was 23. He was like the brother I never had. He teased like an older brother does and I liked it. We used to live 1 apartment over from Fred and Margaret in the very early '60's. It worked out well for Freddie I think, as he used to come over. a few times and sit with us when Margaret was angry with him. We spent much time with Freddie and Margaret while we were young until our families grew and we got into hockey, music etc. etc. We had great conversations and sitting around their kitchen table was so very pleasant. Freddie always remembered to ask after our family - never failed as he was foremost a family person himself. I appreciated this about him and l lot of other things too. He also proudly filled me in on happenings in his family. It made me inordinately pleased once when Freddie said that one could eat off my floors. I never thought anyone ever noticed my woman's work! I miss Freddie; a photo of him and Carlo taken a few years ago by Margaret stands in our home. His smile is radiant as usual; I love your memories Freddie.
Posted by Jason Huether on 7th December 2013
The world has just lost one of greatest men that has ever walked it, oh the stories that could be told, there are so many. Fred lended me a hand on many occasions as he did with everybody, financially and emotionally and everyone knew that Fred's door was always open if they needed him. Fred was my idol. My heart goes out his family and I'll miss him terribly.
Posted by Michael Lightfoot on 6th December 2013
I remember uncle Feddie best at parties wedding but mostly the cottage in Virgina and at my parents Bill and Nellie house. He always was smiling had a good laugh and sense of humour. The last time I saw Freddie was in the summer of 2013 at my home in Beaverton at a little gathering for my Moms birthday, various Aunts and Uncles attended , it was a beautiful summer day and Uncle Freddie seem to have a good time. Rest in peace Uncle
Posted by Glenn Longhurst on 6th December 2013
Fred was one of the most caring people i know. He was always asking how the family was and was always willing to talk or help in any way. Fred will be truly missed by family, friends and co-workers. To a Great and Wonderful Gentleman. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Julie Sandilands on 6th December 2013
Dear Uncle Bruno, Aunt Diane and Family. We are sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you all and hope you find some comfort, in time, of memories you hold dear of Fred. Love Julie Sandilands and Family Sundre, Alberta
Posted by Charles Schembri on 5th December 2013
I have know Fred for over 25 years,I was fortunate enough to be able to convince him to transfer to the north oshawa lions club from the scarborough lions club and through his efforts we were able to sell every year a large amount of xmas cakes for our club.We are saddened by your loss and without your efforts our club we not be able sell the same number of xmas cakes.We will never forget you.May you rest in peace,you will be surely missed.
Posted by Patsy Ricciuti on 5th December 2013
I am Patsy Ricciuti Zizi Freddy's niece and God Daughter. I remember traveling with my Uncle and Aunt ,Lenny ,Anthony and Carla to the Florida Keys when we were young and I would help watch over Carla as she was just a baby at the time. I have spent the last 10 years working closely with my Uncle .I remember the first court case he took me to and without any advance warning told me that I would be the one speaking and that he would only coach, we'll we one that case and I went on to win another on my my own all thanks to him. I was the first niece to marry and when it was time for Robs stag record tickets were sold .he had established a reputation ..everything Zizi Freddy did he gave 120% , everything from stags,fruit cakes,chocolate bunnies,hockey pools, and growing 3 times too many vegetables at his cottage so that he could share them with the staff at the office . During his last year he would have his lunch (that he was so proud of)with my Dad in his office as they reminisced about the old days. He would often sit with me and tell me about his weekends with his family, he was so proud of them all. I am going to miss him dearly , please keep coaching me from above , I miss you and I love you , XOXO
Posted by Ken McAlpine on 5th December 2013
Fred has been an inspiration for me and my wife, Angela. I started my vegetable garden next door to Fred and Margaret in Sutton, based on Fred's coaching and enthusiasm. The photo, taken by Kevin Sue, of Fred and his grandson Alfredo on the tractor is what I recall most fondly (my yellow wheelbarrow in the background). We have been blessed with such wonderful neighbours and they will be missed. Fred was always dropping by with fresh harvested veggies or just a hello and a hug. Angela would sometimes sunbathe topless in our back yard, and I smile when I think of the times Marg would shout over the hedge, "Ken, tell Angela to get some clothes on, because Fred is coming over to visit". Fred and Marg were kind enough to pass the old tractor on to me, and I will take good care of it and make sure I till my garden just as Fred instructed me. His infectious smile is etched on my memory. My mother passed away 1 year ago Dec. 1 from cancer at 78, so I can appreciate the great loss to the Campitelli family is feeling. We miss you, Fred.
