Shared by Alueshima Bridget Ayoo on June 23, 2020
Dear Fredo,
This photo right here reminds me of the spirit of 'ubuntu' which you always promoted and in barely 6weeks that we all lived together in Miami, you proved yourself to be our livewire, connecting everyone of us in a unique manner.
We were all broken on this day when we ourselves demonstrated the web nature of life, which meant that we could not live without the other.
This was the life you lived and loved, caring and thinking about the other person. You worked tirelessly and always sacrificed your time and energy for the survival of women and their unborn babies. Even during our fellowship in the US, where you should have taken time off work, you literally adopted I and Cynthia who were pregnant as your special patients; always checking my baby's heartbeat  and well being. And in all of this you still depended on the Almighty who directed your work.
I could go on.... 
Dear Papi, you were once here and you lived life, and you made life worth living for many with your grace, humour, captivating moments and commitment to your calling as a doctor. I am sure you are already making the Heavens lively  up there....

Rest well brother....
May the mercy and love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus enable you see the light of God's face. Amen

Que le Seigneur soit toujours avec ta famille, en particulier ta femme et tes enfants dont tu as toujours parlé au nom de Jesus Christe. Amen

Shared by Annick Collins Assala on June 22, 2020
Frederick, bro!!! 
Sept ans en médecine générale, puis 5 ans en spécialisation. Tu n'avais pas changé, cette authenticité qui faisait ta particularité, ce rire mythique. Que dire?? Tu es parti trop tôt et si brutalement. On respecte la volonté divine.
Que le Seigneur veille sur ta charmante épouse, tes enfants et soutienne ta famille éplorée.
Repose en paix.

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