Posted by Nino Campitelli on 5th December 2013
My name is Sylvana Perri, I am Nino Campitelli's daughter. Nino is one of Zio Freddie's closest cousin and my fondest memories of Zio Freddie are the many times when he would come to visit my dad to talk about their one of many business ventures. He would come in our house with those beautiful rosey cheeks and great big smile. He and my dad would speak about business and then after business, he would be convinced to stay for dinner (which wouldn't take too much convincing) and we would be greatly entertained with his stories of when he and my dad were young and the trouble they would always get into....sounded like great "innocent" fun. He would also always speak very highly of his family. He was so proud of everyone. What a great loving and caring man. I will miss you and your visits Zio Freddie. All my love and sympathies....Sylvana xoxo
Posted by Joan Sue on 4th December 2013
Ecclesiastes Ch.3 vs 1-2 states: “There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant.” These verses, in my mind, truly reflect the man you were. A man who loved his family unconditionally and worked tirelessly for them. Even after 50 years of marriage you always spoke of your ever-loving wife,Margaret, as “my bride”. Fred, you have completed the task given you by your Heavenly Father and now He has called you Home. I would like to think that His first words to you were: “Well done Fred! Well done! Rest peacefully in His loving arms.
Posted by Karl Balluch on 4th December 2013
Fred was a nice man. He told it as he saw it and he gave me shit more than a few times and I damned well needed to hear it. He was my dad's best buddy and he was always full energy. Our family will dearly miss Mr Campitelli. He was always there for us. God bless him and keep him watching over us. The Balluch's
Posted by Peter Stephenson on 4th December 2013
Fred was a member of the Scarborough Lions Club and then the North Oshawa Lions Club for just over 40 years. While with the Scarborough Club we understand he was very successful with fundraising activities at that Club. Fred continued that trend with the North Oshawa Lions Club. While Fred had not been too active with the North Oshawa Club over the past few years he was able to contribute to and assist with our fundraising activities. Our new members always ask who Fred Campitelli is, and we always say - he is a Lion with a big heart who has contributed greatly to the Lion organization over his many years with the Lions family.
Posted by Pattie Clarke on 4th December 2013
I will always remember Uncle Freddys laughter and happiness as he and Aunt Margaret attended my mother in law Nellie Lightfoots 75 birthday party at my home in Beaverton, Ontario we enjoyed a lot of laughs and fun such a good hearted kind man I was blessed to be able to share numerous events with the Campitelli family Love to You All Thinking of You
Posted by Karin McDonald on 4th December 2013
I have been lucky enough to be one of Fred's "girls" since 2001. He treated us like his daughters and I loved that about him because to me he was like a father. He genuinely cared about us and our families. When he heard good news he would say that's "beautiful", you could see the love and care in his eyes when he said it. Family was very important to Fred and I am very glad I became part of his family. As he would often say after one of our many talks " love ya kid". I love you too Fred. You will be forever in my heart. Love Karin
Posted by Denise Miller on 4th December 2013
I think, for me, my fondest memory of Fred will be for not only his laughter, and I loved hearing him laugh, it just made me smile regardless of my mood. But, I think it would have to be his knack for selling whatever he had to sell at any given moment. From Chocolate Easter Bunnies, to Gingerbread Cookies at Christmas, to Hockey Pool tickets, and even Stag tickets. But most of all, for me it has to be the Oshawa Lions Club Christmas Fruit cakes in a decorative tin! “How you doing with those cakes, sold them all yet? We need to order 4 more cases. Keep up the good work kid” When it came to selling any of these items no-one could top Fred Campitelli. He even won a Golden Bunny Plaque for top sales. He would call every one he knew and ask, not if they wanted one but how many. And not how many individual items, but how many Cases. And they all went and more times than not we had to get more in just to meet demand. Fred could sell, and he was the kind of guy you didn’t want to say no to, and not many did. He had a most generous soul and always a kind word to offer. He was such a sweet man, and I am really going to miss him. Life at J&F Trucking just won’t be the same without him here. Buona notte Fred.
Posted by Guido De Santis on 4th December 2013
Abbiamo appreso con immenso dolore la notizia della morte del carissimo cugino Fred. Lo ricorderemo sempre con grandissimo affetto. Carla, Piero e Guido De Santis
Posted by Sharon Karn on 4th December 2013
I’ve worked for Fred since 1975 - 38 ½ years. Fred & I were constantly together, working closely in the finance end of the business. He was always coming up with ideas for me to investigate ways to increase our bottom line figure. He had a natural ability to foresee what we would need for the future and implement a plan so that future goal was reached. He’d come to my desk and ask “What’s up kid? How are we going to make, or save, money today?” We had a lot of laughs and a lot of disagreements. But that’s what family does. And Fred always made me feel like family. He would help out anyone that asked him for help, be it a phone call to the bank for a better mortgage rate or going to court to fight a speeding ticket. I think he liked court so much because he loved to argue. He also loved to complain about the banks, especially when they released their quarterly profit statements and he saw how much they had made – at the expense of the businesses like J & F! And it was no secret about Fred’s lack of love for computers. You should have heard him when they didn’t work properly. Nothing you could say to him could justify their necessity. I also remember him bringing in all his extra vegetables from his garden. “Help yourself” he’d say. But never any tomatoes. That was reserved for “the sauce”. Fred used to call us “his girls”. “I’ll get my girls to do it” he’s say to customers. We were happy to be thought of that way. Fred would say to me lots of times “ I love ya kid!” and I’d respond back “ I love ya back”. Fred touched so many lives. There was no one like Fred. He will be remembered fondly and forever by me. I love you Fred.
Posted by Lina Duke on 3rd December 2013
My name is Lina Duke and I have worked at J & F trucking for over 11 years now. When I first started and Fred realized that I was Italian we often would have conversations in Italian. I enjoyed that very much. I often referred to Fred as "Papa Fred" because of his loving and caring way he was with people. I miss our daily chats in the lunch room about what we were both having for lunch that day. Yes we loved to talk about food. He will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. Hugs and kisses Fred. Lina
Posted by Violet Jamieson on 2nd December 2013
I always looked forward to a visit from Fred when I was a companion to his mother, Amalia. Fred would come flying through that front door going a mile a minute.We both share the same sense of you so we always had a good laugh, weather it was one of his naughty jokes or a story from the old days.I was referred to as his "Dutch Girlfriend".I will miss that twinkle in your eye. You were a dynamo of a man.
Posted by Leonard Spagnola on 2nd December 2013
Hi all....As a 19 year old teenager, Freddie was one of my fathers best friends. At that time, he told my father of this petite "cute" italian girl named Louisa and he thought he should give her a call and take her out on a date....over a few months they were dating and as their love grew eventually married....the rest is simple...I was born..!! I owe everything to Freddie's intro...just an amazing man...RIP Freddie and say hi to mom!!
Posted by Judy St Louis on 2nd December 2013
The Campitelli Family has been a big part of the Farah's life. I have so many fond memories of this family. I spent many an evening, afternoon and sometimes mornings there helping Margaret with the kids. There were so many evenings when Freddy would be coming home from work exhausted from putting in 12 - 14 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week, he always had a smile and willing to talk about life and working hard to get a head. I learned alot from him. Margaret you and Freddie were such good friends with my parents. I loved it when Freddie and my Dad went away to Grey Cup or just a fun vacation, it meant that I got to have a sleep over at your place because you hated being home alone even though you had all the kids there. Freddie was such a kind and good hearted man, he would do anything for anyone and we loved him for it. Bruce and I would like to extend our sympathy and love to your family and may Freddie rest in peace. God Bless, Love the St Louis Family

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